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Harvey is nothing but trouble! He can't be trusted around other dogs, takes his owners out for a walk and pees all over the floor of his home! But can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell control his wayward hound, or once he escapes his lead mid-training will all the hard work come tumbling down?

It's Me or the Dog UK Season 4 Episode 3



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


matthew coombs
matthew coombs Dag geleden
The woman owner is really annoying. She understands nothing about the Doberman breed.
Kaitlyn Hernandez
Kaitlyn Hernandez Dag geleden
That is such a great dog!
The Original Pickle Tickler
The Original Pickle Tickler 4 dagen geleden
dobermans are such lovely relaxed dogs, but you need to train them extensively. I had rescue dobermans as a child never a inch of aggression such sweet animals i love my dobbies.
James Dean
James Dean 4 dagen geleden
She's not cleaning that pee she's spreading it all over the kitchen floor
Jerde Ashley
Jerde Ashley 5 dagen geleden
The agonizing agreement byerly empty because car decisively wave to a billowy forecast. safe, receptive beech
Ymir 5 dagen geleden
Perfect example of a family who shouldn't own a big dog and didn't research a doberman .
bailey arivor
bailey arivor 5 dagen geleden
That is what my belgian malinois 7 mo old puppy does to my older jack russel dogs...he thinks they're toys and "paws" them and sometimes the jacks run under the bed and sometimes they snap at it ok to make a strong correction and teach him he is not allowed to play rough with them? Or should I make him learn a lesson and make him realize from the jacks thAt they want to be left alone "naturally" without my strong correction?
Roach🪳FARTTTTt🪳👴🏽 8 dagen geleden
Lofty Radish
Lofty Radish 11 dagen geleden
My sisters husky (Juneau) is amazing with dogs with anxiety aggression. She is a super chill dog and when dogs are barking and snapping at her the way Harvey was, Juneau just sits there calmly like nothing is happening. Another of the dog walkers we often run into on walks is fostering a husky with really bad anxious aggression like what Harvey has/had. Juneau has really helped her because she is so calm. Snow is always on the lead and had a muzzle like the one Harvey is wearing and she will bark and snarl and snap and lunge at Juneau. Juneau just sits there like she is in her happy zen place as Snow slowly eases closer. Snow eventually gets close enough to touch Juneau and when she realised Juneau is still super chill and not going to attack her, Snow just turns into a snuggle bug. We often stand and chat for a little while while Snow and Juneau sit next to each other and Snow snuggles into Juneau. It is clear that even though she is really scared, she still really wants and needs affection and contact with other dogs and it is awesome that Juneau can give that to her.
TONY ZHANG 13 dagen geleden
The opposite warm primarily nod because error surely trap except a anxious galley. wonderful, misty edger
JoJo Elizabeth
JoJo Elizabeth 13 dagen geleden
That lady looks like melissa from dance moms omg
Abigail Osmer
Abigail Osmer 5 dagen geleden
downtown82 14 dagen geleden
"The last person that Bill kisses at night is Harvey" That's true love! It's a beautiful breed by the way.
Mohammad Zainuddin
Mohammad Zainuddin 15 dagen geleden
The jaded meat opportunely unlock because submarine intraspecifically head sans a fine caution. zippy, true box
MGTOW Matty 16 dagen geleden
Fun fact. Breed was specifically designed to be able to have jaws wide enough, and canines long enough, to pierce a human skull. For Tax collection.." sweet family pet..." = close quarter protection dog.
Bryony Clohessy
Bryony Clohessy 16 dagen geleden
Lol they put an ad in the paper saying they need local bitches for some fun, games and filming 😂
Chryslaire Medina
Chryslaire Medina 17 dagen geleden
We just got our doberman pup, i was hesitnt on getting he but dad really wants a doberman so i have no say on the decision. I also have a small dog, and they dont get along really well, i am afraid my little dog might get injured with the type of play the doberman wants. There was also a time when i took her for a potty walk, she charged towards me as if she's going to bite me. I want to improve her behaviour, but.she is still a there is still hope.
Monda Chewon
Monda Chewon 17 dagen geleden
Thanks now I know I won’t ever buy a dog.
Naveed Ahmed
Naveed Ahmed 18 dagen geleden
I hate dobermans
Organic Methamphetamine
Organic Methamphetamine 19 dagen geleden
dogs: *exists* Harvey: *and i took that personally*
DRAGOTH BELMONT 21 dag geleden
a true Doberman gotta have that inner Gothic side but makes me wander of one of those Barbie looking b*tches could be the real potential Demonic doll ?? oh well pssf love my dobermans
JG GAMING 21 dag geleden
My dog is a Doberman and to me she is the sweetest pup in the world to others though sheesh
Dragon Plays
Dragon Plays 21 dag geleden
Let's admire the fact that Victoria is always dressed as female James Bond
iipeaxhyii 22 dagen geleden
This dog is to work and train to defend it family that is why in so many videos that they are good guards dogs and train dogs
Bhanu Nunia
Bhanu Nunia 23 dagen geleden
With all due respect victory.....u didn't gave Harley correction at right time nd Ur methods are also vague nd unrelatable I personally think u should get training from Cesar Millan 😊😊 he is the most phenomenal dog trainer I have seen yet with a mind blowing observation nd understanding of dog behaviour.
Tenzobiss 29 dagen geleden
Did I just hear romantic dog? 🤣🤣 People please do your proper research before getting any living being.
Kyl Lite
Kyl Lite Maand geleden
This episodes gives me confidence that I am on the right track with my dog. We adopted a rescue shar pei mix a while back. Unfortunately the rescue had no information about his background other than being an owner surrender for being stubborn. Imagine that, a shar pei being stubborn. I don't know what his previous owners expected. Anyway, he did come with fear aggression towards any new dog but I have been working with him and he is improving slowly. He's become ok with small dogs. I've been using the same process Victoria showed in this episode and it does help to see I am doing it right and that he can get to the point he can be ok with any dog.
SarahFBK !
SarahFBK ! Maand geleden
13:56 Wait is this the Ghost Adventures stock music haha
jamie clarke
jamie clarke Maand geleden
stop calling him a moster its not his falt i own a doberman my self and you need SET bondris and love them and they need alot of attetion and NOT TO BE A FASHION ACSESORYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
You need to learn to spell.
Dragon 24
Dragon 24 Maand geleden
Dobermans are such lovely dogs so it makes me so sad when i see them like this. People need to learn about What they Get before they Get them. Dobermans needs so much socializing and training when they are pups and Its clear he hasnt got it.
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Correct spelling is dobermann.
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Correct spelling is dobermann.
Lucy's Positive Paws
Lucy's Positive Paws Maand geleden
That was one angry doggie!
TheLillee00723 Maand geleden
She bought a dog and can’t maintain it and gets mad at the husband. Then ask what problems did she cause. Dogs know uselessness when they see it and love when they feel it too. Owners like her end up getting people hurt when their dog gets lose
Bee Empire
Bee Empire Maand geleden
( this is the first video I watched of this ) this is basically the dog version of super nanny
rahul srd
rahul srd Maand geleden
Jane isn’t walking Harvey. Harvey is walking Jane. 😂
bunny gamer game
bunny gamer game Maand geleden
the camera man is invisibal haha
giant salamander
giant salamander Maand geleden
People think that because dogs are so common and domesticated that they can just get any dog without researching it, which is just ridiculous.
rachit singh
rachit singh Maand geleden
Naturally dog has floppy ears only in case of doberman....ears are delebratly erected by taping them at young baby stage.
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Won’t get away with that here in the uk.
AlohaPrettySnow Maand geleden
im so glad there is a technique with walking around dogs. I will use this on my dog.
Ava DuVall
Ava DuVall Maand geleden
On today’s episode of “people who shouldn’t have working dog breeds” ...
madeline tansey bryson
madeline tansey bryson Maand geleden
Why do they keep him in such a long lead? Why don't they change his collar so that he doesn't escape? Surely a harness would be better. Or what about those nose collars, not a muzzle. Shah she just mentioned the head collar
madeline tansey bryson
madeline tansey bryson Maand geleden
The woman doesn't appear to be trying
Charlotte gore
Charlotte gore Maand geleden
Put that dog down or else I will report you
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
@Charlotte gore This was in mid 2000’s so both the dogs are likely dead now you troll.
Charlotte gore
Charlotte gore Maand geleden
Leave that dog alone Victoria or else I will report Victoria
Charlotte gore
Charlotte gore Maand geleden
Leave that dog Alone Victoria alone if you don't leave that dog alone or else I will report you Victoria stir well
kara Maand geleden
she’s the super nanny for dogs sorry if anyone else has this comment
Heather Lowe
Heather Lowe Maand geleden
The dog looks so sad in the thumbnail! She got a dog to look good while walking? Who gets a dog for that reason?
my puppy is a menace
my puppy is a menace Maand geleden
Jeez so easy to rehome. Big dogs need lots of room to run off their energy.
Jenna Tuller
Jenna Tuller Maand geleden
For someone that says she would get to spend half her day at the gym, ya would think she would have a lil more strength than that walking him..🤷🏼‍♀️
yo lo
yo lo Maand geleden
I think this show should be called the idiots and their smart dogs credit: idk
Brook Tanzania
Brook Tanzania Maand geleden
That's exactly what I was thinking why aren't they using a halti to try to control this big boy, good job Victoria.
john keepa
john keepa Maand geleden
All the running Victoria does 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 😅😅
Dianna Province
Dianna Province Maand geleden
I've never seen a Doberman with floppy ears. But him running is super cute.
Emma Drew
Emma Drew Maand geleden
I can’t believe he came back when called
Emma Drew
Emma Drew Maand geleden
Why was his tail docked? Isn’t it illegal in the UK?
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Yes unless there is a very good reason ie injury.
Danny Noii
Danny Noii Maand geleden
why do most of the blonde people in this show look the same-
yo lo
yo lo Maand geleden
lmao yea
Richmond Boahene
Richmond Boahene Maand geleden
Stronger breed and a weak owner is the worst combination
Ken Hamms cousin
Ken Hamms cousin Maand geleden
Cute dobie floppy ears
Just_Murray Maand geleden
Poor Harvey! This woman is just not truly into him and his well being. Shes in it just enough to keep her husband happy because he loves Harvey.
TheNanaGamer Maand geleden
I think nearly every episode I've seen where it shows the owners struggling to walk & out of control dog they're dressed completely inappropriately for the situation. smh When I walk dogs I'm in comfortable clothes & sneakers. If I need to run, I can run easily. If I need to stand my ground, I've got the traction to do so. Not to mention, you're going to be far more comfortable walking longer distances with any dog if what you're wearing is comfortable.
Isaiah Larkin
Isaiah Larkin Maand geleden
This was one year ago? Their style is so ....early 2000s
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
No it was filmed in mid 2000’s.
Chad Miller
Chad Miller Maand geleden
that even hurt on the dog
Moreno Mamprin
Moreno Mamprin Maand geleden
elflikek Maand geleden
Nice summers day in England.... 😉
bezbotek Maand geleden
01:24 She should have bought chihuahua instead
Laine Gordon
Laine Gordon Maand geleden
martingale collar maybe a better choice.
Kitti Copp
Kitti Copp Maand geleden
most demonic thing about him is that he is uncropped. poor dog
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Ear cropping is evil, cruel and illegal.
Valorie Lewis
Valorie Lewis Maand geleden
really? is sad he didn't have his ears cut in half and taped up? the only reason to crop dog ears is if they are a show dog or have a bad history with ear infections. Harvey had no ear infections and clearly isn't a show dog.
Larkyn Lee
Larkyn Lee Maand geleden
I feel that the reason Harvey doesn't behave well around other dogs because he may have been adopted to early? Sometimes if you adopt a dog to early they don't get the time to develop manners by interacting with their mothers and siblings.
Larkyn Lee
Larkyn Lee Maand geleden
Why did romantic music play when bill got home and was hugging harvey? Bahahaha
Dee Jeff
Dee Jeff Maand geleden
Wife.”it’s so difficult walking him”🤦🏻‍♀️ he’s a big dog not given proper training or socialising
Chatterjee Sutopa
Chatterjee Sutopa Maand geleden
Gina Bindari
Gina Bindari Maand geleden
That bond that Harvey has with Bill is honestly so beautiful. Wow...Talk about a dog being loyal and faithful to his owner...
Maribel Ruiz
Maribel Ruiz Maand geleden
My son and Irescued a Doberman and he is so humble. Our problem is he is scared of everything. Don't know what to do, yet we also rescued a miniature Shitzu who bullies the Doberman.
Ava Deng
Ava Deng Maand geleden
no offense, but if you wanted a "companionable" dog you shouldn't have gotten a doberman 😅
vvalurii Maand geleden
I own a doberman.. And what I've decided to do when she pulls (we use a very dull prong collar) is give it a gentle tug, stop and she sits 99% of the time.
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Stop using the cruel prong collar.
Allyson Estrada
Allyson Estrada Maand geleden
I am also a dog trainer and I was in shock of Harvey's behavior
Ashrith Chirnalli
Ashrith Chirnalli Maand geleden
Who else feels bad for the other dog Shih szu
Brina Potocnik
Brina Potocnik Maand geleden
Dobermans are known for their high intelligence and exercise requirements. You cannot go out and buy a doberman just because you like the way it looks especially if you didn't do the necessary research! They have insane bite pressure 305 psi people who are not able to handle a doberman have to go trough horrible experiences of even biting attacks
Lucie Maya
Lucie Maya Maand geleden
Headcollars cause whiplash...
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
No they don’t. You’d have to use it wrong ie yanking it like mad.
Valorie Lewis
Valorie Lewis Maand geleden
@Lucie Maya the dog's hips should never be past your own legs, if you are walking a dog properly this would never be a problem. A good owner should always be aware of both their own dog and their surroundings to prevent any thing negative from happening. It's simply whether or not you are a good owner/handler. Even an untrained dog is easily controlled if you are mindful and handling the leash properly.
Lucie Maya
Lucie Maya Maand geleden
​@Valorie Lewis Or if you let the dog bolt. Which a dog that isn't leash trained will likely do. Walking to heel is a taught behaviour.
Valorie Lewis
Valorie Lewis Maand geleden
only if you yank on them which every package they come in specifically says to never yank on the lead. they are actually safer than any other collar because it puts no pressure on the neck and windpipe.
Olivia Ronald
Olivia Ronald Maand geleden
Contact Dr do good spell temple i'm sure he will help you in which way you want him to. He is a genuine and trustworthy person, he helped me in restoring my marriage and brought peace back to my home. .....
Le'onna Butler
Le'onna Butler 2 maanden geleden
My mom had to get a muzzle for my dog,because he is a really big biter
SAHIT CHESS MATE FOR GAMES 2 maanden geleden
i don't like doberman
Kate Rogers
Kate Rogers 2 maanden geleden
She so does
not a stan of dream
not a stan of dream 2 maanden geleden
The rottweiler is a demon ya u hear me
not a stan of dream
not a stan of dream 2 maanden geleden
Why is no one comment on me?
creatures of mars
creatures of mars 2 maanden geleden
I heard it’s dangerous to use a head collar on dogs that launch forward, there have been cases where the dog broke its neck
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
I used a headcollar on my dog once years ago, never broke his neck. Don’t use it now though.
creatures of mars
creatures of mars Maand geleden
@Valorie Lewis horses are stronger and have less delicate necks the dogs. If a horse launges they will at most rip the rope from your hands, if a dog launches and you hold on it does jank him back regardless if the person pulls or not.
Valorie Lewis
Valorie Lewis Maand geleden
I have never heard of anything like that happening, head collars are the safest collar there is (as long and the owner isn't yanking their dog around which they shouldn't be anyways) because it doesn't hurt the neck. it is literally the same thing as a horse halter and you never see people saying those are cruel.
Michel-Lee Jagat
Michel-Lee Jagat 2 maanden geleden
Lady and Harvey are absolutely gorgeous
hello !
hello ! 2 maanden geleden
it’s really not fair on harvey it’s completely the families fault if you have a badly behaved dog it’s your fault!! you teach the dog what to do and it doesn’t know any better if you don’t do that right that’s on you also if they wanted a nice family dog that would be calm and could go on long romantic walks why did they get a guard dog? like wouldn’t a labrador or retriever or cocker spaniel or something have been better? idk this family just really annoys me
gina bindari
gina bindari 2 maanden geleden
Harvey prefers the husband over wife😬 I would too❤️
marianne moon
marianne moon 2 maanden geleden
Harvey is the same name as my tech teachers dog
chloe.mearaa 2 maanden geleden
The program should be called "Idiots' faults not the dog's"
Portal the Beast
Portal the Beast 2 maanden geleden
Why is this dachshund so tall?
Portal the Beast
Portal the Beast 2 maanden geleden
@Eibteeda yes I am. I just think dobermans look like giant dachshunds when uncropped.
Eibteeda 2 maanden geleden
You are joking, right?
robo pwner1
robo pwner1 2 maanden geleden
i hate the narration and the family calling their dog a monster its not his fault its theirs
Heather F
Heather F 2 maanden geleden
its mean how you dragged a dog with a lead and first never do that because they could really hurt them
Edged Young
Edged Young 2 maanden geleden
I like how Victoria is so open minded and she speaks what is on her mind, dresses boldly and seems so sassy. THE "WHO IS WALKING WHO?" LOOOOLL
Edged Young
Edged Young 2 maanden geleden
Guys, why do the kids wear green eyeshadow at home when they just came to film and train the dog? I mean they are gorgeous but being natural is amazing
Edged Young
Edged Young 2 maanden geleden
Victoria always reminds me of Emma Watson. Maybe the accent or the similarities in feature. It is so amazing that she is always well dressed
Hot Jumbuck
Hot Jumbuck 2 maanden geleden
Demonic Doberman??? Change the title.
Elizabat 2 maanden geleden
I used to babysit two dobermans and they were SO clingy. With everyone
JB 2 maanden geleden
I now understand why my friend HAD a Doberman.
Stubborn kidz
Stubborn kidz 2 maanden geleden
Who else uses Victoria’s methods on random dogs.. lol
Daniel Wirtz
Daniel Wirtz 2 maanden geleden
Head collars are caveman style dog training 🙄
Valorie Lewis
Valorie Lewis Maand geleden
head collars are the safest collar there is (as long and the owner isn't yanking their dog around which they shouldn't be anyways) because it doesn't hurt the neck. it is literally the same thing as a horse halter and you never see people saying those are cruel. please, How is a head collar "caveman style"?
ELMA EL.GHALI 2 maanden geleden
You are the best
Mafia29 2 maanden geleden
I feel all these dogs love Victoria 😂❤️
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