Victoria Confronts Owner Over Their Refusal to Clean Poop on Walks | It's Me or the Dog

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Bad time management and general puppy antics are causing this home to be a toileting nightmare, one which only gets worse when the owners refuse to walk and clean up their puppy's poop! Can Victoria Stilwell correct their ways?
It's Me or the Dog Season 2 Episode 25
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
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Christine Cameron
Christine Cameron 21 uur geleden
How do you get a dog in an apartment dog without knowing you are going to have to deal with poop. Like did she not think at all? The PDF book I was given before I brought my dog home says potty breaks every 1-2 hours in the day and every 3 at night beginning several hours after the last feeding. I started crate training, but I wasn’t strong enough to stand the crying. So I opted for a larger playpen instead that I slowly adjusted to allow more space. My dog rarely had accidents and they were all user error when I didn’t follow the book or advanced too early. The system was exhausting as a single person... but my dog is almost 2 now and hasn’t had an accident in well over a year with free run of the house. I think the message I had to keep telling myself was that he is suffering a little bit now (confined in the playpen) so that he can be free for the rest of his life.
Alishia Gray
Alishia Gray 22 uur geleden
She is very immature. Seems like she is use to getting her way with 0 responsibility.
A Violet
A Violet Dag geleden
Somebody buy these guys some sheets for their bed?!
Katarina Bruso
Katarina Bruso Dag geleden
She is so irresponsible.
John Medina!
John Medina! 2 dagen geleden
He doesn't have a choice now???
jupiter1217 2 dagen geleden
Wait. That shot where John is getting up at 5:00 am. Are there NO sheets on that bed? They just sleep on the bare mattress??? A nice home like that and they don't use sheets? I sincerely hope that was just the guest bed, used for dramatic purposes for the video.
Emerson Clarke
Emerson Clarke 2 dagen geleden
NO! NO! NOOOOO! She took over all responsibilities as per the agreement. He did not want a puppy while they were living in an apartment, but she just had to go and get one anyway. This is all on her. He didn't want a dog .
Daniel 3 dagen geleden
This is the one episode where i agree with Victoria.
SooJin Cho
SooJin Cho 3 dagen geleden
I thought it was gross at first but I got immune to it really quickly. I would never not pick it up, even if I have to go home for more bags and go back.
LilFoxyCosplay 3 dagen geleden
I took a greyhound out for a walk and got rhe most awkward looks when she peed it was like a mini stream 😂😂 mum asked if I had to pick it up I was like "how can I..." If you want a dog be prepared to clean up after them
DALILA SANTIAGO 5 dagen geleden
that is the same with the parks near me i cant even sit down on the ground without almost sitting on poopoo
n0t_beast 5 dagen geleden
What kind of breed is raven
Leah Fitz
Leah Fitz 5 dagen geleden
Omfg it’s just poop it’s not a squirming worm she’s so immature
Shana 7 dagen geleden
I bet they don’t have that dog anymore.
Despaiir X
Despaiir X 8 dagen geleden
This women is so damn childish even little kids and adults are okay with picking up poop since it’s their responsibility when they have a dog but this girl won’t even do anything like- *sigh*
Widdekuu91 11 dagen geleden
Runs of into the watersystem, she said. Being the devils advocate here...but so does all the human poop....
Keeplearning 13 dagen geleden
I think john stand was very clear in beginning and she does not pickup the poop seriously so other people should suffer with hygiene.
Amazingtrooper5 14 dagen geleden
The guy did say a dog would be too much responsibility and she doesn’t listen yet she’s surprised he won’t help take care of the animal. Ohhhhhh I’m shocked
Maddie Hardwick
Maddie Hardwick 14 dagen geleden
This does make me angry because my sister lost her baby because one of her kids got some dog poop on there hands of the treats, got it on my sister, but little did she know at the time that when she got that poo on her it killed her little baby inside of her. Leaving poop is a health hazard and just dam right unhygienic.
Re Robinson
Re Robinson 19 dagen geleden
2 or 3 times outside a day is not enough. I take my golden 4-6 times a day.
Sarah Franklin
Sarah Franklin 20 dagen geleden
Picking up poop is literally one of the top things you have to do living in a city.
Tracey South
Tracey South 21 dag geleden
that woman looks like a very nice person. what she does not look like is a good dog owner. this is also my biggest pet peeve ; owners that leave their dog's poop for everyone else to step in , or try to not step in. Including my dog....I have to constantly go to extreme measures to try to keep my own dog from stepping in all the random poop. If she thinks it's gross , why is she leaving it for other people and animals to deal with ? If you feel you cannot pick up your dogs' poop then you definitely should NOT have a dog. Period. Kudos to her BF and Victoria. Also FYI to dog owners , if you hate it because it is gooey , then stop feeding your dog the wrong foods. Duh. The dog is sweet and I do have hope for them all.
Agnii 22 dagen geleden
Pls dont get a dog if you dont want to pick up the poop!
Kyla Graves
Kyla Graves 22 dagen geleden
This is my first time watching this episode and didn’t know that dog poop can run off. I was taught to pick it up then after a while leave it alone even leaving bags of liter with cat poop. I learned something new.
Ka-Bar Chief
Ka-Bar Chief 22 dagen geleden
Christine Nicholson
Christine Nicholson 22 dagen geleden
the longer I own a dog the more I realize how severely people underestimate the work that goes into a well behaved dog.
Jessica LanSpe
Jessica LanSpe 23 dagen geleden
Aren't there laws or ordinances in pretty much EVERY city and state in this country that requires dog owners to pick up poop after them?
Cortney Annamaria
Cortney Annamaria 23 dagen geleden
She doesn’t need a dog.
Year-round Krampus
Year-round Krampus 24 dagen geleden
"Im not gonna make you clean up all of it" omg I would literally stand there and watch her pick up ever last dog dropping.
CeltycSparrow 24 dagen geleden
So.....John did NOT want the puppy. He told his wife that IF they got the puppy, she would be the wife's responsibility. And the wife is resentful because her husband won't help her care for this puppy.....that he TOLD HER quite plainly he was not going to help her take care of. And they want the puppy to stop "evacuating" in their home.....she's a PUPPY. You need to have her on a schedule and you need to house-train her. She's not some baby in England during the Blitz that's sitting in an air crib and you just roll the mess away when they potty. lol Heaven help her if she ever has a baby.....because they ALSO poop. And they can't do it outside. Sometimes, they even do it on Mommy. lol
ItsBarbieBlank 24 dagen geleden
john doe
john doe 25 dagen geleden
DIVORCE no one should deal with this level of selfish. I love dogs and have 2, but would never get a dog in an apartment.
James Olojo
James Olojo 27 dagen geleden
This woman should not be allowed to own dogs
Sophia Ferreira
Sophia Ferreira 28 dagen geleden
WOMAN YOU POO TOO WHATS THE PROBLEM WITH YOUR DOG POOING.DON'T GET A DOG IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL BE PICKING UP THE POOP.I pick up my dog's poop and I don't complain bc 1: its my dog my responsibility 2: everyone and creature poops yes it super gross but that's what you call responsibility.
B 28 dagen geleden
Does he sleep on a bare mattress???
Coldn00dles 28 dagen geleden
Remind me of this people who in my neighborhood don’t pick up there dogs poop on the side walk I’ve seen them do it when I was walking my dog smh
Viewer Abundzu
Viewer Abundzu 28 dagen geleden
what is gross are two adults who are just damn selfish and can’t cope with a dog
Samantha Matuszak
Samantha Matuszak 28 dagen geleden
I don't think she realizes that you can be kicked out of the apartment for that.
Dixie Diamond
Dixie Diamond 29 dagen geleden
I always picked up my dog's poo, along with any other dog poo I found because, yeah, it's gross, and I don't want my neighborhood full of dog poo! Nobody likes it, but it's better than stepping in it!
Dixie Diamond
Dixie Diamond 29 dagen geleden
OMG lady, get a trowel if you don't want to feel it through the bag. What a child.
Natalie Wyatt
Natalie Wyatt Maand geleden
Aw, now that's nice
Ava Jefferson
Ava Jefferson Maand geleden
She did not pick up the poop
MetalMomLT Maand geleden
Gorgeous couple and beautiful dog! She looks just like my good friend growing up in Newport, RI
Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson Maand geleden
This is one of the reasons people who are responsible with there dog can’t find an apartment that allows dogs cause people like this let there dog puppies do whatever.
hitoyota4runners Maand geleden
I’d be really concerned for her baby if she ever decides to get pregnant. 😳
Velma Scarborough
Velma Scarborough Maand geleden
People who don't clean up after their dogs annoy me to my core. No one wants to pick up dog poop. Use a "Dispoz-a-scoop" or other similar method if "touching" it is something you hate(like me).
Poppy Price-Dowhan
Poppy Price-Dowhan Maand geleden
As a manual wheelchair user if someone's not picked up after their dog and I fail to notice it's HORRIBLE!
Hnin Suu Mon
Hnin Suu Mon Maand geleden
If you don’t want to pick up a puppy’s poo then don’t get a puppy in the first place.
Maddie Maand geleden
Victoria has smelled so many smells
big G
big G Maand geleden
Why get a dog if u dont want to pick up poop ? That makes no sense.
Elza Locmele
Elza Locmele Maand geleden
hi Victoria I am geting a pupy next week I will do my best with him
Abbey Awesome101
Abbey Awesome101 Maand geleden
Every moring I take my service dog and my dogs out feed them breakfast and I walk them for a mile every moring and every night and my mom lets them out every might I always make sure there are poop bags tied to there leash so I can pick it up every other day I pick up the dog poop in there play area and I always make sure my pets are taken care of before me after I walk my dogs I give fresh water and food every single day
LolaKlein Maand geleden
I hate picking up dog poop. That's why I have cats.
My husky Tucker
My husky Tucker Maand geleden
Ok me and my 10 year old brother pick our husky’s tucker poop even if bad
Gwen Stone
Gwen Stone Maand geleden
How can you get a dog and not think you will pick up their poop. How selfish can a person be ... well we already know since she didn’t care what her partner wanted.
Steph Daigle
Steph Daigle Maand geleden
I'm just getting More and More riled up with her complete Childish and Immaturity !! Someone getting a dog and Never picking up the feces would Leave me Extremely Angry and I would 100% report them If it continued and I would go as far as removing the dog from the home if it continued !!
Steph Daigle
Steph Daigle Maand geleden
3:27--- If that was MY client, I would have had her pick up every single.Inch of that lawn even Before we get into training sessions!!
Steph Daigle
Steph Daigle Maand geleden
OMG!!! She has left ALL of that poop out there on the lawn!! Gross!!!
cherilyn poen
cherilyn poen Maand geleden
This dog is so cute😍😍😍
cherilyn poen
cherilyn poen Maand geleden
Soooo cute😘😘😘
cherilyn poen
cherilyn poen Maand geleden
Halie McKee
Halie McKee Maand geleden
Good job!!! I’m proud of the both of them, I understand where he was coming from but look at him now. He sees how smart she is and actually wants to have her now. Good job victoria as always you know just how to help.
Maevy Gravy
Maevy Gravy Maand geleden
My dog poops in our backyard and I pick it up I’m nine so I think she can pick it up
simply one hell of a neko
simply one hell of a neko Maand geleden
Lady: *hates poo* Me: *who's had 4 dogs* so do I but I still pick it up.
madison rudnitsky
madison rudnitsky Maand geleden
they were on this show and teh dog was completey trained what happened to her
abbyfaith Maand geleden
Now that I’m watching this video, it was a good reminder for me to buy more doggie bags as I’m running low. 😅
Izzy Cookie
Izzy Cookie Maand geleden
This keeps happening like you expect someone to take care of a dog if you dont tell them about it or ask it’s so rude 🙁
Delta November
Delta November Maand geleden
I never pick up my dog’s poop. Fortunately I live in the middle of nowhere, if anyone complains about stepping in my dogs poop they’d better have a bloody good reason for being there.
Andrea Orozco
Andrea Orozco 2 maanden geleden
Riya G
Riya G 2 maanden geleden
What a cute dog!(Pretty sure it’s a rotwiller) So cute! But you can’t get a dog without your partner’s permission
Elizabeth Hitt
Elizabeth Hitt 2 maanden geleden
It ‘s not that hrod Marybeth cape
Carol G
Carol G 2 maanden geleden
For non-potty trained puppies, you should be taking them out at least once every 30 minutes to ingrain it in their brains that potty is for outside.
Vanny Rivas
Vanny Rivas 2 maanden geleden
She didn’t deserve a dog
r light
r light 2 maanden geleden
As a dog owner, people not picking up poop is my BIGGEST pet peeve. First it is the law. Secondly, they make it bad on us owners that do! It's Interesting people have no problem wiping themselves after a poop but can't cover their hand with a bag to pick up after their dog...hmmm
Palisha Vohra
Palisha Vohra 2 maanden geleden
Honestly, I didn't even think that someone might need help with this. I mean normally after a few accidents isn't it easy to recognise their behaviour before they excrete. I mean, like with my puppy, he will go around sniffing walls and things and he spins around. So after a few accidents, we recognised his behaviour, and according to this video, even Raven had some of the behaviour, like sniffing around and all...right??
Emma b
Emma b 2 maanden geleden
Nobody enjoys picking up their dog poo, but they know it’s their responsibility for picking it up.
Han Ji
Han Ji 2 maanden geleden
What's this weird background music ??
Stephy He
Stephy He 2 maanden geleden
"im kinda mad at john for telling on me" IM mad at U for not picking up POOP
Ak Cousins
Ak Cousins 2 maanden geleden
It’s like the sewer people cleaning are poo. It has to be done
Floaty Muffins
Floaty Muffins 2 maanden geleden
“What do you do with number two?” Her: *nervous sweating*
Sarai the Gigabyte
Sarai the Gigabyte 2 maanden geleden
Our house has property that extends across the sidewalk and lots of dog owners abound. Lots of issues with them not picking up their dog's bombs.
Ms Ch.
Ms Ch. 2 maanden geleden
Ya'll feeling sad and sorry for the guy and I'm here thinking both were terrible. Hope she doesn't have his baby because she wouldn't clean a diaper and he wouldn't move a finger. Doggo is there now, shove your excuses down your throat, swallow your pride and BE USEFUL, DOG NEEDS YOU, NOBODY CARES FOR THE REST, THERE IS A LIFE IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE, STOP BEING AN **bleep** Edit: i encourage to people that know someone that doesn't clean after their animals go to pick it up and put on their mail. Great way to send a message.
scuffz14 2 maanden geleden
WHY DID SHE GET A DOG OMG she's is so ignorant and annoying
Captain Teeko
Captain Teeko 2 maanden geleden
We had a corgi. He would just stand next to the door when he had to go out. We would walk him everyday. Sometimes he wouldn’t wanna come back in from the back. He liked cold nights cuz he’s a welsh breed after all 🤷🏻‍♀️ he was such a good boy 😭🤧❤️
Bina Lakinah
Bina Lakinah 2 maanden geleden
Ok obviously them not picking up the poop was gross, but did anyone else notice THAT THEY DONT SLEEP WITH A SHEET COVERING THEIR MATTRESS
Amanda Lawuo
Amanda Lawuo 2 maanden geleden
How do u discipline dogs
Marion Loesch
Marion Loesch 2 maanden geleden
The easiest way to clean up dog poop that has landed on the ground is take a plastic bag make it so the bag covers your hand and wrist then grab the poop then pull the bag down around the poop and throw it away
jenny wildman
jenny wildman 2 maanden geleden
Well she wanted a puppy and she got one
Kathryn94 2 maanden geleden
Compromise shouldn’t always have to be one way. Animal lovers shouldn’t always be expected never to have a pet to appease their partner. It should depend on each situation. And if neither person is willing to budge.. then maybe you’re not a very good match?
Sab B
Sab B 2 maanden geleden
“iT’s OuSiDe, NoBoDy WaLkS oVeR tHeRe” i-
Sab B
Sab B 2 maanden geleden
the way that woman said that she doesn’t pick the poop up just shows that she chose to get a dog just cuz it’s “cute” and/or “trendy”. i hate ppl like that
Sab B
Sab B 2 maanden geleden
so many ppl still don’t understand that if u wanna get a dog (especially a puppy), all the people who live in the house with you have to agree to have one and to take care of it too. if one of them says no, it’s not fair for them to get one and it wouldn’t be fair for the dog either and it’s not only with dogs but with every other pet
Brittny Burkett
Brittny Burkett 2 maanden geleden
Yo she shawty act like she can't buy two gloves for the same hand or double bag the poop so she don't gotta touch it
Quinty 2 maanden geleden
people like this should not be able to get a dog.
Jermi 2 maanden geleden
U said u do everything u right.......u know what I have a indian spitz puppy ..I have taking care of him from 3weeks now he's 3 months .I feed him ,cleans his cage,arranges his cage and his clothes,give him bath,grooms him,look after him ,cleans his pee ,cleans his poops ,train him,and as ima student I have classes ..and I take him to vet ,give him checkup every twice months .takes him to walk , u see now tell me who works harder
Deana Wehr
Deana Wehr 2 maanden geleden
Our who can say no to an ANIMAL. I AM AN ANIMAL LOVE 💘
Deana Wehr
Deana Wehr 2 maanden geleden
Who can say no to a puppy and I get it is gross but you got to do what you got to do. Right ✅
cafsixtieslover 2 maanden geleden
How would she handle nappies?
Yulin Setiawan
Yulin Setiawan 2 maanden geleden
Victoria : Tell me whu ypu don't pick it up? Lady (Idk her name bcs I just started watching) : Because its......gross. Me : UHMMM SISSS I LITERALLY CHECK ON MY BALCONEY 4 TIMES A DAY JUST TO CHECK IF MY DOG POOPED OR NOT. Even if I'm still 11 years old, my mother told me to take responibility of my dog or else just not have a dog at all
MAD QUEEN hime sama
MAD QUEEN hime sama 2 maanden geleden
I don't give a dogs crap litterly that if u don't pick up ur dogs poo is monsterous I mean for God sake use and pair of unused tongs with a bag u can carry of poo bags and a clip u can use to clip the poo on the leash while u walk or something like that for heavens sake I don't care how u do it do it!! Ik how victoria feels I am a vet assistant with a certificate and everything so I understand completely how victoria feels about knowing a dog owner doesn't clean there poo so I beg to all in the world pick ur dogs poo somehow please please please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rachel Garber
Rachel Garber 2 maanden geleden
That’s why I don’t want a dog, I love them but don’t want to have to walk them. Temp in the 20s for over a week with snow off and on, I’m going in the house cozy with my cats
Liam T
Liam T 2 maanden geleden
Baby I'm Dancing in the dark With you between my arms Barefoot on the grass Stepping in this poo
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