Even Victora Can't Escape This Dog's Nips and Bites! | It's Me or The Dog

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Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell enters a house left to run wilds, as their dog Dakota jumps, nips and bites anyone and everyone she can get her mouth around. Can Victoria avoid this fate and help Dakota get under control?

It's Me or the Dog USA Season 3 Episode 12

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It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Judith Braun
Judith Braun 12 dagen geleden
That’s why I got a Havanese instead of a Pitt Bull although I love them so much. He fits perfectly in our life and brings a lot of joy.
100Aninna 12 dagen geleden
This guy goes on my nerves. He obviously didn't do any effort to train the dog, but then he angrily blames the dog for not functioning well. I really wonder if he also expects his children to function perfectly on their own, without him contributing anything to their upbringing.
ineedhoez 13 dagen geleden
That dog it insane
ayla 15 dagen geleden
I really dont like that guy
music88 18 dagen geleden
Caesar would never ask the owner to grab the dog haha 😂
Overkill 19 dagen geleden
Paige Peezy
Paige Peezy 19 dagen geleden
Why didn't they have a lead on her during the open door training?!? She could have ran out and attacked that person and/or dog that were walking by!!
Sir Potato
Sir Potato 26 dagen geleden
Hey didn't they visit house, a few weeks ago?
Mary May
Mary May 28 dagen geleden
This man is just so ready to give up on his dog
Deysharn ghe
Deysharn ghe Maand geleden
Well tha dog fosua loves tha babys if he hasnt bit em or nip
Alexa Bella Muerte
Alexa Bella Muerte Maand geleden
Here's a tip: don't get a bull terrier
Lavelle cloud9
Lavelle cloud9 Maand geleden
Do your research before you get a dog 🐕 🌻 especially when getting a pure breed the best part is that you can just go read about the needs of your breed and the characteristics.🌻
Angry Doggy
Angry Doggy Maand geleden
Ignoring is a very useful tool. But with some dogs a forceful correction (no beating, no kicks, never unless you’re in actual danger) is needed. Force them down, with as little force as possible. A dog jumping up can be corrected by raising a knee or putting a hand on their head. That’s how I handle them. And the moment the come up without jumping give them attention and praises.
Danielle Welch
Danielle Welch Maand geleden
Caesar Millan is so much better than this hippie chick. Seriously!!!
Overkill 19 dagen geleden
lmao true. shes still trying to help terrible dog owners.
teddy bear
teddy bear Maand geleden
Alexa Bella Muerte
Alexa Bella Muerte Maand geleden
For real huh
Invoker, Devil of the moon
Invoker, Devil of the moon Maand geleden
they did a video on Dakota before what has the husband done now ! she was soo cool last episode
MisakiKen0112 Maand geleden
I started using Victoria's methods to train my 2 cats
Cynthia Hoggatt
Cynthia Hoggatt Maand geleden
She wild doing the most
Cynthia Hoggatt
Cynthia Hoggatt Maand geleden
We know why she doing all this no home training
Mojo Thiele
Mojo Thiele Maand geleden
They need to change the name from its me or the dog to its me not the dog
teddy bear
teddy bear Maand geleden
Lucia Aguilar
Lucia Aguilar Maand geleden
1:14 hasn’t she met this guy like 3 times?
Kindiz Maand geleden
Poor dog. Why won't people do basic research before getting a dog, this breed in particular. We have a girl just over a year. It's been SO much work, and it IS so much work, but she's such an amazing dog. She would also nip and jump and try to run away, but we researched it and actually got a trainer (to make the training even more effective). These brilliant dogs should not be picket up by just any human. They're LOTS of hard work and very time consuming. But oh my when you start seeing the results. I'll never choose another breed. 💜
Jumeaux Elaine
Jumeaux Elaine Maand geleden
Imagine buying a dog and not training it, especially a headstrong breed like a bull terrier
Ann Wood
Ann Wood Maand geleden
I would never keep a dog that has bitten so many people. Maybe if they lived out in the country, but in a neighborhood no doubt full of kids. Nope. Doesn't matter whose fault it is, this dog does not belong in this neighborhood.
Jordan Kansley
Jordan Kansley Maand geleden
A nip is very different from a full on bite
Doodles Georgia
Doodles Georgia Maand geleden
Wait this is the same dog and people from a different episode?
Kristen H
Kristen H Maand geleden
"Get better or get out," HOW CAN SHE KNOW WHAT YOU WANT IF YOU DON'T TAKE THE TIME TO TEACH HER IN A WAY SHE UNDERSTAND?! I hate people like him. He doesn't deserve to have dogs and I worry for his children.
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 Maand geleden
6:49 Good! some man authority at work there.
Thoj Humxeeb
Thoj Humxeeb Maand geleden
In dog year shes 7 years than
Ashley Kimaru
Ashley Kimaru Maand geleden
Joe's behavior towards Dakota is so annoying
Hannah_Passed Maand geleden
Ngl i wouldnt be scared but if the dog accually bites im litterly so so scared lol-
Jesse Maand geleden
10 minutes of training that this dog never received and already she's behaving better. Most people have no clue about what their doing with dogs. Get better or get out? How about you get better - you're the human! Your dog can learn relatively quickly - you're the one that will take a long time.
Jesse Maand geleden
How is it a struggle to turn your back? I don't think these people understand what the word 'struggle' means frankly.
Jefferson De Jesus
Jefferson De Jesus Maand geleden
Dogie chiliii
Bobby McCauley
Bobby McCauley Maand geleden
Why did I think Victoria was in her 20’s or 30’s?? apparently she’s 51! 😱
Deneesher Pather
Deneesher Pather Maand geleden
Some of these videos are 10 years old.
Eden Garden
Eden Garden Maand geleden
Oh yeah it's always the dogs fault... Never the owner of course, what a surprise. Owners should take responsibility!
Chris Merck
Chris Merck Maand geleden
Seems like a good well adjusted dog. Just need to train people and dog by going to obedience classes. She is worth it. Nice beautiful dog.
Chris Merck
Chris Merck Maand geleden
Thank you. Have been helping a large amount. Becoming better owner.
Mirtill Hagymási
Mirtill Hagymási Maand geleden
“Get better or get out” Translation: i let you be out of control but now i want somebody else to deal with this problem i created
Kuroka Desu
Kuroka Desu Maand geleden
The husband is cute
Phuck You
Phuck You Maand geleden
No he isn't
eden ruzin
eden ruzin Maand geleden
To me it looks like they just didn't do their proper research on the breed they wanted to get. English bullterriers are notoriouesly STUBBORN!!! In a prevous clip about this family the mom said that they didn't realize how stubborn they were. Which proves my point that they didn't do their research, if they have visited someone that owned one and asked questions then they probably would havet realized ' Hey, this breed is probably not for us right know maybe when our kids are older, then we can get one'. There are a 100 other dog breeds that are amazing with kids. They got this dog based on looks, let her get away with bad behaivor when she was a puppy and now they wanna blame her for behaiving how she has probably been sinne she was a puppy. Except now she's not as cute anymore so now they tell her off, none of this is Dakotas fault
luca Pest
luca Pest Maand geleden
If you pay $2,000 for a dog the dog comes trained right?
Nazia Munny
Nazia Munny Maand geleden
I dont know why the man so mad at the bog but they have to learn everything lke humans and dog have a lot more time to learn he should not be mad if your mad or upset he should not spred it pn jer she has feelings too she just wants to go oitside and play she cant stay in the hpise all day lije humans can she should be free
matthew sexton
matthew sexton Maand geleden
I like Cesar Millian so much better.
Ameis O
Ameis O Maand geleden
but her training isnt less effective but she manage to solve problems without force or any kind of intimidating
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura Maand geleden
Put a leash on your dog.
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura Maand geleden
When my dads golden started jumping on us I took the dog by the scruff and put him on the ground growling at him. He’s never jumped on me again or tried to hump me or anything and is still a darling dog that wants pets. So the fam just is t telling the dog to stop.
MapleBear Maand geleden
It would be so embarrassing for someone else to discipline and train your dog.
Phuck You
Phuck You Maand geleden
Not really. Hiring a dog trainer is the right thing to do it you don't know what you're doing. That's why they exist
asianpersuasion Maand geleden
I’m here after that youtuber family killed their bull terrier because they couldn’t be bothered to rehome or put the effort in to work on the dog and their child’s behaviour.
xBull Terrier Freak X
xBull Terrier Freak X Maand geleden
Typical Bull Terrier. Her energy, her jumping, nipping, taking forever to grasp training. They are a tough breed to own for anyone and take a ton of work and time to devote to them. This family is NOT a good fit for this breed.
Colie Braun
Colie Braun Maand geleden
Man it just looks like they did zero training with this dog. Respecting door boundaries was one of the very first thing I taught my dog as a puppy
Amanda Minz
Amanda Minz Maand geleden
“Get better or get out” Haha, no. How about you actually train your dog properly? I hate people who get dogs and immediately expects them to be perfect, obedient little angels without putting the time and effort into them. A dog can only be as good as their owners. So instead of blaming the dog, he should be blaming himself.
Phoebe Harris
Phoebe Harris Maand geleden
Aww English bully’s love them had 3 only have one now she’s a puppy pure muscle but she is like a mouse wouldn’t hurt anyone well unless you spray something i did it once got my finger tip bitten of but I still love her ❤️ (edit) reminds me she also ran down the street after a bike
Sophie Rahman
Sophie Rahman Maand geleden
Dekota deserves better Poor parenting Irresponsibility pet owners Very easy to blame everyone But shouldn’t be allowed to keep pets
Stella De Lepeleer
Stella De Lepeleer Maand geleden
i have a Bull terries myself and she is the sweetest dog ever!!! I loovee this breed so much
Samantha Bailey
Samantha Bailey Maand geleden
When Joe did the door training, who else saw him shove the treat in dacotas face. It's the people that need help
Julia Ward
Julia Ward Maand geleden
“Guests turning their backs might be a bit of a struggle”🤨 Let’s just stick with the “everyone getting attacked” then?! 🤦‍♀️😆 let’s not forget the: “get better or get out”, how dare she need a moment to figure out what the hell is expected for the first time ever?!🤦‍♀️😤 a special ⭐️ for super helpful constant complaining, obnoxious attitude and lack of appreciation for their dog’s continued willingness to work with them, when all he taught his dog was to expect him to beat his frustration out on his young defenseless family pet, innocent and trusting, could not possibly understand why he would do this to her!! 👍 Should’ve first done research on: “dogs”!!!
Heather Manion
Heather Manion Maand geleden
Another family wanting a dog and they really didn't do the research and they're out there with it not surprising bull Terriers can be great family dogs for the right energy of family this family should have gotten a beagle I would say that would be a great starter family dog people got to do their research it's not fair to the dog
Tenzobiss Maand geleden
Yall saw the NLfastr who put down their sane and healthy bull terrier right? Look at this one. Doesn’t sit still for one min always jumping nipping biting. They claim he was dangerous lol. They’re clear murderers.
My Mum Has Epilepsy - Karen Llewellyn
My Mum Has Epilepsy - Karen Llewellyn Maand geleden
I have 2 rescues and an ageing dog... when my rescues first came, they were so nervous. Now, they’re confident, happy dogs. They get on well with my cats. We have ducks and ducklings, and they are so protective of them. nlfast.info/head/24mqvJ2Yidp9i20/video
Chandra's Empire
Chandra's Empire Maand geleden
Very bad dog owners
Evelyn Henkel
Evelyn Henkel Maand geleden
Unterfordert und schnell Reizüberflutet.
Anne Nielsen
Anne Nielsen Maand geleden
When they say 1 year, I know this is the age most people aren't able to handle their puppy anymore. It's like they just expect it to raise itself into a well behaved dog. Even tho they haven't teached it how to... I would recommend for families with children, to instead get an older dog. One that's over the nipping stage of its life. Since this seems to be in USA, why not check if Cesar Millan has fitting dogs for adoption?
mrdrprofessorgeorge george
mrdrprofessorgeorge george Maand geleden
Sorry but the friend kinda pissed me off like she completely ignored Victoria's advice at first and when she was leaving she didnt even make an attempt to make sure the dog didnt get out
Chantheary Tim
Chantheary Tim Maand geleden
I think Joe was abused as a child.
MommaShawna Maand geleden
I really wanted to see the entire show of this one
ilive4anime Maand geleden
Reminds me of the family vlogging channel that euthanized thier bull terrior....right after they took a photo shoot with it .
Elena Maand geleden
“Get better or get out”? How about to him “get smarter or continue to look moronic”?
Amanda Everett
Amanda Everett Maand geleden
No one forced them to get a bull terrier, they should have at least done a bit of research into the breed.
Hannah Gifford
Hannah Gifford Maand geleden
Who's here after the Nikki Phillipi drama?
Elliot Gh
Elliot Gh Maand geleden
Man I'm so pissed off at this couple. If you can’t handle your dog and then blame said dog because you failed to train her, just give her to someone who will appreciate and knows how to handle her.
Helen Maand geleden
I wish I have a dog I wish
Bnx Records
Bnx Records Maand geleden
I’ve never owned a dog but I’ve trained several dogs for family, and even a couple cats. The problem is never the animal, it’s ALWAYS the human(s) involved.
Saum D
Saum D Maand geleden
After the couple that killed their dog, they could’ve gotten this lady or another perosn to train their dog.
Hormse Maand geleden
0:32 , I think the child needs to KALM DOWN
karbear26 Maand geleden
Awe looks like my Roxy! She’s a rescue we got her almost 2 years ago when she was 5!
kaylin Maand geleden
he’s say 45 pound dog like it’s a lot for a dog to weigh...my dog is gonna be 100+ pounds 😅
kaylin Maand geleden
@Hippie Bits uhm yeah my dog will be easier to control bc the breed is easy to train, my dog is a cane corso..
Hippie Bits
Hippie Bits Maand geleden
Really does not matter...bull terriers are basically solid muscle, strong as hell and have a low center of gravity adding to their advantage. No question MANY much larger breeds are generally easier to control.
GPS Maand geleden
This video could not come at a better time, could you please make a video about the Nikki Phillipi situation with their bull terriers to better educate people.
Jevisha Parekh
Jevisha Parekh Maand geleden
Yes it would be really great if Victoria could address the situation and give her perspective
Professor Pashtun Khan
Professor Pashtun Khan Maand geleden
Victoria You look like you will be stinking. Your nose express so. 😂 You aren't Cesar Milan or A.K Akkas the true trainers
Nicole Mcmillan
Nicole Mcmillan Maand geleden
The husband needs to grow up and realize he is half the problem. Hitting and yelling at a dog doesn't help anything. I would of booted him, first. Lol.
Wheelstar72 Maand geleden
I think Victoria is amazing at training people and dogs
hawkz dog
hawkz dog Maand geleden
Sinaia Steven
Sinaia Steven Maand geleden
@hawkz dog please your a spell checker.what a nerd
hawkz dog
hawkz dog Maand geleden
@Sinaia Steven you're *
hawkz dog
hawkz dog Maand geleden
@Sinaia Steven lol you're uneducated
Sinaia Steven
Sinaia Steven Maand geleden
@hawkz dog lol your mad
hawkz dog
hawkz dog Maand geleden
@Sinaia Steven aww cute, I'm not, she hasn't managed to train any dog correctly and makes up lies about training tools
{-Its Gacha Eli-}
{-Its Gacha Eli-} Maand geleden
I have a question which dog was the dangerous that you visit
Elizma Ras
Elizma Ras Maand geleden
Because you didn't train the dog nor did you discipline the dog. Morons, don't get a dog if you can't control it. Bloody morons, and she's a bully breed
SOMEONE Maand geleden
I feel like Victoria's dog is more polite than me.
Maxine Bulldog
Maxine Bulldog Maand geleden
Oh god.....so little structure and boundaries in that house
Piinkstar17 Maand geleden
well this came out at an inopportune time... re: nikki phillipi murdering her bull terrier
SLTheOneAndAwesome19 Maand geleden
I literally clicked on the video because I thought it was Bowser - Dakota looks very similar to him
iistargaze Maand geleden
How long ago was this? Bc I wanna know if you still help people with there dogs like this.... I may need the help. lol
AceOfSpades Maand geleden
The thing that annoys me is that some owner say they know what they got Into but when Victoria mentions somthing they still say the know what they were getting into but in reality have absolutely no idea.
Cassandra Kemara
Cassandra Kemara Maand geleden
I would get a baby gate thing around the front door
PawsForPhilly Maand geleden
_”I think it might be a bit of a struggle to have our guests turn their backs when she jumps.”_ Struggle? What do you mean?! It’s literally one of the easiest things to do!!
Linda P
Linda P Maand geleden
Exactly. I think the struggle for guests was being jumped on and nipped at.
Sinaia Steven
Sinaia Steven Maand geleden
The dogs head scares me
Emanuel Salas
Emanuel Salas Maand geleden
Why are all the husbands ALWAYS mega douches on this show?
Pingdom Maand geleden
Very hard to watch, should of had a leash on the dog when doing door training especially when there is other dogs out walking. The turn the back “method” doesn’t always work and repeating the commands is not good. Stay, stay, stay.
Pingdom Maand geleden
Sit sit sit. No markers, or continuation markers etc.
krazzysu Maand geleden
Victoria* there's a typo on the title
Dogeditz Shorts
Dogeditz Shorts Maand geleden
My 11 week old border collie is named dakoda So hyper for a Bull terrier
Aukami Maand geleden
When he said "get better or get out" my first reaction was "YOU get better or get out" yikes.
Julia Goldmann
Julia Goldmann Maand geleden
My dog also jumps on people, she’s 10 months old, I explain to everyone they mustn’t reinforce that behavior because it’s important and what does my dad do? Pats his chest so she’ll jump on him. And she’s been jumping on everyone. I’ve explained that to him thousands of times
Jeroen Goetstouwers
Jeroen Goetstouwers Maand geleden
@julia goldmann I feel you. We got an old english bulldog and she's 11 months now. She gets really excited around visitors and especially kids. We keep telling people to ignore her if she jumps and only pet her when she sits or stands at their feet. Most people listen closely but some don't mind the jumpIng. But we as owners do as she weighs about 40 lbs she'll knock a toddler over easy and although she goes over and comfort the child we just want to avoid it happening.
Julia Goldmann
Julia Goldmann Maand geleden
@Caroline donnelly it is annoying, but maybe I have to insist with my dad because ugh it’s like talking to a child
Caroline donnelly
Caroline donnelly Maand geleden
That must be so annoying I'm sorry. Maybe shes on a leash whenever dads around? or teach her a different trick with that hand signal
kratos16478 Maand geleden
can we please just make it so you need a license before getting a dog
April_Towerheart Maand geleden
I've always found it quite scary how anyone can get any dog and train it to do what ever. No one knows what people are teaching their dogs!
Kayla Reahm
Kayla Reahm Maand geleden
I think they didn't train Dakota very well as a puppy and that's why they have problems.
Cole Maand geleden
Dakota clearly your owner loves you, you will be meat it the near future...
Cole Maand geleden
Bull Ts have a lot of energy you need to be on top of them all the time till they learn to calm down.
Rainbow dash
Rainbow dash Maand geleden
I really need Victoria to help my aunt's dog but I don't know how to contact her.
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