Owner's Techniques to Made Dogs Happier Backfire | It's Me or The Dog

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Victoria Stilwell visits a home with two troublesome dogs who want to seriously harm each other. But have the owners' ideas to help the dogs get used to each other actually made their behavior worse? With a dog at risk of being put up for adoption, there's a lot at stake.
It's Me or the Dog USA: Season 2 Episode 23
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It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Lovely_girl 1
Lovely_girl 1 10 uur geleden
The pappys are so cute
Zoey Mookie
Zoey Mookie 16 uur geleden
I know its wrong but I DIED on the part when she was holding the dog and one of them jumped up and the dog went falling down (3:05)
Aye_alankriti •-•
Aye_alankriti •-• Dag geleden
Why was this so dramatic- Like the music and the way the dog popped up from behind the wall is just so dramatic and I love it- Time stamp- 9:41
Carole Halsey
Carole Halsey Dag geleden
Richmond Boahene
Richmond Boahene 2 dagen geleden
Are these dogs wearing diapers
Laila lavender
Laila lavender 2 dagen geleden
3:06 the dog: ÄÃÅĀH
cats 2 dagen geleden
I hate how he says 'dogs are disposable'. NO THEY AREN'T! They aren't some kind of object or accessory that you can just get rid of as soon as they make a mistake. They're living beings that have feelings too. One you adopt a dog your committing to taking care of it, because if you treat it right it will stay by your side and love you till it's final day. They are just like a child. They will feel abandoned and worthless if you abandon them You are their world They depend on you They have needs Most importantly they have feelings too
viceb7 4 dagen geleden
Why do they both have diapers on?
Emma Forster
Emma Forster 5 dagen geleden
iiFr4n 5 dagen geleden
Omg but they are so prettyyy OMG i cANT-
S F 6 dagen geleden
my yorkie does this with other dogs too that live with him...is it a yorkie thing? barks his head off and shows teeth aggressively and steps on/bites my tinier Pomeranian puppy
molly oldfield
molly oldfield 4 dagen geleden
It's a bad owner thing.
B P 6 dagen geleden
9:39 the dramatic music and her face lmaoaaaa
Yellow House
Yellow House 7 dagen geleden
Okay but imagine you AND your girlfriend being that beautiful
Emma Nash
Emma Nash 2 dagen geleden
You had me at "imagine you are beautiful" the gf itls just a bonus
Sandra Abbott
Sandra Abbott 8 dagen geleden
Nappies what the hell
FreijaVanir 10 dagen geleden
Why are there diapers on those dogs?
Thorny Thylacine
Thorny Thylacine 11 dagen geleden
Those are the most god awful muzzles I've ever seen. Muzzles are supposed to be cages around the face that cover the mouth to prevent bites but still leave room for opening their mouth to pant, which is vital if they're overheating. I've seen incorrectly sized muzzles, but I've NEVER seen one that actually wraps around the mouth and forces it shut. That's just _god_ awful. Genuinely repulsive.
margaret fry
margaret fry 11 dagen geleden
Those humans did not read or search on google
nina asher
nina asher 13 dagen geleden
Is nobody ganna talk about how beautiful the owners are and that they are lesbian? :>
A J 15 dagen geleden
Thebigem 123
Thebigem 123 16 dagen geleden
Thats Actually Psychopathic to say that an Animal is comparable to your OWN CHILDREN
Makayla Cunning
Makayla Cunning 16 dagen geleden
The girlfriend looks like fin from Spider-Man miles morales
Onion_Ella 17 dagen geleden
It is really cool how Tiffany and Shena actually want to change and did the work they needed. Not many people will do that, and they made a lot of progress over those weeks.
Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson 18 dagen geleden
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rummagingchaos 19 dagen geleden
what a gorgeous couple 😍
Jeff Jasmin
Jeff Jasmin 20 dagen geleden
They are pretty
Deepthi Kittu
Deepthi Kittu 20 dagen geleden
I wonder if the same trick applies to human siblings??
Onion_Ella 17 dagen geleden
Me too, are sure this doesn’t work for siblings?
Aurianna & Eric Thomas
Aurianna & Eric Thomas 20 dagen geleden
Why is Tiffany so stubby and fluffy in the thighs 😂
Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson 21 dag geleden
The unequal beautician simplistically exist because colony relatedly jog pace a substantial person. superb, enchanted ptarmigan
Emerson Miller
Emerson Miller 22 dagen geleden
"You have a very dangerous breed here, a Yorkie."😂😂
Kirsty Chesterman
Kirsty Chesterman 22 dagen geleden
Poor victoria having to go witwith training dog's poor poor thing .
Ella Vonk
Ella Vonk 23 dagen geleden
They basically just baught two breeds they know nothing or very little about😂 smh
Timber Wolf4444
Timber Wolf4444 23 dagen geleden
I genuinely feel bad for the owner here, I can't imagine having to give up one of my dogs
Jeannette Lee
Jeannette Lee 24 dagen geleden
Stop dressing dogs like children no wonder they are stressed out.
sam. 23 dagen geleden
Sounds like Victoria needs to train you too because how they were dressed was NOT the reason why the dogs were stressed out. This was stated clearly in the video. Clean out your ears 🗣
P A N A S O N I C 25 dagen geleden
Victoria and the girl with long hair has the same voice😂😂
Kelsey East
Kelsey East 25 dagen geleden
Despite the issues, I have to say I really respect the owner in this episode. Too many people would so easily give up and give away a dog if it had issues, but she was really willing to work hard to keep her dogs. Dogs are not expendable!
Makayla Cunning
Makayla Cunning 16 dagen geleden
Her girlfriend sure doesn’t think so
Eurlette Baron
Eurlette Baron 26 dagen geleden
I feel the same way about dogs. U need to make it work bcause u wont put ur kids up 4 adoption if they're bad n not getting along. I actually understand tht. They gotta go about it another way w a different solution.
Rochelle Meyers
Rochelle Meyers 26 dagen geleden
I love how her name is Nyla my name is Niylah🤍 lol
NoLxve Ted
NoLxve Ted 28 dagen geleden
How much is the training I have a pit bull that like to bite but she is only 7 weeks old but she is big
Assassin Girl
Assassin Girl Maand geleden
Nobody talk about cute couple🏳️‍🌈
Angirson Lopez
Angirson Lopez Maand geleden
A female version of Will Smith. She resembles him in my opinion.
Aliyah Ramirez
Aliyah Ramirez Maand geleden
My dog and my sisters dog just love each other he never fight
iiAngelic_Starsii Maand geleden
nickness126 Maand geleden
Bratz doll and butch Bratz doll
roblox4_ever henry
roblox4_ever henry Maand geleden
There so naughty and cute at the same time😭🥺😭😭😭😭😭
Jennifer Clayton
Jennifer Clayton Maand geleden
I actually just recently dealt with this situation with my rottsky and my mother in laws german shepherd. We had to give her up because that was a very dangerous situation we had to keep them separated at all times. Never put your babies through this terror when there is someone out there who can give them the attention that they need ♡♡♡ never forget that!
Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson Maand geleden
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Constance C
Constance C Maand geleden
Wow at 3 min mark when they fight. The one dog does a flip. Pretty impressive. I rewatched like 10 times
Tempest The tarot lady
Tempest The tarot lady Maand geleden
Is no one going to talk about how absolutely gorgeous both these women are??
Chan Chera
Chan Chera Maand geleden
It was so funny when the Yorkie was running in place💀💀💀
Rose Michel
Rose Michel Maand geleden
Elie is soo cute
iiStormy_Cloudii Bo
iiStormy_Cloudii Bo Maand geleden
Wow There Lesbian! Cool!
HAECHAN'S soccermom
HAECHAN'S soccermom Maand geleden
Nyla is moonwalking
HAECHAN'S soccermom
HAECHAN'S soccermom Maand geleden
They're wearing newborn diapers lol
RAE DR Maand geleden
What a beautiful couple. Like they are too good looking 😂
Luka Boiii
Luka Boiii Maand geleden
Luka Boiii
Luka Boiii Maand geleden
Those girls are kesbian ew
Freya Vincent
Freya Vincent Maand geleden
The dogs are cute
Alex Chandler
Alex Chandler Maand geleden
dashound is so chill while the terrier just want all the smoke
honey child
honey child Maand geleden
I'm not surprised those dogs are frustrated....they are wearing DIAPER for God's sake!..id be mad too
Jania Zolks
Jania Zolks Maand geleden
When I got a clicker for my dog and it broke and I got another one it was slightly different so she didn’t associate it with happy things anymore so I had to re train her with the new clicker to associate the clicker with food
Sabanasmiles Maand geleden
3:04 at .25 speed is insane LMAO
Its Vytra
Its Vytra Maand geleden
0:59 BONK
None of Ya business
None of Ya business Maand geleden
My mom: how does she do that? Me and my bad puns: that's victoria's secret
Da One
Da One 2 dagen geleden
Omg your gonna go triple plastic with that joke
Jack The king
Jack The king 6 dagen geleden
I actually laughed
Jennifer Rollin
Jennifer Rollin Maand geleden
The Yorkie TERROR is the one that's causing all the problems because it's the one that makes the first violent move, while the Dachshund retaliates to defend itself from the TERROR.
Michelle J
Michelle J Maand geleden
I'm curious to see a follow-up up. I love how important to make it work the one was, totally understand the other mama point of view as well...it looked dangerous. I hope it worked out. I trust they'll do the work to make it work, if it's possible
Ariel A
Ariel A Maand geleden
Please look up jw.org or Jehovahs witnesses to know when every animal will be at peace will other animals
Payton Kehoe
Payton Kehoe Maand geleden
i would get rid of the yokie
BI-ble Shop
BI-ble Shop Maand geleden
The yorkie starts the fights .-.
*Lily* Herman
*Lily* Herman Maand geleden
She’s the super nanny of dogs
we are strangers to love
we are strangers to love Maand geleden
Im not saying all yorkies do this but its mostly the yorkies fault for attacking. The dachshund is just protecting herself
KPOP EDITS!! Maand geleden
1:18 “the CaOwHffEe table”
Vailily Mateora
Vailily Mateora Maand geleden
How come when ever People on this show want to put a dog up fro adoption there’s that one person who wants to keep the dog and then the other doesn’t want to keep the dogs.
¿ monkii ?
¿ monkii ? Maand geleden
This be looking like the fights at school and the jocks trying to hold'em Beck.
Jolly Maand geleden
Victoria is the Gordon Ramsay of “Dog” Training
Jack lyn
Jack lyn 7 dagen geleden
@Lizoe's Hub my thoughts exactly
Lizoe's Hub
Lizoe's Hub 9 dagen geleden
More like a Jo Frost (Supernanny)
Emiii 23 dagen geleden
That is the worst example
Dylans Coding
Dylans Coding Maand geleden
1:36 ruh ro raggy
Mxnster Maand geleden
*T I N Y D I A P E R*
Dominic RedBorrelli
Dominic RedBorrelli Maand geleden
it's always so sad when the owners are genuinely good people just not educated on how to train their dogs and make things worse
Kelly Ball
Kelly Ball Maand geleden
Tiny dog fighting 😂😂
DisneyFreakkk Maand geleden
I’m pretty new to this channel but this is the most emotional episode i’ve seen so far oh my
Aliyna Sophia Rose
Aliyna Sophia Rose Maand geleden
I feel bad for the dogs having muzzles on.
Hazey Mystic
Hazey Mystic 29 dagen geleden
Those specific type of muzzles are very constricting and make it more difficult for the dog to breath.. they were probably making the stress level worse with those
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Maand geleden
Those two girls are such great friends 👀 but the dogs tho
lorella banozzi
lorella banozzi Maand geleden
Is there an update? Just curious
Night draws
Night draws Maand geleden
Sienna Eltringham
Sienna Eltringham Maand geleden
Bee Itsme
Bee Itsme Maand geleden
3:06 that dog literally flliped.
No Name No Name
No Name No Name Maand geleden
It would probably also help a lot if they tired the dogs out through long walks.
•Gachá dárk•
•Gachá dárk• Maand geleden
1:37 lol her eyes 3:05 bro r u on drugs
It’s Mari
It’s Mari Maand geleden
I’m sorry but the way the dog flips at 3:05
PeachBerry Glitch
PeachBerry Glitch Maand geleden
Calling the dogs expendable is enough of a reason to leave.
CentralValleyGrower Maand geleden
Victoria I really need you. My dog kills my chickens and it’s ruining my relationship with my family.
Bella Hallow
Bella Hallow Maand geleden
D-Dog O-Obey G-Gret
j-SpRiTe iS rEaL fiGhT mE
j-SpRiTe iS rEaL fiGhT mE Maand geleden
Has anyone else noticed that the dachshund has a scar under its left eye? I hope it's not a bite mark from the Yorkie, or I don't even know if it's even a scar, when I noticed it, it looked like a scar idk, but if it is a scar, and whatever happened to the dachshund to cause that scar, the poor thing😔😖😩
Olyvia Mata
Olyvia Mata Maand geleden
The dogs are really calm on there own, but when they see each other it is like they are having a fight to the death
Anna Stump
Anna Stump Maand geleden
Ok but why are those dogs wearing diapers 🤣🤣🤣
Sadie's Stuff
Sadie's Stuff Maand geleden
5:56 Not the point, but that's kinda funny 😝
LaShell Pennington
LaShell Pennington 2 maanden geleden
I know how she feels. I drive a semi truck and travel with two of my dogs. And I was told that I can only pick on the third day of orientation. I talk to myself and that I could do this. But when I went to the restroom I just broke down and cried. I recently lost a dog about a month ago. She lived three months after her big surgery. I lost it. So I know how she feels my four-legged children
M 2 maanden geleden
Absolutely lovely lady's.
M. Davis
M. Davis 2 maanden geleden
The dogs are so cute.🐩
Luna Vail
Luna Vail 2 maanden geleden
They’re so pretty
Jennifer kates
Jennifer kates 2 maanden geleden
Then u need to teach them
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