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Buster is like a spoiled little kid, he gets everything he wants and is pampered to within an inch of his life. However, dog training expert Victoria Stilwell is concerned the special treatment may have gone too far as Buster continues to get in the way of his owners' love life and has a diet of many things no doggy should be eating!

It's Me or the Dog UK: Season 3, Episode 6



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


VS Positively
VS Positively Jaar geleden
Glad you enjoyed the episode. Thanks for watching!
Craig Davis
Craig Davis 4 dagen geleden
Hey Victoria how have you been
scott mcketsy
scott mcketsy Maand geleden
Thank you for your work. I have learnt a lot
LA 'Destiny Fernander
LA 'Destiny Fernander Maand geleden
Chloe’s Vlogs
Chloe’s Vlogs Maand geleden
I love you!!!!!💕😃
Nathan Killman
Nathan Killman 2 maanden geleden
You should come to mi House because my dog destroys my house
Viki Harmon
Viki Harmon 13 uur geleden
Just one reason I will never ever have a male dog
Odette Widdicombe
Odette Widdicombe Dag geleden
My dog do not sleep on my bed on the floor people
Odette Widdicombe
Odette Widdicombe Dag geleden
She is a Shilly women you do not give them chocolate graps bread your food
Erin Farrell
Erin Farrell 2 dagen geleden
Omg even after she says CHOCOLATE CAN BE FATAL she gives the poor dog chocolate. I seriously don’t understand why people don’t get it
Pacey Arledge
Pacey Arledge 3 dagen geleden
He’s a lil smartass
marina david
marina david 6 dagen geleden
Claiming to love her dog as her own baby is a funny...parents alway teach their babies a lesson. Actually she doesn't she her as a baby, she show her as a baby doll. Very worses dog owner among the people who claimed that theylove their dog to death...
Shievon Cheah
Shievon Cheah 6 dagen geleden
BRUH ur not supposed to give him chocolate MA'AM it kills dogs
Anina Evans
Anina Evans 9 dagen geleden
Some of the dog owners are replacing kids with dogs. Some of them need kids, and the dog.
kelly's World
kelly's World 9 dagen geleden
T^T Chocolate is bad for dogs......and she is giving him
Carson Does Gaming
Carson Does Gaming 12 dagen geleden
"How do you correct him" "... I don't"
Linda K
Linda K 12 dagen geleden
What about Dave * looks around * who?
Zoely Bennazar
Zoely Bennazar 13 dagen geleden
I do the whole ice cubes with my dog because I "felt" like it was keeping her busy and not bored when drinking Didn't think until now that it was something people do to train dogs
Shishiochan 15 dagen geleden
I don't get how you can treat a pet as a replacement for a child. There are so many children in need of a loving home, why not look into fostering/adopting children, if you want to be a parent?
Mia Le Roux
Mia Le Roux 18 dagen geleden
whitenoise i hear u
whitenoise i hear u 19 dagen geleden
If she has a will be that kid, picked last for any of the running games Wonka factory chocolate river tube.
daily dose of ur mum
daily dose of ur mum 22 dagen geleden
Lizzet Lopez
Lizzet Lopez 22 dagen geleden
In my opinion if you give your dog chocolate you can't have a dog
ginny okeen
ginny okeen 24 dagen geleden
Wow what a patient man if I did that to my husband we probably divorced 😂
Nate Shiz
Nate Shiz 25 dagen geleden
Dump her dude.....
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B 25 dagen geleden
It irritates me when I hear "I spoil my dog" and "I give them chocolate" in the same sentance. Also, that is the first time I saw a doggie Manage-à-trois
Mary 27 dagen geleden
Love the Greek music 😂😂😂
Marshmallow Weekly
Marshmallow Weekly 29 dagen geleden
Kiki Pokorná
Kiki Pokorná Maand geleden
I just hate when people spoil dogs like that. Should this happen in my home, it would surely happen only once and I would make sure of that! Can´t imagine that my dog would do this every single time. Look - I love my dog, I kiss her ect. but there are rules that shall not be tresspassed - like relieving inside, chewing furniture or eating human food. Thats also bad for their health - especially chocolate!
ineedhoez Maand geleden
Yo! He pissed on the counter. I'm dead.
Nausicaa Alkistis
Nausicaa Alkistis Maand geleden
If I could give him everything in the world, I would. So, say he wanted chocolate with cyanide, you'd give it to him just so he didn't lose that smile on his face?
Sophie Cook
Sophie Cook Maand geleden
he gets chocolate...... whos going to tel her
Vanessa Cruz
Vanessa Cruz Maand geleden
I thought everyone knew not to feed their dog chocolate. Surprised. =O
Dianna Province
Dianna Province Maand geleden
I had a dog that we thought was a holy terror when he was about a year old ( maybe a but younger). But dang, my Lukey boy had nothing on Buster!
Yuki - Chann Takanashi
Yuki - Chann Takanashi Maand geleden
The dog is smarter than me 🙃
Tamara Bankhead
Tamara Bankhead Maand geleden
Why does it feel like these people in the UK are back in the mid 2000s?
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Because this show is from mid 2000’s.
Me EM Maand geleden
My dog is called buster but he's a very good boy
Alex Di
Alex Di Maand geleden
Dave is the real MVP. She doesn't deserve Dave.
KAT PURFECT Maand geleden
I don't let my JR of lead at park , so I jog round with her, dog's need 2 run.
Toss Girl
Toss Girl Maand geleden
Are you serious😂 please don't get a dog if you don't know the simple things about them like how they CAN'T HAVE CHOCOLATE🤭 I'm shocked her dog isn't dead from how much chocolate they've been eating together
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
@Toss Girl Yet you ignore the fact this show is from 2005 to around 2008 and reply with the comment that the dog is only one year old.
Toss Girl
Toss Girl 24 dagen geleden
@Danielle Dewitt well I obviously mean before the training And it's only like a year old
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Actually given how old this show is all the dogs in it are likely dead.
rahul srd
rahul srd Maand geleden
I think the sub-continent needs these dogs. Too many people. 😂😂😂
Jimmy The Octo
Jimmy The Octo Maand geleden
I screamed inside when she said “he gets chocolate for bed”
emily cheetham
emily cheetham Maand geleden
Why are they leaving food on the units or in the oven know he can get to it? Chocolate is poisonous to dogs- milk (given at night) can give dogs diarrhoea as many dogs are lactose intolerant. How is this woman ever going to go on holiday if she cannot sleep without her dogs in her bed?
Audrey Brenner
Audrey Brenner Maand geleden
So I have Bad Internet Rn But I Like this
Dortmund Grabenstein
Dortmund Grabenstein Maand geleden
My guess is that Natalie needs some therapeutic attention.
Twilight orca
Twilight orca Maand geleden
When your dog out smarts you. Dog: My food now 😏🤤 Anyone who's dog out smarts them : 🤯😱
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Maand geleden
Lol My grandmas got just doesn't want my grandpa to touch her if he does the dog gets jealous
youjustgotcoconutmalled Maand geleden
so its this thing called a dog crate... problem solved.
AC - 10MM 678149 Turner Fenton SS
AC - 10MM 678149 Turner Fenton SS Maand geleden
I can’t believe that his owner thought that their dog can have chocolate. I though that all dog owners know that dogs can’t have chocolate
sen ay
sen ay Maand geleden
Minecraft Madison
Minecraft Madison Maand geleden
“He loves chocolate” Hol up
Chrissie Kerr
Chrissie Kerr Maand geleden
I actually love these episodes❤️❤️❤️
aka Constantine
aka Constantine Maand geleden
Victoria: How do you correct him? Owner: .......👀
Tvgo Maand geleden
Mrs. Victoria i would like to ask for some advice for my 10 week old puppy she bites
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Yeah puppies do nip and mouth, it’s normal. People often mistake it for full on biting but no.
Tvgo Maand geleden
very very hard and the does not let go i cant let her near 1-7 year old or she makes them cry i dont know what to do im a 12 year old that needs to make her dog behave because i know what happens if she hurt somone.
Rizan Ritas
Rizan Ritas Maand geleden
So amazing transformation!
Betania La Coste
Betania La Coste Maand geleden
How do I keep Dixie from burying all her toys?
Stephen Clayton
Stephen Clayton Maand geleden
Is this woman for giving her dogs hot chocolate poisonous to them 😡🤬.
Hyacinth Niemann
Hyacinth Niemann Maand geleden
She let that pee-covered dog lay in her bed....
Naomi Maand geleden
When she started barking HAHAHAHA
Burning Cloud
Burning Cloud 2 maanden geleden
every time they show the dogs harassing thecats ( in particular the ginger cat being bitten on the neck) i jump. Those owners do not know how close they went to have their dogs blinded, literally, by an infuriated cat. I saw a labrador's eyes being plugged out by a cat he was harassing and it was a real horror scene. That labrador never recovered his sight. All because an idiotic owner that didn't care about training his dog.
Julie Furnell
Julie Furnell 2 maanden geleden
OMG yet another bloody baby substitute.
GlowBabyGlow 2 maanden geleden
Okay but my heart when Buster nudged that ball under Victoria and watched it intently like playyyy with me!!! 😭❤️
Tropical Depression
Tropical Depression 2 maanden geleden
04:48 i love the zoom in. looks like a scene from The Office
Ace Murfy
Ace Murfy 2 maanden geleden
10:18 Victoria Street up said that she's training the human not the dog, is this proof-of-concept or not
Tara Rose
Tara Rose 2 maanden geleden
Aww Buster❤️, he could be my dogs twin brother in appearance. Happy to see the progress they made!
Daniel Wirtz
Daniel Wirtz 2 maanden geleden
05:30 - It's a freakin' smart dog! I'd loving it to work with him! ❤️
Flora De Cupis
Flora De Cupis 2 maanden geleden
Hi there! Anyone knows where can I find that alarm?
Violet Alice Evans
Violet Alice Evans 2 maanden geleden
will they get dehydrated if they don't have the water like that though?
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Of course they will get dehydrated if they don’t have water in a bowl.
Temi Makinde
Temi Makinde 2 maanden geleden
I was seriously wondering why this woman was knowingly making a lot of poor decisions...then when she opened up about using the dog as a baby substitute my heart broke for her! Really just reminded me that just like dogs, there are easily explained reasons why owners raise dogs badly.
Captain 2 maanden geleden
As a military/police mainly search and rescue dog trainer, I would recommend Victoria Stilwell to anybody who has problems with dogs similar to those described in this Channel.
Pexie 2 maanden geleden
Morgan is well behaved doggo 💕
MissesHappyPunk 2 maanden geleden
Is it maybe that this is the most intelligent dog of the entire show?^^
Leonida Tuck
Leonida Tuck 2 maanden geleden
Boyfriend must really love her if he's not only patient enough to be third wheeled by the dog, but also sleep in a bedroom that looks like it belongs to a teenage girl.
Lindsey Marie
Lindsey Marie 2 maanden geleden
I feel so bad for her husband. I pray things get better for him, with or without her.
Makennah 2 maanden geleden
Don't give your dog chocolate kids
LionmaneElsie08 2 maanden geleden
Victoria is such a kind and caring woman. Watching her comforting her when she opened up was so heartwarming
B33 2 maanden geleden
9:34 you can hear the camera men laughing- I can’t-
Olga Miller
Olga Miller 2 maanden geleden
If that's how she raises her dogs, Thank God she can't have children!! Could you just imagine how out of control her kids would be?? WOW!!
Pink Pacey
Pink Pacey 2 maanden geleden
they get..... HOT CHOCOLATE?? what the fu-
Analourdes Sabillena
Analourdes Sabillena 2 maanden geleden
She know that dogs can’t have chocolate
Jim Green
Jim Green 2 maanden geleden
Spoiled dogs like spoiled kids are awful to be around. Take note parents
Cristal Buckner
Cristal Buckner 2 maanden geleden
When she said she can have kids i felt so bad🙁
Zoe Hunwick
Zoe Hunwick 2 maanden geleden
Susan Susan
Susan Susan 2 maanden geleden
First I’m going to say that dog is to smart for his own good, and second, I would throw out anything that dog wee on....
Tonya Sandoval
Tonya Sandoval 2 maanden geleden
A man has needs just like a woman does. All women know that no man is going to use his hand for that long Dave has a girlfriend elsewhere Maybe?
Tonya Sandoval
Tonya Sandoval 2 maanden geleden
Poor Dave.....
Tonya Sandoval
Tonya Sandoval 2 maanden geleden
She would breastfeed this dog if she could instead of giving him holex whatever the hell that is
Tonya Sandoval
Tonya Sandoval 2 maanden geleden
It kills me how she blames Buster for her and her old man not having skin to skin contact for a very long time it is not that dogs fault girl it is your fault it's just easier for you to love a dog that doesn't expect anything from you then to love a man who doesn't expect anything from you and that's the cold hard truth she said she can't have kids so it's not like he's expecting to get her pregnant and that's very very sad I'm so glad to see the ending where Victoria helped her distinguish between a pedigree dog and a human being because she has been stuck in this for so long and that man has basically allowed it and nurtured her relationship with that dog by allowing it to continue on for years gross
Tonya Sandoval
Tonya Sandoval 2 maanden geleden
Whats holex?
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 2 maanden geleden
A drink.
Its Me Lee
Its Me Lee 2 maanden geleden
"He eats chocolate before bed,-" how is he not dead yet
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 2 maanden geleden
He likely is dead now actually along with Morgan.
Leigh-Anne Mcilmurray
Leigh-Anne Mcilmurray 2 maanden geleden
Can anyone help me out with where I can buy the alarm sensors that she used please can't seem to find them anywhere Tia x
Arpita Ramachandran
Arpita Ramachandran 2 maanden geleden
Me : feeling happy for my sweet Labrador Them : show a clip of bad dog behavior Me : well that looks familiar
Despacito Spider
Despacito Spider 2 maanden geleden
Poor Morgan
Lailah Shorey
Lailah Shorey 2 maanden geleden
Kungfutuba 2 maanden geleden
Chocolate kills dogs
c lo
c lo 3 maanden geleden
Buster was a major ball buster 😁
babieangel jeno
babieangel jeno 3 maanden geleden
Miss gurl, dogs are basically lactose intolerant 💀
Rebecca Wiggins
Rebecca Wiggins 3 maanden geleden
Milk and chocolate are terrible for dogs.
hi ocean
hi ocean 3 maanden geleden
Oml Britain 😭 get me out of here 😫 I'm so done
itz_ Wolfie
itz_ Wolfie 3 maanden geleden
When she said she feeds her dog choclate i was wondering how is this dog still alive
Beautiful Chlorophyll
Beautiful Chlorophyll 3 maanden geleden
Finally! I found an episode where they show the make of Victoria's car!
Raveesh Prakash
Raveesh Prakash 3 maanden geleden
Does she literally feed chocolate to her dog. Talk about not doing research before buying a pet
Reena Solanki
Reena Solanki 3 maanden geleden
5:18 Ohhh! My God, He is smarter than me.. 😆😆😂😂🤣😎😎
Molly G
Molly G 3 maanden geleden
Buster picked up so fast. Smart boy.
grace 3 maanden geleden
10:47 victoria is so nice and caring,she has so much patience and empathy it’s lovely. poor lady :(
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