Victoria Has Never Seen a Dog Listen so Little to their Owner! | It's Me or The Dog

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It's Me or the Dog

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Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell is shocked to see the most disobedient dogs she's ever encountered, and needs to act fast if she's to get any sort of order in this household.



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


marina david
marina david 5 dagen geleden
This two parents are the first people of dogs owners i know of who doesn't like to pick up dogs poop. If she has no relationship with her, how will they listen to her??? Dogs are dogs they are not human or their servants, ..they need to be look after and guide by lots of training.
Courtney Russell
Courtney Russell 14 dagen geleden
The mother just didn't understand. I'm not going to judge her for that. I hope she can watch this and see what she is lacking.
kyarilee 20 dagen geleden
how come we don't see the husband interacting with the dogs? He put the responsibility on her?
Lindsey 24 dagen geleden
I wouldn’t trust these people to water my plants, let alone 2 high drive working breed dogs 😂
RehAdventures 26 dagen geleden
They’re the parents who didn’t want to be actual parents. Like they got dogs so their kids can grow up faster- like cut the bs of “learning responsibility”. And of all the dogs (mind you they got 2 dogs not one- like normal first time owners) they got one of the most difficult, but status breeds ever, the Doberman.
Anne Selby
Anne Selby 26 dagen geleden
Why in the ever loving world did they choose dobermans for their children?
Ms XxSissy_MissyxX
Ms XxSissy_MissyxX 27 dagen geleden
I cringed watching this lady command her dogs....
sunshineluvr12 Maand geleden
Victoria is a social worker for mistreated dogs. These dogs seem to have been mistreated by this woman, so I really do hope that she learned how to be kind to them now. It’s all about Love ❤️
avenger8399 Maand geleden
Why,why why does she keep calling the dog`s name when it completely ignores her? She should have bought the kids a goldfish each!
john cameron
john cameron Maand geleden
This lady isn't into dogs. And should never have any pets
SCdreamdrawer Maand geleden
Also, Victoria Stilwell with two Dobermanns on either side, is everything. A mood, a look, flatteringly brilliant.
SCdreamdrawer Maand geleden
I don't know if this gets mentioned enough, but the music and audio design was extra noticeable in this episode - film student, it was a good example!
Samuel Careen
Samuel Careen Maand geleden
Just goes to show you how little these people interact with their dogs when a DOBERMAN prefers a person they've just met (Victoria) over the humans they live with. Berkley was focused on Victoria during the "watch me" and couldn't care less about the Mom. Absolutely shocking for a velcro dog like the doberman.
as Maand geleden
How is it even possible you get two dobermans but then you don't even teach them a nice sit or stay? TF?
gordon austin
gordon austin Maand geleden
Big Hair, Don't care.
Travis Medland
Travis Medland Maand geleden
Owner looks like she need to start stimulating her own mind 🤣
Barbra looks like a actor or something
Val Pardo
Val Pardo Maand geleden
Man, I kind of feel bad for professor Trelawney.. Never realized she was so timid with dogs.
Larissa Dueck
Larissa Dueck Maand geleden
Dobermans are so smart. They love to train and be challenged mentally
Thesourpatchkidd Maand geleden
She's like a lot of parents, who get a dog for their young children without realizing they would be the one who was going to be caring for the dog and spending the bulk of the time with the dog. She personally never had much of an interest in having a dog or really interacting with one- and that's okay- it just means you never should've brought two into your home. Like children dogs aren't furniture, they don't fall into the "seen but not heard" category. If you as the parent don't want a dog don't get one.
Machteld Menkveld
Machteld Menkveld 2 maanden geleden
Why couldn't they just adobt cats intsead of dogs... she clearly doesn't like them....
Elena Luther
Elena Luther 2 maanden geleden
She looks like she hasn't enough Motivation to train her dogs
Tori Mize
Tori Mize 2 maanden geleden
I mean... I wouldn’t like or trust a woman who yells my name at me like I’m in trouble literally every time she says my name either... this woman says “Berkeley” like she’s angry at her every single time. Even when she’s trying to get her to sit, she’s acting annoyed at the dog.
D. L
D. L 2 maanden geleden
The amount of people who own powerful and potentially dangerous dog breeds is terrifying.
Katherine Heang
Katherine Heang 2 maanden geleden
I just lost it when the dog chose Victoria over the mom XD
BeatriceBeans 2 maanden geleden
My favorite dog breed is the English Springer Spaniel. I've never seen any, or at least very few, videos about training then out of bad behaviors. Kinda funny to me. I also love Dobermans and the amount of content for each is so different
Ami Powell
Ami Powell 2 maanden geleden
She likes doing chalangis
Samantha's story Productions
Samantha's story Productions Maand geleden
Who? Victoria or Barbara
GAMING Profi 2
GAMING Profi 2 2 maanden geleden
I hate dogs
DawwyW Maand geleden
And I hate people who hate dogs
Bonita Coco
Bonita Coco 2 maanden geleden
The mom has a dull personality it seems
Fangs n scales downunder
Fangs n scales downunder 2 maanden geleden
that woman, is like 'lights are on but noones home'.
A 2 maanden geleden
I’m not gonna lie I think she’s on some strong pain meds for her back injury due to the lack of animation she has, it’s beyond not being an animal person imo
Global Alert
Global Alert 2 maanden geleden
She's sooooooo slow.... And not friendly
Trump Lost LOL
Trump Lost LOL 2 maanden geleden
If you want to have a dog that has a lot of energy, you must also have a lot of energy. That lady seems not very energetic. If I were her dog, I would be bored to death. LOL
Carolina Correia
Carolina Correia 2 maanden geleden
I thought the dogs were for the kids to grow up with. Why aren't they doing the training? Clearly mom need no more hassle, and the dogs need so much care
Carolina Correia
Carolina Correia Maand geleden
@Samantha's story Productions I've seen these videos you mention in the meantime, yes! Great to watch. Thank you 🙏
Samantha's story Productions
Samantha's story Productions Maand geleden
The boys did do the training in the other two videos. One is where they helped victoria clean the backyard and trained the dogs there. The other is when they wanted to help walk the dogs.
Ida Kozulić
Ida Kozulić 3 maanden geleden
It will be better for all if they just find another home for those 2 dogs....
lilsplace 3 maanden geleden
That's great Victoria managed to turn things around with this family. 😊✌
Boom Boomer
Boom Boomer 3 maanden geleden
You can tell she couldn't care less about dogs. Dogs can feel that.
atshele tsuhah
atshele tsuhah 3 maanden geleden
Well in my mind. I think all the dogs like Victoria better then the dogs owners
Yazmin 3 maanden geleden
I feel sorry for the dogs they're so beautiful and the mum seems so uninterested
jsjk 3 maanden geleden
I'm almost annoyed she has those dogs. She clearly doesn't like them !
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 3 maanden geleden
9:47 Yeeeees! that voice, not the other one.
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 3 maanden geleden
8:02 Gooood!! Now we're talking.
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 3 maanden geleden
3:59 Victoria got nervous and repeated herself ("Will this woman get it?!?...")
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 3 maanden geleden
0:33 The dog makes a f***ing king face!!... You're a dog, get over it.
Lauren Bevan
Lauren Bevan 3 maanden geleden
When she said this is the first time she's seen the dog smile, oh my heart felt so sad but it's only going to get better hopefully
Carl Justin No_18
Carl Justin No_18 3 maanden geleden
Hey boys you’re grounded
Oneila Nelson
Oneila Nelson 3 maanden geleden
These kids are something, " mom gets stressed out because the dogs don't listen.... and neither do we". Lol rude.
John Metzker
John Metzker 3 maanden geleden
Barb should NEVER have any animals! PERIOD! Not ever.
Natalia Milianku
Natalia Milianku 3 maanden geleden
Body blocking is Not a Force free/R+ demonstrated well in this video and that awful attempt at training a stay (says its a different cue than wait, yet uses exact same hand and body language for both wait and stay). Body blocking done like this, it's an old school method developed by the same dominance trainers Victoria claims to have nothing to do with.. Make up your mind vic!
Jennifer HC Smith
Jennifer HC Smith 3 maanden geleden
Those doberman's are beautiful
Cante Tenza Win Goodface
Cante Tenza Win Goodface 3 maanden geleden
It's like she read that it's good for kids to have a dog then blindly went out and bought 2 Dobermans, knowing nothing about animals or even wanting to know. So weird.
TheIntlwoman 3 maanden geleden
I have owned dogs for over 30 years and currently have 4. Two Shepherds and two Bostons. They listen to me because I’m alpha. I have had Dobes, and like Shepherds, if they think they have to take over because the owner is not strong enough, they will, and then you have a problem. Like this woman.
Dabi Blue
Dabi Blue 4 maanden geleden
My Mom actually hates Dobermans. She says it's because when she was a kid, her neighbors had 2 Dobermans, and they chased and bit a lot of people around her neighborhood and she's really afraid of them. I tell her, "with good training and a stern owner, they won't bite anyone." Her answer is always, "I don't care." It's a shame, they're beautiful and wonderful dogs.
Dee bugzavich
Dee bugzavich 4 maanden geleden
That owner lady probably yells at that dog constantly that's why it doesn't like her
J M 4 maanden geleden
Makes me anxious the way those kids handle those dogs, yikes
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott 4 maanden geleden
Barbara is stiff as a board lol 😆 Victoria has a rhythm, it's like a dance and you have to get them to dance to your rhythm and the sound makes the music too. Barbara's voice is kind of blah and stiff too, she has to find the balance between command and reward voices. She has to continue to praise them as well and I think she is better at throwing commands at the dogs than giving them positive praise. I don't know I have songs for each of my dogs, they love it, when I sing their songs they're running to me. I have pee song for them, cute words for food time and they won't touch the food without looking at me first and I say it's ok. If they don't eat their food within 20 then I put it up and they'll have to wait for dinner, they'll catch on very quickly. My dogs don't jump on ppl, they bark when they hear the bell which is good cause when I'm upstairs it's hard for me to hear the bell. They sit, give paw, roll over and they sit in their corner when we eat on their beds. I really don't remember actually training them 🤔 I guess it was just them picking up real quick and especially cause I sing them lovely songs 😆 My kids love it, but they're embarrassed when they're friends come over, but their friends actually told me they find it cool and I'm proud of my doggies and myself, even my kids have their own theme song 🎵
Jo Nanna
Jo Nanna 4 maanden geleden
Yeah, a Doberman untrained and bored is trouble waiting to happen.
Zhang 4 maanden geleden
I swear we have Google do these owners just never look things up
CuteDoggoz 4 maanden geleden
Why doesnt she ever say the commands, she only uses the hand signals
Nancy Sherburne
Nancy Sherburne 4 maanden geleden
Maybe Barbara is uptight because Victoria is watching but when she holds the treat up and says Berkley in a rather bored tone of course she won't react as she does with Victoria. Barbara needs to say "look" or "watch me" or something with a higher-pitched, more enthusiastic style to reach her dog.
t _rm
t _rm 4 maanden geleden
Why didn't get a smaller dog
Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill 4 maanden geleden
I feel as if I'm just watching Victoria & 2 Dobermans.
Yashasv Gaming
Yashasv Gaming 4 maanden geleden
After watching the intro I knew the family was hopeless...
Krissy -
Krissy - 4 maanden geleden
The mom seems.. not all there.. like shes on another planet! No wonder these dogs never listen to her! Shes not even connected to herself! So how can she become connected with these dogs.. Omg shes so stiff and lacks personality!
Thea’s Pets
Thea’s Pets 4 maanden geleden
Nadia 4 maanden geleden
I wouldn’t listen to Barbara either. She’s literally the most useless owner I’ve ever seen.
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B 4 maanden geleden
Hey, I am curious how come Veronica can get such a positive response from a dog on the first go, when their owner doesn't get it? Like, after so many shows, it looks like Veronica can gain instant trust from a dog...
purpledragonfly4 4 maanden geleden
If you're not willing to put the time, effort and money into training a dog from day 1, you have *ZERO* business owning one. Go get a stuffed animal.
Kelly Robinette
Kelly Robinette 4 maanden geleden
There at the end when she said, "It took a while, but Berkley finally got it" I admit I rolled my eyes. No, it took a while but YOU finally got it. Victoria has the patience of a saint.
RooRoo the rooster R talks F1
RooRoo the rooster R talks F1 5 maanden geleden
The owners voice is so irritating
BulmaChan 5 maanden geleden
Doberman are really smart how didn't they not train them
ROXARIANO 5 maanden geleden
Barbara looks like a braindead version of cruela de vil.. seriously id like victoria for once to become the gordon ramsay version of dog training and roast some who needs serious roasting..
Helen Lenander
Helen Lenander 5 maanden geleden
I’ve noticed a pattern haha The owners: The dog is struggling Victoria: the owner is struggling The owners: the dog finally learned Victoria: the owner finally learned
Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson 5 maanden geleden
The romantic switch proportionately cover because node promisingly accept aboard a glib rhinoceros. goofy, foolish surprise
Der Foerster vom Silberwald
Der Foerster vom Silberwald 5 maanden geleden
Please train your dog. Three older women with a big dog surpriesed me as I urgently pooped in the woods. The dog ran up to me and barked. The women laughed stuped. 🥵🥶😱😭😱 That was not fair.. what do you think ??
Rio Henry
Rio Henry 5 maanden geleden
Nobody's got any common sense any more
Lucid Labyrinth
Lucid Labyrinth 5 maanden geleden
It was painful watching Barbara trying to train lol my goodness 😅
sophie 5 maanden geleden
omg the twins remind me of fred and george
Stacey Mccann
Stacey Mccann 5 maanden geleden
shes afraid of those dogs for sure
Caprice O
Caprice O 5 maanden geleden
The owner has her own psychological problems.
Martyna Biziuk
Martyna Biziuk 5 maanden geleden
Her body language it's all wrong 😅. She leans into them like be kids. Even after Victoria says stand up straight. Dogs pick up on emotions and body language
Hayley Robinson
Hayley Robinson 5 maanden geleden
That women! Constantly saying they dogs are the issue. The dogs weren’t even bad behaved lol
Chanel Tu
Chanel Tu 5 maanden geleden
The editor putting the music in is amazing 🤣
Merk y
Merk y 5 maanden geleden
Be the alpha, be the pack leader. Lead through patience, perseverance and positive reinforcement.
UOAbigail LeVey
UOAbigail LeVey 5 maanden geleden
That was insane to watch. That pup had ZERO respect/regard for her because she did not interact with the dog on any level other than "it's a dog.. someone feed it." or at least that is how it seems.
Ryan WF
Ryan WF 5 maanden geleden
The dog definitely has a connection with the kids, but not in sync with the mom. All needs is to earn her respect, it will take time. But if she invest time and effort everything will turn for the better. No one is perfect, fit or not fit term is a horrible term, all you need to have a dog is a kind heart. Don't define people for their mistakes.
Melissa S
Melissa S 5 maanden geleden
Victoria's body language around the dog is much more confident than the owner so it's no wonder they don't listen to her.
Julie Worsley
Julie Worsley 4 maanden geleden
the owner just isn't animated enough dogs pay attention to everything from tone of voice to facial expressions to body language. All they was getting off her was bland and disinterest
joey 6 maanden geleden
The dogs have a better relationship with Victoria then the owners . shows a lot to do with the owners.
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 6 maanden geleden
“What do you mean by interaction?” “What do you mean by work?” Sheesh, lady. Victoria prob needed a good stiff drink after working with this lady.
Jay J
Jay J 6 maanden geleden
She reminds me of the apathetic family Victoria worked with. (Ended up reaching a son, who was quite good with the dog.) Honestly I'd have a lot of trouble with her, as she is so lacking in affect. Seems depressed or something. These are just two high spirited working dogs. Don't seem to be "problem dogs",
Ally 6 maanden geleden
glad she finally got her dogs to listen to her atleast but the way she reenacts the training victoria is showing her to do is so awkward 😅
Heather lynn
Heather lynn 6 maanden geleden
The dogs hate her 😂😂 never seen dogs not be thrilled to even take a treat from them there like I'm good 😂 got to go chew your couch now bye 😂😂😂💀
V. Brinkmann
V. Brinkmann 6 maanden geleden
I'd rather listen to Victoria too. Her voice gives you the feeling that she really wants you to be around her. Barbara sounds like she's going to yell at you, the second you are near her 😂
Samantha's story Productions
Samantha's story Productions 4 maanden geleden
Antoinette Novella
Antoinette Novella 6 maanden geleden
My father was a breeder of Dobermans and at age 5 he had me walking a pack off them off leash under his strict supervision. By age six he elected one of the Dobie pack to be my permanent guardian as I was a adventurous tomboy on acres of snake infested bushland. He was my constant companion and guard dog until I was twelve as he had died of cancer. I give my father full credit for this. He was a clear leader, a loving and kind man but led naturally. The dogs were always well looked after, were given the ability to protect the family, nutritionally fed and diligently exercised. Always fresh water on hand and comfortable as well as clean accommodation. They also were given lots of affection after all their other needs were met. From what I have seen this is the perfect formula for a well behaved dog.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 6 maanden geleden
Please just sell me the dogs🙏
Janine 6 maanden geleden
Let's give her some credit: She's making efforts to interact with the dogs... Just like parents, not all are natural kid friendly but doesn't mean they shouldn't have kids. Effort is rewarded
Angela Wallace
Angela Wallace 6 maanden geleden
These 2 should not be dog owners I lost my boy Shadow on the 25th September this year 2020 we had 8 amazing years together Shadow was an Akita Breed American he was my soulmate and so much more he had collapsed on the main road while out walking.i had an emergency appointment the same day.The news was devasating my boy had cancer I lost him the same day.Every day I cry for my boy.These dogs would be better adopted by a family who would walk them 3 x day and not have them locked in a room for 8 hours a day how is that acceptable,Not to mention there garden disgusting.I am surprised Victoria never called animal protection.
ITS SC FAM 6 maanden geleden
Victoria you are so smart and I now know that you love dog don’t you
ITS SC FAM 6 maanden geleden
It look like in the first place bercly did not license I feel bad for the mom it’s so sad omg but now bercly is looking at the mom
JuMiKu 6 maanden geleden
The dog is trying not aggress her owner by acting submissive... She's not a dominant bitch, as the owner implied at all. She probably just doesn't know how to please her.
lisa w
lisa w 6 maanden geleden
This woman is an absolute drip .... honestly can't get over her ... prob the worst owner I've seen
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