Dog Owner Gets Surprise Visit by Dog Behavior Expert Victoria Stilwell! | It's Me or The Dog

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It's Me or the Dog

19 dagen geleden

Victoria surprises dog owner and It's Me or the Dog fan with some impromptu training of her feisty dogs!
It's Me or the Dog USA Season 1 Episode 25
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Friede Mi
Friede Mi 3 dagen geleden
RELLmilo 6 dagen geleden
imagine being lesbian couldn't be me
RELLmilo 6 dagen geleden
Are they lesbian?
Ulrikke Skadborg Riis
Ulrikke Skadborg Riis 8 dagen geleden
I love Victoria’s car!!!😂0:40
Britney T.
Britney T. 8 dagen geleden
It's nice seeing good owners again, it just seems like there isn't enough
Angelina Lefevers
Angelina Lefevers 10 dagen geleden
Another episode on animal hoarding
GrandisSilva 12 dagen geleden
Dogs before Victoria: Couch is a fort! Bed is happy snuggle play zone! Walks are for pretending I'm a sled dog! Weeeee! Dogs after Victoria: Oh, so now there are rules we need to follow? Okay, no worries.
ShadowSonic ShadowSonic
ShadowSonic ShadowSonic 12 dagen geleden
My dog does that because she is just showing affection to people she meets and knows so it’s not bad! It’s just them showing you that they want to play with ya
kayla Cervantes
kayla Cervantes 12 dagen geleden
That is so impressive
Burning Cloud
Burning Cloud 12 dagen geleden
The more i watch this programme the more i am convinced that Victoria is actually training humans, more than dogs. Also i have reached the conclusion that i will nevere ever a dog and stick with cats. Also lacks of masks and anti covid precautions tell me that this was staged quite long ago.
whitexchina 13 dagen geleden
Somone once told me that dogs don't understand pointing-fingers. My dog proved me wrong.
Im Done
Im Done 14 dagen geleden
4:36 whoever added that sound effect after she fell is so wrong for that LMAOOOOOOOO
Elina Malekkou
Elina Malekkou 14 dagen geleden
Victoria I REALLY need your HELP NOW PLEASE! My dog got this new toy and now he obessed with it he sleeps with it but if I dare to get close he wil emediately jump up and bite me and hold on
Skylanderpokemon 88
Skylanderpokemon 88 14 dagen geleden
Victora I think I need your help with one of my dogs please can you please please help me and my family please if you see this tell me if you can please help me please
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 15 dagen geleden
0:41 Victoria is a lady in a ladybug car 😃
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine 15 dagen geleden
Just remembered this channel
Lavenderplayz Uwu
Lavenderplayz Uwu 15 dagen geleden
Me: walks to my dog: hey kerry My dog: WOOF WOOOOOOOOF me:what did i do
Captain & Company
Captain & Company 15 dagen geleden
What nonsense dogs can be allowed on sofas and beds. As long as training is given and maintained in everyday context. And other mammals including dolphins can be trained to understand pointing. I think Victoria needs to work on her own body language. Standing with arms folded is defensive and stand offish.
Sophie and Gwenny show
Sophie and Gwenny show 16 dagen geleden
How did she know their address ?
PuertoRicanPrincess 16 dagen geleden
My German Shepherd is allowed on the furniture.
Morgan Elzey
Morgan Elzey 16 dagen geleden
haha shes walking with Victoria like 🙏
Kim Carbonneau
Kim Carbonneau 16 dagen geleden
I would love to see Victoria come to Canada for a conference or something ! I would definitly go !
Wolf Foxy
Wolf Foxy 16 dagen geleden
I think I know how
Barbara Lumpkins
Barbara Lumpkins 16 dagen geleden
These dogs will do anything to be in this show from paper eating dogs to pulling u down the road to meet Victoria
Tigerdeer 17 dagen geleden
Victoria looks like a Ninja!
PuertoRicanPrincess 17 dagen geleden
I use a no pull harness.
K.M.R. 17 dagen geleden
Love Victoria's shows, watch them with my Bichon. Please edit out the SOUND of the #%*@ doorbell!!!!! Took me several minutes to calm him down. We do love watching her and get great tips, but the doorbells got to go!!!! Thank you.
Karajorma 17 dagen geleden
When we first got a dog I explained to my girlfriend why she shouldn't play with the dog while in bed. She ignored me. Cut six months later when she asked me why it was that although I always slept on the outside, the dog never bothered me but the dog would take every opportunity to lick her feet. I just told her, "because it works"
Julieandthephantoms Fan
Julieandthephantoms Fan 18 dagen geleden
My dog love sleeping on my bed but only throughout the day at night we tell him off and he sleeps on the floor or downstairs
Liza Smith
Liza Smith 18 dagen geleden
Them doggos are so jelly of each other 😂
Marley The Pitbull Mix
Marley The Pitbull Mix 18 dagen geleden
This woman is clueless
Clara Orlando
Clara Orlando 3 dagen geleden
Clueless as to the study of astrophysics maybe but not dog training.
SwaggerCoolKid borges
SwaggerCoolKid borges 18 dagen geleden
Do you think that Victoria can help me with my clingy puppy. So clingy. If someone holds while she has a leash and I go somewhere else in the same room or place even though I a few feet away she starts whining and barking and trying to get to me. She’s so focused on me she won’t eat a bone or chase after a tennis ball. Then when I come back to her she’s so happy it’s like I just got home from work when really I’ve been in the same room just a few feet away
Joey S
Joey S 18 dagen geleden
Their dogs are so smart, they caught on really quick
Anne Nielsen
Anne Nielsen 18 dagen geleden
My friend doesn't mind that her dogs jump on top of people, climb on them, pull her all around on the leash. Which means that I can't do anything about it.. They do actually listen to her (when she wants them to) but then never really follow through, if they don't..
Eda Gürler
Eda Gürler 18 dagen geleden
I have a toy poodle puppy and he jumps on people (I personnaly dont mind) but I would stop him from jumping on strangers. Plus being able to get your dogs attention outside is crucial for their safety. There are a few simple drills that your friend can do to get their dogs to follow.
Andreas Ef
Andreas Ef 18 dagen geleden
Mastinomama 18 dagen geleden
Most beautiful Retrievers I have ever seen!
Charles Kelvin
Charles Kelvin 18 dagen geleden
Swathi Iyer
Swathi Iyer 18 dagen geleden
Wow wonderful.. this is too good Victoria madam
firenze55 18 dagen geleden
Victoria is so gifted with dogs - amazing!
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar 18 dagen geleden
I want Victoria to train me to lose weight.
min riggs
min riggs 18 dagen geleden
What lovely clever dogs. It's great when people want to help their dog learn how to act the way they want.
Sand Sandra99
Sand Sandra99 18 dagen geleden
Where can I submit submit a video to Victoria?
Co Co Bean
Co Co Bean 18 dagen geleden
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg 18 dagen geleden
Mary-Ann Næsted Nielsen
Mary-Ann Næsted Nielsen 18 dagen geleden
Spending a little bit of time with reading about dogs.... - before buying them....- is a very good idea 🙃🙂😖😂
tmg 17 dagen geleden
I'm getting a golden retriever this month and I've already bought all the puppy supplies I need, and yesterday I've ordered 2 books about how to care for goldens, their attitudes, possible diseases, etc. :)
Eda Gürler
Eda Gürler 18 dagen geleden
Couldnt agree more. Since I’ve wanted a dog for years before actually getting one, I already knew how to train him and how to set boundries. My pup cant jump on my bed or on the couch but my mom wasnt comfortable with him being in the kitchen. We applied body blocking with a verbal warning and he just goes to his mat and lies there while we are in the kitchen.
Foul Lily
Foul Lily 18 dagen geleden
I like that, "If theres a problem, theres always a positive solution"
Laura Te Aho-White
Laura Te Aho-White 18 dagen geleden
I don't know about dogs being the only animal to understand what a pointed figure means. I use finger-pointing when working with birds when I want them to go towards something.
Shmagoogle Agoogle
Shmagoogle Agoogle 18 dagen geleden
Although we never question Victoria, I have 3 cockatiels who understand a pointed finger without any training
elines acevedo
elines acevedo 18 dagen geleden
Yeah, I highly doubt that statement also. There are many animals that can learn what it means, including dogs. Dogs have to learn it too, it's not like they intrinsically know what it means.
Jeanine Staum
Jeanine Staum 18 dagen geleden
My cat responds very well when I point my finger
Karen Huang
Karen Huang 18 dagen geleden
Really?! Dog Knows pointing finger?! I do it for my dog and didn't know that! It works!
Mariana Valdés soprano
Mariana Valdés soprano 18 dagen geleden
Favorite trainer!!
Julia Goldmann
Julia Goldmann 18 dagen geleden
My dream encounter is Victoria Stilwell and Jo Frost 😍🙌🏼
Mary Anna Palma Acevedo
Mary Anna Palma Acevedo 18 dagen geleden
If there is a problem, there is always a positive solution... Love it!
Lauren Johnston
Lauren Johnston 18 dagen geleden
That’s so bad
Clara Orlando
Clara Orlando 3 dagen geleden
Please define variable "That".
Hajar Naim
Hajar Naim 18 dagen geleden
I love victoria 😋😗😚😗😚☺😙 i whant to be a trainner to my name is hajar im from moroco
Dr. Morningstar
Dr. Morningstar 18 dagen geleden
Wait... did Victoria actually train... THE DOGS?
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, Hallelujah!
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, Hallelujah! 18 dagen geleden
it is always about the humans needing training how to help their pets co-exist with them.
Lillian2167 18 dagen geleden
My old dog always understood a pointed finger, sometimes I didn't even give a commmand but my dog understood my finger movement and did the action I wanted anyway. They're so clever. :''3
Tija R
Tija R 18 dagen geleden
I have a dog that was jumping up and licking bitting now he dosent even look at our bed or the soffa thanks to victoria❤️💖THANK YOU MA, AM
Ceridwen Aeradwr
Ceridwen Aeradwr 18 dagen geleden
4:29 Look at that face tho. How can you deny that face?
Maria Rahman
Maria Rahman 17 dagen geleden
Ew 🥴😨🤢🤮🤮🥴 ewwwww
Barb Foertsch
Barb Foertsch 18 dagen geleden
Beautiful dogs they'll learn in no time just be consistent
Theresa Bielewicz
Theresa Bielewicz 18 dagen geleden
Victoria Stillwell is AMAZING!!! I got a rescue dog a DAY B4 the WORLD CLOSED Due to Covid. Watching her videos has SAVED US!!!
Jill durham
Jill durham 18 dagen geleden
Victoria: Dogs are the only one that understand the finger pointing and what it means. Me: I guess you haven't worked with horses yet, Victoria? I have seen owners just point somewhere and their horse go to where they point while lunging.
ItzVosje 18 dagen geleden
So true, I once hide treats in a horse her hay, we never used pointing before, but she understood when I pointed at the hay she had to inspect it (she didn't see me putting treats in there and wasn't interested before I pointed at it)
Julie Vander Leest
Julie Vander Leest 18 dagen geleden
Typical gal, nervous about looking good when someone is at the door. I definitely am the same way.😂
Helena Christensen
Helena Christensen 18 dagen geleden
I think what I hate about the most in these training exercises when the issue is the dog on the bed is that they usually lay on the bed with their shoes
Gabrielle Silver
Gabrielle Silver 2 dagen geleden
Wearing shoes inside that you wear outside make no sense to me in general. lol
Wolfwhisper 5 dagen geleden
Pffft xD
Z_ZigZagCat 17 dagen geleden
Why you make me notice T^T
Ikine 18 dagen geleden
I didn't notice that before, but now I will T_T
Kaba 18 dagen geleden
Same fam, same
Viking Dogmanship
Viking Dogmanship 18 dagen geleden
hi ocean
hi ocean 18 dagen geleden
"Dogs are the only animal that understand a pointed finger" Mind blown :o
hi ocean
hi ocean 6 uur geleden
@Unknown101 🤭😁
Unknown101 14 uur geleden
So do they understand the middle Finger? 🤔🤭
Victoria 6 dagen geleden
The dog looked because she had food in her hand. I work with dogs and I wish all of them understood pointing but most don’t.
katphish30 7 dagen geleden
My bettas will follow my finger to food. My cats just look at my finger.
Cristia Olson
Cristia Olson 13 dagen geleden
I recall reading somewhere that the ability to understand pointing was probably highly selected for (not actually the pointing, but the ability to carryout useful actions that were facilitated by pointing) during the millennia that dogs have been with us. It is not a natural gesture for the vast majority of animals, but because we use it so much it would be highly desirable for animals that needed to work in tandem with us without the use of restraints or leads. I had a corgi who could be told "get that for me" while I pointed to an object, and she would go grab whatever I pointed to and bring it over. If she wasn't sure which of several objects, I could gesture my finger in the direction that she needed to go to get to what I wanted. She learned this on her own watching my son as a toddler when he would cry and point to objects he dropped, and after I retrieved them for him, after a while she started doing the retrievals. She trained herself to do a lot of things through inferring what I wanted and tying the action to what I was saying or gestures I made.
Aussie Country
Aussie Country 18 dagen geleden
Those dogs are gorgeous!
BVB Girl1313
BVB Girl1313 18 dagen geleden
Need that on a shirt "When theres a problem...theres always a possitive solution"
Shan MG
Shan MG 3 dagen geleden
It’s not actually true lol. Victoria only handles basically over excited dogs or fearful ones. For real aggressive behavior that doesn’t work at all 😁. You should check out the Upstate Canine Academy channel, I had a neighbor with a reactive dog that pulled so hard everytime she would see me with my dogs she got injured, and she had a positive only trainer. When she started using a balanced training, it got way better 😉
BVB Girl1313
BVB Girl1313 7 dagen geleden
@Sarah Stagg for animal related reasons and one for the rest of the time 🤩
Sarah Stagg
Sarah Stagg 7 dagen geleden
or should it be a PAWsitive solution.
BVB Girl1313
BVB Girl1313 18 dagen geleden
Fun fact....body blocking works for cats You can also train your cat to sit on command And my cat only follows a pointed finger if its pointing to food 🤣🤣🤣🤣
itsShelbiLouise 5 dagen geleden
@BVB Girl1313 haha I still give you credit because you thought to try it in the first place.
BVB Girl1313
BVB Girl1313 6 dagen geleden
@itsShelbiLouise lolz I shouldnt get credit...i didnt teach...he just listened 😹😹😹 I do eventually want to clicker train em to be an ESA
itsShelbiLouise 6 dagen geleden
Awe I’m glad I’m not the only one who taught their cat tricks! Lol Mine can sit, high five, and “up” (aka standing on his hind legs.)
BVB Girl1313
BVB Girl1313 7 dagen geleden
New one...he goes to his bed now if I point it in the middle of the night 😹😹😹
BVB Girl1313
BVB Girl1313 13 dagen geleden
@ღคหgεł¡тσ кuหღ then id try to tire out your dog with more play or walks...and tire out your cat also with play and walks...then they wont see each other as play things
Leny Arvisu
Leny Arvisu 18 dagen geleden
sorry but I don't believe your stuff..... I'll just save my money for dog foods & vitamins..... poms are stubborn but with my TLC we manage them even on barking
Carolina Coreas
Carolina Coreas 17 dagen geleden
You sound like a complete ignoramus.
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson 18 dagen geleden
YT is free - what money does it cost you to watch and learn from Victoria's videos???
Felicia Emeraldpaw
Felicia Emeraldpaw 18 dagen geleden
Not Victoria stalking people on her TV
hi ocean
hi ocean 18 dagen geleden
@Felicia Emeraldpaw awww no fair
Felicia Emeraldpaw
Felicia Emeraldpaw 18 dagen geleden
Who said I couldn’t edit it?
hi ocean
hi ocean 18 dagen geleden
@Felicia Emeraldpaw how did you spell it looool we need to know you cant just edit it away haha
Felicia Emeraldpaw
Felicia Emeraldpaw 18 dagen geleden
Stupid Sylvester
Stupid Sylvester 18 dagen geleden
The consented and also it's spelled "stalking"
·Melody_Amikko· 18 dagen geleden
5 people are saying they are first- *but who is actually first?*
Circus Baby
Circus Baby 18 dagen geleden
Whi they dont were any mask ?
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson 18 dagen geleden
Because this was filmed a decade ago
Nicole Elizabeth
Nicole Elizabeth 18 dagen geleden
victoria is reallly amazing she has dogs sorted in no time
Alina M
Alina M 18 dagen geleden
I like how Victoria treats dogs, her attitude towards them: she treats them like pets who need to understand and respect their role in the house, not like idiotic "babies" who don't have the ability to understand anything, and who are spoiled until they are completely out of control. She treats them the way we should all do, yes, we play and take care of them, but we should also give them space to be what they really are (animals). I also like the episodes in which she insists on activities that meet the needs of the breed (because each breed was created for a specific purpose, for hunting, protection, herding etc. and these traits are still strong). I think all dog owners should learn something from dog trainers' attitude towards dogs, and stop treating them like "babies".
BVB Girl1313
BVB Girl1313 17 dagen geleden
@Picky Bitch he does tell owners they need boundaries and limitations...he has changed, and even says he was wrong in the past...hes still one of the best advocates for pits but I agree in the past going off street dog packs from mexico as a basis for all dog/owner relationships was misguided and not very fun to watch....i liked the rare episodes where he didnt do that to the dogs, it was rare but it happened Theres some good and bad in him but lets focus on the good and that even he is changing
Picky Bitch
Picky Bitch 17 dagen geleden
Definitely prefer her method; unlike another famous dog trainer who pokes a dog in the ribs to get a dog focused.
RR 18 dagen geleden
@BVB Girl1313 Of course it's all the same. It's all behavior modification. It works on more than toddlers too. Just don't tell.
BVB Girl1313
BVB Girl1313 18 dagen geleden
@Alina M yup totally agree
• Hazel X Cody •
• Hazel X Cody • 18 dagen geleden
my eyes are hurt after reading that
Eggy boy
Eggy boy 18 dagen geleden
I love your videos because I get to prepare if I want to buy a dog.
PhoenixB4U 18 dagen geleden
I wish more people were like you Eggy boy!
A 18 dagen geleden
Adopt dont shop!
Its_Rose 18 dagen geleden
Oof 😣 I’m late but those dogs are really adorable 🥰
Random Girl
Random Girl 18 dagen geleden
Same 🥲I was cleaning
Random Girl
Random Girl 18 dagen geleden
U don’t age 😯😯😯😯
J&A Golden Pyrenees
J&A Golden Pyrenees 18 dagen geleden
Dogs have anti-aging properties 😂
elines acevedo
elines acevedo 18 dagen geleden
This video is from like 10 years ago
Makennah 18 dagen geleden
Lank Jacob
Lank Jacob 18 dagen geleden
Stay safe guys it's covid 😷
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, Hallelujah!
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, Hallelujah! 18 dagen geleden
cv has never been isolated, according to the cdc, the pcr tests have also been proven to be fraudulent as they are not meant for diagnosis, the whole lockdown is about a totalitarian globalist takeover.
kitty cat
kitty cat 18 dagen geleden
Don’t worry ^^ its an old episode waay before COVID ;)
Vegan Goddess
Vegan Goddess 18 dagen geleden
Yeah right! they didn’t know Victoria was coming to their house...and just by coincidence...just by... it happened to be spotless clean and both ladies look like they are ready to go for a picture day or something 🤔💭🧼
100 0
100 0 18 dagen geleden
Of they could've, you know, prepared when the crew came into the house cause this isnt a stream and they can edit the footage.
Martina 18 dagen geleden
i couldnt have said it better myself :D i was just thinking the same thing
Eventide 18 dagen geleden
I like the implication here that you apparently just live in filth all day and never look decent unless you know someone's coming..
kitty cat
kitty cat 18 dagen geleden
I mean yeah it’s a show for entertainment and education.
Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee 18 dagen geleden
Beautiful dogs! Also, not gonna lie, as a lesbian I am definitely enjoying the dynamics haha
Cottonstar ofRiverClan
Cottonstar ofRiverClan 15 dagen geleden
gorebunny 16 dagen geleden
Same here! I'm so glad they featured a wlw couple on their show :)
laila 18 dagen geleden
yea no
Rosie 18 dagen geleden
I'm a veterinary nurse and I've started using Victoria's tips with patients (not the really sick ones obviously!) and it's made a world of difference. I'm so much more confident in my dog handling now, and I feel like my canine patients respect me more too. Thank you Victoria!!
Georgina Stone
Georgina Stone 7 dagen geleden
My dream career is a vet nurse, i am glad you have found Victoria techniques and tips helpful, it also helps me too
Havanasky100 17 dagen geleden
That’s lovely.
Z_ZigZagCat 17 dagen geleden
That’s absolutely great!🐶
Olivia Brown
Olivia Brown 18 dagen geleden
Ba Luenga
Ba Luenga 18 dagen geleden
I’m the second to dislike
Drawing With Cookies
Drawing With Cookies 18 dagen geleden
Have you even watched the video?
Ba Luenga
Ba Luenga 18 dagen geleden
@•s0ur v!b3s• idk
•s0ur v!b3s•
•s0ur v!b3s• 18 dagen geleden
Why are you subbed to dislike? sounds like fan behavior to me
Jerri Crims
Jerri Crims 18 dagen geleden
maya gacha hacker
maya gacha hacker 18 dagen geleden
How do I contact Victoria
maya gacha hacker
maya gacha hacker 18 dagen geleden
@Jonathan Walker thanks
Mother Earth
Mother Earth 18 dagen geleden
...I think you have to write her a note and put it up the chimney.....😑
Jonathan Walker
Jonathan Walker 18 dagen geleden
Her website which is called Victoria Stilwell positivity
Fire Fish
Fire Fish 18 dagen geleden
‘Dogs are the only animals that understand a pointed finger’ lol, no. I do that with my cats all the time
Fire Fish
Fire Fish 18 dagen geleden
@eventide I meant that I point to the floor if my cats go on counters. Never tried to train it into them, they just get it
Eventide 18 dagen geleden
She means pointing at something and they realize you're pointing at the thing. Not pointing at them or anything.. Nearly all animals know that's intimidating. Dogs themselves already point, so they understand when we do it. A cat can be trained to understand a point, but they don't inherently know it like dogs do.
Christina Jackson
Christina Jackson 18 dagen geleden
I was gonna say my cats definitely know when i point i mean business and they messed up i don't even have to say anything anymore just snap and point
Alivya Dixon
Alivya Dixon 18 dagen geleden
What a sweet and beautiful doggies! Also credit to Victoria for the amazing training you are simply doing your job everyday! We love you!!!!
Siba Ibrahim
Siba Ibrahim 18 dagen geleden
She calls them big dogs puppy’s 👁👄👁 🥲✋🏼
chris 4 dagen geleden
Dogs grow to their full size in about a year or so, but mature at two (esp. big dogs), so yes, if these dogs are two or under, they’re still puppies
dog life love them Kenny
dog life love them Kenny 18 dagen geleden
I want the dogs I really love how she teachers dancing tricks teachers dancing pics sorry my speaker is a bit wonky but I love yourself I meant your show
Cloud 18 dagen geleden
Ya I love em
allegra 18 dagen geleden
i love Victoria's little car
Lin NiuDing
Lin NiuDing 18 dagen geleden
the dogs are beautiful and seem so sweet
Lyan Patricia
Lyan Patricia 14 dagen geleden
Yes! I love their eyes!
•Butter Cup•
•Butter Cup• 18 dagen geleden
Was I late?
The juicy oranges
The juicy oranges 18 dagen geleden
lily pad lol
lily pad lol 18 dagen geleden
Love this
The juicy oranges
The juicy oranges 18 dagen geleden
I have a french bulldog WHEN MY PARENTS WALK MY DOG THE DOG LEGIT TRYS TO GET CARS good job we have leashes (nobody wants to know but ma dog just farted)
Ok soシ
Ok soシ 18 dagen geleden
This kinda is like supper nanny lol Edit: this is not to be rude ok
Cigi Farmer
Cigi Farmer 18 dagen geleden
@Ok soシ aw thanks! You have a good day as well!!!
Ok soシ
Ok soシ 18 dagen geleden
@Cigi Farmer thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day and I just sub too :)
Cigi Farmer
Cigi Farmer 18 dagen geleden
@Ok soシ ik u got no videos but i subbed to you, because u seem like such a friendly person! Glad to be ur first sub!!🤍
Ok soシ
Ok soシ 18 dagen geleden
@Cigi Farmer yasssss!!!!!! 👏🏻
Ok soシ
Ok soシ 18 dagen geleden
@Eventide wow didn’t know that thanks 😊 hope more people will know!!!!!
I’m Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To Me
I’m Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To Me 18 dagen geleden
, I’m ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK.......
allegra 18 dagen geleden
so I get a new sub
Karan Gaming Zone
Karan Gaming Zone 18 dagen geleden
Who's here without any pet 🐕😁😁
• Hazel X Cody •
• Hazel X Cody • 18 dagen geleden
nope just got a puppy!🥰😍
The Yuri Dopted
The Yuri Dopted 18 dagen geleden
Do I look good HAHAHAH
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