"Worst Dog Owner Ever' Has Victoria Threatening to Take Pets Away | It's Me or the Dog

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It's Me or the Dog

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Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell enters a horror house so dirty the experts advise sealing it shut. Can she leave dogs in these conditions?

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It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Yankee Yankerton
Yankee Yankerton 11 uur geleden
You wonder why chlamydia is still around then you see people that live like this and understand
Ramona Ra
Ramona Ra Dag geleden
Please don't make children girl😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jesse Dag geleden
You had poop under your bed, and you had NO IDEA it was that bad? I am now dumber after watching your cluelessness.
Magdalena 2 dagen geleden
I am just happy for the dogs that their owner changed behaviours and they have a clean house to live in :)
Jan Klas
Jan Klas 2 dagen geleden
There are piles of dogshit and pee under your bed and "I didn't have an idea it was so bad".
Rashawn The Gaming Master
Rashawn The Gaming Master 3 dagen geleden
Ok why would you leave dog poop for like 2 weeks you can just burn the house down even if it's an apartment just burn it
Chorrell Piqué
Chorrell Piqué 3 dagen geleden
Beyond rank.
poseA 4 dagen geleden
I've known dog owners who confined their dog to a single bedroom 24 hours a day. Rather than walking the dog, they just let the floor become covered with excrement. It's mind-numbing.
Alexis Jones
Alexis Jones 5 dagen geleden
I work 12 hours a day 5 days a week and still walk my dog twice a day. And on the weekends when it's less traffic I come home on lunch to walk him. Too many excuses
Uszatka 5 dagen geleden
Can I watch somewhere full episode?
Barton Marshall
Barton Marshall 5 dagen geleden
The beautiful airport clinicopathologically treat because toothpaste italy groan from a panicky authority. sassy, remarkable cuticle
Ymir 5 dagen geleden
This should be called "Bad owners and how to fix that"
Amari 5 dagen geleden
5:37 Lmfao !!!
Nikhil Gautam
Nikhil Gautam 5 dagen geleden
I'm she's working hard to make things alright keep it up 😉
Shreya Sharma
Shreya Sharma 6 dagen geleden
This is how a Train wreck looks like
Edwina Stephen
Edwina Stephen 6 dagen geleden
She doesn't deserve the dogs. Please be responsible if you have pets
Farzan Salehi
Farzan Salehi 7 dagen geleden
What in the HELL!!! should I do at this point?
Jacqueline M
Jacqueline M 8 dagen geleden
Hulda Svensson
Hulda Svensson 9 dagen geleden
Why would you get dogs if you don't even know the first thing about them? Before you buy a tv or a pair of headphones, you look them up. So why not a dog? "They don't become perfect without training?! WHAT!?"
Marilyn Carnes
Marilyn Carnes 10 dagen geleden
Yola Nowak
Yola Nowak 10 dagen geleden
Like slways, it's the humans who are the problem not the doggies... 😁🐩
theamazingbatboy 10 dagen geleden
Jada B.
Jada B. 10 dagen geleden
How do you correct an older dog who's aggressive with other dogs?
Ray 11 dagen geleden
Listen... If you don't have time or are actually facing depression... The better thing to do is give your dog to someone who can take care of them better. I had to, I loved him, but because of being ill I could not give him the attention he needed... It broke my heart but I gave him to a friend of mine who could take care of him better.. M
I AmKind
I AmKind 12 dagen geleden
This is the first time I’ve seen her just straight up say I want to take your dogs away like dame
M V 12 dagen geleden
Im depressed and an alcoholic. But never have I ever let my puppy or my husband deal with living conditions like this! Even when my puppy potties outside i pick up and wipe as much as I can. Depression makes you feel worthless all the time but hell I definitely am at least getting way more right than these ladies
Trump4 Alberta
Trump4 Alberta 14 dagen geleden
My tenants dog is left alone for 10 to 14 hours a day. A pitbull she is let out in the morning for two minutes to P and again when the bitch gets home at night for two minutes to P. She doesn’t walk the dog, she doesn’t play with the dog, she has he has it at the lie down all the time.
rio angel
rio angel 15 dagen geleden
These owners are matrix people, no souls. Poor dogs.
annieostampe 15 dagen geleden
Why not walk the dogs instead of having them pee on the balcony?
Nichita 16 dagen geleden
Does anyone know how to train a dog that's not food-driven? Like she doesn't really like treats that much and has a lot of energy and wanna play instead? Is this normal?
Natalia 15 dagen geleden
Use toys in replacement of treats it should get your dog engaged and yes it is normal to dogs to have diferent levels of drive and focus on things
Leann Tan
Leann Tan 16 dagen geleden
Her room will cause a global outbreak
Erika Mauterer
Erika Mauterer 16 dagen geleden
A dog-toilett? They should take a walk with the dogs! FOUR Girls, no time to take a walk?
thesnowysmoyed 17 dagen geleden
Well that just heccck yeah, the worst dog owner that I have ever seen, actually well why in the earth she is not responsible for a dog that she take in and raise. Dog needs to learn to have manner and some basic rules that they should not create a mess for something, this girl should not even take responsible for any other living creature until she change her habits. I have a Samoyed and I take her to dog manner schools and teach her to behave and build bonds and love her, my dog and I respect each other, while also having fun.
Jacqueline Orth
Jacqueline Orth 17 dagen geleden
Poor woman
Eunice Fu
Eunice Fu 19 dagen geleden
Sarah can perfectly sum up "that" roommate
Neo Mogotsi
Neo Mogotsi 19 dagen geleden
Imagine the girls are cleaning and all that dirty water falls on your head when you pass they apartment🤣
Dillo Tea
Dillo Tea 20 dagen geleden
how is she not kicked out of the house
Ally Simpzzz
Ally Simpzzz 20 dagen geleden
Opal the Goofy Golden
Opal the Goofy Golden 20 dagen geleden
I think Nibby thinks she’s a Doberman.
Mira Nurmio
Mira Nurmio 21 dag geleden
I'm confused?! why doesn't the owner take the dogs outside for a regular walk to pee and poo?
mrthoms0n1 21 dag geleden
These are people whose vote is equal to yours. Anyone sees a problem? This is why we are where we are...
sarah silvanic
sarah silvanic 22 dagen geleden
I'm only nine and I take care and clean up after my dog more than adults!🤣
Maria 22 dagen geleden
I am a very messy person but since I got my puppy I’ve started to become a little more organized and I know that with time my problem will go away bc of him. He isn’t allowed to go outside for 2 months bc of his vaccines. 1 month has passed and I always clean after him and change his pads.
kyarilee 23 dagen geleden
wow, the few times that my dog has pooped in the house, I may let it firm up to make it easier to scoop up off of carpet, but that poop had been there for days
kyarilee 23 dagen geleden
you know like 30 minutes?
Cloudi Angel_tt
Cloudi Angel_tt 23 dagen geleden
At LEAST get a dog sitter or something
Sophia Matchain
Sophia Matchain 24 dagen geleden
Maryetta Graves
Maryetta Graves 24 dagen geleden
I don't have any pets but i know that when an animal pukes or poops everywhere you clean it up.
Person 25 dagen geleden
The dogs only need 4 to 3 walks and only 20minutes per day because they are small dogs. I have to walk my dog 1h and 30minutes a day, and about 2km.
chiisme 26 dagen geleden
I wonder how many times that owner has gotten pink eye
Lady in Black
Lady in Black 26 dagen geleden
Now you know how this woman will most likely care for a future family and kids she might have. Just something to consider to anyone do might think about dating, marrying or having kids with her.
Clif West
Clif West 26 dagen geleden
"I learned my lesson" *exaggerated disbelief* "ok..."
Rhirhi stopit
Rhirhi stopit 26 dagen geleden
Those poor poocheies. 😢 Dogs have such sensatice noses I don't know how they can stand that it must be so incredibly extra rancid to them 🤢🤮
Christine Barreto
Christine Barreto 27 dagen geleden
every time I watch one of these videos I go to my dog and pet him and thank god for having such a well behaved boy
steve melendez
steve melendez 27 dagen geleden
Seems more like a reality show then anything 🙄 where’s the real training
PupRiku 27 dagen geleden
If you're gone all the time and you don't walk your dogs...why have them? I have quite bad depression and anxiety, but there's not a single day goes by that my dogs don't get at least two walks and a good bit of play time. No matter how tired I am, how long I've worked. Whatever.
Carlie Flowers
Carlie Flowers 28 dagen geleden
Her: "I had no idea how out of control it was in my room" Him: *in an actual ventilator and jumpsuit*
ana tambunan
ana tambunan 28 dagen geleden
How could she sleeps with sits underneat her bed??? 🤮🤮🤮🤮 And all the vomit that not cleaned, she is insane 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Diaraye Kaba
Diaraye Kaba 28 dagen geleden
They should get a better dog and I’m just saying that even though it’s true I just want to comment to make y’all happy and entertaining because y’all are amazing people.
Diaraye Kaba
Diaraye Kaba 27 dagen geleden
Diaraye Kaba
Diaraye Kaba 27 dagen geleden
Sry. I had something to say
eat your cereal
eat your cereal 27 dagen geleden
Maria Torres
Maria Torres 28 dagen geleden
They don't look like they have a lot in the brain department...
sconod 29 dagen geleden
Person . I have monsters under my bed😟 Sarah . I have poo under my bed 😀
Amanda6532 29 dagen geleden
That is so gross!!! Who leaves dog poop under their bed?
Paul Busken
Paul Busken 29 dagen geleden
this woman is a tresher. the way shes not afraid to let the owners have it, but alwas has the dogs best intrist in minde. also that tutch training is a nifty thing. got to keep that one in the old mind bank incase i ever need it.
Alexandra Vazquez
Alexandra Vazquez 29 dagen geleden
This makes me to go clean my house with clorox right now
NightRayne Raven
NightRayne Raven 29 dagen geleden
Ginger hair girl, there is something called a broom that can get the poop
DPS3688 29 dagen geleden
Every time I watch videos like this all I can think about is Have these people ever heard of Google?
Huples Cat
Huples Cat 29 dagen geleden
My take away? Live with a woman before marrying her. This one ain't a keeper is she?
Devy Dev
Devy Dev Maand geleden
It's amazing how easy vomit and poo is to clean when you don't let it solidify...
。Hazel。 Maand geleden
It’s better to get a cat cause they don’t have to go out and they have somewhere to poop or pee.
abbyxabby Maand geleden
Is that a puppy Doberman or a mini doberman
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 17 dagen geleden
No and no. There is no such thing as a mini dobermann.
RAMITH T Maand geleden
Sanyu Ndekou
Sanyu Ndekou Maand geleden
These heffas are just nasty
Lee Dunn
Lee Dunn Maand geleden
Not cleaning up sh*t and vomit is incomprehensible to me.
T Jones
T Jones Maand geleden
My puppy used to poop under my bed until I got her going on pads and you best believe after every poop I was lifting my queen sized mattress and box spring up to clean it up. Was it tedious and annoying? Yes. Would I rather lift up my mattress after every accident than live with poop under my bed? Absolutely.
Mg Squad1.0
Mg Squad1.0 Maand geleden
She needs to be kicked out
Agent_Star Maand geleden
I've wanted a dog all my life ... I have some doubts now haha
Brittany Waller
Brittany Waller Maand geleden
Sarah is NASTY bro! I wipe my dogs feet I take off my outside clothes when I get home I CANNOT IMAGINE! NASTY! I would hear that and be like I AM out! Can you imagine what her room and what she smells like! NOOOOOO! She should have given those dogs away.
Roblox-Adventures Maand geleden
Its so nice seeing sarah care for her dogs at the end :)
elfxsi Maand geleden
Bro I swear I jumped at 2:00 and I wasn’t even there bruh- sCaRy aS hEcKk
Farr Maand geleden
“So you leave it”💀💀🤢🤢
Leslie James
Leslie James Maand geleden
Don't be like Nikki Phillippi
Jerney Neijts
Jerney Neijts Maand geleden
Is it 2020 or 2021
RC Maand geleden
Clare Gale
Clare Gale Maand geleden
Why have dogs if you don't walk or look after them , those poor dogs .
Ronnie Stella
Ronnie Stella Maand geleden
The plastic spain preferably destroy because blood ethnically kneel behind a late sweets. abaft, weak hole
alphabet soup
alphabet soup Maand geleden
How could you not know it was that bad?? I’m so worried for not only the dogs but these girls! Is it depression? Or just a complete lack of awareness? Yikes
Amelia R. Wilder
Amelia R. Wilder Maand geleden
Greg has such a nice voice.
Linda Pressley
Linda Pressley Maand geleden
I'm 9 and I can beat the living hell out of Sara
EmmaPlaysYT :D
EmmaPlaysYT :D Maand geleden
Avery Kok
Avery Kok Maand geleden
Take the DOGS!
Revolution of The Classics
Revolution of The Classics Maand geleden
This is why I don’t allow my girlfriend to have a mammal she has a fish 🐟 And there is no poop under the bed with the fish.
Christa Paulse
Christa Paulse Maand geleden
It's me or the dog I love it you are a really good trainer
Joe Eightys
Joe Eightys Maand geleden
These idiots should never be allowed to own a dog.
Cook with roro
Cook with roro Maand geleden
Helen H
Helen H Maand geleden
Gadz man 🤢🤮
Alhanoof Alhemeri
Alhanoof Alhemeri Maand geleden
Her room was so messy 🙁
John and More HB
John and More HB Maand geleden
5:18 lets put on a mask and gloves.... oh yeah, and some slippers to clean the balcony. Her parents must be ashamed of themselves for letting their unresponsible hazard live in the wild. What a tool.
heavy meddle
heavy meddle Maand geleden
Why get a dog in the first place? 🤔
me and my hamsters
me and my hamsters Maand geleden
Your videos are kind of lame but I love them so keep on doing hard work
ying bei wang
ying bei wang Maand geleden
Omg the worst owner I have ever seen that why the dog don’t want to sleep the floor because the under the bed is soooo messy
XxSŤØŘMĪExX Maand geleden
its actually *its me or the dissenfecting human*
Elizabeth Maand geleden
Telling by their clothes this is so old
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