Family's Big Secret Makes Victoria Lose Her Cool | It's Me or the Dog

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Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell is loses her temper when she discovers dog's owners have been keeping a big secret from her and the production team.

It's Me or the Dog: Season 4 Episode 3



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


wendy dasha
wendy dasha 3 dagen geleden
i would Victoria training and train the other dog also.
Mary V
Mary V 3 dagen geleden
Those people seem smart. How haven't they gotten a hold on a little dog? Raising a dog isn't rocket science.
Doug H. in VA
Doug H. in VA 4 dagen geleden
Ignorance and trying to ACT smarter than a pro is what nearly all dog owners share in common. It is lack of common sense. Do you try to out-think a dentist or a dietary specialist? No... so stop trying to bluff your way past a pro dog handler.
Candy 6 dagen geleden
They thought they could hide it but then completely let it out to be seen. They legit thought oh let’s get her to train both. Gtfoh 😂
Pam Hoffmann
Pam Hoffmann 7 dagen geleden
they could have just waited with the training until the other dog was away again. They must have known beforehand that they will be having a second dog over for a while! They knew! Irresponsible people....
Finley Hearon
Finley Hearon 8 dagen geleden
I really wished that, at the end of the episode, Victoria just left and brought Jessica and Jake with her so they'd find better homes than that toxic cesspool of frustration and fear.
HawtDawg 8 dagen geleden
Rho 12 dagen geleden
No one: Her: 0:41
Indranil Dutta
Indranil Dutta 12 dagen geleden
Did they dye that dogs tail! If so I wouldn’t be surprised, I would hope they used a non toxic dye. And even if they did, I would not be happy
Francesca Fournair
Francesca Fournair 13 dagen geleden
She caught u? Umm she just saw the dog
My Little Dog Shoppe South Park PA
My Little Dog Shoppe South Park PA 14 dagen geleden
First...change location of that couch! Dog should not have access to front window.
ALEAH 15 dagen geleden
Poor Victoria she tried to help !! Trainers always no best
Aranza Galvan
Aranza Galvan 15 dagen geleden
Umm if it’s the next morning then how they wearing the same clothes-
Sparrow Font
Sparrow Font 17 dagen geleden
Oh you have someone training your dog? Train mine to for free!
The Worst Dad Joke
The Worst Dad Joke 21 dag geleden
Am I the only one who thinks she's wildly overreacting? Sure the family hid another dog and it's gonna change the training but there's no need to throw a hissy fit about it.
brendalg4 7 dagen geleden
It is not that it changes the training. It pretty much makes it impossible.
Arshida 22 dagen geleden
I love it how she's so mad and strict with the owners then looks at Jake and goes "hi Jake, hi baby"
Neo Mogotsi
Neo Mogotsi 22 dagen geleden
"I thought we could hide him" Un bel ivi ble
pastel 23 dagen geleden
Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith 24 dagen geleden
Omg I love your Chanel
Alexandra Ilicic
Alexandra Ilicic 24 dagen geleden
She’s actually brilliant!!!! I have an 11 month old staffy and she’s helped me train her
Trump's Black Daughter
Trump's Black Daughter 25 dagen geleden
Prongs create negative associations. Anything present in the environment when your dog experiences the pain of a prong collar can take on a negative association, including other dogs, children and strangers. This does the exact OPPOSITE of what we want - it makes dogs more reactive, and more likely to lunge toward or be fearful of triggers!
PlooshFace 26 dagen geleden
I hate these people. Especially the woman, she annoys me more than just about anything
Alaa Ismail
Alaa Ismail 26 dagen geleden
even when shes mad victoria is still so pretty
Sam Culp
Sam Culp 27 dagen geleden
I'd leave
Kelleren 27 dagen geleden
*Me, for the first 4 minutes of the episode:* "What's the problem this seems to be going gre--" *Also, me:* "Oh."
lilmisssydnis1 28 dagen geleden
I don't understand how another dog makes it that insane when I've seen her train so many dogs in the same family?
brendalg4 7 dagen geleden
Because both dogs have the same problem and because they didn't tell her
ana tambunan
ana tambunan 28 dagen geleden
Disrespect behavior by liza and her husband.. Unbelievable
Amazingtrooper5 28 dagen geleden
You can’t blame Victoria on this one. Even I would be livid if a family that’s ridiculous did not tell me about dog sitting. They could have made this easier but they just made it worse 🤦🏽‍♂️
Cora Carr
Cora Carr Maand geleden
How many times has she done this particular family?
Alana Penningtonfabian
Alana Penningtonfabian Maand geleden
demigodnz Maand geleden
Bel Langford
Bel Langford Maand geleden
nolo moussy
nolo moussy Maand geleden
not a fan of the "throwing food around" to distract him, like the logic isn't complete to me...
Berry Maand geleden
The reason why they didn't tell Victoria about the second dog is probably because they were hoping she would train that one too.
Kendall Hare
Kendall Hare Maand geleden
NY Nurse
NY Nurse Maand geleden
Family: So, basically, here’s two dogs now and basically double the work Victoria, we just think we didn’t need to mention the assignment would be doubly difficult. Victoria: 😳 Family: sowwy
A Horsie human
A Horsie human Maand geleden
“Oh! My dog isnt well behaved and is reactive! Whats the best thing to do? Well, Get another reactive dog too! That will fix all problems! It
Burma Jones
Burma Jones Maand geleden
I feel like stupidity is the main cause of every episode of this show. Poor dogs.
Ophir Memories & Illusions
Ophir Memories & Illusions Maand geleden
Walk away? What kind of leader do that? So it became harder, harder is better, more challenging.
Pauline Maand geleden
These people are disrespectful
Nadia Tarasov
Nadia Tarasov Maand geleden
I want her to go to my mom's house, lol. They have 2 huskies that are friggin obeeeeese. My grandma gives them food scraps every time she cooks and they get fed in these huge bowls. The two of them are around 100 lbs or more. I have tried multiple times to get them to stop but ultimately it's not my place and my hands are tied.
John and More HB
John and More HB Maand geleden
I love how Victoria is called a dog trainer
Audrey Ramsey
Audrey Ramsey Maand geleden
My thought was the parents heard about Victoria coming to train jake that they wanted their dog taylor trained too for free!
Andrea Maand geleden
These two are complete dunces and have no thought process beyond a corn cob
bunny Maand geleden
bunny Maand geleden
bunny Maand geleden
bunny Maand geleden
bunny Maand geleden
Furrcoatvg1 Maand geleden
Take the freaking dog away from the family they’re so horrible to their dog take Jake away now can’t believe what he’s going through
Beatz Maand geleden
Beatz Maand geleden
Haven’t we seen them a lotttttttt when will they Lear omg🤬🤯😰🤭😤😬👎🏻
RamenNoodlez Maand geleden
Ok but anyone going to talk about how much gorden Ramsey vibes Victoria gives in this
Anna Gaines
Anna Gaines Maand geleden
People are such idiots. The title should be “It’s not the dog, it’s me”
Sleepy Editz
Sleepy Editz Maand geleden
“Oh I thought I’d get in trouble so I hid it.” Gurl 😀🤌
Not_Your_ Average_Person
Not_Your_ Average_Person Maand geleden
0:43 doesn’t she kinda look like momo
Bakugous teddy Bear
Bakugous teddy Bear Maand geleden
Why is the mom acting like she’s 5
Sam Hartford
Sam Hartford Maand geleden
This woman is just teaching avoidance. Pathetic, just treats. Good luck with raising your children up like that. I really want to see that, for the laughs.
Gabriella T
Gabriella T Maand geleden
No, she's teaching positive reinforcement and behaviour. By relating something positive with something the dog found uncomfortable, the dog learns that "hey! That's not so bad after all!". Take public speaking for example! You're nervous to speak in front of people, and it's only made worse by people yawning, rolling their eyes and speaking, right? Obviously, that makes you want to speak publically LESS -- but if your audience, instead, listens attentively, gives you an applause and praises your speech you'll relate public speeches with something positive. It's the exact same with almost all animals, that's just working with their natural instincts.
yerwrng Maand geleden
Well they have two dogs and a family with Chinese exchange student living nextdoor ...The solution is clear .
six likesgore
six likesgore Maand geleden
i've never, EVER, seen victoria get so frustrated and so just.. pent up with emotion at the sheer idiocy before her. i genuinely felt for her in these clips - especially when the family did put forth such effort and had jake doing so well, just to literally reset that entire process by not being mature enough to push the training until after the dog sit was finished.
155chipmunkz Maand geleden
Dying your pet is cruel.
Gabriella T
Gabriella T Maand geleden
It doesn't have to be! Make sure that the dye is animal friendly, and not poisonous/harmful to the animal. Animals don't inherently care about what colour their fur is, and so dying their fur isn't inherently bad.
bel pet
bel pet Maand geleden
Sooo what do you do when the dog isn't interested in the food
Sofia Imberti
Sofia Imberti Maand geleden
Sorry but dogs do bark its acually good
rose quartz
rose quartz Maand geleden
1:49 when a girl a spider sea this is the same so little and the other is therefaid
Ashley Balikes
Ashley Balikes Maand geleden
They should've told her and there was no need to hide it, but she's totally overreacting about it...this is far from the worst thing an owner has done on the show, calm down. I get being annoyed at the family but c'mon.
• pandxria •
• pandxria • Maand geleden
i feel like at this point, victoria ain’t training the dog, but she’s training the human
Worse Nightmare
Worse Nightmare Maand geleden
I love all kinds of animals but that doesn't mean I'm going to get every single kind of animal I like and try and make it my pet. I know there's some animals some dog breeds that I just cannot have as a pet because of the way they are. I know that I wouldn't be able to give the dog the proper training and exercise that it requires so I get a pet I know I can handle take care of and give the best possible life I can give them. Everybody has their limits and if you get a dog you need to acknowledge those limits and accept them because when you get a pet it is no longer just about you you have to take into consideration their feelings about things and how they deal with things. Cuz in the end the animal will be the one suffering, and that is not okay
meier Maand geleden
they’re not neglecting the dog they just need help training him, he had a bed and lots of toys and it seems like the mom gives him attention too. everyone needs help sometimes that doesn’t mean they’re bad people or they should give their dog away.
Janelle Mora
Janelle Mora Maand geleden
I completely understand the family's reasoning for taking in the other dog. If my mom asked me to watch her dog while she went on vacation I'd do it in a heartbeat. But the family should have been upfront and honest with Victoria.
Burning Cloud
Burning Cloud 2 maanden geleden
ah, this was the couple that allowed the wife's brother to terrorise the dog and now they have another dog. What's the point of paying a fortune to hire a trainer then?
Moon Child
Moon Child 2 maanden geleden
We have a problem with our japanese spitz shih tzu mix, he doesn't want to take a bath sometimes and not allowing us to get his ticks an fleas what technique we should do about it? He's getting grumpy mad
MzVirgo 2 maanden geleden
My dog is nine and bites, sheds blood after petting, while getting up, any video recommendations?
Shimizu Kiyoko
Shimizu Kiyoko Maand geleden
If your dog has aggression issues, you need to get them a trainer.
Bernice Tweh
Bernice Tweh 2 maanden geleden
Victoria: Don’t hide them Parents: Hide him that make everything better
Jeffery Kusi
Jeffery Kusi 2 maanden geleden
I feel like we need to address what they did to that poor dogs fur, looking like he stumbled on some tumeric or my mum's spice cupboard 😬😭😭😭
Happy go lucky Walton
Happy go lucky Walton 2 maanden geleden
Absolute selfish idiots. I would of walked out and left them to train their own dogs
Happy go lucky Walton
Happy go lucky Walton Maand geleden
@meier they tried to hide it from her . There is no way they didnt know about the dog to last minutes. This was planned in advance. They just thought they would get away with it. Sure the guilt was all over their faces clear to see
meier Maand geleden
they’re not selfish, if your mother was going away and asked you to take care of her dog would you not say yes? even if you knew it would affect your own dogs training? that’s sounds selfless not selfish to me. i just wish they would have told victoria first.
G R 2 maanden geleden
I super hate the way that guy touched (shoved) his wife at the end. He seems like the entire house's issue.
Gracie Light
Gracie Light 2 maanden geleden
if you go to mintue 7:29
Maria Shadows
Maria Shadows 2 maanden geleden
From their clip they showed from before the training they kind of looked like they were playing it up. But thats just my opinion
Corn Flakes
Corn Flakes 2 maanden geleden
What is wrong with that dog's tail????
Shimizu Kiyoko
Shimizu Kiyoko Maand geleden
Nothing is wrong with it.
The DoggyPlayz
The DoggyPlayz 2 maanden geleden
What’s funny is that every single time she’s with the family the kid is smarter than the parents
Leo Dragon
Leo Dragon 2 maanden geleden
She can’t help these people. Pure idiocy.
Alpha Wolf & Pearl Popsockets
Alpha Wolf & Pearl Popsockets 2 maanden geleden
Omg, I've seen these same people with the same dog and the same problem!!! In 3 different episodes!!! But different house is the 2 other ones🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔
James Olojo
James Olojo 2 maanden geleden
Seriously these adults are like primary school children.
Jacqui Buckley
Jacqui Buckley 2 maanden geleden
I don't believe this family simply 'didn't think to tell Victoria. What they did was figure out that if her parents dog has the same issues, they'd attempt a 2 for the price of 1! Wow. I'm amazed!
TheOneGreatDissapointmentInLife 2 maanden geleden
Poor Victoria, she is doing all she can and they got so far they had to go and ruin it The little girl is more mature than the parents
Atharva - UpClosing Nature
Atharva - UpClosing Nature 2 maanden geleden
Maria Moffa
Maria Moffa 2 maanden geleden
The wife and her brother need to grow up
E 2 maanden geleden
...i feel like they figured they could get extra training for their parents dog lmao, those are the vibes im getting. so disrespectful.
Morgan Budreau
Morgan Budreau 2 maanden geleden
I agree with her. They should’ve told her about this in submission!
April Botten
April Botten 2 maanden geleden
I have 2 dogs one is a barker and the other one is just average and let me tell u whenever the dog who isn’t much of a barker barks, the dog who always barks starts barking. He doesn’t need 2 know what she’s barking at. If Ginger (the dog who doesn’t bark much) barks then of course Forrest (the barker) will. I can’t imagine what they thought would happen with 2 barkers
ㄚㄖ尺ㄩシ 2 maanden geleden
She's like Gordon ramsay just for dogs she has even a British accent
RehAdventures 2 maanden geleden
How do you, a grown adult, think ‘oh hey, I’m not going to tell this other normal adult I’m expecting more challenges, these are the circumstances that I’m in and that’s how it is’? Like just be honest, she would have appreciated that more. Urghhh, adults who are not adults.
P Rich
P Rich 2 maanden geleden
I pronounce Dog as Dog ... Why do Americans pronounce Dog as Doig ?????
Gabriella T
Gabriella T Maand geleden
...accents and dialects?
P Rich
P Rich Maand geleden
@meier all the best 😃
meier Maand geleden
@P Rich i don’t have a speech impediment or if i do it’s not that bad, people say i do pronounce words weird though..
P Rich
P Rich Maand geleden
@meier You.probably have a Speech Impediment....or you live in Joe Biden territory...he speaks funny too....lots of mumbling 😂😂🤣
meier Maand geleden
@P Rich i do too and it comes out like “duh-ogg”
Trudy Isaacs
Trudy Isaacs 2 maanden geleden
These are the same people who allow her brother to terrorize Jake. She admitted she intended to hide the fact that she took another dog into the house. Victoria needs to take Jake, or have animal control come and take the dog. These people have no business owning pets of any kind.
Tina Bahena
Tina Bahena 2 maanden geleden
This poor dog
Noelle Fisette
Noelle Fisette 2 maanden geleden
These people should not be allowed to have animals
meier Maand geleden
they take care of the dog and to be fair most dogs aren’t like this, they probably didn’t know how bad it was before they got him. if the dog was normal like most dogs then they would be pretty good owners in my opinion.
Taym Alnaser
Taym Alnaser 2 maanden geleden
1:50 had me cracking upppp😭
binthrdonthat 2 maanden geleden
The father reminds me of that sneaky socialist Gov. Newsom in Californication
Danna Al
Danna Al 2 maanden geleden
Jake isn’t the problem. The mom is.
Mel do borel
Mel do borel 2 maanden geleden
Making people feel guilty, good point Victoria! You are leading the way to all the little chiefs that commented below the video, convinced they would do better than those people... Drop the attitude!!
Johan YT
Johan YT 2 maanden geleden
That house looks like plainrocks old house
This rescued sparrow is convinced he's a dog
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