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15 dagen geleden

This episode Victoria encounters Ruger, a dog with a perfect crying impression a Corgi and Kitten with a friendly rivalry and Missy, a dog who can't be crated.
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It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
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Dingkz Mlegend
Dingkz Mlegend 6 uur geleden
Oooouuuw so cute 😍 💕 💖
Chloe Ford
Chloe Ford Dag geleden
I’m very sad my dog just died. 🥺 :(
Chloe Ford
Chloe Ford Dag geleden
My dog just died 🥺 I’m very sad:(
Sarah Zapata
Sarah Zapata Dag geleden
How do I send a video of my dogs?
RoseRage95 2 dagen geleden
Oh I always tho it was harming the dog with the howl Great to know
Joseph B Brady
Joseph B Brady 5 dagen geleden
Dog food is
Joseph B Brady
Joseph B Brady 5 dagen geleden
I have a dog that is scared of it’s on the bong
Joseph B Brady
Joseph B Brady 5 dagen geleden
Please help me
Stephen Clayton
Stephen Clayton 6 dagen geleden
Victoria you ought to hear my doghowl especially for walks and treats kind of funny
KC Blues
KC Blues 7 dagen geleden
We howl with our staffy mix.
fondant gargoyal google
fondant gargoyal google 7 dagen geleden
Man i have three massive dogs 2 males and 1 female and the two males fight and i mean fight the drew blood on each outhe last month
Blox _storm
Blox _storm 10 dagen geleden
Victoria i watched you a long time ago i remember the ep with princes
Angelina Lefevers
Angelina Lefevers 10 dagen geleden
The dog needs a damn metal ASAP🏅🏆🥇
Mames McK
Mames McK 10 dagen geleden
Victoria seems like a lovely human
Zion KidBud
Zion KidBud 11 dagen geleden
Our dog bit my big sister it's an open wound but good thing Sherlock doesn't have Rabies he doesn't go outside cuz of pandemic and haven't encounter any dogs cuz of a possible desease for dogs that we don't want him to get infected with
Zion KidBud
Zion KidBud 11 dagen geleden
Sherlock's breed is golden retriever mixed with a chow chow
friggin' tourist
friggin' tourist 11 dagen geleden
My shepherd never howled until we had my moms friend's husky mix and they'd howl together. After she left he stopped howling and never did it again
Imkieieieieie Slagter
Imkieieieieie Slagter 11 dagen geleden
My dog doesn't want to stop peeping (i don't know how to explain it I'm Dutch😅) bit how can we help that?? I always said toy parents that we have to ignore it but sometimes it's really difficult.
Gina Nam
Gina Nam 11 dagen geleden
Aww you just gave me such relief, our new puppy and her older sister are playing a lot, chasing and doing this wrestling kind of thing, and sometimes I get worried that they're too rough, the little one managed to give a few small injuries with her tiny sharp teeth, but our older dog has soooo much patience with her 😊 Good to know that it's normal, they're doing almost the same as the kitten and dog in the video
Yuki Masahiko
Yuki Masahiko 11 dagen geleden
I train dogs, My own and help friends with theirs. I wanna get a license for it. But that being said, My dog which is a dobbie mix, Done something new. I went to relax in a bath, so let her lay on the floor in there with me. Cause someone letting off fireworks, Snd I closed the curtains. She barked at me and pulled the curtains back open. I had a laugh out of it, But dang did she yell at me for it. She was ok when the curtains was open and calmed down.
Chanelle 11 dagen geleden
The cat and dog playing AWWW
Msgoody 2shoes
Msgoody 2shoes 11 dagen geleden
That dog doesn't like cameras... mine doesn't either.
Sara Morales
Sara Morales 12 dagen geleden
Imgine someone sent the owa owa dog lol
memi X meme
memi X meme 12 dagen geleden
Victoria has another channel VS positively
Burning Cloud
Burning Cloud 12 dagen geleden
If that cat was serious we would have seen blood pretty quickly. Usually cats avoid fights and the body language of a real aggression is very different: they turn the hears back, hiss a lot, growl and aim straight for the face/eyes with the claws very flexed out. Although, given the fact it's a kitten ( 6 months old, i would say, maybe a year) i would supervise very closely because the 2 species have a very different body languages to say " enough is enough", so 1 bite from the dog would rip that kitten in 2 very easily. I had 7 cats and the vet suggested to break the fights if they were too rough by distracting them.
Ganchimeg Dvorak
Ganchimeg Dvorak 12 dagen geleden
Tomorrow is my birthday party and the theme is dog theme and am turning 8
Ganchimeg Dvorak
Ganchimeg Dvorak 12 dagen geleden
I LOVE dogs
Abbigale Paige
Abbigale Paige 12 dagen geleden
I had those sheets they had on the Great Dane's bedding....when I was like 5!!!!!!!!! ohhh it takes me back.
Angela Butler
Angela Butler 12 dagen geleden
I have learned so much from Victoria. Victoria is so cool and so smart. Like god damn. 😍
oiseau feu
oiseau feu 12 dagen geleden
The only time I heard my 6 years old bernese lab mix howl was when she was barking after a garbage truck. The bark turned into howling. She never howled since I got her. It happened so quickly that I couldn't film. Also, when she was a puppy, she was crying in front of the door when she wanted to go out. I will never know why she bark howl that day. She's crying on walks when she sees other dogs on the opposite sidewalk.
Hina Paliwal
Hina Paliwal 12 dagen geleden
Hi , my 5month old shihtzu started eating her on poop few days before pls tell to stop her eating poop????? @It'sMeortheDog
ELIJAH WILLIAMS 12 dagen geleden
i want to see her dog because she seems like a good dog trainer that have dogs of her own
jy fyi
jy fyi 13 dagen geleden
how do I make a leader of a pact-like the new puppy
Madeleine CW
Madeleine CW 13 dagen geleden
That’s my Ruger!!!!!! we howl together when I get home. It definitely a bonding experience with my husband for sure 😂😂😂
Nevan 13 dagen geleden
my dog gets very aggressive and anxious at times and starts bitting, do you know why and how to decrease if not stop
Manuel Lopez-Rivera
Manuel Lopez-Rivera 13 dagen geleden
Can you train my dog please, my dog is a little Chihuahua and is rude to my family. I am the youngest in the family. He is a little old also. My mom gets mad when he growls at me. He doesn’t let us shower him, doesn’t let us pet him sometimes, doesn’t let us put on the leash,etc. And when visitors comes visit us, he barks and tries to bite them
Laine Gordon
Laine Gordon 13 dagen geleden
our blue tick greatly stresses at fireworks and of course thunder/lightning. I emptied out a large interior closet and put a bed in there that he can 'cave' in,..seems to help
Marija 13 dagen geleden
_even though you say that it annoys the male member of your household...that makes me laugh_ 💃
Maddie Hardwick
Maddie Hardwick 13 dagen geleden
I love Victoria’s knowledge on dogs! :)
Heathen Wolf
Heathen Wolf 13 dagen geleden
The dog who escaped the crate, their are escape proof crates, they are not cheap, however
BrittleRose 13 dagen geleden
My dogs designated nap room (chosen by her) is my room on my bed. Always has been since day one since it's nice and cool in summer and warm in winter.
Jewels 14 dagen geleden
Also maybe get her a friend to keep her company when your not able to be with her. (that last dog)
Tabitha Akers
Tabitha Akers 14 dagen geleden
Thank you for always showing dogs with separation anxiety! It's not cute and shouldn't be romanticised. It's horrible for them and also disrupts your own life :(
Nora Phelan
Nora Phelan 14 dagen geleden
Thank you Victoria, you're the best!
Rude Diego
Rude Diego 14 dagen geleden
Regarding the play, yeah, all you can do is supervise. Its like when kids play, sometimes there are small boo boos.
moonlight plays
moonlight plays 14 dagen geleden
aye uh we have askal O.O and it always eats its own poop 😧😂 lol idk if its normal is it?
tatiana 14 dagen geleden
My frenchie destroyed 2 crates that way. It was only when I stayed half the night with him that I noticed it was because our boiler made a sound in the Middle of the night that triggerd the behavior. After fixing the problem of the sound, he was happy to sleep in his crate 😊
J Dee
J Dee 9 dagen geleden
That was so clever of you!
JuMiKu 14 dagen geleden
Sorry to ask a question not directly related to the video, but I'm having a slight problem with our recently adopted dog and I know many of you have ton of good advice to spare. Our dog dislikes all medium-sized, fast-moving, living thinhsand very obviously tries to discipline them, when they get really active and run around. I believe she has a herding instinct, because she only does it with about sheep-sized animals and humans. She doesn't care about adult joggers or bikers, let alone cars. I have tried to encourage kids to give her treats from a distance and I have done a lot of desensitization with her. Additionally, she gets a lot of stimulation, walks and training, so I don't think it's that. Recently, she cares a bit less about them running around, but she often gets really pushy with them, demanding treats very mouthily at times. Any suggestions? She's not at the point, where I'd usually wean her off the treats and play as a postive stimuli would just agitate her, making her reactiveness worse, so that's out.
Louie The BeagleDog
Louie The BeagleDog 14 dagen geleden
How do I send a video
Fidelb 14 dagen geleden
One day last year, Fidelb was attacked by a large pack of stray dogs. But he wasn't confused... 🤓 He sang his sad songs to them all night, that in the morning all the dogs fell asleep. Then #Fidelb came home and got his channel. So go to him on the channel ...
Jessica Armstrong
Jessica Armstrong 14 dagen geleden
I have a Shih Tzu and Yorkshire terrier mix that is like Missy, he doesn't sleep in the cage, he sleeps with me or on the floor in the same room. But he chews on the bars and has bent them in on himself, cut open his paws and cut his mouth. Bars are now missing from his crate because of this, I can't leave him to room the room when I leave as he scratches at my door until I come back (I wait for silence before entering the room again, which can take a few moments to 20 minutes). I've been watching these videos for a long time now and have tried using them, they just don't seem to help with his anxiety. I even feed him in the crate! And when he goes in I give him treats, I put his toys in there when I leave as well. Still trying to find ways to get him to stop before he gets seriously hurt.
Monica Eriksson
Monica Eriksson 14 dagen geleden
I dont understand this cagething! My dog is in the whole apartment and it works fine!🤔
Cassidy Steenekamp
Cassidy Steenekamp 14 dagen geleden
Hi love your videos
PuertoRicanPrincess 14 dagen geleden
THIS is what a good trainer looks like!
Keress 14 dagen geleden
My female border Collie howls when she wants to be with my husband (when he is napping with the door of the room closed) she came at me and howls and I ask, you wanna see daddy? and she does a very distinctive howl that I've come to relate to her calling for my hubby, she can very VERY persistent and demanding to see him especially if he has been sleeping for a long time. If I open the room's door she goes and jumps on him and showers him with kisses.
venus472 14 dagen geleden
My pittie asks to sing (howl) everyday. So we do. It makes her happy. And even tho her brother can not carry a tune....he gets in on it. lol
gingerwolfy 14 dagen geleden
Our pup has some separation anxiety which all came to a head when he ripped up his paws and pulled out a tooth trying to get through a door while I had to run an errand. Blood EVERYWHERE. Lots of research later and he’s got his crate that he loves. When we get home, he knows he has to go outside before he gets any love so he runs out and starts yelping like he’s in pain but it’s really just excitement. We treat it like it’s him gossiping about the cats antics or what he saw out the window and say things back at him like “she said what?” and “how dare they.” He loves it and gets louder. I’m sure our neighbours love us 😅😇😂
Heavenly Hooves
Heavenly Hooves 20 uur geleden
Glad he's okay that is really cute 😆
BYUtiful 14 dagen geleden
Lol the “crying dog” I once had my entire room of six dogs ALL howling because one of them was howling so I howled with him and soon enough we all were howling....but then I started laughing really hard cause I’ve never seen that happen
Forever Thatter
Forever Thatter 14 dagen geleden
Anyone else thought she'd say "founder of Victoria's Secret"? 🤣🤣🤣
Autumn Brooke
Autumn Brooke 14 dagen geleden
We taught our dog to howl while we sing happy birthday by howling at the end. Now if we even sing "happy.... "she looks at us to ready herself to "sing" along. We praise her after the song.
Keress 14 dagen geleden
hehe, I belive you, I encouraged my border collie to howl to call "daddy" now my husband cant nap she wants to go see him and howls for me to open to door of the room hahaha
Kubdya Khavis
Kubdya Khavis 14 dagen geleden
Title says everything why not reacting because this is out of uk, america?😔😔😔 it's from srilanka
Queen Fox Lets Play
Queen Fox Lets Play 14 dagen geleden
How do I submit a video to you to be included in these type of video
Co Co Bean
Co Co Bean 14 dagen geleden
I love how she cares about dogs so much!
Nancy Folsom
Nancy Folsom 14 dagen geleden
For the kitty and dog playing, may I suggest being very good about keeping the cat's nails trimmed? Otherwise, loved seeing the play.
LeeMary Coziar
LeeMary Coziar 14 dagen geleden
Victoria, you have seriously saved my sanity!! I watched about a dozen episodes before I thought I could teach my dogs some manners. And it worked! They no longer jump on us, and the barking at the window has gotten much better. I thank you, and my neighbors thank you, also.
NICCGURRE 14 dagen geleden
1.3K likes vs just 6 dislikes. anyone else think thats cool
Epha Janke
Epha Janke 14 dagen geleden
Iam a little confused that just one person reacted to this last case. Iam against this crates in generell, but put a suffering animal in there I can't believe how this owner can even sleep at night. It's feels terrible just to see that. I had 3 dogs in my life. They had there bed and slept at night. Why would I put a dog in a cage? And why when I know he suffers?
Ikine 13 dagen geleden
@Elisha Barker That's normally true, but like Victoria said, it's not a good solution for a dog with this kind of separation anxiety.
Elisha Barker
Elisha Barker 13 dagen geleden
Please don't assume "lack of education" because of a let owner using a crate for their dog. Crate training is a very good thing! It gives them their own room where *you* don't mess with them, their own space. Which every living thing needs at one point or another. That's the point. It's supposed to be a positive thing. Some pets however have separation anxiety, as this dog has, and that is a medical issue that needs to be addressed by consistent training with a dog trainer you can trust.
Ikine 14 dagen geleden
I have to wonder if the owners are scared of the dog hurting himself. They said he jumped out a window, I can understand how someone who doesn't have the proper education might think that the safest thing to do would be to keep the dog confined for his own safety.
tillettman 14 dagen geleden
For the Americans, when Britons say that the dog jumped off the first floor balcony, what they really mean is that the dog jumped off the second floor balcony.
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 10 dagen geleden
@tillettman Haven’t you noticed the bus doors are on the left side of the bus?
tillettman 10 dagen geleden
@Danielle Dewitt By the way, we drive on the correct side of the road, that's why it's called the "right side". Haven't you ever noticed how the doors on a bus are on its right side? How do you expect passengers to safely get on and off a bus if everyone drove on the left?
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 13 dagen geleden
@tillettman Liar liar pants on fire.
tillettman 13 dagen geleden
@Danielle Dewitt "Ground floor" and "first floor" are interchangeable. They mean the same thing. You can't call the second floor a "first" floor, if there's a ground floor that came before it. For it to be first, that means that it doesn't have any floors before it.
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 13 dagen geleden
@tillettman Ground floor is the ground floor not the first floor. You must be american. America have things so wrong, they can’t even drive on the correct side of the road.
Yarilys Alfonso
Yarilys Alfonso 14 dagen geleden
I'm early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dalea Nolan
Dalea Nolan 14 dagen geleden
Looks like that dog doesn't like her "cozy little den"
Mary Gerende
Mary Gerende 14 dagen geleden
1st video.... My dog does this when I get home! Even if it's only been less than an hour. He's excited to see me and have me home. Makes me feel good! (Hubby is home often but dog still does this when I get home) Rarely left home alone ever! love these videos!😊
Madeleine CW
Madeleine CW 12 dagen geleden
That 1st dog is mine! When I get home I pick him up and we howl together 🙈 I think some dogs are just more vocal than others!
STE B 14 dagen geleden
Love your videos. Still waiting for a picture of Victoria with her mohawk👌🏼
Julie Vander Leest
Julie Vander Leest 14 dagen geleden
Looks like the dog is reacting to the owner’s voice. That’s an easy one to figure out.😉
Isabella Sumner
Isabella Sumner 14 dagen geleden
Hi Victoria! I’ve been watching you since the start. You’ve been such an inspiration to me. I’m hoping that my parents will get me a dog soon, but while I wait I watch your videos! I hope to be a dog trainer like you. Thanks for having these videos up! (^:
Barbara Lumpkins
Barbara Lumpkins 14 dagen geleden
The dog and the cat makes me worry cause i have a Jack Russel terrior mix Wit Rat Terrior and he gets jelous Easily and im getting a kitten With no tail after it gets winged And i dont know how its gnna go where gnna keep it in the basement until it can fight incase something goes down But IS THERE a way to get them to like each other instead of (hey ur a cat ur my enemy im going to bite you)
ATC Polite
ATC Polite 14 dagen geleden
I used to have a dog that was the same color he was a pit bull and he died i love him
Turner Turner
Turner Turner 14 dagen geleden
When my dog gets started howling she can match pitch with us. It's bloody hilarious!
S1ippy L3mons
S1ippy L3mons 14 dagen geleden
My dog paws at people when he wants constant human contact it just happened and he now has is head on me. It cute and doesn’t cuase any problems. His a lab
Keira Hodgins
Keira Hodgins 14 dagen geleden
We used to have 2 Alaskan malamute, and everyday around dinner time we all as a family would start howling, and they would go offf, they’d be howling at the moon and everything lol they were so loud you could hear them from outside our house..I wonder what our neighbours thought😂
Turner Turner
Turner Turner 14 dagen geleden
I'm just imagining all the humans sitting around the dinner table howling together every evening lol!
Aedony 14 dagen geleden
That dogs looks like he really wants to go for a walk and is howling to get attention to do so, honestly.
Ida Simonsen
Ida Simonsen 14 dagen geleden
I see a swedish vallhund 😍😍😍
Tsururun 328
Tsururun 328 14 dagen geleden
a pitt mix? that first dog is clearly a husky in a pitt’s coat.
Katrina Keith
Katrina Keith 14 dagen geleden
Love this, so cute!!!
•[]Alex the bun[]•
•[]Alex the bun[]• 14 dagen geleden
I do not have a dog but I have a rabbit :|
FREYA PACHECO 14 dagen geleden
I love your videos
debn n
debn n 14 dagen geleden
ok I have the acting of a very smart great dane in mind....speak to me Victoria I'm listening...
Solars Studio
Solars Studio 14 dagen geleden
Filippa Skog
Filippa Skog 14 dagen geleden
I’m so glad Victoria saw that the cat was just playing. So many people would see an aggressive cat, but that’s just a playful one. A bit rough play, sure, but on both of their terms. If either one got hurt they’d cry out and the other would immediately stop; you can tell because they’re checking in with each other every now and then. What a lovely relationship 😍 They’re obviously really good friends. And what a gentle, good dog.
J Dee
J Dee 9 dagen geleden
We had a German Shepherd that carried our tiny kitten around in its mouth and let it sleep on his fur.
Lloyd SMITH 11 dagen geleden
*If you like dogs, maybe you can help me( if you want : D) in order to reach 1000 subscribers before my dog leaves us* 😥
rathmiron 13 dagen geleden
Yeah, like Victoria said, the breaks are a good indicator that it is just playing. I remember a video of Jackson Galaxy where someone had a similar issue. Her two kittens were playing quite roughly, and she was worried they might not be playing. One thing Jackson pointed out was that they both went back into the "fight" after a little break.
Keress 14 dagen geleden
Yes my 2 dogs (female and male) play like that too, and sometimes get very rough, and like Victoria said, I allow it but supervise it, there was this time the male was too rough, and the female, that is always VERY MELLOW told him off, barked at his face showing teeth, he moved back, ears down, got down to the flour and she calmed ... they stood apart for a moment staring at each other and then he went and nudged her, as if sorry. They nudged each other for a bit and then resumed playing, it was awesome to see.
Siba Ibrahim
Siba Ibrahim 14 dagen geleden
Ur hair looks so good when it’s down 😌
Yoanna Marinova
Yoanna Marinova 14 dagen geleden
Yeet hi ;-;
Nini Oliver
Nini Oliver 14 dagen geleden
Hi Victoria, i have two rescue dogs. One is Lilly, a jack russel terrior and she has come out of her shell, but Puddles, the bichon is still rather scared. She refuses to walk on the leash and she trembles a bit. She recently had pups and then i bonded with her a bit, she has slightly desensitized to me but with others she wont walk on the leash or even look at them. Ehat should i do? Any tips would really be appreciated
Michel-Lee Jagat
Michel-Lee Jagat 14 dagen geleden
Hi Victoria your the best trainer and the fact you don’t use shock collar and pinch collar is amazing 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Michel-Lee Jagat
Michel-Lee Jagat 7 dagen geleden
@NikkieRoxxx a pinch collar is like a metal spikey collar
NikkieRoxxx 9 dagen geleden
pinch collar?!
ARIEL BISSRAM 14 dagen geleden
Hi I definitely agree
Megan Polkasnic
Megan Polkasnic 14 dagen geleden
Tbh every time I come home my shiba lets out a raspy howl and I howl along with her 🤣
bartfacezabloing 8 dagen geleden
"Do you like your new toy?"
four paws and a heart
four paws and a heart 9 dagen geleden
I do the same with my aussie, we can talk a lot with each other when I coming home from work.
Megan Polkasnic
Megan Polkasnic 11 dagen geleden
@Gooey Actually, only 1 of 2 my shibas scream. The one who is more vocal has a low, raspy bark and howl that’s barely audible. 🤣
Isabella Christou
Isabella Christou 11 dagen geleden
porte de la océan Lol people think it's being aggressive but really the dog loves it!
Gooey 11 dagen geleden
Hajar Naim
Hajar Naim 14 dagen geleden
I lovr youuuuuu victoria 😍
Most wanted Weeb
Most wanted Weeb 14 dagen geleden
Only 18 minutes late
Carolina Queseyo
Carolina Queseyo 14 dagen geleden
Ok but the dog and cat playing rough was funny lmao!
Lloyd SMITH 11 dagen geleden
*If you like dogs, maybe you can help me( if you want : D) in order to reach 1000 subscribers before my dog leaves us* 😥
Claire's Gaming
Claire's Gaming 14 dagen geleden
NLfast: this video was posted 10 minutes ago Comments: Posted 11 minutes ago Posted 14 minutes ago Posted 13 minutes ago Posted 53 seconds ago Posted 9 minutes ago Posted 12 minutes ago
Maddie Hardwick
Maddie Hardwick 14 dagen geleden
25 now ;)))
Kirsty Graham
Kirsty Graham 14 dagen geleden
My dog is such a chatty dog and I definitely encourage it 😂 I have full blown arguments with her (not genuinely angry and she knows I’m not actually angry) like she’ll cry at me for food, water, to go outside or for a walk and even cries at me when she wants to go to bed and I have to go through the list saying “are you hungry?” Etc until she tilts her head then I know what she wants. She wears her heart on her sleeve and never “suffers” in silence 🤣 she come up to me and cries and will like nash her teeth with a little bark and stomp her feet, she’s so sassy 🤦🏻‍♀️ she doesn’t bark much, only at the door but as soon as we walk to the door she stops but she just wines a lot 😂
Kirsty Graham
Kirsty Graham 9 dagen geleden
@Deb Steinshouer ours does that all the time always has to have the last word! 😂 I’ll tell her to go to bed and she’ll lie down and grumble or look us in the eye and let out a big sigh to which I’ll reply “I’m sorry but I don’t care” 🤣 if we sit next to her on “her sofa” she’ll do a human grumble and look at us (not even touching the side she’s on she has plenty of room) then she’ll get off and lie on the floor with a big sigh and eye contact as if to say “do you see how unhappy you’ve made me?” 🤦🏻‍♀️ The funniest thing she does (but also very annoying sometimes) is if we tell her to go to bed and she’s refusing we’ll go “okay get out then” then she looks all sad then goes to bed as if to say “okay fine I’m sorry I’ll go to bed” but we make her get out after we’ve told her because we don’t want her learning that get out means go to bed 🤣
Deb Steinshouer
Deb Steinshouer 11 dagen geleden
I had an ACD (blue heeler) for 18.5 yrs that had a bad case of "last worditis" 😉 I'd tell her sssshh or quiet, & she'd rumble (a human grumble) in her throat. I'd do it back, quieter. She'd answer, quieter still. This went on until you could barely hear either of us. It was a hoot, but exasperating too -- she always had to have the last word... 😅
Kirsty Graham
Kirsty Graham 14 dagen geleden
@Diksha Mine sounds like a husky sometimes. She’s a saluki x wolfhound street dog rescue from Qatar so probably has a lot of other things in her. Huskies are pretty popular over there and unfortunately end up on the street a lot so it’s possible she has some of that in her too 😁
Diksha 14 dagen geleden
I love Chatty dogs too! Huskies are great to argue with because they don't even bark, they just howl
Eve Lindsey
Eve Lindsey 14 dagen geleden
Cisco The Hamster
Cisco The Hamster 14 dagen geleden
luv this channel :) anyone binge watch her all the time?
Not for you Oh that's a save
Not for you Oh that's a save 14 dagen geleden
I have a german Shepherd mixed with a Border collie
hebhdgd bfhhenbd
hebhdgd bfhhenbd 14 dagen geleden
Hi how are you today
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Fake Fortune Teller Prank!
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