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Bailey is destined to be a show dog... or at least that's what his breeding would say! However, this humping, mouthing and clumsy puppy is nowhere near the standards you'd expect. Can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell swoop in and get this dog behaving the part, or will he do what the owners fear most and hump a judge?



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Hannah Mott
Hannah Mott Jaar geleden
Victoria’s joy in seeing a dog succeed is the most pure and enjoyable thing I’ve ever experienced.
Maria Hirsch
Maria Hirsch 2 maanden geleden
Pure? Inform yourself before making a statement!
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott 4 maanden geleden
Yasssss I feel the same, even though they've gotten this well bred dog along with a contract. I know she didn't like it at first, but she got really into it like it was her child showing off what essentially she taught him and his owners.. It made her happy as well as the owners am sure he loves the massages better than any good ole hump 😉
Swavyy Wavy
Swavyy Wavy 6 maanden geleden
Sadie Winterlord
Sadie Winterlord 6 maanden geleden
You should look at A Chick Called Albert channel then
Prithujit Biswas
Prithujit Biswas 9 maanden geleden
Tawny Robinson
Tawny Robinson Dag geleden
I’m still in the middle of this episode, but I don’t think it was a fair ask for the person, who Bailey’s owner got him from, was told that the only way she could have him is to make him a show dog. Why does he have to be a show dog at all? Maybe the dog doesn’t want to be or meant to be a show dog. Why can’t he just be a regular dog? 🤔
White Obama
White Obama 4 dagen geleden
"The dog shows are for the weirdos!" I like you guy
marina david
marina david 6 dagen geleden
The owners are great.... We did it are the best trainer i have ever seen.
Sutterton Dog park
Sutterton Dog park 7 dagen geleden
Having shown, bred and judged dogs since 1963, my breeding having lots of success including best of Breed at cruft's. I can honestly say she worked hard and did VERY well to get a pup ready to show in just 2 weeks. Well done. and yes I am a weirdo LOL not ashamed to say it :)
Bengiii Suuu
Bengiii Suuu 12 dagen geleden
Dogs. Are. Not. There. For. Your. Entertainment. PERIOD
A Random Internet User
A Random Internet User Dag geleden
They can be, as long as they accept it and like that I mean, the dog seems happy about how much attention they're getting so it's a win-win
Ricardo Lopez
Ricardo Lopez 12 dagen geleden
The icky puppy accidentally moor because linen intermittently carry next a windy segment. hospitable, maniacal grandfather
Bobk94 14 dagen geleden
way too many people get dogs with the worst expectations
גלעד סוירזנסקי
גלעד סוירזנסקי 19 dagen geleden
I love the training montage with "Eye Of The Tiger" playing in the background 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Grace Bowers
Grace Bowers 20 dagen geleden
I know righ
Anne Selby
Anne Selby 20 dagen geleden
I hate dog, and cat shows, and I am a longstanding cat owner. However, my family always had dogs when I was younger. So I'm used to them.
Rose Hill
Rose Hill 21 dag geleden
Bailey and the rocky theme lol love it.
merry hunt
merry hunt Maand geleden
At 13 minutes, when he runs right, he is a strong and beautiful animal all of a sudden.
merry hunt
merry hunt Maand geleden
"He prefers blondes. Doesn't matter whether they're dogs or human." That gave me the best laugh I will have today.
Yusuf Yusuf
Yusuf Yusuf Maand geleden
She reminds me of Super-nanny
whitexchina Maand geleden
Where is his tail?
janke Leroij
janke Leroij Maand geleden
I love the fact that the owners are not really keen on the show either
Lucky_Kitty88 Maand geleden
I own a minature schnauzer and would love to own a giant schnauzer someday I love the breed!!
Builder Rimuna
Builder Rimuna Maand geleden
Sorry I mean Vitoria is a😇😄
Builder Rimuna
Builder Rimuna Maand geleden
Vitoria USA 😇😁😄😍
Elle Maand geleden
Was so happy Bailey got third, if only to see the joy from Victoria. One of my favourite episodes by far.
Loki the Assistance Dog
Loki the Assistance Dog Maand geleden
So what do dog ‘trainers’ do when the humping dog doesn’t have testicles to remove? And when removing them does nothing to stop the ‘behaviour’. Can’t believe in this day and age they are still telling owners that neutering stops humping 🤦‍♀️
Caitlyn Ryder
Caitlyn Ryder Maand geleden
That Belgium Malinois in the training class is gorgeous
Paperwing Maand geleden
I am so Bailey at Crufts but in the human world. Everyone else seems to have things figured out and I’m the clumsy, goofy, out of sync one.
Samira Aparazita
Samira Aparazita Maand geleden
I love how invested Victoria was in the competition and in Bailey making it
Living Free with Sophie
Living Free with Sophie 2 maanden geleden
21:17 Victoria: "Allowing the judge to run her hands all over him." Husband: "He likes it" 🤣
tessiesteph 2 maanden geleden
Miracles Do happen!! Well done guys! This was beautiful to see. Such a happy handsome boy as well. Xx
Burning Cloud
Burning Cloud 2 maanden geleden
Those shows are just idiotic.
Tyra Davis
Tyra Davis Maand geleden
That’s your opinion...
Colleen Rivera
Colleen Rivera 2 maanden geleden
"Jangly bosoms"? Yes cause that everything to with dog trading. Seriously how does this woman make a living?.
ABBY DUVALL 2 maanden geleden
"will this giant schnauzer become a giant loser" Dang the narrator is savage 😂
Dominique Jenkins
Dominique Jenkins 2 maanden geleden
Idk why this offends me the things they say about him for barking and what not.. He wants to be a normal dog granted he's a perv but still.. smh ... Checking for imperfections.. it ain't their fault
Tyra Davis
Tyra Davis Maand geleden
It’s just a breeding thing, you want to breed the best of the best
Anna Peterson
Anna Peterson 2 maanden geleden
Off topic: Victoria looks exquisite in that leather jacket. Werk, girl!
Bui Tuyet Mai
Bui Tuyet Mai 2 maanden geleden
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Ronnie Stella
Ronnie Stella 2 maanden geleden
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NerdGeek Cosplay
NerdGeek Cosplay 2 maanden geleden
I’ve never seen a schnauzer that big before! He’s huge !
Lora Matthews
Lora Matthews 2 maanden geleden
Can we just appreciate that victorya is actually doing this
Friendly Fauna
Friendly Fauna 2 maanden geleden
Yay they all suceeded
B rice
B rice 2 maanden geleden
Bailey just likes his blondes🤣
Apoorva Chandrasekaran
Apoorva Chandrasekaran 2 maanden geleden
Am I the only one that teared up when Bailey won? 🙈
Ya girl
Ya girl 2 maanden geleden
These owners are actually pretty cool. This time it actually is the dogs problem not the owners
Ya girl
Ya girl 2 maanden geleden
This is the first schnauzer I’ve ever seen on here. Proof they’re the best dogs❤️❤️❤️
RobloxTheBeat 2 maanden geleden
It’s impressive how she does it!!!!😶
Kort Hosen
Kort Hosen 2 maanden geleden
If victoria would really care about dogs she wouldnt help anyone to exploit their dogs for dog shows. What a fraud.
Tyra Davis
Tyra Davis Maand geleden
@Kort Hosen they get taken care of better than those shelter mutts so I don’t understand what your problem is
Kort Hosen
Kort Hosen Maand geleden
@Tyra Davis well if u like abusing animals, every country in the world will have a place in jail for u, just take up the offer nd save humanity from someone like u.
Tyra Davis
Tyra Davis Maand geleden
Yes cause dog shows cause lasting trauma on dogs and are incredibly dangerous🙄get outta here man
Totally Not Lesly
Totally Not Lesly 2 maanden geleden
Why does Victoria remind me of I forgot the name of the person but they are in the movie “The House Of Paper”
Sam Das
Sam Das 2 maanden geleden
Oh thank goodness she gave her a supportive bra
Trump Lost LOL
Trump Lost LOL 2 maanden geleden
15 pounds?? I will do it for 10 pounds. LOL In fact, I do it to both of my dog everyday for free. LOL LOL
C L 2 maanden geleden
This episode makes me want to watch Best in Show again. Dog show people are hilarious.
justcogitating 3 maanden geleden
If Victoria ever talked to me like she did at 11:13, I would burst into tears
Galina Ev
Galina Ev 3 maanden geleden
Bailey is such goofball, he is small pup just wants to have fun. Owners are great ppl too.
1014Donna 3 maanden geleden
I think I’d enjoy a slapstick comedy film about this dog “Bailey goes to the dog show.”
MyDreamside 3 maanden geleden
"I've been humped by a lot of dogs in my time" - Victoria Stilwell 2006
tam le
tam le 3 maanden geleden
Becky Walford
Becky Walford 3 maanden geleden
"has he ever humped a judge?" oh god, i laughed so much XD
Karla Key
Karla Key 3 maanden geleden
Schnauzers are the best I have a miniature one
It's YELLOW 3 maanden geleden
I've been humped by a lot of dogs in my time... But never by a schnauzer and he really grabs and holds on and hurts. And after that, the guy said ''after having felt the full force of Bailey she moves on'' made me cracke up. Not much you can do about it the dog likes it rough. xD
theanwseris cocaine
theanwseris cocaine Maand geleden
You mean...ruff ;)
Narelle 3 maanden geleden
Um, why is the tail docked? I thought it was illegal in Britain.
Camilla Norager
Camilla Norager 3 maanden geleden
You can here the cameraman laughing when she gives the support bra
Tais Afinskaya Canada
Tais Afinskaya Canada 3 maanden geleden
This is the most positive episode .Incredible dog and a funny husband 😂
E 3 maanden geleden
I am glad I found this channel. It's nice because you can watch any of their videos, old or new they are all good. I have had a lot of trouble finding a youtube channel with content like that, and I am relieved because I finally have.
Matthew Soliman
Matthew Soliman 3 maanden geleden
16:58 when she said “i would like to introduce you to karen” i laughed so badly 😂
Delta November
Delta November 3 maanden geleden
Bailey is a hero. He is just a big goof ball who wants to do dog things. The owners have a great sense of humour too, they’re a good match.
Katherine Montgomery
Katherine Montgomery 3 maanden geleden
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MondayMayhem 3 maanden geleden
It's honestly weird that a breeder would demand for the new owner to turn the dog into a showdog. The breeder should know that not everyone is capable of making that happen, no?? If not, they're rather not just naive. If the breeders want their pups to only go to shows, then just don't sell them to average people with no experience...
angxlbee 3 maanden geleden
Victoria reminds me of Hermione
Kris Barron
Kris Barron 3 maanden geleden
I've watched all the episodes and i want to watch more
Beeb 3 maanden geleden
Not the training montage lmao
Robin Mills
Robin Mills 3 maanden geleden
My aunt had a scottie that flunked obedience school twice. However, he did get the award for most congenial. He also barked at her new chair for several hours before accepting it as part of the house.
Zombeenom 3 maanden geleden
I wouldnt put him in dog shows. I dont care what the previous owner said, once i own that dog its my bisnuess on what i do.
Cante Tenza Win Goodface
Cante Tenza Win Goodface 4 maanden geleden
What a fun episode ❤ I love Victoria so much
G L 4 maanden geleden
Yassss Bailey!!!! 3rd place!!!! I'm super happy for them!!! Victoria was soooo proud, I am too!!!!
Lilly's Family Fun
Lilly's Family Fun 4 maanden geleden
Victoria is so sassy
anna howells
anna howells 4 maanden geleden
I love him! Best episode yet!
Cmac 2093
Cmac 2093 4 maanden geleden
It’s when Bailey falls at his class 😂
yeager animation
yeager animation 4 maanden geleden
Kellie Griffin
Kellie Griffin 4 maanden geleden
Why so they have to go to crufts? The dog breeder can’t enforce that. How they’re gonna make them do it.
Staceykay 4 maanden geleden
Why have I never seen a poodle in real life? Lol are they really that rare. 🐩
Challenger 1913
Challenger 1913 4 maanden geleden
When the cute boi fell of the table it was hilarous 😂😂
Rob Balinski
Rob Balinski 4 maanden geleden
i couldn't ever humiliate my dog like that.....shits depressing just watching it.
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott 4 maanden geleden
Bailey is such a beautiful hard working puppy and I loved how Victoria supported him and his owners right there ar the show and I was laughing so hard when she gave her that strong sports bra 🤣 😂 "Nobody wants to see bouncing breast at a dog show!" Well Victoria I must sadly inform you that most men probably wouldn't have minded that at all? 🤣 🤣 🤣 Humping dog and bouncy breast, it can't get any better than that 😁 Hopefully next time he'll get 1st or second place? I know it would make the owners and Victoria very proud! Bailey has become one of my favorites on this show, he's as handsome as they come 😍 ❤
LoskTheCoder 4 maanden geleden
This guy sure likes making references towards the titanic - Almost as if he knows something we don't. #TitanicDidntSink
John Jones
John Jones 4 maanden geleden
"Me balls" Ha ha ha... I'm gonna be saying "me balls" a buncha times over the next few weeks!!! 👍😎👍
Tishy Mac
Tishy Mac 4 maanden geleden
The lady owner lost weight with all the training, well done but I still hate Crufts.
Texas baby ktea
Texas baby ktea 4 maanden geleden
What a funny episode! So wholesome!! I love that there was treats in his trophy at the end! Victoria was so proud! U can tell she truly loves dogs and her job!!
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg 4 maanden geleden
POODLES. POODLES! *Squeals at every peek at a poodle at Crufts* POODLES!!
Veronica Hambidge Vlogs
Veronica Hambidge Vlogs 4 maanden geleden
What the heck have they been doing for 8 months? I had my mini poodle half way trained at 9/10 weeks. Fancy not training such a big dog.. and also.. Does that officially make him a weird too now? 🤣😅
alex singh
alex singh 4 maanden geleden
I've got sever ADHD and my attention span has also been compared to a Nat many times.
Scarlet16 moons
Scarlet16 moons 4 maanden geleden
I know how you feel, I'm the same way
Christopher Georgiou
Christopher Georgiou 4 maanden geleden
The husband looks like that creepy guy from the hotel in Home Alone 2💀😂
Elissa Tries
Elissa Tries 4 maanden geleden
Place is full of weirdos-🤣🤣🤣
Krissy -
Krissy - 4 maanden geleden
This episode has made me howl.. honestly.. "...and remain... graceful" *Falls off table* I'm dead.
mona_ the_nerd_musician
mona_ the_nerd_musician 4 maanden geleden
hands down, my favorite episode ever! This dog is adorable!!!
Savage Queen
Savage Queen 4 maanden geleden
i hate dog shows. i saw some woman once with a big poodle at the dog park and she didn't let him play with other dogs bc--- omg,we can't risk him getting a scratch or a scar 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Cloudy Sheepp
Cloudy Sheepp 4 maanden geleden
13:04 Did anyone else get over excited when bailey didnt nibble her hand?? No? Okay
Cloudy Sheepp
Cloudy Sheepp 4 maanden geleden
@Lil Cupuake Gal idk
Lil Cupuake Gal
Lil Cupuake Gal 4 maanden geleden
@Cloudy Sheepp why are we doing O's O-O
Cloudy Sheepp
Cloudy Sheepp 4 maanden geleden
@Lil Cupuake Gal O♡O
Lil Cupuake Gal
Lil Cupuake Gal 4 maanden geleden
@Cloudy Sheepp O~O
Cloudy Sheepp
Cloudy Sheepp 4 maanden geleden
@Lil Cupuake Gal OuO
Andreil13 4 maanden geleden
People seem to forget often that those dogs in the ring have been perfectly educated. 40 male dogs in the ring and not one bark...
cry wolf music
cry wolf music 4 maanden geleden
shes the Mary Poppins of dogs
Elisabeth Underwood
Elisabeth Underwood 4 maanden geleden
Wow she actually trained a dog instead of castration
LittleDarkOne 4 maanden geleden
Do people think that well bred dogs are also automatically trained dogs?
aaagggmmmsss 4 maanden geleden
my fair bailey
Lieutenant Dude
Lieutenant Dude 4 maanden geleden
I don't see the comment here so I'll say it. That breeder is absurd to think it at al appropriate to make the people who adopt his puppies become dog showers. Like, they paid for the puppy, you shouldn't have a say after that whether it's a family dog, a farm dog, or a police dog. If you want to control that puppy's life, you damn well keep the puppy.
Krissy -
Krissy - 4 maanden geleden
Huh? Its a contract between Breeder and Buyer.. its entirely the buyers choice whether they go for a showdog breeder.. they must stick to the showdog breeders terms and conditions if they decide to buy a show pup? If a buyer wants to buy a pup with no terms or conditions then goto a normal KC registered breeder? I don't understand your comment at all.. I think you are slightly confused here and have pointed the finger much to quickly without thinking beforehand. A breeder of showdogs has every right to place terms and conditions onto their puppies for buyers.. potential buyers will be made aware of the breeders conditions via their advertisements, then the buyer can make their mind up whether buying from a showdog breeder is right for them or not. Its simple really..obviously it was the right choice for this couple to buy from this particular breeder and accepted their terms... they wanted a show dog..
mary tai
mary tai 4 maanden geleden
okay but 5:26 is just so sad, imagine the weight those poor dogs carry from that hair!
Dan 4 maanden geleden
How old was this episode really?
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