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Victoria meets a dog fed like a king all at the expense of his owner's family mealtimes! It's time for dog training expert Victoria Stilwell to heal this divide and bring peace back to the dinner table.
It's Me or the Dog USA Season 1 Episode 11
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Ferret Universe
Ferret Universe 2 dagen geleden
Ok I gotta admit, that little doggie and kittie looked so cute on the table 😂😭 but boundaries are needed!
Lady Labyrinth
Lady Labyrinth 7 dagen geleden
4:50 she unknowingly taught her about her relationship with men in the future
Mamaaudri 7 dagen geleden
why don't they know the recommended feeding portions for the dogs? Vets tell people this.
Thunder Storms & Lightning
Thunder Storms & Lightning 10 dagen geleden
RamenNoodlez 13 dagen geleden
Now this is what I call success👌
Anne Haight
Anne Haight 16 dagen geleden
This isn't a dog problem. It's a kid parenting problem.
Joe Carbisiero
Joe Carbisiero 17 dagen geleden
Why is Diego drinking out if a cup on the table
Joe Carbisiero
Joe Carbisiero 17 dagen geleden
Diego has a fork and why is that cat on the table that is to much food to much
Natalie Berrisford
Natalie Berrisford 20 dagen geleden
Guyz. My Yorkie eats on the floor. But She has to be spoonfed. :(
ᰔLiana Hernandezᰔ
ᰔLiana Hernandezᰔ Maand geleden
One of the newest videos has her with a different husband..
ᰔLiana Hernandezᰔ
ᰔLiana Hernandezᰔ Maand geleden
@Hekko · po “Victoria disgusted in the most unheigenic house ever” second newest vid.
Hekko · po
Hekko · po Maand geleden
ChocolateCorpse Maand geleden
Cat: *exists* Victoria: Beautiful cat 🌚✨
Itanna Lindsay
Itanna Lindsay Maand geleden
I swear she’s been in one of your vids once? Isn’t the dog the one that LOVED paper?
ᰔLiana Hernandezᰔ
ᰔLiana Hernandezᰔ Maand geleden
She got a new husband also.l
JAY Maand geleden
Bro how come I never see her with a maak
J Maand geleden
Gorgeous family. Carpet in the kitchen though (and carpet in general) is sooo gross!
Tharshi I KV
Tharshi I KV Maand geleden
It’s like Victoria trains the humans more than the dogs.
Beth Maand geleden
Just me or does the boy in the green shirt resemble a young escolito from Nacho Libre?
Simu Lator
Simu Lator Maand geleden
I don't feel like pets should be anywhere humans cook or eat for sanitary reasons. Just like y'all letting your cat walk all over you kitchen counters with kitty litter paws. This is why ypu can't eat at everyone's house. I'm not concened about upsetting someone who doesn't buy their own food,clothes or shelter. What I say goes and that's it.
Lilly Yana
Lilly Yana Maand geleden
This family is a loving family. I am glad they fixed the problem.
varuna saini
varuna saini Maand geleden
The knowledge of times of food and amount is so help ful as I had my pet 3 weeks back so I was so confused and unsure if he was eating properly
Amberly the HarpyQueen
Amberly the HarpyQueen Maand geleden
Don't let your kid run the household...nothing good comes from giving your kids EVERYTHING and ANYTHING they want. The mom seems to be the one spoiling the daughter and the dad just goes along with it. The mom is really getting on my nerves.
Sara Girma
Sara Girma Maand geleden
They could simply feed the dog gourmet food in his own plate. I am all dogs having grourmet food bur need table manner
Ariely Velasquez-Canas
Ariely Velasquez-Canas Maand geleden
Well my dog is very aggressive
Eva K.
Eva K. Maand geleden
The family just needed an outside authority to enforce the rules since the dad couldn’t enforce it on his own.
Ryan Little
Ryan Little Maand geleden
I really need to show my mam these videos. She keeps rewarding my dogs begging behaviour, like saving bits of her meal for him or "go on then I'll get you a treat". She also always says I'm not feeding him enough (twice a day) It just gets hard trying to train him and get him to listen when she's around because he just thinks hell get it easily from her. Even times when he wants to go out for a walk, while I'm trying to get his harness and collar on he'll constantly look back at her or rush back to her and start begging again. "No he just loves me! Hes not begging!" she says as he sniffs at her hands for treats
Adrienne CARTER
Adrienne CARTER Maand geleden
What cute names 😍
nikki's modern life
nikki's modern life Maand geleden
Britney is a gem. She didn't know her ways, but you can see she loves animals.
Sunset Wolf
Sunset Wolf Maand geleden
I have a question Do u feed a puppy half of that food or idk
The Ianverse
The Ianverse Maand geleden
This is just like Supernanny but with dogs
YamiSphinx Maand geleden
What the hell? This is just the mom didn't want to be a parent.
Breanna Pedder
Breanna Pedder Maand geleden
I love your training videos I do it to my dog that has the same problems I just had to get rid of her sister because they were having the sibling syndrome so she was sad at first now she is better at walks than when her sister was her at my house any way thankyou again you are a good dog trainer.😃😃😃
Cynthia Hoggatt
Cynthia Hoggatt Maand geleden
Nasty hell naw
Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson Maand geleden
This is why you don't eat at the companies potluck.
ωYiuuui2ω Maand geleden
Nah uh my name is bailey 0-o
Emma Powell
Emma Powell Maand geleden
Hey Victoria if you see this please read it I found out about a women that forced her dog to go full vegan no meat at all and the women calls herself that Vegan teacher she has been abuseing that poor dog and the dogs name is Bella please I’m asking you to seeker her out and save that dog she never ate meat and only eats vegan foods please help the dog!
Nexiphh - Noob
Nexiphh - Noob Maand geleden
just name the show "It's Me or The Owner" at this point
Gaming Girl
Gaming Girl Maand geleden
Thx I need help too on my dog so this kind of help me
Moxi Foxi77
Moxi Foxi77 Maand geleden
I officially put more time into watching this channel this week than I have toward watching Netflix
taryn4080 Maand geleden
This channel arguable has the best thumbnails ever!
Jordan Moody
Jordan Moody Maand geleden
I can imagine having a fork for the dog to break up their food in the bowl but feeding it with a fork...
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B Maand geleden
Take the dog away for a minute, and bring in a fennec fox to growl and bark at the kids when they try to feed it from the table... "It doesn't matter the size, all dogs can bite and you're training your dog to be worse than this wild dog... Because the minute your friend doesn't feed them, they are at risk of being attacked."
Jesse Maand geleden
Dogs eat when they're hungry. When they are not hungry, they don't eat. They know what they're doing.
Toby Barter
Toby Barter Maand geleden
I guarantee once she left Brittany threw a fit and now the animals are right back at and on the table. 🤮
MOCHI YEOSANG Maand geleden
and why do you guarentee that?
Toby Barter
Toby Barter Maand geleden
Yusuf Kamaci
Yusuf Kamaci Maand geleden
Bro Victoria has the best cars
jsjk Maand geleden
Britney's face at first she was very annoyed. But am glad she listened
Tara mutaz
Tara mutaz Maand geleden
Hello im Tara and im 9 and i want to be like victoria c
TelekinesisGaming Maand geleden
Bad kids: Super Nanny Bad Teens: Worlds strictest parents Bad Adults: jail Bad dogs: Its me or the dog jahahahaahjxkskkz
Snow Chan
Snow Chan 2 dagen geleden
You missed scared beyond straight lol
Batman's Sidekick
Batman's Sidekick Maand geleden
Bad Business Owners: *Gordon Ramsay steps in*
SleepyDwarf_SpamQueen Maand geleden
You forgot Bad Cats: My Cat From Hell
Izzy Cookie
Izzy Cookie Maand geleden
Lol 😂
Erin Downey
Erin Downey Maand geleden
i love this channel i watch it all the time
Jason Kinnear
Jason Kinnear Maand geleden
I don't get it? There were NO behaviour problems with the dogs at all here. It was only people feeding them. The dogs did not even beg or make a fuss.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Maand geleden
If my parents weren't dog trainers, and let us kids feed our dogs form the table; My sister would be like Britney, and I would sit there like 🤢
Luna_the_Star Maand geleden
I remember this episode love it
Mike T
Mike T Maand geleden
OMG 😲.
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 Maand geleden
7:31 As a side note, if I was the father, I would never let that young of a girl wear that makeup. Then people complain about things that happen to them. You want to be an adult? wait, behave and enjoy your childhood first.
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 Maand geleden
1:14 Wow the totally unnatural brought its own response: "This is the source of a lot of arguments between us", there it is! direct response lol
Kianna Orzero
Kianna Orzero Maand geleden
This is like super granny but with dogs-
FroglingsReborns Maand geleden
GAH one moment the dogs butt was almost literally on her plate!
Karim Haf
Karim Haf Maand geleden
When was this filmed
Diana Marie V.
Diana Marie V. Maand geleden
"is three times a day with food bowls filled to the brim too much, or are they not eating enough?" oh my god...
Brandon Hulton
Brandon Hulton Maand geleden
Hello there 👋
Zevanox Maand geleden
I love Victoria's faces sometimes. It's the faces I'd want to make if I'd see crap like that xD
tilaknagar nitin
tilaknagar nitin Maand geleden
Love from #INDIA 😇
خميس الظاهري
خميس الظاهري Maand geleden
Wait there’s a question my 🐈 always comes when I eat
If You Have To Ask
If You Have To Ask Maand geleden
I’m now going shopping to get two forks specifically for my dogs and I’m going to have their names engraved on them. They’re not Diego’s size, their large/X-large, what the heck, why not 🤣 💀
Brit.C98 TheSauceBossHockeyFreakAllTheWay
Brit.C98 TheSauceBossHockeyFreakAllTheWay Maand geleden
Wasn’t there another Episode that Brittany always brings in Stray Dogs and that parents couldn’t control it and Victoria had to help out to stop it and then Victorio got Brittany to start volunteering at a Humane Society to help with the stray dogs there. And Now there’s this video episode tagts she’s back where they are allowing to let Brittany to feed the dogs off the table
MOCHI YEOSANG Maand geleden
Its literally the same episode.
Jeremy Walsh
Jeremy Walsh Maand geleden
oh shoot you werent kidding about the fork ...
Rikdhen Bhutia
Rikdhen Bhutia Maand geleden
Can you please show us your dogs
Myraisins1 Maand geleden
Love dogs but I'm suspicious of dog owners. Very unhygienc behaviors I've observed with most. I do not eat at dog owner's homes for that reason.
Jakayla Smith
Jakayla Smith Maand geleden
I have wanted a dog for 6 years still haven't got one
Levi’s Arc
Levi’s Arc Maand geleden
Obsessed with the biracialness of this family! GORGEOUS 😍😍😍😍
Inaya Kanwadia
Inaya Kanwadia Maand geleden
This house hold is so easy for Victoria to help cause they all listen and work together and don’t throw a tantrum. Do you all agree with me ?
Wee Dee
Wee Dee 8 dagen geleden
Pxchy !!!!!!! Boba lover
Pxchy !!!!!!! Boba lover Maand geleden
Pls help with. My dog please 😭
Lauren F.
Lauren F. Maand geleden
The family is kinda sweet compared to a lot of families I see on the show this is kinda cool ALSO THAT CAT IS SO GORGEOUS 10/10
Brandon Hulton
Brandon Hulton Maand geleden
Hello there 👋
Hazel Jean
Hazel Jean Maand geleden
Oh myyy! My dog is with us when we're eating like on the table. She has her own plate and little spoon. But she doesn't go and eat from our plates nor begging for more. And now paws on the table too.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Maand geleden
I still don't like feeding dogs from the Table, but If I was going to: your way sounds Ok
aposslex Maand geleden
Don’t let the cats and dogs like the food you eat! Don’t give them a tonne of food a day. These people are nice enough but so thick. It’s on the goddam packets how much you give them. Ridiculous!
MsJaime1977 Maand geleden
Dogs should never be near humans when they are eating especially at the dinner table
kryptonite savva
kryptonite savva Maand geleden
Yes! And people who train and discipline their pets are getting called abusers and mean. Those are the people who SPOIL their dogs and let them do whatever the hell they want. Pathetic.
Love Pet
Love Pet Maand geleden
Dogs need their own food bowl And diet special to their needs No way spicy 🌶 tacos! If it was my dobe ? Theyd stop after one night of his stank gas and next day loose 💩
•Terzii• Maand geleden
Damn Victoria's Car is fancier than my life
Sofia Gallego
Sofia Gallego Maand geleden
isnt this the same dog from the one where the dog was addicted to eating paper?-
Mynameisnon Ofyourconcern
Mynameisnon Ofyourconcern Maand geleden
My stepmom feeds the dogs at the dinner table and then complains about how they’re laying right under her🤦‍♀️omg guys come kidnap me I can’t take it anymore
Xmas2222_YT Maand geleden
Victoria always seems to be getting a new paint job with her car
voileteplayz Playz
voileteplayz Playz Maand geleden
She is very rude
Arιa Soc
Arιa Soc Maand geleden
You have to remember.. 1) cats and dogs lick their own buttholes and "breeding bits" 2) they puke and don't brush their teeth.
Lena Butzer
Lena Butzer Maand geleden
my dog use to eat at the table but my dad is a vet lol so we did what she did OwO
Brandon Hulton
Brandon Hulton Maand geleden
Hello there 👋
Wolf Of The Galaxy
Wolf Of The Galaxy Maand geleden
I wish someone could explain why my dog doesn't value her dog food, even if we don't give her human food all she does is beg for it and she'll grudgingly eat her food, but just doesn't value it, it's like she got a taste of human food and dog food means nothing. I have one dog that eats anything and everything and the other well.. I just described her XD
Lara Winter
Lara Winter Maand geleden
I jad a similar issue where my elderly dog wouldn't eat her dog food anymore, we stuck mostly to the same brand. Agzer changing the food and trying different brands she was eating like nothing ever happened. Its important to change their food as well 😋
Mike Oxmaul
Mike Oxmaul Maand geleden
Wynter Bellars
Wynter Bellars Maand geleden
not available
not available Maand geleden
i thought everyone knew how bad human food is for animals?????? it makes me so mad seeing this
K Fox
K Fox Maand geleden
Ok but can we all agree here that is family is so freaking cute.
K Fox
K Fox Maand geleden
@Manners Bananers Right? It's appalling some of the behaviors and family dynamics I have seen on this show before. These people seem like, well, real actual normal people.
Manners Bananers
Manners Bananers Maand geleden
They seem like genuinely good people! 👍🏻 Love to see it.
Disavowal F
Disavowal F Maand geleden
Why do Americans use disposable plastic cups in their own homes?!?
Nao Wright
Nao Wright Maand geleden
Philip doesn't want a war or arguments in his house.
Justin Karl Robelo
Justin Karl Robelo Maand geleden
Can you please answer my question, How do i stop two dogs from attacking a puppy?
Alexandra Marie UwU
Alexandra Marie UwU Maand geleden
I would rehome the puppy
Aesthetically Vanillaa.
Aesthetically Vanillaa. Maand geleden
I thought her show was over but its not and I’m really glad plus its amazing that all these dogs have been trained for along time but also just saying in 15 hours this only got 231 comments you can check rn but bottom line is I’m glad the show is stilll going on
MOCHI YEOSANG Maand geleden
Her show IS over. These are all clips from old episodes.
Ian Melonie
Ian Melonie Maand geleden
A dog can go without food for two to three days
Brandon Hulton
Brandon Hulton Maand geleden
Hello there 👋
Ian Melonie
Ian Melonie Maand geleden
@Alexandra Marie UwU I agree but she was feeding far too much I was just pointing out not too worry too much
Alexandra Marie UwU
Alexandra Marie UwU Maand geleden
Yes, but it is not ideal.
Pixie Luck
Pixie Luck Maand geleden
Bruh If I saw my two cats on the table I would not stand for it.
Rude Diego
Rude Diego Maand geleden
Britney is just a kid, she's going to do these things without guidance. I did whatever my parents let me with the dogs as a kid (they ate my pizza crust and we shared popcorn).
Hayat Burak
Hayat Burak Maand geleden
Same! Other that that - only dog food and treats
Rude Diego
Rude Diego Maand geleden
@Izzy Cookie I mean, it probably wasn't great for my dogs 😂
Izzy Cookie
Izzy Cookie Maand geleden
Aww that’s so cute 😊
caramen puppy lover
caramen puppy lover Maand geleden
Congratulations Victoria you have 1million subs AHHH! Am soo happy for you
Heathen Wolf
Heathen Wolf Maand geleden
Small dogs, like Chihuahuas, need to eat throughout the day because they have a faster metabolism compared to other dogs.
Horse LOVER !!!!!!!!!!!
Horse LOVER !!!!!!!!!!! Maand geleden
I’ve been waiting yay😃😃😁😁
sarah smith
sarah smith Maand geleden
Victoria literally has the cutest personality 💕 you can tell she’s a kind person
Brandon Hulton
Brandon Hulton Maand geleden
Hello there 👋
alourxelle Maand geleden
Ew when she said that was the last meal she literally kissed her dog like what?! Your dog is constantly running around the house, going outside, and you decide to let him basically eat, and sit on top of your food not mention you kissing the dog. Can I have some bleach please
Sofia Gallego
Sofia Gallego Maand geleden
Yeah and the dog licks its butt! 😃
alourxelle Maand geleden
Who else realized they have done a few episodes on the family but still introduced themselves? 👁👄👁
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