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Beckham is a small dog with a big mean streak, this Chihuahua has bitten over 100 times and nobody is safe! This is made ever clear when a crew member is bitten mid-recording and has to go to the hospital to get shots.

It's Me or the Dog USA Season 3 Episode 8



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


chocolatesugar 4 uur geleden
0:43 sounds like Abby Lee millers voice
GoldenEye Dragon
GoldenEye Dragon 22 uur geleden
This is the one breed I hate the most.
Jan Klas
Jan Klas Dag geleden
chihuahua's are one of the most dangerous breed on the planet. They are tiny, often live in constant pain because they have been designed to have too small skulls for their brains, and they are viscous. They bite anything and everything. And they are goddamn fast. A big dog will warn you before biting. He'll growl, show his teeth, bark, and show body language. A chihuahua can bite you in any situation without any warning. And those critters are FAST. The race should be banned and made extinct all together. They are not dogs, but overgrown rats.
Eleana Schamel
Eleana Schamel 3 dagen geleden
You know owning a pet is a big responsibility it takes time and effort and it's an every day thing if you don't want to take the time to teach your pet the things it needs to know to grow and survive then you don't need one
Michelle6157 3 dagen geleden
The fact that they are not euthanized after a bite history of 100+. It shows me that people don't see the problem of small dogs being aggressive. It's the similar thing with a breed like a Golden. They aren't afraid of them because "they are nice and social dog". If anyone had harmed my dog in ANY way he would have torn them apart.
Miss Jo
Miss Jo 5 dagen geleden
This brought back memories of my neighborhs chiwawa's who would constantly bark at night!
Nikhil Gautam
Nikhil Gautam 5 dagen geleden
5:47 shouldn't have opened that door before calming the dogs just don't make any sense dogs shows pure fear just they unable to handle that much
Les Owen
Les Owen 5 dagen geleden
So we not gonna sort the bitting out then 😂
Nichole Spillet
Nichole Spillet 7 dagen geleden
I have a Chihuahua and his name is Coco he barks when you go to my grandmas room😂
Shwetanshu Banger
Shwetanshu Banger 8 dagen geleden
Lol American temperament test society posted chihuahuas as one of the most aggressive dogs whereas pit bull did second best
Timmie Marshall
Timmie Marshall 9 dagen geleden
Chihuahua's are a nuisance breed and well-known biters. Check your local dog shelters and you may see more Chihuahua's surrendered than Pitbull Terriers.
Mai N
Mai N 9 dagen geleden
Hunter handles the dogs really well here. Dogs know when you mean what you say.
Just Another Redhead at the End of the World
Just Another Redhead at the End of the World 10 dagen geleden
Ahh yes, this one has the bouquet of...😤...a high strung mom who is struggling to process her rapidly maturing kids, and needs something else to fill the void and distract her. A classic scent.
Sarah Goodwin
Sarah Goodwin 10 dagen geleden
No ankle biters allowed in our home. English Bulldogs all the way
wendy100909 10 dagen geleden
Dog bites crew member Owner: bad dog Me: 🤦‍♀️
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl 13 dagen geleden
This is a very nervous breed that requires a massive amount of patience and consistancy when training...loads of people just buy them because they look cute without doing any research into the animal or how to manage their behaviours
My Little Dog Shoppe South Park PA
My Little Dog Shoppe South Park PA 14 dagen geleden
I am surprised that in Nassau County a resident can own 6 dogs on a property. I thought it was 3.
Cristina Frank
Cristina Frank 18 dagen geleden
The mom sounds and has similar features to my General Manager! She's from the east coast, so they might be related..
PoisonNarwhal 19 dagen geleden
I could never live with all of that constant noise 🙃
SJ M 21 dag geleden
Why is biting tolerated in ANY breed??? Yes, bigger dogs do horrific damage. But small dogs who bite cause anxiety and actually create dog phobias in children. Nasty little ankle biters.
I have to remember captainturtlez
I have to remember captainturtlez 21 dag geleden
Leonalielee 21 dag geleden
Chihuahuas: bite for years and over 100 bites My Pitbull German Shepard: gets life threatened as a puppy for playing a little too roughly
Kristina Priest
Kristina Priest 23 dagen geleden
Dont keep them , not cool that they bite. they can be reported
Kristina Priest
Kristina Priest 23 dagen geleden
why keep a dog that bites? not cool
iokkpl 24 dagen geleden
Lol my chihuahua is chill af
Lady in Black
Lady in Black 26 dagen geleden
Did you see this owner's eyes get large when she said she has to take charge. .....she was surprised she actually has to take responsibility.
johnnyandthepnuemoni 26 dagen geleden
Is it a cultural thing for guidos to be such horrible dog owners? A lot of these videos seem to be confirming that.
Brenda Quintero
Brenda Quintero 27 dagen geleden
Why wasn’t I surprised when I saw the herd of chihuahuas
writing dreamer
writing dreamer 28 dagen geleden
Oh dear god, a chihuahua pack.
PSmith 28 dagen geleden
How did I physically watch this video. That sound is terrible
rayanne curry
rayanne curry 29 dagen geleden
I love the way she says “dog” “doooug” 😅
DPS3688 29 dagen geleden
Am I the only one that really can't stand chihuahuas?
Savage Ink Studios
Savage Ink Studios 29 dagen geleden
Had a neighbor with six chihuahuas they kept outside all day. It was a nightmare and one of the main reasons i moved.
DexdFire Maand geleden
*If chihuahua's were the size of great danes humans would be extinct*
Salty Chips
Salty Chips Maand geleden
Why is it that so many plump or heavyset women wear low cut tops showing too much boobage?
s͜͡h͜͡a͜͡y͜͡l͜͡a͜͡ peridot
s͜͡h͜͡a͜͡y͜͡l͜͡a͜͡ peridot Maand geleden
whos watching this with their dog?
Deezaya McBubbles
Deezaya McBubbles Maand geleden
Ew. Lol
Jolisa Downs
Jolisa Downs Maand geleden
Ok, I haven't gotten past the intro and I'm already pissed!!!! Lady get some therapy!!!!! One bite and that furball is gonna a loose a tooth!😠
Quinn Bryan
Quinn Bryan Maand geleden
My step mom has a chihuahua and she’s the sweetest thing. Everyone is always surprised by how nice and quiet she is. It goes to show it’s all about how you raise the dog.
jazmyne Maand geleden
If u bit Victoria ooo u are in some deep stuff
Kelly Austin
Kelly Austin Maand geleden
It would definitely be time to start subtracting.
Beary 15
Beary 15 Maand geleden
What 6 dogs
I’m ✨FiNe✨
I’m ✨FiNe✨ Maand geleden
Robbers when they come in be like:
Nicole_roblox Maand geleden
This is why I hate Chihuahua
Maddy J Blige
Maddy J Blige Maand geleden
aww a cute puppy running upp look at the baby chewawa
Y Maand geleden
Of course these people are from LI 😐🤐… Of course all the friends go to the same plastic surgeon 🙈.
PViber Maand geleden
Well if a robber comes oh he dead.
Summer McNeil-Jones
Summer McNeil-Jones Maand geleden
my friend's dad is a dog walker and he does NOT let chihuahuas come in bc he had a chihuahua bite him sooooo deep he had to get surgery so yeah
Ship Tododeku shinkami
Ship Tododeku shinkami Maand geleden
Before the video I had a ad with the candy man song from Willy wonka My childhood has been blessed 🥲
Jordan J
Jordan J Maand geleden
Shouldn't rehab dangerous dogs.
a nat dorito
a nat dorito Maand geleden
The mom:do you wanna meet the kids? The captions: do you wanna eat the kids?
Deria Yavora Asenova
Deria Yavora Asenova Maand geleden
Reminder ❤️ God loves you and don’t use His name in vain or disrespect Him :) even if you don’t believe please respect my beliefs
Hanna Hrbinic
Hanna Hrbinic Maand geleden
Karishma Balgobin
Karishma Balgobin Maand geleden
This same family is the family who had the chihuahua who looked like a seal
blackdragoness21 Maand geleden
I hate chihuahuas so much! I don't understand why people love them. I had more bites from chihuahuas more than any other dog breed or cats combined.
I’m ✨FiNe✨
I’m ✨FiNe✨ Maand geleden
Hate is a strong word you know
jaye simond
jaye simond Maand geleden
Sorry, but I still wouldn’t feel comfortable round these dogs, if anything for the sake of my ear drums.
Sweet-by adilena .-.
Sweet-by adilena .-. Maand geleden
Hey this video was scary I felt the dogs bite me from the screen lol 😂
Harshpreet Singh
Harshpreet Singh Maand geleden
1:59 captions on - you want to eat the kids? Victoria- Yes I do 😂
I’m ✨FiNe✨
I’m ✨FiNe✨ Maand geleden
tmarchi Maand geleden
They are like land piranhas
Wᴡʜ Jɪɴ
Wᴡʜ Jɪɴ Maand geleden
Why buy 6 when you can’t handle 1
Connie Catara Estep
Connie Catara Estep Maand geleden
She is lucky someone hasn't kicked them like a football making a field goal!!
Amanda Whittaker
Amanda Whittaker Maand geleden
Plaese do a Q&A and if so has anyone called you hot when you go over to teach the dogs to behave?
Gumbo Jambalaya
Gumbo Jambalaya Maand geleden
Six Chihuahuas.... It's a no for me dogg.
delisa 2010
delisa 2010 Maand geleden
yeah no robbers they think like ahhhhh I'm going away
Johanna Thufvesson
Johanna Thufvesson Maand geleden
Chiwaowa is not a dog. Its a cros between a rat and a stubborn smal loud dog.
Velvet Rainn
Velvet Rainn Maand geleden
Chihuahua choir ❤️🐶
Rose Hill
Rose Hill Maand geleden
All the comments small dogs do as much damage. A dog bite is a dog bite. A big dog is usually trained a small dog usually isn't. A small dog is more likely to bite then a large dog. A small dog owners gets away with it time and time again like its no big deal. Big dog owners know their dog has no chance if the bite. Also a pitty husky or any bad rep dog breed is a great dog if trained and looked after. Any dog untrained and unlooked after can be dangerous.
Martha Mc hugh
Martha Mc hugh Maand geleden
Was the camera women okay😊
Naf Birks
Naf Birks Maand geleden
I feel like before you get a dog that you should be made to take a course.
Kim Kirkwood
Kim Kirkwood Maand geleden
I don't get how you allow your pets to disrupt the peace for your children..I know they can't wait to get the hell out of there.smdh
♡︎ Sᴋʏ ☦︎︎
♡︎ Sᴋʏ ☦︎︎ Maand geleden
Jess moonshadow89
Jess moonshadow89 Maand geleden
Omg my head hurts from all that barking
Epic Boii
Epic Boii Maand geleden
I hate chihuahuas
Sophia Jordan
Sophia Jordan Maand geleden
They’ll never have someone robbing their home
155chipmunkz Maand geleden
WAY too many pets.
Tabitha Dossen
Tabitha Dossen Maand geleden
The thing about chihuahuas is they are very intelligent. But, because they are cute and small they are allowed to get away with terrible behavior. Treat them like any other dog and they are great pets!
Леван Борян
Леван Борян Maand geleden
Why, why people do that, 6 dog? They can't train and control even one chihuahua, how did it come to her head to take 5 more.
Monica Dumonceaux
Monica Dumonceaux Maand geleden
Oh my goodness. I cannot believe the owner of these six chuhuhias has not learned how to properly discipline them.
ComradeNathan Maand geleden
First mistake: Buying 6 dogs at once. Second mistake: Chihuahuas... OF ALL DOGS YOU COULD BUY
Venom Maand geleden
You need big dogs the small dogs are aggressive
E S Maand geleden
Good job Victoria, all doggos need help. The crew member with her minor bite though? Drama queen 👸.
TheDoubleNickel Maand geleden
Chihuahua should be in the restricted breeds for apartments
AC McBride-Olson
AC McBride-Olson Maand geleden
Man, I'd take a herd of Pitties over a herd of Chihuahuas any day! I rolled UPS guy always said it was the little ones you had to look out for!
Itzel Luna
Itzel Luna Maand geleden
The entire class when we realize you have a gum 3:51
kandidly kandi
kandidly kandi 2 maanden geleden
The. Following day they apparently wear the same clothes
TeaBug 2 maanden geleden
I’m so glad my chihuahua only barked at people, and she only nipped at people if they tried to hold her. When she got older, she stopped. My mom held her and she had lost control of her bowels and accidentally peed on her. We had to put her down a few months ago
Annemiek de Nijs
Annemiek de Nijs 2 maanden geleden
What is this nonsense approach? They're all still barking and in a tens/excited state of mind. Nothing's gonna change from this, except for them not biting at the fence. They'll just bite later. Victoria is honestly such a terrible dog trainer....
Violet Ehimhanre
Violet Ehimhanre 2 maanden geleden
You sak
Michel-Lee Jagat
Michel-Lee Jagat 2 maanden geleden
It’s like the woman had to think about how old Tristan was so she just said he was the youngest
Sovik Dey
Sovik Dey 2 maanden geleden
I hate chihuahuas. First of all they aren't trainable and even if you managed to train one it's still a pocket sized demon..barking and biting everything, everyone
pluto's crumbly spaceship
pluto's crumbly spaceship 2 maanden geleden
the worst my dog ever did to me was mouth my hand when i was petting him to much. all the other times he just growled as a warning
Skiboot Dier
Skiboot Dier 2 maanden geleden
I don't know how they still have a house? That camera girl has nice legs and now she going to have a scar..
Alison Alfaro
Alison Alfaro 2 maanden geleden
Nervesia 2 maanden geleden
i feel like the most problematic breed are chihuahas :D the smaller the bigier asholes
Farah daiyana Daiyana
Farah daiyana Daiyana 2 maanden geleden
why did we even 6 chihuahua's in the house ma'am just like why please tell me why?!
Kristen Edwards
Kristen Edwards 2 maanden geleden
EmyyWolf 2 maanden geleden
It’s always the Karens and their tiny loud dogs
Christy Nguyen
Christy Nguyen 2 maanden geleden
My German shepherd just stuffed his head under a throw pillow as I began this video 😂 jeeeeeezuz and that gray one looks like a seal lmaooo
Elizabat 2 maanden geleden
Bringing back memories to my childhood friend who had the worst behaved chihuahua of all time. And nobody took him seriously, they would ignore his signals all the time but he still would never bite them, only attack guests. He got nicer with age
moongacha 2 maanden geleden
2:00 the mom: so do you want to meet the kids? my cc:do you want to eat the kids?
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