Endless Slap Fights with Dog have Caused this Cat to Flee the Bedroom | It's Me or the Dog

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Cashmere's overly curious behaviour is stressing out the family's cat and causing constant fights. With almost no impulse control, can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell help Cashmere resist her curious urges?
It's Me or the Dog USA Season 1 Episode 8
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
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Ms Ch.
Ms Ch. 13 dagen geleden
Arthur Flagey Petric
Arthur Flagey Petric 15 dagen geleden
The cat in this vid(george) looks like my cat(Lynx) except mine has amber eyes. my cat's personality is very different from George's, because my cat loves every animal! Except for small animals of course (birds, mice,etc)
Violet Alice Evans
Violet Alice Evans 16 dagen geleden
I love George already. I'm so glad he's happier now.
Tamara Meta V1
Tamara Meta V1 26 dagen geleden
This woman is the coolest human i have ever seen. Love her work.
Zaid Himmo
Zaid Himmo Maand geleden
MAKE A CHANNEL CALL Its me or the cat
Nurul Ain Syafawani
Nurul Ain Syafawani Maand geleden
I don't know why but it's good to see Vic stroke the cat. It's just like unusual.
Riya G
Riya G Maand geleden
These are the only owners that really did need Victoria and they are generally not the problem which is pretty surprising.
October Sun
October Sun Maand geleden
The husband is a bit ... well, he ... he looks good, don’t get me wrong ... very well groomed, that’s it ... I get very well groomed vibes from him.
Froggy Maand geleden
Is it me? Or did I just see a little fairy on the flower 0_0 uhm..
heart girl 234
heart girl 234 Maand geleden
omg victoria you fixed everything
Angela Phillips
Angela Phillips Maand geleden
0:43 that particular “meow” says to me “PLEEEAAASSSEEE LEAVE ME ALONE!!” Like, just this distressed, exasperated, mentally exhausted cry that just makes me want to rescue that cat from that situation. And I don’t even like cats, for real!! But hearing that poor animal so CLEARLY communicate that it’s uncomfortable and wants “out” of that situation, just breaks my heart
MaryCarol Canary
MaryCarol Canary Maand geleden
Cindy Grajales
Cindy Grajales Maand geleden
I have a cat and he really likes my dog and he is also friends with other cats my dog is a chihuahua and he adores my cat at first when I brought my cat home my dog wanted to play with my cat but my cat was to scared of my dog so we had to separate them my dog was outside and my cat was inside and after a few weeks later my cat started to warm up to my dog and started playing with him and my dog also loved my cat and played with him to
justcogitating Maand geleden
4:37 That insect is low-key having a Mufasa moment, but we'll just use it as a transition shot.
Ash Maand geleden
For me almost two days
Kiara Espinal
Kiara Espinal 2 maanden geleden
Can you train my 🐩 Ha ha just kidding
The Cousin channel All about the best cousins ever!
The Cousin channel All about the best cousins ever! 2 maanden geleden
Now the Cat is happy that the dog doesn’t get into his face now
Brianna Hernandez
Brianna Hernandez 2 maanden geleden
Funny thing is she wouldn't bother the other cats just George glad Victoria helped them both I love cats and dogs 🐶🐱❤
Troublemaker Gamer
Troublemaker Gamer 2 maanden geleden
I have a senior cat my family has recently gotten a new dog and so has my sister they’re both brother so each other and my cat is OK with my dog but doesn’t really like my sister‘s dog or solution was to use my spare bedroom upstairs and turn it into a room where my cat can go and have her food and water and she has the entire top floor of the house she’s allowed to go downstairs to the bathroom but we use a baby gate so the cat can go through the gate easily but the dogs could not go upstairs this works really well to keep the bigger dogs downstairs while they’re over visiting my cats not isolated but she can go somewhere safe which is upstairs and know that the dog cannot follow her up there we’ve actually not had to use the gate anymore because the dogs know not to go upstairs. If you give your cat and dog their own space in the house it does make it a little bit less stressful for the animals
tired af
tired af 2 maanden geleden
It's the cat not the dog.
Destiny Kamo
Destiny Kamo 2 maanden geleden
Damn I have seen Cashmire twice know
Beatrice wolfe
Beatrice wolfe 2 maanden geleden
Cashmere looks like chance
Get rid of the cats then your just torturing the cats and that's how dogs act there going to play
Gelatin Doggorino
Gelatin Doggorino 2 maanden geleden
Both my dogs are smaller than my cats. But they are pretty alright with it.
jackie b
jackie b 2 maanden geleden
Cashmere is so stinking ADORABLE!!!!!
Hanny Pressley
Hanny Pressley 2 maanden geleden
The dog sleeps under the bed... Ive only saw cats do this.. Cute
Hedge Maze
Hedge Maze 2 maanden geleden
I like how the dog is tryna give the cat friendship but the cat doesn’t appreciate it-
Elza Altmann
Elza Altmann 2 maanden geleden
Does not work if both animals have freedom to go into and out of the home. 2 acres, I cannot control where they both are.
S_ SpiritStar
S_ SpiritStar 2 maanden geleden
You can see the cat trying to remove ITSELF from the situation. Not try to randomly initiate anything. It’s hissing, warning him, and when the dog just gets closer, it’s going, “Im out”
155chipmunkz 2 maanden geleden
That poor cat is terrified.
ClaireCam 2 maanden geleden
I’m so happy the cat and dog can now coexist in relative peace! It’s great to see how much of the cat’s anxiety went down the dog have him some space, and that the dog was so relaxed too!
DoggyAngel GT
DoggyAngel GT 2 maanden geleden
The title should be: Supernanny: Dog Edition
Lana Taehyoun
Lana Taehyoun 2 maanden geleden
6:29 she has her life back how I'm I supposed to think of my life falling apart because of money :`)
Ana Alina
Ana Alina 2 maanden geleden
3:19 I mean, that's just mean. To just love ONLY the cat in the dog's face? The dog only wanted to play with the cat before, now he may grow jealous of it, and that's dangerous. I hope they won't do this often. Also: 4:13 This is the *only* time I've seen the dog be gentle with the cat, and the cat also reciprocated, leaning her face in, that is not a "leave it" moment, these guys could actually get along even when you're not around to say leave it every time they see each other. 4:31 Come on, cats don't wag their tails to show happiness, quite the opposite.
Isabelle Hunter
Isabelle Hunter 2 maanden geleden
the cat calmly turned its back on the dog and walked away. cats having their tails high up is a good thing. how about you leave it to the expert trainer with over 10 years experience?
Qtaro Kujo
Qtaro Kujo 2 maanden geleden
Boi if i was that dog and that cat wagged her tail in my face I would literally grabbed em and threw em across the room-
Vivianna Perez
Vivianna Perez 2 maanden geleden
I'm glad the dogs and cats are good now!
Inner Bug
Inner Bug 2 maanden geleden
My first dog Grouse was an English cocker spaniel and she basically raised two kittens, we have a photograph of her sat with a kitten on either side of her teaching them how to hunt. So eventually when she had puppies (happy accident) they were so used to cats an the cats were so used to them. Whenever they see a cat they just act like they want to go and say hello like they would with any other dog. And because they grew up on a farm they had a lot of socialising with other dogs they are great with it and are very polite. It’s a shame that when we moved we couldn’t bring the cats and our dogs haven’t been able to socialise like that again.
Cynthia nm
Cynthia nm 2 maanden geleden
Oh be the spots on the digs ears! Too cute
Rad KIDS 2 maanden geleden
what dog breed was this?
NiChole Gallo
NiChole Gallo 3 maanden geleden
Cashmere was the name of a cane corso that I love. From the NLfast channel Senza Tempo Cane Corso ❤️
Aesthetically Vanillaa.
Aesthetically Vanillaa. 3 maanden geleden
You’ll never know what this Somme time originally said
VHS NinjaCcoon
VHS NinjaCcoon 3 maanden geleden
My mother german shepherd whom she doesn't deserve needs this training, but she doesn't train the damn dog. İt keeps everyone up at night all because she locks it in a bathroom - and let me remind you...! İt doodoos all over the place in. And she doesn't clean it up. You know I'm going against my orders and taking to a family who will actually take it and love it
Mel Ullom
Mel Ullom 3 maanden geleden
I'm prefer cats but some dogs are ok. Chihuahuas and border collies are ok
Marika Cioce
Marika Cioce 3 maanden geleden
I dream a cross episode with Jackson Galaxy
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown 3 maanden geleden
Easy solution: The cat has to go!
VB S 3 maanden geleden
This is what happens when pet parents actually respect the trainer and follow her instructions.
Olivia Marr
Olivia Marr 3 maanden geleden
cashmere is stunning
luna contreras
luna contreras 3 maanden geleden
If you are interested in dog training the best results that ive had was by using the Bevs Booster Guide (just google it) - without a doubt the most incredible resource i've tried.
Joshua Bonifacio
Joshua Bonifacio 3 maanden geleden
Let’s be honest, the cameraman deserves a cookie and a gold star for being the most bravest in this show
gam lol
gam lol 3 maanden geleden
awe george and cashmere are so cute
Lilith Stormbringer
Lilith Stormbringer 3 maanden geleden
Starting the episode, I hope I see some catification in there
Debbie 3 maanden geleden
What a great success !
Kayla Phillips
Kayla Phillips 3 maanden geleden
How long has it been that I’ve seen an episode with a cat in it
PuertoRicanPrincess 3 maanden geleden
Coonhound are so cute!
Miyeko Yoshimi
Miyeko Yoshimi 3 maanden geleden
It doesn't get better than this!!!😍
Eloise Ledesma
Eloise Ledesma 3 maanden geleden
Sadly it's the other way round for me the cat won't stop invading my dogs space😂
One Directioner
One Directioner 3 maanden geleden
This made my day ❤ 💕
Mimbla Mim
Mimbla Mim 3 maanden geleden
Why is that a dog’s fault. Cashmere clearly is friendly and just curious. I would defend the dog ... uhhhh cats 🙄🙄
Mimbla Mim
Mimbla Mim 3 maanden geleden
@BabyBoyBelcher I can agree with you that even in dogs world there are boundaries. Maybe there’s more to Cashmiere behavior. Though from what I see Cashmiere is not doing anything extraordinary. Just being a dog. Dogs have different characters and you have shy ones and calm ones and ones that are super active. So I can understand teaching a dog some boundaries, I don’t understand telling dog that being curious is bad. To me it seems as if they disagree with Cashmiere Charakter. Also I felt really bad for the dog when at the time cat went on a bed at the end, they didn’t praise Cashmiere for doing good job with training. They were petting cat. It seems as if the cat was more important. In that case I want to say I prefer dogs and would support a dog. Sorry for a long comment, also I’m sorry for my bad grammar. You can have your opinion, I understand why you have it and I don’t want to argue. I only see that most of the time people stand by cats side in this type of situation and I want to be the one that will support dogs.
BabyBoyBelcher 3 maanden geleden
Yeah but he doesn’t respect boundaries and that leads to other behavioral issues. “Friendly curious dogs” are not respected by other dogs because they don’t respect cues and boundaries. They’ll get corrected by the other dogs and have issues. I’m sure there will be times the cat will let him lick and rub on him, but the fact that before, the cat was giving off clear signs that he had enough and wanted space but the dog kept pushing, meant the dog needed to be corrected and taught manners.
MsJaime1977 3 maanden geleden
Wow that’s one of the best episodes I’ve watched! Great to see owners that listen to Victoria and succeed!
K Sohn
K Sohn 3 maanden geleden
Hello!! I’m a 10 year old girl named Scarlett. I’m from CA and my parents are threatening to get rid of my dog named Duke. He has been very aggressive to my 2 other dogs named Jagger and Daisy. My mother and Stepfather allowed me to send this message. Duke is an American Bullie and he is very sweet but big...He is also very protective over my mom.If you see this,email my mother at SohnKailey@yahoo.com
Lucina Ramsey
Lucina Ramsey 3 maanden geleden
How wonderful.
Sweeperboy 3 maanden geleden
Great video, and a lovely family. I'm normally a "dog person", but I have to say, George is a really beautiful cat. I'm so glad they got this fixed.
Daiane Araújo
Daiane Araújo 3 maanden geleden
That woman is so proud of this progress she can barely contain herself ♥️
Michelle Twardy
Michelle Twardy 3 maanden geleden
One big cat
Lauryn Worley
Lauryn Worley 3 maanden geleden
Well done!!!
Crystal Tiger
Crystal Tiger 3 maanden geleden
I think the biggest miscommunication between dogs and cats is that dogs wag their tail when they are happy but cats do that when they are in a bad mood or angry and vice versa
YouTube_Hxv3c 3 maanden geleden
Julia 3 maanden geleden
Simple solution: sell the cat 😂
Becky Hartley
Becky Hartley 3 maanden geleden
Black Wolf
Black Wolf 3 maanden geleden
I really want the longer episodes back, can that be possible to upload? This is one of my fav shows!!! 😀🐕🐕. Victoria rocks!
Black Wolf
Black Wolf 3 maanden geleden
I like this couple because they have both cats 🐈 and dogs 🐕! Most episodes in this show only have dogs and they are also very motivated to keep both to getting along and have a fulfillment for training Cashmere. Pitbulls naturally have a high prey drive but with toys and distractions along with proper commands this can be altered 😁
Aakash Indian Gamer
Aakash Indian Gamer 3 maanden geleden
Hello Victoria Stilwell I would like some help with my beagle as I want him to be house trained
Nina Greenhalgh
Nina Greenhalgh 2 maanden geleden
Watch enough if her videos.....you could do it yourself
Ally & Suzy
Ally & Suzy 3 maanden geleden
This is adorable 🥰
Aamik Kalinin
Aamik Kalinin 3 maanden geleden
Another great owners👍
dancepiglover 3 maanden geleden
I wonder what they used for treats. They have to be more enticing than the cat in order for the training to work.
dancepiglover 3 maanden geleden
@AuntieWelly Well, either way, the people have to be or have something that the dog likes better than the cat.
AuntieWelly 3 maanden geleden
No, the dog has to want to please the owner. Our dog is not treat trained at all just praise taught and he's one of the best behaved dogs I know. But then he isn't left home alone all day every day while owners work, that helps.
Turtle Fam
Turtle Fam 3 maanden geleden
She has done it Multiple times and we need help
Turtle Fam
Turtle Fam 3 maanden geleden
Omg this is Perfect my dog Attacks my other dogs and I need help not now but later 😀
Shaivi Reddy
Shaivi Reddy 3 maanden geleden
Omg finally a family that doesn’t do wrong things there so wholesome honestly
Danielle Pyles
Danielle Pyles 3 maanden geleden
This whole video screams sibling vibes
Whitney Sommerfeldt
Whitney Sommerfeldt 3 maanden geleden
Victoria is a dog training God it's just so incredible
Jessica Parent
Jessica Parent 3 maanden geleden
I am so excited to try this with our pup! She is almost 9 months and she shoots after the cat whenever she moves -- I've tried lots of different things, but training in a closed room and then bringing in the cat, I'm excited to see these results!
SUNIL DANIEL 3 maanden geleden
Cashmeres nose looks like a ❤️
TwistedYarnBall 3 maanden geleden
Why are humans always so utterly shocked when their dog learns and understands the most basic of commands that literally every dog is capable of? It really isn't as impressive as some of these humans think. Not the poor dogs fault she hasn't been taught basics before. Leave it should be started from practically day one with most dogs, unless there's string rehabilitation work that needs to take precedence. Leave is as fundamental as "sit", "stay" and "down". It's a core command every dog needs to learn from the early days. Well at least these owners were willing to carry on and learn to educate themselves. They seem like nice people if just a little ignorant, but willing to improve. Always rare to find people like them on this show.
Alicia Parkar
Alicia Parkar 3 maanden geleden
Sorry but I'm not a cat person so I feel bad for the dog being scratched and she was a bit scared too sorry catlobers pls no one hate me
Poodle 3 maanden geleden
just like garfield
Person 3 maanden geleden
I hope you all know these are not new, this show ended in 2012
Angeliki 3 maanden geleden
The cat at the very end when the dog was getting praised, kind of seemed to be saying "What about me? I did good too."
Lilmay t.
Lilmay t. 3 maanden geleden
It's weird to think that this show ended in 2012.🙁
Sunset.blue 3 maanden geleden
Holly was my dogs name, but she’s in heaven if you know what I mean..💔
Sabrina Castro
Sabrina Castro 3 maanden geleden
this is almost the same situation as in my house :( my sisters dog luna who moved in last year terrorizes our cat, and so he doesn’t come out of the basement ever. luna has very high pray drive and it is very hard to take her attention away from the cat if she even sees him.
Rose Red
Rose Red 3 maanden geleden
Can you come help my dogs ;-;
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 3 maanden geleden
Why is there less love in telling her "good dog" instead of "good girl"?
Vicky Machin
Vicky Machin 3 maanden geleden
which is george and which is cashmere???
Lilmay t.
Lilmay t. 3 maanden geleden
George is the cat and cashmere is the dog.
Flower The Unikitty
Flower The Unikitty 3 maanden geleden
I feel bad for the dog he probably just wants to be friends
Sara Bihaouline
Sara Bihaouline Maand geleden
LDfidgetgirl 2 maanden geleden
Yeah poor baby he wants a friend
parasolhyena 2 maanden geleden
Eh, there is a difference, the behavior in the full episode was bordering on a prey drive from her.
Chlo Smith
Chlo Smith 2 maanden geleden
Me too.
Sarah Weeks
Sarah Weeks 2 maanden geleden
Tee Hamster
Tee Hamster 3 maanden geleden
Oh my god this is so sweet and wholesome.
Hannah • Zelhan
Hannah • Zelhan 3 maanden geleden
What a beautiful dog
Mia Conde
Mia Conde 3 maanden geleden
ten5h1 3 maanden geleden
I love when the owners actually listen. The pets are happier because of it.
bellstefanie 3 maanden geleden
This is so helpful. I have an 11 month great dane obsessed with licking all over my cats.
LeakyPirate 3 maanden geleden
Poor George
Diego Campuzano
Diego Campuzano 3 maanden geleden
Lab mix
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