The Real Cause of Food Guarding Showdowns Surprises Victoria | It's Me or the Dog

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Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell observes a dog displaying food guarding behavior... but is shocked when the culprit turns out to not be what she first assumed!
It's Me or the Dog USA Season 1 Episode 8
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Learning to YouTube
Learning to YouTube 7 dagen geleden
The Dobermans tail is the most beautiful tail ever.
Betania La Coste
Betania La Coste 13 dagen geleden
My mother & me and why I don't work; just collect.
brooke alejandra
brooke alejandra 28 dagen geleden
The tiresome china understandably sack because table strikingly part plus a vulgar david. nostalgic, mammoth sweets
Flaree Maand geleden
90s Computer, wut?
Octipus Crime
Octipus Crime Maand geleden
I thought the cake was for the dogs 🤭
NORMA DELACRUZ Maand geleden
Victoria was like YAPPP
Lora Matthews
Lora Matthews Maand geleden
Is it me or ate they rlly nice
Ella Hawley
Ella Hawley Maand geleden
I love this show it makes me happy
It’s Viola Rose
It’s Viola Rose Maand geleden
It seems more like shes the older dog puppy guarding him but the trainings the same, if your house is big enough. Im curious how she'd deal with this in an apartment, or with dogs who jump the gate
Destitute and Decadent
Destitute and Decadent Maand geleden
So Cashmere is quite the bitch. I'll see myself out.
Elizabeth Somers
Elizabeth Somers Maand geleden
Just like some relationships 😆
Khit Shwe Yaung Linn Linn
Khit Shwe Yaung Linn Linn 2 maanden geleden
hi victoria so i got a 3month old puppy which is a golden and im kinda stress so would u mind giving me some tip i really need it i dont want to be a bad owner
Your Mom's Favorite Dentist
Your Mom's Favorite Dentist 2 maanden geleden
Off topic but I found out Victoria is 51 years old but I thought she was in her late 20s - early 30s
Izzy Cookie
Izzy Cookie 2 maanden geleden
I hope this series NEVER ends
Izzy Cookie
Izzy Cookie 2 maanden geleden
👍🤩🥰💗😍😘😀😜⭐️😝🥳😚😋🤗 😊forgot to put my emojis lol 😂😂
LVP 2 maanden geleden
I find it amazing that any dog owners had to call someone in for a situation like this. It goes to show a certain amount of common sense is simply lacking for many of us.
Weeb 2 maanden geleden
My Female dog is controlling of my male and hes like 5 times bigger then she is. They eat in different rooms tho
FluffyFloof 2 maanden geleden
If you think about it Victoria is not a dog trainer, she's both a human AND dog psychologist :) Also, she's amazing and the owners are really nice to have given her a cake, she totally deserves it :)
Ms Samosa
Ms Samosa 2 maanden geleden
Victoria is soo sweet 🎂 I love her keep doing what u do❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😁
- SleepyBear -
- SleepyBear - 2 maanden geleden
I need help with my dog- She’s Precious but her CLAWS ARE JUST-
SomethingReallyStrange 2 maanden geleden
Keep her nails short? Turn away when she jumps up, tell her to stop of she's using you like a scratching post.
Horse LOVER !!!!!!!!!!!
Horse LOVER !!!!!!!!!!! 2 maanden geleden
Love your videos
Beedya Banik
Beedya Banik 2 maanden geleden
Hie can I get your mail id or fb or insta id I really need some help for my baby dog 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 please help me and my baby
Monique 2 maanden geleden
Mojos Bigstick
Mojos Bigstick 2 maanden geleden
Have they ever been to Barnsley? Sheesh!
Ashlee Joseph
Ashlee Joseph 2 maanden geleden
Ok 20-30 likes I will get a dog and someone Will choose what kind of dog breed I get. I will comment on your comment and say OK thank you this is the dog and that will be the kind of dog I get. Remember 20 to 30 comments I’m not sure but if you guys think it’s a good idea then I’ll do it. The kind of dog I want is a energetic one but one that’s calm one that’s beautiful doesn’t shed too much and is small
Rude Diego
Rude Diego 2 maanden geleden
I've seen this type of dynamic, my golden retriever would always bully our older dog when it came to getting attention from us. My current neighbors seem to have two little pekingnese who seem to have a bad dynamic, as the one will start beating up the other one if they keep barking. It sounds nasty but when I've seen it, it's actually little contact thank goodness. Hopefully they aren't worse in the house 😅 Sucks when you got this dynamic but Victoria as always showing how you can work to mitigate issues.
Lotus Ganesha
Lotus Ganesha 2 maanden geleden
These dogs like my parents she rules everything but when he gets angry oh! he s guilty 😂😂
Robyn 2 maanden geleden
How could they not figure out to separate them at feeding time? 🤔 Seems obvious, if they don't eat comfortably together... separate them. What's so hard to figure out?
SomethingReallyStrange 2 maanden geleden
I'd assume they would like to feed their dogs together and as a family, so they wanted to figure out a way to feed them together, not seperate them.
AshGaming 2 maanden geleden
Supernanny for dogs lol
Kayla Vd walt
Kayla Vd walt 2 maanden geleden
I love seeing Victoria training dogs.
Black Sheep
Black Sheep 2 maanden geleden
Why was that hard for the owners to figure out between the two dogs?🤔
Blitz-o-Byte 2 maanden geleden
For once the owners actually seem really cool??
Joshua Simone Alpas
Joshua Simone Alpas 2 maanden geleden
Random fact: She is not wearing a mask
Kylie Civil
Kylie Civil 2 maanden geleden
The cake was adorable ❤️
KMuse 2 maanden geleden
I need Victoria's help. My husky is an aggressive food resource guarder against my GSD. We feed them separately but want to get rid of the behaviour.
The Gamer
The Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Victoria I did help with my dog plz respond ASAP plz I really really did help with my dog (plz respond)
Meghan Schmidt
Meghan Schmidt 2 maanden geleden
This kind of reminds me of how my aunt’s dogs are. I don’t live with her and I’m blind so I can’t exactly see what they’re doing, but when she tells me stories this is what it sounds like. I’m not exactly sure who is the bossy one since I don’t live with her, but she has two female Boston terriers and one male Frenchy. I stayed with her when she only had the two Boston terriers, and one of them would eat her food and then go over and eat the other dog’s food so the other dog was refusing to eat. When she would try to eat I would hear growling. They would also fight over toys a lot, but she told me they were just playing and maybe they were. Ever since she got the Frenchy puppy almost 6 months ago they will take toys away from him and then fight over the toy and the fights are bloody. Maybe they’re just reestablishing the pecking order, but I don’t like that the girls take toys away from the puppy. She said the fights are getting better, but they’re still happening and they don’t take things from the puppy when my aunt gives him empty bottles instead of their toys. It’s almost like they’re being possessive and don’t like sharing. I want to help her with her situation, but I have no idea how.
Meghan Schmidt
Meghan Schmidt 2 maanden geleden
@crosita1 I don't live with her, but I want to help her. She wants to get help, she just doesn’t know how. Sometimes when we talk on the phone I’ll hear a fight break out and it’s almost scary to listen to. Do you have a Facebook where I can message you more details?
crosita1 2 maanden geleden
Hi Meghan! Dog trainer here. Your situation sounds really concerning. Fights where blood is drawn are serious and are likely to get worse as the dogs build a long-term distrust and dislike of each other that is increased by every fight. In addition, a puppy who is bullied like this will be insecure and distrustful of the bullies--and with good reason! This will suddenly become a much bigger problem when the puppy starts entering adulthood. Puppies don't defend themselves or their stuff, but eventually they will try out standing up for themselves as they mature. If your puppy is 9mo old now you may have much time before this begins. 9-15 months is usually when dogs begin to act socially as adults. I am also concerned about you being in physical proximity to dogs who fight without being able to see their body language. This puts you in danger of collateral damage just from being too close. The first thing that needs to happen is that the dogs should never, ever be loose together when there's a resource they will argue over accessible. If it's a certain kind of toy, they must be gated or crated apart before any of them can play with it, and it must be out of sight the rest of the time. You and your aunt really need to get a trainer over asap to keep this from blowing up when the puppy decides he has had enough. It's dangerous for all three dogs, you, and your aunt as well. Please, don't let this escalate. This is such a complex and dangerous situation that I really think a trainer that can physically go to your house would be preferable. If this isn't a possibility for you, I could try to see you online or at least help your aunt learn to read the dogs better visually and find a management solution. If cost is a problem, don't let that stop you--I have options to make my work more affordable. Unfortunately I am not experienced working with blind clients, and my skills in canine body language are overwhelmingly visual. If you have any guide dog trainers in your area, they may have more experience in using your other senses to read your dogs, and if you explain your situation they might be willing to stop by and help you out. I hesitate to advise you feel for tail carriage or muscle tension when that puts you close enough to get chomped in a situation that's already tense and likely to get chompy. I have a mobility disability myself, so I know that experience in finding workarounds is extremely valuable for people with limitations, but someone more experienced than I would likely have a lot more ideas for you specifically. Let me know if I can help at all, and please try to talk your aunt into having a good positive trainer over to try to reverse this before the puppy takes matters into his own teeth!
Ysckemia 2 maanden geleden
there are some other videos on that channel, about issues involving two female dogs, or two female dogs AND a male. Sorry, i can't give you a precise link, but you can still browse the videos by yourself. you should be able to find some ideas.
Cardi A
Cardi A 2 maanden geleden
Separate the dogs?
Christine Fitzgerald
Christine Fitzgerald 2 maanden geleden
Sara Davis
Sara Davis 2 maanden geleden
*me trying to watch the video* Ads:my time to shine :))))))
Nancy Petrik
Nancy Petrik 2 maanden geleden
Congrats on one mil subscribers Victoria. You earned every sub including mine.
SEE LI YEN Moe 2 maanden geleden
I like foooood
Younis Wolf
Younis Wolf 2 maanden geleden
Can I get a shoutout please 🙏
BVB Girl1313
BVB Girl1313 2 maanden geleden
Got a Karen for a dog 😂😂😂
Zoey Lonewolf
Zoey Lonewolf 2 maanden geleden
my dog maggie is kinda like that but she will just give space between me and my sister's dog blue. Like if he comes near me and jumps on me she will bite him but not hard and sometimes when I come home from school or when we are sitting by the fire at night she might aggressively attack him but kind of like a domination attack when that happens we run to them and tell them to stop I might need victoria to train maggie and blue. and by the way, Maggie is a girl and blue is a boy who is related to maggie he was her sister's pup I don't wanna talk about what happened to her sister but anyway my neighbor shot her for chasing cows when my mom was at work and my dad was getting feed for them and she figured a way to get out and yeah she is the only one who got out cause she was the runt of the litter but we had her for a year
Tamiris FR
Tamiris FR 2 maanden geleden
I enjoyed your work so much! I've been trying to research for a vid that really explains the ideas in this vid.Your breakdown is similar to the content from Doctor Ethan. Ethan's demonstrations are insightful and I learned a lot for my finals! He is a great health enthusiast! You should check his page out and give the doc a like over here! 👉 #DrEthanTips
amy 2 maanden geleden
"there's nobody in here but us!" the camera guy: 👁👄👁🎥
Kid Kailey’s here Mamakwa
Kid Kailey’s here Mamakwa Maand geleden
Ellie シ
Ellie シ Maand geleden
@Tan Zegal but its moving....
Tan Zegal
Tan Zegal 2 maanden geleden
Nah I Think that they put like cameras in places where no one can see them and record
MasahiroYanagida08 2 maanden geleden
lol _YT
lol _YT 2 maanden geleden
The cameraman: u cant see me Barnsley: ye ur right only us 2 🐾
rita 2 maanden geleden
Why did I cry when they gave Victoria the cake? Lord
Taleah Graham
Taleah Graham 2 maanden geleden
This is 4 minutes and im watching this 4 hours later
Strawberry 2 maanden geleden
I have two dogs used to have 3 but when he was a puppy he died my old one belle and hector hectors the pup he used to be scraed of belle bc she would groul bc she wloud get if he was gonna take her duck toy😂 but now there friends
Strawberry 2 maanden geleden
Yay You Uploaded
Benny Manku
Benny Manku 2 maanden geleden
What breed is Barnsley
Monocle Narwhal
Monocle Narwhal 2 maanden geleden
That cake at the end was so cute
K X 2 maanden geleden
Why dogs show bully type behavior... it happens with some dogs in my area also .... i just dont get why when all are getting food.. like they want other dogs food first and then their own also :/
Visal Srey
Visal Srey 2 maanden geleden
The dog's are sooooo cute
Kindness, cupcakes and crazy
Kindness, cupcakes and crazy 2 maanden geleden
My chihuahua does this to my rottweiler. Lol
Nolan Connolly
Nolan Connolly 2 maanden geleden
Wow, that was so nice of the couple, showing their gratitude by giving Victoria a cake. So sweet!!!
Aamik Kalinin
Aamik Kalinin 2 maanden geleden
That is so sweet that they gave a cake to her, she deserves it!
Aamik Kalinin
Aamik Kalinin Maand geleden
@Mary Macklemore It really does look like it
Mary Macklemore
Mary Macklemore Maand geleden
It looked like she was about to cry about it like she doesn’t get enough appreciation 😭
Malia Wright
Malia Wright Maand geleden
Yes LOL !!
ShadowWolfFright 2 maanden geleden
Exactly she deserves it and so much more she is amazing
Heathen Wolf
Heathen Wolf 2 maanden geleden
Would LOVE to see full episode of this
Granola Princess
Granola Princess 2 maanden geleden
Victoria is so amazing and insightful. I would love to meet her one day!
Miss Sincere
Miss Sincere 2 maanden geleden
Well, these people seem very calm collective & very well put together! Until the yearly purge!
Bently Baker
Bently Baker 2 maanden geleden
firenze55 2 maanden geleden
Wow - sometimes one dog can appear to be the villain when really it's the other dog secretly harassing it. Great job, Victoria!
Tyrone King jr
Tyrone King jr 2 maanden geleden
All respect it gets good
Strawberry Bubbles
Strawberry Bubbles 2 maanden geleden
Congratulations on 1 million
Nora Phelan
Nora Phelan 2 maanden geleden
Ooh what a beautiful cake. Well deserved, Victoria! Also, congratulations on 1 million subscribers!!
Sammy the cool girl Lopez
Sammy the cool girl Lopez 2 maanden geleden
Thats big dogs 🐶
Amaara Scott
Amaara Scott 2 maanden geleden
123 comments rn
Donna Calderhead
Donna Calderhead 2 maanden geleden
Barnsley: *Cutley walks upstairs* Cashmere: RABABABA no way this is MY territory Barnsley: Excuse me i- LOOK WHATS THAT! Cashmere: I ain't falling for that Barnsley: :< Yessir..
Donna Calderhead
Donna Calderhead Maand geleden
@SAMHITA SARKAR - STUDENT 113 now you guys are actual the best
SAMHITA SARKAR - STUDENT 2 maanden geleden
@Donna Calderhead :)
Donna Calderhead
Donna Calderhead 2 maanden geleden
I... I got 94 likes I'm shaking... OMG OMG OMG! AHHH!
Donna Calderhead
Donna Calderhead 2 maanden geleden
SAMHITA SARKAR - STUDENT 2 maanden geleden
@Donna Calderhead I’m not being sarcastic. This is actually really funny!
Anna Halko-Angemi
Anna Halko-Angemi 2 maanden geleden
She didn't resolve the resources guarding issue. She just separated the dogs during feeding time.
Anna Halko-Angemi
Anna Halko-Angemi 2 maanden geleden
@Rosa H I have been a trainer for 25 + years, and I have trained a variety of species, from dogs, cats, horses, to chimpanzees, monkeys, lemurs, bats, shrew, carnivores, rats, etc. Good luck in your future endeavors !
Rosa H
Rosa H 2 maanden geleden
@Anna Halko-Angemi It’s just been my experience that an issue is practically never fully resolved when the trainer exits the picture. I’ve trained my own dogs all my life and I’m only looking into this as an actual career path so I’m still learning but people in my circle have worked with trainers and that’s generally how it’s been. They show you the techniques and work with the dog long enough to see if it’s working and then the family takes it from there unless further issues arise. Dogs can learn super fast but actual change takes time and consistency. But maybe you do things differently then? Anyway, it’s just the vibe I got from the initial comment that management doesn’t resolve issues and only training can do that, which I think is looking down on management. A miscommunication maybe. How long have you been working as a trainer?
Anna Halko-Angemi
Anna Halko-Angemi 2 maanden geleden
@Rosa H I am a professional trainer so I'm not sure where you get the idea that it is rare for a trainer to spend a long time working on a client's problems. Each case is different, and how much time we spend varies on different factors. This is a tv show. I was simply pointing out that in this particular instance, there was no training going on. I didn't look down on anything. And I happen to like Victoria.
Rosa H
Rosa H 2 maanden geleden
@Anna Halko-Angemi Well, I do agree that the resource guarding when it comes to toys would ideally be addressed through training, especially if it gets to the point of snapping. I guess my point is just that management is a perfectly legitimate way to go to resolve some issues. It’s rare for a trainer to spend a long time working on the clients problems and a lot of the work is really left to the family to do themselves with the tools they are given. If management works and is simple and easy for the family to implement, that’s not really anything to look down on. It’s not like Victoria does not work with resource guarding dogs, she has in the past. Every case from the dog and its issues to the family is different.
Anna Halko-Angemi
Anna Halko-Angemi 2 maanden geleden
@Tanya's Obsessions absolutely! One of the best using positive reinforcement is called MINE! A Practical Guide To Resourse Guarding In Dogs by Jean Donaldson. And good luck on your career path!
Dog Doodle Dandy
Dog Doodle Dandy 2 maanden geleden
Doggy dysfunctional relationship. Who would’ve thought?!
Oof_Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Hi Victoria
TechStream 2 maanden geleden
Everyone gangsta until Victoria shows up
9.6M views 2 maanden geleden
Its me not the dog😂
InTeCredo 2 maanden geleden
Ohhhhh, that gorgeous Lincoln Mark IV in the background!
Revolutionary Roblox Videos
Revolutionary Roblox Videos 2 maanden geleden
who’s here before 10K views
Ebony Johnson
Ebony Johnson 2 maanden geleden
Is it me but the husband looks scary
One Directioner
One Directioner 2 maanden geleden
I feel like I've seen these people before when Cashmere was a pain to there cat maybe ??? I guess
One Directioner
One Directioner 2 maanden geleden
@Lyre Paradox Hmm I seee
Lyre Paradox
Lyre Paradox 2 maanden geleden
Yeah, these are just parts of hour-long episodes. So you'll see the same dogs & owners working on several different problems.
Mohammed Plays
Mohammed Plays 2 maanden geleden
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 2 maanden geleden
I can’t believe that Victoria doesn’t like dog *wink wink* lol
Asia Aaron
Asia Aaron 2 maanden geleden
Mohammed Plays
Mohammed Plays 2 maanden geleden
G. R.C.
G. R.C. 2 maanden geleden
Wow you are annoying
Mohammed Plays
Mohammed Plays 2 maanden geleden
Mohammed Plays
Mohammed Plays 2 maanden geleden
Mohammed Plays
Mohammed Plays 2 maanden geleden
Mohammed Plays
Mohammed Plays 2 maanden geleden
Mohammed Plays
Mohammed Plays 2 maanden geleden
Mohammed Plays
Mohammed Plays 2 maanden geleden
Mohammed Plays
Mohammed Plays 2 maanden geleden
Mohammed Plays
Mohammed Plays 2 maanden geleden
overwatch_furry UwU
overwatch_furry UwU 2 maanden geleden
aww.. the cake made it even more adoreble
Renata Klein
Renata Klein 2 maanden geleden
Gabbi Mejia
Gabbi Mejia 2 maanden geleden
hi :)
CuteDoggoz 2 maanden geleden
Man those dogs are in a pretty toxic relationship
Aziza Maria
Aziza Maria 2 maanden geleden
Very sad
kqylah 2 maanden geleden
•Fleur The Leafeon•
•Fleur The Leafeon• 2 maanden geleden
Wait was this just posted? I didnt look at the time it was posted but all the comments are really close to the time my comment was posted. To anyone who knows welsh: Dw i’n wedi blino...
silly face
silly face 2 maanden geleden
yeah I think it was posted an hour before you commented this.
は私です彼の名前 2 maanden geleden
They don’t call them bitches for no reason. She’s the alpha alright. Poor Barnsley.
Anna Halko-Angemi
Anna Halko-Angemi 2 maanden geleden
There's no such thing as Alpha. She is resource guarding.
liverpool fc under 20 roblox
liverpool fc under 20 roblox 2 maanden geleden
Bear Bear
Bear Bear 2 maanden geleden
Wow 1 dog control another dog n owner have no control to both of them 😂😂
Ruben Arreola
Ruben Arreola 2 maanden geleden
"Shes controlling him" Same barnsley Same
Angeliki 2 maanden geleden
Was looking for this kind of comment. 10/10
ZeriocTheTank 2 maanden geleden
I knew there would be a comment like this somewhere lol!
Cottage Girl
Cottage Girl 2 maanden geleden
They were so confident and so sweet by giving u a cake! Tysm for all the likes i really appreciate it ya,ll are so sweet!
Cottage Girl
Cottage Girl 2 maanden geleden
@Jennifer Arbour mhm
Jennifer Arbour
Jennifer Arbour 2 maanden geleden
Cake really is a gift!
Cottage Girl
Cottage Girl 2 maanden geleden
@Mariyah Lorgat yeah!
Cottage Girl
Cottage Girl 2 maanden geleden
@Olivia Boston ^
Mariyah Lorgat
Mariyah Lorgat 2 maanden geleden
I agree with you
Atasha Abbasi
Atasha Abbasi 2 maanden geleden
When they filmed this was it 2021? Can somone answer?
G. R.C.
G. R.C. 2 maanden geleden
@Atasha Abbasi the show doesn’t exist anymore so they aren’t going to film in 2021
Atasha Abbasi
Atasha Abbasi 2 maanden geleden
@Birdy Pie but when do they film at 2021?
Birdy Pie
Birdy Pie 2 maanden geleden
Nope. Quick google search says it was filmed between 2008 and 2012 (original release of the US It's Me or the Dog). These are just clips from the show
#tiktok 2 maanden geleden
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