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Expert dog trainer Victoria Stilwell reacts to YOUR amazing dogs and gives her advice on how to train them. This episode features a Corgi that keeps having its ears nibbled, a household with a raging battle between cat and dogs and a dog with an intense fear of side-streets!

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It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Libbathegreat Maand geleden
That cat's name should be Gandalf.
Lexi Kirby
Lexi Kirby 2 maanden geleden
ClaireCam 2 maanden geleden
I love all of Victoria's videos! Anyone else watching these when they don't even have a dog? 😂
Jakiah Scantlebury
Jakiah Scantlebury 3 maanden geleden
Jakiah Scantlebury
Jakiah Scantlebury 3 maanden geleden
TY Natural
TY Natural 3 maanden geleden
When did she get rid of her iconic ponytail?
Baylee Smith
Baylee Smith 4 maanden geleden
My chihuahua puppy had a similar fear to Logan. She was scared of anything on the side of the road (parked cars, trash cans, etc) though I did help her get through that with my oldest dog who is very chill. Very interesting to see another dog with the same fear
Bridget Reilly
Bridget Reilly 4 maanden geleden
Does anyone know how to contact Victoria
dog lover
dog lover 5 maanden geleden
why do my dog keep bring me dead thing ? It got too weird so I remove the doggy door.
Bailey bear 2017
Bailey bear 2017 5 maanden geleden
Bailey is absolutely petrified of streets that are busy and/or noisy
•Rainbow Warriors• Maggie
•Rainbow Warriors• Maggie 6 maanden geleden
I absolutely love the advice that is given! I have had a dog similar to sophie, I got her to love the pool!
missykaiyay 6 maanden geleden
Can we talk about how cute her choker necklace is?
Luvour _
Luvour _ 6 maanden geleden
4:32 the joe Biden dog!!
Adherents of the Repeated Meme
Adherents of the Repeated Meme 7 maanden geleden
Victoria needs to react to jenna marbles trying to teach her dog to sit for 20 🤣 minutes
I Love Queen
I Love Queen 7 maanden geleden
yorkshiregal 8 maanden geleden
We had to do the buddy walk with a friend’s dog. Same age (just allowed out puppies) Rottweiler and our Labrador. The rottie was scared of going for a walk. It took over 2 hours to get them out of our drive, our lab was just so calm.
Kawii-Sink 8 maanden geleden
How do you send videos in?
Mel Hyde
Mel Hyde 9 maanden geleden
Love these vids
Carol Riches
Carol Riches 9 maanden geleden
I’m so glad I’ve come across this channel. This was my favorite program back when it was in the UK. This lady is a breath of fresh air. So glad she is still publicly active and that E-type.. I had the pleasure of restoring a red one just like that.
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 9 maanden geleden
Our dog is a cockapoo and has a weird habit of itching her ears the vet said it’s because of her breed
blueifer 10 maanden geleden
My dog and my cat snuggle and play. The cat will wait in the doorway and jump out to surprise her
dancing Kelly
dancing Kelly 10 maanden geleden
my dog is scared of water
dancing Kelly
dancing Kelly 10 maanden geleden
away you could train my dog but is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy far away from u
dancing Kelly
dancing Kelly 10 maanden geleden
im not being mean but you like younger then 51
Danielle Warham
Danielle Warham 10 maanden geleden
I have a question we need a nice hypoallergenic dog for a family pet in a couple years what would be the best choice
M. Z.
M. Z. 6 maanden geleden
I don't know too much about this but poodles are supposedly hypoallergenic as well as some goldendoodles, however not all. For information about goldendoodles check out GANA (Goldendoodle Association of North America) they might also know more about hypoallergenic dogs in general
marisol bolanos
marisol bolanos 10 maanden geleden
I love her making these videos,there are times where i just wanna train a dog but i cant because i have school,homework and im also going to middle school so yea i have pet birds there called budgies im trying tame them and its actually kinda working i like what im doing 😄
Anna S
Anna S 11 maanden geleden
I love how she trains the dogs And how she loves all of them
PayLiv PayLiv
PayLiv PayLiv 11 maanden geleden
I love your videos and it makes a better bond between me and my dog Honey yes her name is Honey and her nick name is a Honey Bunny or Honey Bun
Edax 11 maanden geleden
when was this filmed?, just curious
Xemira Hobbyless
Xemira Hobbyless 11 maanden geleden
Victoria actually looks younger than in the it's me or the dog episodes :o
Laurafied Makeup
Laurafied Makeup 11 maanden geleden
She looks good for all of the years she has been on the show😁
knory123 11 maanden geleden
Creating high places for a cat to hide away from the dogs could also be useful for the owners in the first video. It gives the cat more selfesteem and sometimes that will make a cat accept dogs better.
SariJiGo 11 maanden geleden
I love these videos!!!
Self- Love
Self- Love 11 maanden geleden
Is it just me or is Victoria’s voice is very calming
peachyiiove smol
peachyiiove smol 11 maanden geleden
Actually i mite need ya help cuz i have a cat that feels like its not comfortable with other people that is in the family beside there owners cuz everytime me my mom and my anuntie goes near it the cat would start to hiss so my other auntie who the owner would trap them in the corner which makes me think she feels unsafe cuz her ears are down she even tried to skrike a scratch on me legit we have to use a stick in order to get through her....
Ankicat 11 maanden geleden
Awe, cute dogs. I'd rent/buy a house with a big garden towards a field with walk-in paths and where the dog could run around when home
Sandra Cindy G
Sandra Cindy G 11 maanden geleden
Can you keep making these sort of videos please 🤗
Ny Nolan
Ny Nolan 11 maanden geleden
You are my favorite NLfastr
Allyson Leary
Allyson Leary Jaar geleden
Wait!!! SHES 50?!?!
LaedeeTyme Jaar geleden
I see that play button
Allyse Retzlaff
Allyse Retzlaff Jaar geleden
I know this may be an ignorant thing to say but, I'm so confused when these were filmed like her outfits sometimes I can tell there from earlier times but others I'm just like was that yesterday was going onnn
Lara Blakemore
Lara Blakemore Jaar geleden
SHES 51 and she looks like she’s 29 to 30 she’s looks the same as she did in the beginning of the show
Jon Bon
Jon Bon Jaar geleden
I wish I knew about your dog trainer course before I went to ABC. But I would still like to take it once things get back to normal. I do believe I saw an advanced course last time I checked the website. Also, I've always wanted to thank you for putting up a wealth of knowledge here on youtube. Watching your videos with my textbook in hand gave me a real edge, believe it or not.
яǟven Jaar geleden
Dear Victoria, You may not see this but I have a Question My dog keeps trying to run away We take him on walks every day to See if it will help but he still tries to run away We are gonna get him fixed soon Will that help? My mom and dad said he tries to run away cuz he wants a wife Is that true? Could u give me any advise Thanks
amita gadkari
amita gadkari Jaar geleden
I love her😭😭
Lily Grant
Lily Grant Jaar geleden
CelestiaFan Forever
CelestiaFan Forever Jaar geleden
just now seeing and all I have to say is this. There are times were Zander doesn't want to go done the street when out walking and I have to baby talk with "Come on, let's go" in baby talk and get him to follow, which has worked. Is there another way of getting him to follow me down a street while out on walks or what I'm doing ok?
luminoustarisma Jaar geleden
Watching these makes me wonder of my old dog, a cairn terrier with a weird hobby. One day when my mother was vacuming she bent under her and dad's beds. She found a pile of paper napkins. It turned out that whenever our dog found a possibility, he would steal the napkins we used for dinner, normally the ones we put in our laps while eating, and if they fell down he would collect them and then hide them under the beds. I have never been able to understand why this came to be. Sadly, I had no photo or video evidence of this because I was 10 years old when we gave him away (I'm 32 now) and the family that took him told that he died in 2010 (16 years old).
Tahlia Christou
Tahlia Christou Jaar geleden
I love her videos she makes quarantine FUN for me now because of her I know how to train peoples dogs 😃
mmma hh
mmma hh Jaar geleden
Can someone tell me what breed the brown dog is in the first video? Its so beautiful!
Diane Crespin
Diane Crespin Jaar geleden
my two dog gump fens
Luka R
Luka R Jaar geleden
Hello! I have two dogs and i do not know if they get a along. The things that you might need to know!: Molly is a Groodle. Molly is a 1 year old puppy. She loves to nibble on my hand and bring me to the couch. She loves pets and toys. She is very energetic and love to zoom around the back yard. Diesel (yes, i know a very odd name.) Diesel is a Beaglier. Diesel is a 9 year old dog.( In human years.) He is a very old and tired dog :(. He often in the morning cries because he wants food since he is on a diet because he was very overweight, but he seems alot better now. My problem is they *FIGHT* alot. I cannot tell if they are play fighting or having a absolute war. Please tell me how to fix this. :) - lots of love from Luka! ♡
Kymberleigh Etherington
Kymberleigh Etherington Jaar geleden
i absoultely love these videos! they're so helpful!
Lexi H
Lexi H Jaar geleden
Are you still filming episodes of it’s me or the dog or are they all re-runs?
Sunflower Girl
Sunflower Girl Jaar geleden
Okay, your probably not gonna see this BUT. I a got a little puppy last year. It’s an beautiful little Pomeranian, with a stunning smile and big personality. She has a buddy (a 4 race dog) so she’s not alone. I am really grateful I found your NLfast channel bc you helped me and my family raise my little pup (and her now 10 year old buddy) thanks for the help. She used to pee all over the house, now the house has been clean for the last 3 months. Thank you so much for helping me out ! I have one question tho. My perrents has always said garlic isn’t good for dogs. Even tho in one of your episodes you said “and lost of garlic, dogs love garlic”. it got me in confusion. Thanks for your time, bye!
Katelyn Barb
Katelyn Barb Jaar geleden
Could you do more of the reacting? Also a couple days ago my aunts border collie found a cicada and he was sniffing it and when the cicada was stuck to his wet nose, he shook his head and the cicada fell off of his wet nose. His name is Willie B. Also, you’re awesome Victoria!
Boris Jays
Boris Jays Jaar geleden
UOAbigail LeVey
UOAbigail LeVey Jaar geleden
For the 2nd story/video (the one with the pup that got sad when removed from the grandparents) you forgot one additional thing that would be very helpful. Scent. Scent is a huge factor, as you mentioned. It would be helpful to have something like a doggy blanket or some toy that has been kept at the grandparent's house for long enough to absorb the scent of the house and the humans there. Bring that item (or multiple items if possible) into the home with the pup and the pup will at least have familiar scents to associate with the new home.
Jodi Jones
Jodi Jones Jaar geleden
Your awesome btw
Tianna byrne
Tianna byrne Jaar geleden
my dog does not take treats out side (on walkes) any advise
HorseyCat Jaar geleden
You are are amazing i whant to have the same job when im older
ThePoisedPhantom Jaar geleden
So I was going through my day like usual and i went to check on my hamster and he's my only pet so he gets a good amount of attention. When i checked on him he was just really cold and stiff, just no sign of life at all. I've only had him for a few weeks and all of a sudden he just passed away. I didn't know what to do, there was just so many emotions going through me. The only thing I could do is just cry and tell myself "You're a failure" and I just kept telling myself repeatedly. All I can say is, I gave him a good life and I always did my best to keep him alive. If you get through this whole comment..... Thank You for reading my story.
ThePoisedPhantom Jaar geleden
So I was going through my day like usual and i went to check on my hamster and he's my only pet so he gets a good amount of attention. When i checked on him he was just really cold and stiff, just no sign of life at all. I've only had him for a few weeks and all of a sudden he just passed away. I didn't know what to do, there was just so many emotions going through me. The only thing I could do is just cry and tell myself "You're a failure" and I just kept telling myself repeatedly. All I can say is, I gave him a good life and I always did my best to keep him alive. If you get through this whole comment..... Thank You for reading my story.
Linda Laanemäe
Linda Laanemäe Jaar geleden
Same i try to do the same eith my cat lomao
Pastel_deerfox Jaar geleden
6:03-my three legged dog does that when he doesn’t want to leave to go home from walks
Pastel_deerfox Jaar geleden
I use the dog academy videos and it really helps me get to understand my dog which lets me bond with him a lot more 😁❤️
Derek Warren
Derek Warren Jaar geleden
That cat doesn't want to be messed with! I wonder if Victoria has ever met Jackson Galaxy, host of My Cat From Hell.
Khirsah. Gökçe. MAILIM RESMEN ADIM. Başaran
Khirsah. Gökçe. MAILIM RESMEN ADIM. Başaran 11 maanden geleden
@EpicShadowCat link it please
EpicShadowCat Jaar geleden
Yes, I've seen them in a video together
Nerdy Dragon
Nerdy Dragon Jaar geleden
My pup, Charlotte is terrified if thunderstorms and fireworks. I've had dogs who are scared of those. But not as bad as her. She refuses to go outside even after all of it is over. She huddles under the table or with me, and I can feel her trembling. And she tries to crawl behind me. She goes in my room and crawls under my pillows on my bed.
Humanimal Jaar geleden
My dog rock was like Logan. Scared of tight streets, walking along a town street, going near toilet blocks. He few up in the pound. So he associated those buildings etc with the pound He had a stepsister a confident carefree dog who was a godsend. Without her adjustment to outside life would have been much tougher. She would boldly go anywhere and it gave rock lots of confidence
Humanimal Jaar geleden
That first cat. My cat Piggy ruled with an Iron Claw too. I'd know he was in the hallway if the dogs left the room, and came straight back In I'd peer around the corner to see the Dark and Stormy cat sitting in the hall, with absolute power and authority.
Jadyn Wood
Jadyn Wood Jaar geleden
He voice is so calming
Adeline Martin
Adeline Martin Jaar geleden
Wow, that was very interesting!❤️ Thank you so much!!!😁
Tago Animations
Tago Animations Jaar geleden
My dog does the same thing when I take her outside she gets scared but when I used to live in my apartments she would love walks but now that I live at a house I try to take her for a walk when I'm walking she walks but when i stop for a second she turns around and pulls me she gets so scared idk what to do since I'm a kid and my family just tells me to pull her or not to take her for a walk but she does get excersie anywhere else? When I tell my family about it to talk to there vet they dont take it as a big deal. And everytime my grandma leaves the house she ignores everyone and hides in the corner to the point where she doesnt want to eat idk my family doesnt take it as a big deal. She is scared of everything and sometimes I cry cause she doesnt care about me but she cares about my grandma that yells and her all the time and I do my best to show her love and try to train her but she never even cares that I'm there the only time she really goes up to me so when she is jealous that I'm petting the other dog we have.
Theresa Reddan
Theresa Reddan Jaar geleden
My dog gets beyond excited she jumps all over people and kisses them. She gets so excited and happy, she has never showed any form of aggression but how do I calm down the levels of excitement?? Shes only 7 months old and shes a poochon. It is funny to watch but I'm afraid that some day someone isn't going to like it
Brigette Patton
Brigette Patton Jaar geleden
How do I get my dog to come to me bear is his name and I've seen so many videos on it be strict be kind be soft idk what to do 😭
laura mccullough
laura mccullough Jaar geleden
Victoria we need help our two female border terrier s have started to fight just from the end of last year they are both spayed we have a cocker spaniel male he is neutered but just yesterday morning we had to split them up for the whole day the older one starts them the younger one is a picky eater and has to be fed of a plate if it's in a bowl she has starved her self for 3 days but is better now but fights for no reason and the little one holds when she bites so it's very dangerous but she's loves me and my mum the eldest has a puncture wound under armpit from recently they are fine with each other again but fights have happens more for no reason I would love for any ideas for how to stop them thx
Katie Haslam
Katie Haslam Jaar geleden
What can I do to stop my dog from pulling
netanel levi
netanel levi Jaar geleden
Imagine being a Junior Doctor and still having the time and motivation to make clear, concise and helpful youtube videos educating others. MACHINE
Two sisters Diy
Two sisters Diy Jaar geleden
I men it is quarantine and she is still training
BettaBee 123
BettaBee 123 Jaar geleden
How can I send Victoria a video of my dog? She attacks bees, and wondering why
TM16 Jaar geleden
Instead you should be called the people trainer because it seems you teach the people more than anything!!!😂
Anna and Charlie
Anna and Charlie Jaar geleden
How do I send a video?
SuperSonicGoldens Jaar geleden
Isn't she like 60 now?
KissMyAspergers Jaar geleden
...So, when does Victoria go up for adoption?
Rhoda Leader
Rhoda Leader Jaar geleden
My Bella Standard Labradoodle grooms her (baby) Kara Bengal Cross which is extremely cute but Kara also grooms Bella's face/snout which is completely hilarious because of the size difference (around 5 stone) and Kara is as big as Bella's head. Partners in crime and snuggle buddies 🐾🐾🌟
Sydney Langley
Sydney Langley Jaar geleden
Any tips for training a younger jack Russell puppy who is very sweet to other dogs just needs to learn to control his excitement. We use a beeper collar and it seem to help trip his brain so he can focus on us rather than the other dog.
Amy Casserly
Amy Casserly Jaar geleden
The cat and the dogs in the first one are social distancing😂
Kelly Wood
Kelly Wood Jaar geleden
I think me mum needs her for her miniature Yorkie x
hey lol
hey lol Jaar geleden
I have 2 dogs and they are so cute together! A girl and a boy. They are both abused and they have z perfect home now, its so cute that the boy (Dani) alwayd gentle licks the ear of Mickey. Sorry for bad english because im Dutch PS. Can I have some explanation that my dog doesnt want to go over the bridge? He always just shuts down and we need to pick him up, when he is on the ground again its all ok?
Imaginator Jaar geleden
Hello Mrs. Stilwell! I have a miniature schnauzer who doesnt eat fast but rather eats in big chunks, as in sometimes he wont eat for at least a day. I was wondering, if he's more active, will his appetite improve? And would I need to get one of the bowls you use to have them work/find their food?
4N4. V
4N4. V Jaar geleden
Can someone help me? My dog is a stray dog I adopted her and I realised that she gets scared when I hold or touch her paws and I don't know why
TifaSohma Jaar geleden
It may be painful for her. Have you taken her to a vet to get it checked out?
Kurapika Kurta
Kurapika Kurta Jaar geleden
I’m so used to seeing Victoria with a different hair style😂
ItsEvieplays. Jaar geleden
Imagine if Victoria actually went to one of the dogs in the video to train?
Forever painted and Dappled
Forever painted and Dappled Jaar geleden
My dog does obsessive licking of her paws when she just lays down so I try to intervene when I can
シ Zêrø
シ Zêrø Jaar geleden
Hello, Can you do a video on Leash Training? I'm pretty Young to train a dog yet I did in the past. I'm a little stuck on leash Training tho, My dog can do the basics and I taught him to leave it. He seems to have sepperation anxiety towards my mom, He has lots and lots of energy and is about 5 months. I've been working on all commands for the basics I need a tutorial on leash Training! Thank you, Stay safe!
YeSy Jaar geleden
How can I send my video to you because you might let me and my family keep my dog
nikolai arnaudov
nikolai arnaudov Jaar geleden
I love her
Bean The Best
Bean The Best Jaar geleden
Cesar Millan in a woman’s body.
Bunnix Jaar geleden
How do i train my dog to be potty train?
muireann k
muireann k Jaar geleden
hi victoria, do you have any advice for my puppy? he is teething at the moment but constantly bites my family instead of his toys 😂 if you see this could you give me some tips on to how to train him out of biting people and train him into biting toys? thanks.
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