Kami G
Kami G 21 uur geleden
people really have to stop taking their dogs for their babies...
Deidre Betts
Deidre Betts 21 uur geleden
Your dog isn't "taking a while to get the door training"-- bull terriers are notoriously stubborn and impulsive. If you had actually done your research on them like you said you did in the last video you were in, you'd know that
peterkray 21 uur geleden
More like bulterrorizer amirite guuyyyzzzz
Kami G
Kami G 21 uur geleden
for once we have people who love their dogs and who are responsible. They just needed some guidance to deal with a young and excited dog, how refreshing.
atomic kitten
atomic kitten 21 uur geleden
When the man said get better or get out is he really going to blame the dog while he got that dog without any preknowledge about a breed that is well known for being alot to handle sir it's your fault not the dog!
ShayDchild 21 uur geleden
Victoria is such a good dog trainer the “ah ah ah” noise u gotta do to make a dog stop doing something instead of saying no actually works my dog was barking at birds just now and I said no to her a few times and she didn’t listen so I tried the “ah ah ah” thing she stopped barking
Ali Jane
Ali Jane 21 uur geleden
So we have another wife/mommy situation. This gets old. Like, he's pretty, but what the hell are they going to talk about? She married a 16 yr old in a 30 yr old body, and she already had at least ten years on him. Jmo, but parenting your spouse isn't romantic. The dogs are a window into what kind of dad he'd be, too.
Simply.strawberry Simply.strawberry
Simply.strawberry Simply.strawberry 21 uur geleden
The dogs nice it’s the kids👹 god
Sonal Frances Engels
Sonal Frances Engels 21 uur geleden
Honestly that friend isn’t a bright bulb either.. “Helped” training dog. Wants to leave, COMPLETELY forgets about dog and sets it free. 😪
Tina Do Thuy Trang
Tina Do Thuy Trang 22 uur geleden
„We wanted a high energy dog because we‘re a high energy family“ Dude if you dont have kids and a high energy life style thats a different story but if you have kids who have high energy then a more calm dog wouldve been better. But still if they REALLY wanted that dog breed please train the dog. I feel like they didn‘t even put in the time and effort to train the dog or show the kids how to treat the dog. They could’ve at least told the kids that they should stop hitting the dog
Jeanette Kniebusch
Jeanette Kniebusch 22 uur geleden
Why did the dog not do that to the woman.
Anc. 22 uur geleden
I have a golden retriever and it just makes me sad watching this
Vil Insisiengmay
Vil Insisiengmay 22 uur geleden
this guy is not smart at all. if this what he is trust me his friends count will go down.
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 22 uur geleden
Diesel be like : Ya all wanted a Chihuahua? I'll give you a Chihuahua! 😆
katie 22 uur geleden
hes annoying and i hate him
Jane Pearson
Jane Pearson 22 uur geleden
Wish Vicoria could confiscate the dog .rescue it from totally wrong dog owners.
Dee MatMok
Dee MatMok 22 uur geleden
This dog’s got some attitude
Blue Jay
Blue Jay 22 uur geleden
Denise Sander
Denise Sander 22 uur geleden
Bull terrier jaws can lock. You don't want that dog to bite you.
Samantha Ponath
Samantha Ponath 21 uur geleden
No, literally no dog breed is able to lock their jaw... that'd be called a myth
ItsHarleyYT 22 uur geleden
He said “get better or get out” Literally sounds like every toxic Call of duty player 😕
Genie InAbottle
Genie InAbottle 22 uur geleden
Poor baby
Muhammad Isfahan
Muhammad Isfahan 22 uur geleden
If I have those dogs and I can't control them😂😂😂😂
BluWulf Johnson
BluWulf Johnson 22 uur geleden
That ending does not look hopeful, if they taught the door to not jump on strangers, then why is it on the leash?
Aqua Universe
Aqua Universe 22 uur geleden
because it takes more than a week to train a doggo. You take precautions and you go step by step. Once the dog is calm with the leash, you can remove it.
Liz Multi-fan
Liz Multi-fan 22 uur geleden
I'm so so scared of bullteriars. The reason is because one nipped at me.
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 22 uur geleden
Ewww that dog
kian 22 uur geleden
they shouldve just rehomed her, clearly the family is not comitted and they have small children that they need to take care of meaning they dont have time or interest to train this dog properly, she shouldve just been rehomed
Aqua Universe
Aqua Universe 22 uur geleden
Agreed, it would've been better for the dog
Karin Kováčová
Karin Kováčová 22 uur geleden
I love Victoria because of how she helps the dogs feel better and I am very thankful for what she does :)
Cindy 22 uur geleden
LMAOooo... I knew right from the beginning that this guy was not happy with the dog bc she was girly dog just by listening to Father and the boys. Definitely dog is for a beta male. lol the family should have gotten a dog everyone was on board with. Most little dogs are annoying yappers.
Han Solo
Han Solo 22 uur geleden
This has to be the most painfully awkward episode I've watched. Just the arguing and tension😬😟 It wasn't only the dogs they needed help with. The little pups at the end though🥺🥺❤
Maureen U
Maureen U 22 uur geleden
Did they have to pay for Victoria's back treatment?
Carissa Perriott
Carissa Perriott 22 uur geleden
Wow seems that Victoria got a little boyfriend 😂
Zahra Bourgeois
Zahra Bourgeois 22 uur geleden
I feel so bad for this dog
VANP Julien102
VANP Julien102 22 uur geleden
You need to start when they are young. Also, i love your videos keep up the great work.
bob smith
bob smith 22 uur geleden
So you know she’s going to check out the backyard with a film crew and you just leave the yard like that. My embarrassment would trump my laziness.
Lily Zhang
Lily Zhang 22 uur geleden
It’s up to Victoria to get info about dog biting from resource guarding. If you just ask ‘has he bitten anyone’, no one will tell you every single time when the dog bites people, until you explore further. No need to question the family ‘why you didn’t tell me?’. Then why you didn’t ask right before trying to take the bone away from the dog? You should know better, as you are a trainer. It’s more specific and effective if you ask whether this dog has resource guarding before using a ‘trading method’ that you ‘think’ is going to work.
Alexis d
Alexis d 22 uur geleden
by definition that dog is actually a dingo
Shelley Martinelli-Mabry
Shelley Martinelli-Mabry 23 uur geleden
Be Water
Be Water 23 uur geleden
Mya O
Mya O 23 uur geleden
Hey , I’m getting a mastiff puppy in 6 days is it possible any of you know how to train a dog easy ? I have a German Shepard to but as I’m only 11 my mom trained the German Shepard cause I was 4 at the time but the puppy will be mine and I half to train it so any tips would be great please and thank you!
Franklin 22 uur geleden
@Aqua Universe I showed my dog how to sit at 11
Liz Coz
Liz Coz 22 uur geleden
Also mastiffs are big dogs
Liz Coz
Liz Coz 22 uur geleden
Let your mom help,
Aqua Universe
Aqua Universe 22 uur geleden
Like Zoe said, it's better to let your mom help you. I don't really think that at 11 you should be responsible for any other living being, it's already hard enough to take care of ourselves ahah.
Zoe 22 uur geleden
Let your mom help you train the dog
Xx Lollipopx
Xx Lollipopx 23 uur geleden
I have a dog and I walk my dog in the morning first so he can use the bathroom after like 30 min I come back and I use the bathroom also my dog trained so he waits in the morning so he can use the bathroom in the morning bc in the night I walk him before I go to bed so yah also I pick my dog pop up and it don’t matter to me at all and I don’t say “nasty”
A. GM 23 uur geleden
If 2 dogs fight, and one is, like mine, an AS, you know the other dog will not win.
Genie InAbottle
Genie InAbottle 23 uur geleden
well, why isn't there a fence so she doesn't keep running away and maybe you can even play with her in the front area...
ChristineTheHippie 23 uur geleden
"She's definitely a lot more than we bargained for" Didn't they say they did their research?
rockshalunesta 21 uur geleden
Exactly what I said
Pacheco Cristian
Pacheco Cristian 23 uur geleden
3:51 dang look at the guy's arm, so tense!
Ariella Fabio
Ariella Fabio 23 uur geleden
Ok ily
Reina Arevalo
Reina Arevalo 23 uur geleden
Y’all just beat the crap out of it that’ll shut it up
Christine Cameron
Christine Cameron 23 uur geleden
Poodles are one of the most trainable dogs according to the kennel club. They catch on amazing quick. This can be good for training but also bad since they can learn bad habits just as easy.
Günther Gartenmann
Günther Gartenmann 23 uur geleden
these people, man... you can just look at their blank faces and see that there is nothing going on.
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 23 uur geleden
Love Victoria.
Kaleigh Gillis
Kaleigh Gillis 23 uur geleden
Interesting that this was posted after Nikki Phillipi put down her own bull terrier yesterday. I highly doubt Victoria’s advice would be to put this beautiful dog down
Liz Coz
Liz Coz 21 uur geleden
@Kaleigh Gillis offs....ugg
Kaleigh Gillis
Kaleigh Gillis 21 uur geleden
A NLfastr who recently chose to euthanize her bull terrier for being “aggressive”.
Liz Coz
Liz Coz 22 uur geleden
Who's that? Unless I dont want know.
beast galaxy gaming
beast galaxy gaming 23 uur geleden
can't wait for victoria's own netflix show!!! ;)
Christine Cameron
Christine Cameron 23 uur geleden
How do you get a dog in an apartment dog without knowing you are going to have to deal with poop. Like did she not think at all? The PDF book I was given before I brought my dog home says potty breaks every 1-2 hours in the day and every 3 at night beginning several hours after the last feeding. I started crate training, but I wasn’t strong enough to stand the crying. So I opted for a larger playpen instead that I slowly adjusted to allow more space. My dog rarely had accidents and they were all user error when I didn’t follow the book or advanced too early. The system was exhausting as a single person... but my dog is almost 2 now and hasn’t had an accident in well over a year with free run of the house. I think the message I had to keep telling myself was that he is suffering a little bit now (confined in the playpen) so that he can be free for the rest of his life.
Bow 23 uur geleden
*Dog jumps up and pounces on people, biting them, keeps sprinting out of the house* Mother: "Her problem is her interactions with other people."
Gabriella Wiik
Gabriella Wiik 23 uur geleden
Good training 🐶
Franklin 22 uur geleden
Victoria looks like a spy
D.L. Sosnik
D.L. Sosnik 23 uur geleden
couple both say at different times. "she's not getting it", yet they expect more of the dog than they do their own toddler likely.
Aqua Universe
Aqua Universe 22 uur geleden
Lol right! It's more like they aren't getting it.
SD 23 uur geleden
So they don't do their research before getting a dog, wait to get training well past the point of needing training then decide they are done and don't want a dog with problems they helped create. Am I missing anything?
ChristineTheHippie 21 uur geleden
They actually said they did research. I find that questionable
Anamaria Licon-del Villar
Anamaria Licon-del Villar 22 uur geleden
SUMS it up perfectly
Lena Butzer
Lena Butzer 23 uur geleden
I spelled somethings wrong oof.
Lena Butzer
Lena Butzer 23 uur geleden
MothMan Maniac
MothMan Maniac 23 uur geleden
I really don’t like how this guy seemed to blame Dakota for her behavior. Like I *completely* understand that owning a misbehaving dog is frustrating... but at the end of the day *you’re* the one who let them get that way. It’s not Dakota’s fault that she was never given any direction on how to behave. You’re the one who got a high-energy dog that you weren’t ready for, that’s completely on you. I’m glad that they seem to be developing a better bond tho, hopefully he changed his perspective a bit after this.
GilraenTook 21 uur geleden
In the other one with her they basically admitted that they wanted a high energy dog to take care of the kids' energy. They "did their research" and yet somehow never figured out they their high energy dog would need exercise or training.
Stephanie Robinson
Stephanie Robinson 21 uur geleden
@Günther Gartenmann i had a high energy dog with lots behavioural issues but they were not my fault as i got him when he was 18 months old about 3 years ago and was already at least his 3rd owner and i bought him knowing he had a long list of behavioural issues that i would need to work on with him but i got him past his fear aggression of people, his dominance aggression, his resource guarding, his complete lack of training, his jumping up at people, got him to calm down his hyper active behaviour, stopped his exited nipping the only issues he still had when he was euthanized about 2 months ago was his dog aggression, territoral aggression, his seperation anxiety and abandonment issues
Dalida Gabriela Frias
Dalida Gabriela Frias 22 uur geleden
Just like my family
mouse 22 uur geleden
It’s the same with parents who blame their children’s behavior on their children
Tharika Gurubalaji
Tharika Gurubalaji 22 uur geleden
ikr it’s super frustrating to me when i see stuff like that
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 23 uur geleden
victoria your just so so amazing when it comes too training dogs your training could of helped with a dog we had years ago
Midnight_ Tube TwT
Midnight_ Tube TwT 23 uur geleden
japjot johal
japjot johal 23 uur geleden
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 23 uur geleden
thanks too your channel victoria i now know a lot about dogs now i have too dogs a basset and a shih tuz and they are really good
Schuri the Shiba
Schuri the Shiba 23 uur geleden
5:59 I wonder what Victoria says after she gets nipped and the mic is muted 😆
Dana Stein
Dana Stein 23 uur geleden
Bull terriers are notoriously stubborn.
ChristineTheHippie 21 uur geleden
They missed that part when they said their researched it
Franklin 23 uur geleden
Victoria looks like a spy
roxie frox
roxie frox 23 uur geleden
lmao she does
Gillian C
Gillian C 23 uur geleden
I don’t like this husband or boyfriend one bit.
Franklin 22 uur geleden
@Gillian C true
Gillian C
Gillian C 23 uur geleden
@Franklin because it isn’t really the dogs fault, it was their poor training or lack of training yet he is saying stuff like she needs to get better or get out when it’s actually their fault.
Franklin 23 uur geleden
Inas Mozafar
Inas Mozafar 23 uur geleden
Your doing a great job victoria
VB S 23 uur geleden
This couple has no patience. This can be a tough command to teach and takes a while with most dogs.
Christine Cameron
Christine Cameron 23 uur geleden
I love this episode!
Darken Animates
Darken Animates 23 uur geleden
I mean they got some Hyper active dog with a decently strong bite force as a family dog. Them : Hmmm lets think of a dog A Golden retriever?, Nah ,A labrador?, No i said a dog , A dog which has a football for a head and have lung problems, PERFECTION.
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown 23 uur geleden
1st comment
Franklin 23 uur geleden
Your 38th
Franklin 23 uur geleden
Skital King
Skital King 23 uur geleden
*Victoria looks at dog* the dog: oh no I must be a good boy/girl
Franklin 23 uur geleden
@Skital King ok
Skital King
Skital King 23 uur geleden
@Franklin I didn’t mean it for this video I mean for like all the dogs
Franklin 23 uur geleden
Hamster luver
Hamster luver 23 uur geleden
mean dog
Chelley D
Chelley D 22 uur geleden
Untrained unsocialised dog! 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
Jayden Jackson: beyblade
Jayden Jackson: beyblade 23 uur geleden
Puppy nipping is hard to deal with and it’s long
Ela Uzel
Ela Uzel 23 uur geleden
me in my head thinking while her video pops up "then the dog must be pretty bad because she usually can handle every dog"
Aqua Universe
Aqua Universe 22 uur geleden
@Ela Uzel Clueless owners like that should never be able to even adopt a dog. It angers me so much every time. It's like having a baby but not knowing how to take care of it :/ Also that's quite dangerous to leave an active dog in the house like that without ever taking it out, especially a pitbull. Pitbulls are adorable and super sweet dogs, but when they get aggressive you better not be in their way. I hope your uncle wakes up and realizes what he's doing wrong. It's absolutely cruel of him to make the dog go through this for 6 years..
Ela Uzel
Ela Uzel 22 uur geleden
He also is a nice dog but just pulls a little because he doesnt get any exercise
Ela Uzel
Ela Uzel 22 uur geleden
@Günther Gartenmann yea also a lot of people think training or walking the dog isnt nesecary even my own uncle thinks like the people on the show and its pretty sad his dog was an energetic dog and slowly is losing his happines and only is about 6 years old and is an pitbull but slowly as he was getting older and bigger he didnt get to go out as much and now goes out like 3 times a month or so i would like to take him out but im only 14 and he is way to strong to me its even making me sad seeing him getting sadder ive known him since a 1 month ols pup:(
Günther Gartenmann
Günther Gartenmann 22 uur geleden
I don't know about every dog, the ones on the show seem to all be either behaviorally normal enough or small enough to function as a regular pet after some training of the owners. there are much more difficult dogs than the worst ones on the show, such as large livestock guardian breeds which are both physically powerful and not that interested in pleasing humans.
oxytkach 23 uur geleden
I think she needs another 1million more subs right? ❤️👁👅👁
Mya O
Mya O 23 uur geleden
sceleton 23 uur geleden
Equine Love 4 ever
Equine Love 4 ever 23 uur geleden
Yay! Seventh like! Keep doing your thing Victoria because your a changing people and dogs lives❤️
Krystal Yang
Krystal Yang 23 uur geleden
OMG if I had that dog I would just leave it in the freezer
ღคหgεł¡тσ кuหღ
ღคหgεł¡тσ кuหღ 23 uur geleden
Early lol