Erin Sheridan
Erin Sheridan 5 uur geleden
Hadn't walked them in 2 years?!
Just A Random Lizard
Just A Random Lizard 5 uur geleden
The man is so wholesome.
Lisa Jo
Lisa Jo 5 uur geleden
They think it’s funny to terrorize a tiny dog…🤬🤯 that’s animal cruelty.
Nikita Khrushchev
Nikita Khrushchev 5 uur geleden
To neglect one of the best dog breeds is uncool. If you are friendly in the start, they can friendly with you from the start...and from there to the present.
Just A Random Lizard
Just A Random Lizard 5 uur geleden
Dude, Daisy is kinda scary but oml when she barked with her toy in her mouth I was like, Awe so cute ^>^.
Just A Random Lizard
Just A Random Lizard 5 uur geleden
Dude, I would've been so mad at the guy If I would've called him irresponsible and he *SMIRKED* like Victoria, has the patience of a freakking ANGEL.
IndoUwUGlit Derpz
IndoUwUGlit Derpz 5 uur geleden
I have a 6 months year old bulldog she’s a cute little lilac and I will make sure to show her to calm down before she’s aggressive and she’s a English
T G 5 uur geleden
The show inspires me to train my dog and make sure he is the best he can be
Just A Random Lizard
Just A Random Lizard 5 uur geleden
I dunno why, but i find charlie like, *so cute* and idk why but oml he is *adorable* !
Oreo The Bunny
Oreo The Bunny 5 uur geleden
She must have done something to him as a puppy to be like that!
chocolatesugar 6 uur geleden
0:43 sounds like Abby Lee millers voice
Kristen Van Fleet
Kristen Van Fleet 6 uur geleden
Good! No bro at the house ANYMORE
Kristen Van Fleet
Kristen Van Fleet 6 uur geleden
I wish they didn’t have this dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyson Riley
Tyson Riley 6 uur geleden
Girl ow the dog bit me 2 minutes later crying HE BIT ME AAAAAAAAAAA
Timo 6 uur geleden
Just taking a guess but maybe he's jumping the fence because he's not getting enough exercise. This is before i saw the episode.
Natascha Basta
Natascha Basta 6 uur geleden
Sorry people... But this dog is absolutely not aggressive. He is not even biting.. that's playing and challenging what he is doing haha... Every good husky mommy or daddy knows exactly that this is a typical subirían husky behavior. This dog had an absolutely bad training. He is challenging her... Like they always doing in a pack. I got a Sibirian and a Alaskan Malamute and the Sibirian tries always to challenge the Alpha in the house even he is castrated! But our Alaskan Malamute teaches him clearly when he has to stop and where his place is in the pack :) But the Sibirian is always trying and trying again. This challenges are a typical behavior in a pack. Huskys just need a lot of Training, rules and love :)
Kageoni187 7 uur geleden
So many people get working dogs and never consider the fact that they need a purpose.
Craig Morrison
Craig Morrison 7 uur geleden
i wanna see them get Shocked! TF is this
abel meza
abel meza 7 uur geleden
Hey Victoria, my name is Abel and I have two dogs. One is a 3 year old dash hound/chihuahua mix and the second is a 2 year old pit bull/blue heeler. They both suffer separation anxiety. Like extreme anxiety. I’m not sure how to go about with this issue, would you mind helping me with some advice.
Poodles_n_Frenchies 8 uur geleden
That Beagle weighs more than my Standard Poodle!!!!
Araceli Espinoza
Araceli Espinoza 8 uur geleden
What type of dog is Lucy? She reminds me of my labpit
Dianna Province
Dianna Province 8 uur geleden
I feel for both people here. I would hate to see either dog not eat. They both need to realize that they are responsible for both dogs. They live together, no more of this childish mine not yours crap.
brendalg4 9 uur geleden
It doesn't even show what problems the clutter caused the dog to have
holly hawbecker
holly hawbecker 9 uur geleden
Should have made them sit on that horrible thing over and over so they know how painful it is
M L 9 uur geleden
My bulldog wouldn't even learn his name without treats
AlternateKek 9 uur geleden
It's extremely cruel to own a Husky if you live in the city and can not give it regular exercise. Easy to fix a dog like this, give it discipline..
Happy Cook
Happy Cook 9 uur geleden
That poor lady needs to trim her claws and do some housework.
Gatorade lover 9999
Gatorade lover 9999 9 uur geleden
oscar is cute when hes angry
Koga Nakajima
Koga Nakajima 9 uur geleden
Human being is the most scum in this world. Their selfishness sink the world in chaos & make other creatures suffer. It's a pity that people who don't have awareness about breeding animals & the aftermath about it didn't suffer the same, that would be a lesson for them. Animals are living beings too, they have feelings, they're not trash! And so, they have better values than humans. Why animals have to pay always for humans irresponsibility? That really sucks, damn.
MaximalBlaze 9 uur geleden
Watch this vid, and THEN you watch the one where it's revealed the oldest son suffered a HORRIFICALLY tragic event of someone BEING MURDERED whilst walking the dog Brooke. What does his father do? Belittle him, call him weak, etc. This dude is just FULL of toxic masculinity and clearly needs counseling for his issues....
Hyacinth Niemann
Hyacinth Niemann 10 uur geleden
Who keeps takeout chopsticks? Just get a set of nice chopsticks
Julie Stedfast
Julie Stedfast 10 uur geleden
Victoria, I’m addicted !
Tenjouin 10 uur geleden
I actually learned alot watching this xD
Hyacinth Niemann
Hyacinth Niemann 10 uur geleden
You should t have to explain that Pepper needs someone to hold the baby sometimes.
Joseph Urry
Joseph Urry 10 uur geleden
Totally negative. Sorry I watched it
Laura R
Laura R 10 uur geleden
this is why i dont want to get married. she was right, he is selfish.
Ash Fernández
Ash Fernández 10 uur geleden
God rich people have no taste
Nadine Duncan
Nadine Duncan 10 uur geleden
What a top guys u are too put ur dogs before ur self is truly beautiful to see and he is right dogs are ur family no matters what and I really think Victoria helped save him as well
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore 10 uur geleden
The mother is such a winer
Rosemary Ritchie
Rosemary Ritchie 11 uur geleden
Rosemary Ritchie
Rosemary Ritchie 11 uur geleden
Christine Shultz
Christine Shultz 11 uur geleden
One of their kids is training to do a physical job?
viness ubert
viness ubert 11 uur geleden
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Kei _zawa
Kei _zawa 11 uur geleden
What happened to Princess’s eye?
Richard C Williams
Richard C Williams 12 uur geleden
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Jessica Woodley
Jessica Woodley 11 uur geleden
Yes I can believe that, I got victory with him. I was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing i invested so low with fear😓😩
Grey Stanley
Grey Stanley 11 uur geleden
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Margaret Silver
Margaret Silver 11 uur geleden
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Helen Barton
Helen Barton 11 uur geleden
I'm from the UK🇬🇧 I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Thanks to Expert Anthony
Santa Monica
Santa Monica 11 uur geleden
@Michael Wilson I'm placing my trade with Expert Anthony ASAP
Lccl 12 uur geleden
Good ol' American health care system. Human psychologist is too expensive. Let's get a dog specialist so it's affordable.
Yankee Yankerton
Yankee Yankerton 12 uur geleden
You wonder why chlamydia is still around then you see people that live like this and understand
Deborah Haney
Deborah Haney 13 uur geleden
This is one of the better families. They genuinely care about their dogs' problems and want to protect the neighborhood from the dogs. That's better than most on this show.
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg 13 uur geleden
Bless your heart, Victoria.
KK 13 uur geleden
Great. Now I’m about to start watching Hoarders again 🥲
Azalea 13 uur geleden
Those boys are not men they are literally babies that can't even pick up a piece of poop. I hope these manchildren don't have babies of their own any time soon.
Skyrock 86
Skyrock 86 13 uur geleden
I don't like carpet it's the most unhygienic thing especially with pets get a rug and change it when it's ruined
Cassandra Hepp
Cassandra Hepp 13 uur geleden
Such a smart beautiful dog. I'm happy Victoria came into the picture and encouraged them to change their original path. They honestly had no idea what they were about to get themselves into. I'm happy they thought better of it once they were better informed. Also PLEASE don't get any breed without proper research. Knowing size, temperament, breed specific traits and potential health issues are all extremely important.
My little zoo
My little zoo 13 uur geleden
Is it just me but I saw the budgie and the cage is the back ground it to small
Amairany’s Peña Salas
Amairany’s Peña Salas 13 uur geleden
I stan grandma 😌
Chlee CF
Chlee CF 13 uur geleden
In this situation I’ll say “it’s me or the dog” lol
Jesse 13 uur geleden
No, he's not a bad dog; you're bad owners. That's the problem.
Jesse 13 uur geleden
How about giving the dog a grooming? He would likely feel better with some of that fur off.
Jesse 14 uur geleden
The dogs are like, 'what you're in charge now? I don't think so bro.'
valerie c.
valerie c. 14 uur geleden
Les is really Henry Cavill's feminine side.
Jesse 14 uur geleden
Luka realizes that Adam isn't in charge of anything or anyone.
dinavienna 14 uur geleden
Ahhhhh poor kitty !!
Jesse 14 uur geleden
What is the husband bending down for? What a jag-weed.
Deborah Haney
Deborah Haney 14 uur geleden
This guy needs to take his dogs and move out. He doesn't care about the relationship or Layla enough to change his behavior, he must not want it that bad.
Viki Harmon
Viki Harmon 14 uur geleden
Just one reason I will never ever have a male dog
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg 14 uur geleden
Oh nice projection you've got there, lady.
AS - 04NJ 843392 Ray Lawson PS
AS - 04NJ 843392 Ray Lawson PS 14 uur geleden
I saw the dog wink
Amity Goldring
Amity Goldring 14 uur geleden
I'm sorry but what an awful mother, she got more upset over her dogs not getting attention than her own son?? That's f'd up. I hope he's doing okay.
NayNay's Channel
NayNay's Channel 14 uur geleden
I love this, thank you! I started as a pet sitter 3 years ago and have encountered a lot of problematic behaviour from dogs. I've developed a lot of little tricks now to correct behaviour and am grateful to learn more from this channel. Thank you! :)
Angelina Anand
Angelina Anand 14 uur geleden
I love how Victoria helped them with cleaning
almightydawnthegreat 14 uur geleden
I googled the laziest dog, and still decided it was too much work
Felicia Adams
Felicia Adams 15 uur geleden
How are these people so surprised that this dog is so aggressive with them? She was terrified of them because they caused her so much pain.
NikkieRoxxx 15 uur geleden
Scott is short for scott towel....
T.E.D.D GERMANY 15 uur geleden
He can even start a world war dog
Amity Goldring
Amity Goldring 15 uur geleden
Asks the mum to walk the dog. The mum: *surprised pickachu face*
Chlee CF
Chlee CF 15 uur geleden
Ok?! Did the mom ever hear of carpet cleaner vacuums?! Just get rid of the dog dang.
NikkieRoxxx 15 uur geleden
"THIS is what i bought last week" nice object...
nessie Robinson
nessie Robinson 15 uur geleden
He's not a child it's a dog and they never thought to work it I always took my lovely departed dog walk all the time it's great for them and great for us too I couldn't cope with another dog I was soo upset when she passed it was too heartbreaking 💔
Lauren 16 uur geleden
My Goldendoodle puppy is acting just like this. He is 6 months old. I have tried these techniques but he is still acting up. Is that because of his age? He is already 65 lbs and when on his back legs he can reach my face. Just wondering if it is because he is so much younger and just keep doing it or do I have to do something else before it is too late?