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Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell meets a family who have recently suffered the loss of their great dane, but even worse the replacement brought in to lift everyone's spirits has achieved the opposite!
It's Me or the Dog USA Season 1 Episode 6
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Gunkirat Kour 12B_14
Gunkirat Kour 12B_14 14 uur geleden
Victoria seemed happy in this episode 😀
Kami G
Kami G 21 uur geleden
for once we have people who love their dogs and who are responsible. They just needed some guidance to deal with a young and excited dog, how refreshing.
That Hippie Lady
That Hippie Lady 4 dagen geleden
I could really use her help ☹
LootFire2009 5 dagen geleden
The first part is like marriage counseling lol 🤣
Akashe Salandra
Akashe Salandra 10 dagen geleden
What if they taught dog training in school. Teaching body language and how to be a leader to school children would change many lives for years to come. Then make it illegal to have kids unless you have completed dog training classes! (J/J about a law but it could work and help save the planet to have kids know this really important concept.) Real life lessons for real life adventures. Victoria is perfectly suited to write that lesson plan.
InaR1019 14 dagen geleden
I like this family a lot
Stephanie Howard
Stephanie Howard 14 dagen geleden
Victoria where are you finding those amazing vest?!?! I love a great sweater vest or simple button up.
Any Asp
Any Asp 15 dagen geleden
This is probs one of the few times I say Keep the dog and the man😆. That husband was great. Great partner and a father.
Laura K
Laura K 16 dagen geleden
Aww what a lovely couple & gorgeous dogs 😊
KEVIN WILCOX 17 dagen geleden
Most peanut butter is safe, but some can be deadly. Recently, some peanut butter manufacturers switched to using the sweetener xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar substitute often found in sugar-free products like chewing gum, toothpaste, breath mints, chewable vitamins and baked goods. It is safe for people, but toxic to dogs. Peanut butter is rich in natural fats and protein, but too much of a good thing can lead to obesity and other health complications like pancreatitis.
AJStarhiker 20 dagen geleden
It seems like half the episodes are 1: wants dog 2: doesn't want dog 1: gets dog anyway Or 1: wants dog 2: wants different breed 1: gets their breed anyway.
On This Farmstead
On This Farmstead 20 dagen geleden
Ok this is the sweetest couple.🥺
Lavin Cecen
Lavin Cecen 22 dagen geleden
박승현 Maand geleden
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Tanziha Habib
Tanziha Habib Maand geleden
I love this couple so much. There's couple more video of them. They are still so loving while disagreeing with each other. It's definitely the dog in this case.
Isa Santos
Isa Santos Maand geleden
They got another dog too soon, bit the father had the best intentions. He wanted the dog to not be alone, wanted their family to have a little bit of extra joy after such trauma... It's really sad actually. But they're all doing their best, a wonderful family and amazing owners
Junaid Mahmood
Junaid Mahmood Maand geleden
Apollo is my dog!!!
What UP Rats!
What UP Rats! Maand geleden
I love Danes! They have the coolest coat colors. :)
Rithene Maand geleden
It's so nice to see an episode where the husband not listening to his wife was out of actual good intentions. He absolutely should have listened instead of thinking he knew best, but he just wanted his wife and dog to be happier. Plus, he apologized. So many people on this show won't apologize for getting a dog without their partner's agreement because they love the dog and wouldn't want to get rid of it. This guy actually separated "didn't listen to wife" from "got new dog" and apologized for the former. Plus, instead of being bitter, the wife committed 100% to helping train the new dog, rather than going down the "it's your dog, so you deal with it" route. Could it be... a well-adjusted family on It's Me or the Dog?
Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado Maand geleden
This couple is just so wholesome! I love them and they truly deserve great dogs and are willing to work for them, wish I find someone who loves me like they seem to live each other
jeffrazak Maand geleden
This husband looks like a shih tzu himself.🤣🤣🤣 Great dogs and great family.
MyDreamside Maand geleden
guys this is from 2008, that's why they have no mask
Robloxgamesandminecraft Maand geleden
It's 2021 how they have no masks?
zaida amarrie
zaida amarrie Maand geleden
I need you to cedle my dogs fighting nikki and boy
Boke Churro
Boke Churro Maand geleden
Pls she basically a part time marriage counselor on top of being a dog trainer
Diesel Dawg
Diesel Dawg Maand geleden
Breeders who chop up dogs' ears need to STOP.
Brigitte L Jones
Brigitte L Jones Maand geleden
I'll say we haven't been given the history of the ages and from where they got their great danes.Sometimes for people new to large, lively more complex breeds, some excellent breeders who just breed one litter at a time will be responsible in starting to train the puppies from 8 weeks old until they find decent persons to sell to and have them desexed(pedigrees without papers for showing), hence older when they go to a somewhat sensible home. It can mean such pups are already doggy civilised and don't jump up or treat limbs like toys. Hence a couple like this would have had an easy time with the first pair.This third young dog was probably sold by the breeder (wrongly) assuming they were experienced with training up this pup because they'd had 2 before.
Brigitte L Jones
Brigitte L Jones Maand geleden
What can amaze me is how this guy was actually apparently initially delighting in the lively puppyish (wrong ) behaviours until it got more apparently negative.How on earth someone can't recognise the dangerous potential for a giant breed jumping up, injuring by mouthing limbs, being out of control in boisterousness is amazing. Guessing that young dog will grow out of it is nuts, they grow into it, as they were discovering.At least they remained committed to fixing their dog rather than dumping into a shelter.
Riya G
Riya G 2 maanden geleden
I feel really bad for Abby and the owners
Destined Merican Patriot
Destined Merican Patriot 2 maanden geleden
i love great danes but i never had one, i really want one do bad because they are so big
Destined Merican Patriot
Destined Merican Patriot 2 maanden geleden
harley is the best fitting name for a great dane
Clotilde Chionni
Clotilde Chionni 2 maanden geleden
She’s a dog trainer and a human therapist
eda theresa
eda theresa 2 maanden geleden
The husband is a real man.
Wolf family
Wolf family 2 maanden geleden
Yes she is still well after all the dogs she have been helping
Sarai the Gigabyte
Sarai the Gigabyte 2 maanden geleden
Was a cashier and a lady brought her small dog in. As she came up to pay two girls waited behind her. They were staring down at the dog for a little more than was necessary and I was kinda concerned because I had learned a few things from these videos. The dog ended up barking at the girls suddenly. I'm always suprised how much all of Victoria's advice is true about dog behavior.
Random Ransom12
Random Ransom12 2 maanden geleden
I know this is an emotional scene and all, but I'm sorry, the dad looks like Joe Exotic.
Zariah Khi
Zariah Khi 2 maanden geleden
Another episode of Victoria being a therapist 😂
Sammie Vinuya
Sammie Vinuya 2 maanden geleden
My favorite episode so far! ❤️
Caprice O
Caprice O 2 maanden geleden
By jogging back home with the dog. Makes dog tired and they'll be in shape again. Win win.
DarkMatter 2 maanden geleden
My dog has a trick that's called hug būt only when we say to hug never jumps up on us he's an ausome dog
Gewoon Iemand
Gewoon Iemand 2 maanden geleden
Im addicted and I dont even have a dog. But I would love to adopt a dog one day. Its my dream🥺❤
krazzysu 2 maanden geleden
Victoria is an angel. Enough said.
Witch 2 maanden geleden
I wish people would realize 1) DOGS NEED TIME TO GREIVE TOO!!! you can't just replace a dogs lifetime friend and expect everything to be okay again and 2) no dog deserves to just be a "replacement"
Soft Girl
Soft Girl 2 maanden geleden
When I make a machine that brings whatever you want to bring back to life! MY idea though.
Alexandra Heuschling
Alexandra Heuschling 2 maanden geleden
Can we pls appreciate this family
Daniel Abraham vlogs
Daniel Abraham vlogs 2 maanden geleden
How do you get her to go your house
Beth 2 maanden geleden
Apollo was her life?? I feel bad for her kids having to hear her say that...
Saloni Nayak
Saloni Nayak 2 maanden geleden
I love the way whites change their opinion time to time just to feel that they are so good and feel like empaths one time they are like their dog their responsibility and other time they are like why are they torturing the dogs it's like animals can't speak but any member of the family can take care of them
Vic tacey ettle
Vic tacey ettle 2 maanden geleden
That is no dog that's like a horse
Kyrstin Sherman
Kyrstin Sherman 2 maanden geleden
Either abby and apollo were brother and sister or they were mates and that's why she is so sad and not a people person anymore
Celeste Bao
Celeste Bao 2 maanden geleden
My dog acts like Harley, mouthing me and biting. He’s almost a year old! When he bites, it hurts because he doesn’t let go. If I stop walking, he jumps on me and bites harder. I really don’t know what to do. His biting has left bruises and if he does this to someone then he will be put down. I love him very much but he won’t stop this mouthing. It seems like he targets younger people or people that have less authority. He doesn’t really mouth my dad but he does jump up and bite at his leash. He’s always been more dominant. Please help, how can I train him? I got him at six weeks (he’s a Great Pyrenees) and that might have been a bit early? Please, does anyone have the same problem? Or can someone give me tips? Thank you! -an exasperated dog owner
Fjeldfross 2 maanden geleden
@Celeste Bao In Germany we have a saying , free Translation: what a Youngster won't learn, a adult will never. This excuse is dangerous, good for you that you don't Accept it anymore. The staring is a gesture Not Just of dominance, but a threat...a Dog who stares you right in the eye, with a hart Look and a Stiff Body will maybe bite you without a growl. He understood that Like one, hence the calming Signals after. If it is exitement, good for you, but then He has to learn Patience and Impulscontrol, and to Stopp bullying you around. Maybe Look into Patricia McConnell, she is a Specialist in canine Body language and a genius book ( don't know the english Title) where she compares human and canine language and explains why there are so much missunderstandings. I Hope you find the right Trainer to Help you. Until then this Channel has pretty good information how to handle bullies Like yours
Celeste Bao
Celeste Bao 2 maanden geleden
@Fjeldfross Yes, today he jumped up and bit me again; I just shut him in the backyard and stared at him through the window. He was the first to break his stare and after say, fifteen minutes, I went out again and he was almost apologizing to me. I read somewhere that this is kind of like wolf ‘dominance’? The staring part, that is. I think the reason he jumped was because he was excited. Everyone makes the excuse that he’s “just a puppy” but I’m not taking that from them anymore.
Fjeldfross 2 maanden geleden
@Celeste Bao I am in no way a dog trainer, so I could be totally wrong, but There could be maybe two reasons, I saw it on two different dogs who were biting and pushing their humans. One: Stress, exitement that looks for an outlet and he has no impulsecontrol and bite inhibition whatsoever or two: he is sorts of punishing you because you made him wait, and as someone who sees himself above you he is telling you that he dont tolerate it. Maybe a mixture from both. Dominance with no impulse control and this with larger breeds were okay with separating pups at six You did your research and was told bull, thats a shame. Maybe its an US thing, but were I live they say that the larger breeds need even more time, at least 12 weeks...double Time! No wonder that he has some issues...he missed all the manners his familiy would have taught him. i would look for a well fitting muzzle and wont leave the house without it on him, seriously, for your and his safety. Smear Peanutbutter on it, let him push his snout in it to lick it up, again and again, close it on him for a short time and when he is relaxed with it, treat him and take it away., repat, repeat, increase the time, until he is comfortable with it and associates it with peanutbutter and maybe a good cuddle, whatever he loves.. make it first a game and qualitytime without leaving the house, until he accept it. Just make it something good for him, or he would start to fight the muzzle, too this sounds very bad. Take care of yourself, a dog this big with this issues is ..oi. I do not envy you
Celeste Bao
Celeste Bao 2 maanden geleden
@Fjeldfross I’ve looked at the trainers in my area and all of them use e-collars. They claim to be “great” trainers. Like wow. My pyr won’t respond to any type of negative behavior, so I know that won’t work. His biting is... unpredictable. Mainly when he gets excited or angry so a muzzle might not work that well, but I’ll take a look. Sorry for bothering you so much LOL hope you don’t mind
Celeste Bao
Celeste Bao 2 maanden geleden
@Fjeldfross We take him on 1-2 walks a day, each 30-50 minutes. We’ve taken him to meet up with friends’ dogs or the dog park every weekend. We let him meet people every day. So yeah, I think the problem was that he was taken from his mother too young.
Angela Fairfax
Angela Fairfax 2 maanden geleden
I love this man! How cute is he and his love for his new dog😂 I wouldn't change that little relationship, the dog isn't a real problem, he's just big so when he jumps up it seems to be a problem. Cute relationship
Amy Malaba
Amy Malaba 2 maanden geleden
This is such a heart warming segment. Thank you.
Kathrine L.J
Kathrine L.J 2 maanden geleden
I know a big dog and she always is so happy to see me that she jumps up on me, and I have used Victorias advice to turn your back and foled your arms and it really works.
Mignone Aina
Mignone Aina 2 maanden geleden
Apollo is sure is beautiful 😍
doctor-and-dog 2 maanden geleden
Really sensitive counseling on the part of Victoria. She immediately honed-in on a dog and human still in the grieving process, and was able to help the other owner see that he'd made a decision that wasn't respectful to his wife and remaining dog - and she did it sensitively without shaming him. So many behavioural problems in dogs reflect problematic dynamixs in the home and this is a good example, though fortunately it does also seem like a home with a lot of love. Training the new dog will also help both owners and their daughter to bond with Harley, who through no fault of his own, came into a home with a lot of sadness - and at least one person expecting him to "fix" this sadness, and possibly even replace a beloved family member that can't be replaced.
Gyaradora 2 maanden geleden
One of the rare episodes where I actually like the owners. :')
Busisiwe Wanw
Busisiwe Wanw 2 maanden geleden
I losed my dog for real
Denise Kanaren
Denise Kanaren 2 maanden geleden
Thanks so much for loading this episode. I love great Danes
smallz da man
smallz da man 2 maanden geleden
I need your help big time or At least advice
Wind Roos
Wind Roos 2 maanden geleden
Danes love hugs.....
Jimmy Meza
Jimmy Meza 2 maanden geleden
I feeel bad for the dog who died🥺
•Jxguar • Studios•
•Jxguar • Studios• 2 maanden geleden
This dog is just too exited, and such a sweetheart! All he wanted was attention. But I am glad it all turned out in the end
Loretta and family
Loretta and family 2 maanden geleden
Pickle rick
Hoho 2 maanden geleden
this dude apologising..."im sorry youre afraid" .....i dont thing he knows why hes even saying sorry
Lachareia Philogene
Lachareia Philogene 2 maanden geleden
Idk why the people in the comments saying bad things he had good intentions it just backfired that’s all sheesh people make mistakes sometimes what’s done is done 😭.
min riggs
min riggs 2 maanden geleden
it's sooo good to see owners who listen & have a dog that is only a bit hectic in need of exercise & the bloke only needs a bit of correction in the way he interacts with harley. the happiness it brings to everyone is lovely. they're a lovely family. 😊
Ghand Alkhamees
Ghand Alkhamees 2 maanden geleden
It’s fine two dogs are fine
Court Jester
Court Jester 2 maanden geleden
This man may be the only decent man I've seen on the show
Miss J
Miss J 2 maanden geleden
i know, right?? except for admitting he refused her input and refused to listen to her and went against her wishes.. but yes, it seems like this show only picked the biggest douches it can to make all men look bad. this guy by far has been the most decent.
Angela Massey
Angela Massey 2 maanden geleden
Rumble Moving away from youtube
CelestiaFan Forever
CelestiaFan Forever 2 maanden geleden
I know how Abby is feeling. You lose your best friend in your home and your family goes and gets a new dog. To Abby it's like her family forgot about Apollo, like he was never there. Just a month ago I had to put my 14 year old cat to sleep, if my family had gotten me a kitten a day after I lost my best friend who was my fur-baby to me, I was been upset and even more depress over losing Snare like how Abby is with missing Apollo.
Cristina Dub
Cristina Dub 2 maanden geleden
This is so sad because I understand the dad thought refilling the spot would stop the sadness but sometimes people and dogs just have to grieve... I'm happy their beautiful new dog is doing better
Agnieszka Ola
Agnieszka Ola 2 maanden geleden
Hi, I have a question. Have you ever worked with Coucasian shepherds. My family has been owning them for decades and for us its a perfect dog breed. They have quite a bad reputation and I'm curious how many people have problems with them . I never see that dog breed in any shows like yours. My dog lives outside in a huge backyard and also has a shelter to hide then its snowing or raining.
Carolina Navas
Carolina Navas 2 maanden geleden
How and whet can you see the full episode?
Joshua Bonifacio
Joshua Bonifacio 2 maanden geleden
Me: Mom can I meet Matt Groening? Mom: No we have Matt Groening at home Matt Groening at home: Btw the dad definitely looks like Matt Groening
Harmony Perkins
Harmony Perkins 2 maanden geleden
I love that they actually listened to you and paid attention!! They were so lovely, that would have been a walk in the park for you
Alyssa 2 maanden geleden
I understand why Rick did that. My girl passed away almost a year ago. She was my favorite of our dogs and I learned that I need a princess dog. About a week later I got a puppy. She’s definitely another princess. 💕
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee 2 maanden geleden
That dog’s taller than I am lol
Alyssa 2 maanden geleden
That dogs crop is amazing 😍
Dorothy Incansas
Dorothy Incansas 2 maanden geleden
I will never understand why Americans want to cut dogs ears to a point!
Wanisha Marceus
Wanisha Marceus 2 maanden geleden
is it just me or does it seem like the dog who doesn't do anything good get praised and full of treats than the dog that has been good all the time likeeee the bad ones get treats all episode lol
Jekyde412 2 maanden geleden
This makes me miss my Danes. I loss one August of 2019, and one on the 4th of Jan. One was 13 the other was 14 which is AMAZING since Danes rarely live over 8 years of age. Harley reminds me of the first good boy I lost. Very excitable!
Eden Garden
Eden Garden 2 maanden geleden
The dog is not depressed. The owners are and this is what the dog feels.. Energy is everything! Dogs live in the moment, the owners are saying we are so depressed.. The owners are still mourning so the dog too!!. 'it broke abby's heart' yeah and then dogs move on.
katherine RoseMore
katherine RoseMore 2 maanden geleden
Oh Apollo and Abby, the love will always exist. ALWAYS. Welcome Harley..
Bhavreet Dhammi
Bhavreet Dhammi 2 maanden geleden
victoria is also a people trainor tbh
캐서린Catherine Fequet
캐서린Catherine Fequet 2 maanden geleden
I've actually been using Victoria's advice on my 5 month old cat. And she listens.
Gyöngyi Mala
Gyöngyi Mala 2 maanden geleden
You know, what, I got so emotional seeing how beautifully these people love each other, and one could say sorry.
anto 2 maanden geleden
but why did she let them use those collars?
Craig Davis
Craig Davis 2 maanden geleden
Victoria:*just walks out a car* Me: QWEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNN (Btw I'm using my dad's account)
BloomPlayss 2 maanden geleden
I love their house
Svenja Hartwig
Svenja Hartwig 2 maanden geleden
I dont prefer all of her methods but I LOVE VICTORIA!!!
Nicole Lim
Nicole Lim 2 maanden geleden
Their daughter have the same name as me... I got scared for a sec when the narrator said the name-
Mary Beth Matthews
Mary Beth Matthews 2 maanden geleden
Them I love harpy’s looks Me : do they not know they have one of the most expensive Dane you can buy
Vastelian 2 maanden geleden
I know I cant be the only one that thought the daughter was gonna be the wife/mom
cassandraoftroy 2 maanden geleden
I love how much emphasis Victoria places on learning to communicate properly with one's dogs -- both in learning to read the dogs' signals and body language, and in learning how to make yourself clearly understood by the dogs. Most dogs do want to please their humans, but it's the humans' responsibility to convey what they want in a way the dog can understand. Likewise, if something is distressing a dog, it's generally not trying to keep its feelings a secret, and it's so important for the dog's owners to understand what the dog is feeling and why, in order to properly address the problem. I feel like communication (both between dogs and owners, and among the humans in the household with one another) is 90 percent of what Victoria teaches.
Aliya stadnik
Aliya stadnik 2 maanden geleden
I have a dog and I watch your vids to train him
Natalie Luo
Natalie Luo 2 maanden geleden
Why aren't you wearing a mask?
Indira De Jong
Indira De Jong 2 maanden geleden
Maybe this episode was filmed earlier? Might be wrong.
Taleah Graham
Taleah Graham 2 maanden geleden
I think they were tested 🤔
bunnylover4545 2 maanden geleden
When she does this how does she not want to take the dog home with her like I would
Joel Marble
Joel Marble 2 maanden geleden
dogs don't speak our language so we must figure out theirs. maybe the most important tip. it doesn't take a lot of work. just consistency
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