Victoria SHOCKED by Lack of Concern When Child Bitten by Dog | It's Me or the Dog

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It's Me or the Dog

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Victoria Stilwell encounters a dog with an awful biting habit and is shocked when the family's child is bitten before she even arrives. Can she find a way to control this aggressive dog?
It's Me or the Dog USA: Season 4 Episode 3
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Dream_smp 3 uur geleden
Dude I’ve gotten bitten by my dog multiple times AND THIS 8 YEAR OLD CRYING!?!?
De’Zaina 4 uur geleden
Lock that dog easy
artssmore 6 uur geleden
This reminds me of why I hated my mother's dog, and my fear of all dogs. I used to love dogs
•Galaxy Leaf Gaming•
•Galaxy Leaf Gaming• 8 uur geleden
The dog at 4:00: yea lady ik u can't fix me just stop touching mehh
Ευγενία Αγα
Ευγενία Αγα 10 uur geleden
David Miller
David Miller 13 uur geleden
Jayleen Ontiveros
Jayleen Ontiveros 14 uur geleden
Please pretty please can I have your dog
Jayleen Ontiveros
Jayleen Ontiveros 14 uur geleden
Can I have your dog can I have your dog please
Jadon Lee
Jadon Lee 15 uur geleden
I think he bits everyone
mailani1130 17 uur geleden
That's how my mom's friend dog treats me he growls
Throwing cats Productions
Throwing cats Productions 17 uur geleden
2:03 bruh, if my dog bit me like that my mom would be pissed lmao Good video
Blue Jay
Blue Jay 20 uur geleden
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 21 uur geleden
Ewww that dog
Reina Arevalo
Reina Arevalo 21 uur geleden
Y’all just beat the crap out of it that’ll shut it up
Melissa Herdy
Melissa Herdy Dag geleden
Imagine having a mum that’s chooses a dog over u. Sad.
{•AURORA•} Dag geleden
I remember I got bit by my friend's chihuahua on the upper lip bruh her uncle Sam was just joking and didn't see if the bite was bad or gud also can I get an owa owa?
Niki Ackley
Niki Ackley Dag geleden
Wait nvm you feel bad about the dog and little girl too
Niki Ackley
Niki Ackley Dag geleden
I feel really bad but not for the. mean dog
Camila Espag
Camila Espag Dag geleden
It's that moment when it be like Cute but dangerouse ⚠️
perry allison
perry allison Dag geleden
I had the same thing but on my lip!
Brownie Playz
Brownie Playz Dag geleden
Step 1 get rid of dog -_-
Lord Kuku
Lord Kuku Dag geleden
I'm a big animal lover but in this case I'm sorry to say but any animal that bites the hand that feeds it or bites kids just needs to be put down.
Jennifer Liu
Jennifer Liu Dag geleden
My dog bit but she don’t bite so hard
Thicc O
Thicc O Dag geleden
Bruh it kidna of child falut to touch it's . And the mom acts like she needs the dog. the family kidna messd up.and a dov bite i didn't care but i always make sure to not pick them up☹︎
Christyana holland
Christyana holland Dag geleden
Its the same but with my grand and me
The Lepcha fam
The Lepcha fam Dag geleden
I got a dog called cleo she killed my gramma 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Thicc O
Thicc O Dag geleden
The Lepcha fam
The Lepcha fam Dag geleden
So I’m saddddddd🥺🥺☹️☹️☹️😩😩😩😩😩
STARRLO Dag geleden
The thing I like about Victoria is she teaches families about the psyche of a dog rather than how to reprimand the dog.
Klaudia K
Klaudia K 2 dagen geleden
I used to live with an aggressive dog for 15 yrs of my life. Can say Im done with dogs till the end of my life.
Mr. fish
Mr. fish 2 dagen geleden
I say just put that dog down instead of going through all that training to only for that dog to get back the way he he was now
Dragon Master
Dragon Master 2 dagen geleden
No one: Nobody on the planet: No one in the whole entire universe: Her mom: she doesn't get bit every day
PVZ Jack
PVZ Jack 2 dagen geleden
That's basically a chain chomp
FAITHS WORLD 2 dagen geleden
That dog is a savage
FAITHS WORLD 2 dagen geleden
Omg that looks like it hurts alot
Jillian 3 dagen geleden
I love dogs more than life. But if a little tasmanian devil is pulling that crap after having been trained and socialized, decisions would be made. That's unacceptable
shonda johnson
shonda johnson 3 dagen geleden
Dog: I've got a thorn humans: stop bitting
BJJ Muay Thai
BJJ Muay Thai 3 dagen geleden
He is a good dog, he will always be a good dogs, the problem is that you guys are terrible dog parents and don't take the time to learn why he is that way and what we can do to teach him boundaries and to behave.
Rossy Guerrero
Rossy Guerrero 3 dagen geleden
If we’re you I would grab him by the neck and throw em out the house
·Ladybug· 4 dagen geleden
Also that family needs sombody to invite them to lunch like geez look at this part 0:42 you can see his bones im concerned
·Ladybug· 4 dagen geleden
0:42 really i have a chihuhua and she loves me its just the lack of kindness Probaly(Warning:You dont wanna get near me when im with her)
WRBS 4 dagen geleden
Dog = Monster
Perri Lewis
Perri Lewis 4 dagen geleden
This dog took all the chihuahua genes from his siblings
Candace Rosacena
Candace Rosacena 4 dagen geleden
LilFoxyCosplay 4 dagen geleden
Poor girl that must be scary for her though I developed a fear of dogs after getting jumped by a dog bigger than me licking me I couldn't get away Thankfully I'm way better now and will be adopting my first dog soon We are doing loads of research and I've been personally looking at training methods
Mulan 121
Mulan 121 4 dagen geleden
A dog that bites normally gets put down. Don't these people know that?
MotherofHounds 4 dagen geleden
The way people let little dogs get by with such terrible behavior is appalling. Jake isnt a bad dog, he was just never taught anything. The mom here should not own a dog.
Ellie The Dinosaur
Ellie The Dinosaur 4 dagen geleden
Mom:what am I supposed to do
Ellie The Dinosaur
Ellie The Dinosaur 4 dagen geleden
At least the dad seems to care more then the mom
Elizabeth González
Elizabeth González 4 dagen geleden
the dog is boss🤬
Amanda Everett
Amanda Everett 5 dagen geleden
Seriously, what's more important. Your childs safety, or the Dog. I would have thought it would have been the child
Thedoggo’s_ Nose ùwú
Thedoggo’s_ Nose ùwú 5 dagen geleden
Me watching:thinks*wheres my dog? *zooms out* Me sees dog in hallway:opp-
milkbin is a clown
milkbin is a clown 5 dagen geleden
Then my dog would let you pet him all day long
Tundra 5 dagen geleden
0:22 A finger is a awful way to get a dog to stop. Your basically asking the dog to bite, as they see it as a threat.
Carrick and Colin
Carrick and Colin 6 dagen geleden
dat dog need to go to pet medical
London Lass
London Lass 6 dagen geleden
Mum and dog gone.
SOMEONE 6 dagen geleden
Victoria is the Gordon Ramsey version of a dog trainer
capital Nadia
capital Nadia 6 dagen geleden
This is why I'm not a fan of dogs
Tiny Ramirez-Blade
Tiny Ramirez-Blade 6 dagen geleden
My moms favorite animal is a species of raccoon. Which is me by the way- I'm the pet around my house lol
Cutexbear 6 dagen geleden
Omg hi
Dr James Lilly pad
Dr James Lilly pad 6 dagen geleden
That poor father :( the daughter as well of course
Cass Brodie
Cass Brodie 6 dagen geleden
3:15 teradactal noise
BigBrain Mario
BigBrain Mario 6 dagen geleden
pro roblox gamer jack
pro roblox gamer jack 6 dagen geleden
You should give She away because if he bites A police officer she's going to get taste And she's going to get killed to
Drita Drita
Drita Drita 6 dagen geleden
Omg this is bad when jake bit Jessica and my dream pet is a puppy 💜
ליטל כהן
ליטל כהן 7 dagen geleden
you are a disaster mother
Liam 1523 Liam
Liam 1523 Liam 7 dagen geleden
That dog is a devil
•Kawaii Møchi•
•Kawaii Møchi• 7 dagen geleden
No no you misunderstood “Men’s best friend” Remember??
ComradeNathan 7 dagen geleden
The issue is the chihuahua in him
Natalea Hairston
Natalea Hairston 7 dagen geleden
It's a dog you get bit YOUR FINE
Payton Palan
Payton Palan 8 dagen geleden
I got bit in the face worse 😐
Sîmp 8 dagen geleden
Its like super nanny but with dogs ✨
Vanessa Castillo
Vanessa Castillo 8 dagen geleden
She deserves it because she’s not supposed to touch a dog that bike
Sanda Zeltiņa
Sanda Zeltiņa 10 dagen geleden
whoo that litlle dog can Bite so much!?
JADE CRAWFORD 10 dagen geleden
LMAOOOAO the part where the little girl started crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂it’s her fault for touching the dog after getting bit 3 times🥴💀
Ruby Gonzales-Hoffman
Ruby Gonzales-Hoffman 7 dagen geleden
It's ridiculous how the dynamics are right?
Kierra Julius
Kierra Julius 7 dagen geleden
It’s really not her fault that she got bitten but yeah it’s funny
Wee Dee
Wee Dee 8 dagen geleden
That’s because her parents don’t tell her that.
Alena Hindle
Alena Hindle 10 dagen geleden
Dude I would show the dog who is boss
Finsterhund 10 dagen geleden
dog doesn't like when kid touches them mom makes kid pick dog up dog bites surprised pikachu face like, let the dog have some boundaries? Growing up I understood dog not like you = no touch the dog. Glad Victoria covered this. I've noticed especially that small dogs are more sensitive about touch. They're also physically more helpless to escape situations than big dogs which means they're more likely to bite to get away. My childhood shih-tzus got arthritis/chronic pain when they reached their teens so they'd give a little warning growl if you touched or picked them up the wrong way so you just didn't do it and they never bit or continued growling ever. My dog today is a big girl and when she doesn't want attention she just up and leaves and that's a lot easier for a bigger dog than a little one.
Jesika Flores
Jesika Flores 10 dagen geleden
That dosent even look like a bite more like a sunburn i think because I got bitten one time and I was bleeding
sheena smith
sheena smith 10 dagen geleden
Joy you're not
todley butter
todley butter 10 dagen geleden
child' gets bit' parents' she dosent get bit eVrY dAy
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda 11 dagen geleden
As he should ☺️🤚
Martin Donaghy
Martin Donaghy 11 dagen geleden
It would be funny if Victoria got bite 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Martin Donaghy
Martin Donaghy 11 dagen geleden
Shes a Karen my dog bites me but for fun and gently and ishe a bad dog no so you can't enter someone s house and say you have a bad dog
Max CCGA 11 dagen geleden
thats rude
The meme queen
The meme queen 11 dagen geleden
brug, if your dog bite your daughter 4 times then just get rid of him.
Kingboy Mason
Kingboy Mason 11 dagen geleden
That's why I'm scared of dogs like that one
Shaayashai Shaayashai
Shaayashai Shaayashai 12 dagen geleden
I hate dogs😡😡😠😠😤😤😈😈🐶🐕👎👎
Darcy and Koko
Darcy and Koko 12 dagen geleden
The dog is only for one person that’s why
Hani Rauf
Hani Rauf 12 dagen geleden
If he is bad then give him away or you may have not bought it
SniperSketchesFTW 12 dagen geleden
6:06 bruh I get it ur single but like his Wife is around
Franklin 12 dagen geleden
I hate when people who pick favorites (idc if it's a dog or something picking favorites are bad)
Linda P
Linda P 12 dagen geleden
That dog is getting a long bath, untll he learns some manners.
Roblox Vlogs
Roblox Vlogs 12 dagen geleden
To be honest the child is probably all behind this because she just keeps touching the dog non stop.
SWATI SAXENA 12 dagen geleden
Oh God
Willow Bobbitt
Willow Bobbitt 13 dagen geleden
Can I just say that Jake did not bite the girl he scratched her and she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over dramatic
Mini Yoongi Suga
Mini Yoongi Suga 13 dagen geleden
This is the funniest bs I’ve ever seen.😭
Rubee-Rose Pryer
Rubee-Rose Pryer 13 dagen geleden
Love this girl she’s amazing love you Victoria
C. T.
C. T. 13 dagen geleden
Imagine if this small dog suddenly became a 220lb English Mastiff with the same attitude. Not quite as funny then.
Logan Skokan
Logan Skokan 14 dagen geleden
I've been bitten by my bull terrier but he doesn't really bite hard to where it hurts but it can still be pretty hard because he's also very skiddish.
rose games
rose games 14 dagen geleden
thats not the dogs problem it must have a sad backstory and become aggressive you should show him to vets instead of blaming him or else if you have problem with him then take him for a walk when he/she is barking maybe it is exhausted or play with him like tricky games i am sure that will make the dog better
Amazingtrooper5 14 dagen geleden
Listen here. I have 2 dogs plus three cuz my sisters dog always comes over). My sisters dog is a real handful but even though he is that he can be really sweet and kind most of the time. My biggest labradoodle may be really big but he is really gentle and kind and does not mean to cause harm at all. He’s a real sweetheart and so is my other dog
Amazingtrooper5 14 dagen geleden
The mom has the mind of a rock. She said “she doesn’t always get bit” but the daughter should never get bit at all. The father is way more responsible than her. She told the daughter to pick up the animal even tho she clearly knew the dog would bite her. When she did get bit the mother just puts the blame and scolds the daughter harshly as if it was her fault
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