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Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell visits a family with lots of love to give, the only problem? They can't say no! Can Victoria curb this impulsive habit of adopting strays and put this energy to better use?
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Caroline Stannard
Caroline Stannard 12 dagen geleden
Mmm first though..went to a shelter ( not “found”) to get second dog 😂funny looks so similar to first dog..I did that as a kid with a kitten..but maybe me being suspicious
Wolf Foxy
Wolf Foxy 13 dagen geleden
its angie man
its angie man 18 dagen geleden
“It really is not a good idea to take in stray dogs off the street” *my stray dog I picked up of the street (of 2 years now) looks at me super suspicious* Yes, I affirmed her she had nothing to worry about lol
James Olojo
James Olojo 19 dagen geleden
Victoria is always having to teach parents parental skills.
xXaesthetic _butterfliesxX
xXaesthetic _butterfliesxX 19 dagen geleden
Me in school when the teacher asks what I wanna be when I grow up: well.. I just wanna be a normal person with a normal job nothing special. Other people: I wanna be a doctor, I wanna be a firefighter etc. Teacher: oh uh.. that’s nice?
Ariel Gordon
Ariel Gordon 28 dagen geleden
Way 2 go Brittany 💗
Dixie Diamond
Dixie Diamond 29 dagen geleden
Lady, you're going to need to learn to say no to your kids. If your daughter wants to help, get her to volunteer at a shelter or with a rescue so she can see how serious this really is. It's not going to get easier as she gets older and has no idea how much work things are or how much they cost.
Emeila Andreou
Emeila Andreou Maand geleden
God bless her 🙏 and she looks like a beautiful woman
Ellen Toll
Ellen Toll Maand geleden
The dogs are so cute but my dog listens to my mom and me and my sister and my dad he listens he’s a very good behaved dog I like watching your videos because all the dogs are so cute
Fattoum Lomri
Fattoum Lomri Maand geleden
Phoebe Zhang
Phoebe Zhang Maand geleden
It's great that the kid decides to help out the animal shelter as the animal shelter will be able to help more animals that way, much more than she could help by herself. Though I do want to make it clear that you should NEVER impulse get or foster ANY pet, it's incredibly irresponsible to do so.
love mom Rios
love mom Rios Maand geleden
When Brittany cries 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Steph G08
Steph G08 Maand geleden
This is such an amazing family.
Lynda Byrne
Lynda Byrne Maand geleden
Bailey is ridiculously cute though 🥺 he looks like a little old man
Angela Pomare
Angela Pomare Maand geleden
Brittany's mum looks lime her older sister
Blue The Person
Blue The Person Maand geleden
My mom and I would also find lots of stray dogs on the street. we would bring them to a shelter though because we already had 2 dogs.
Boo Boo
Boo Boo Maand geleden
Pretty sure this same family had help from Victoria before with their other dog which was eating paper and had other behavioural issues. Such as nipping at the kids .
Caitie Maand geleden
Britney is such an empathetic girl. Her mom is so kind and trying to break the cycle, and idk I wish the best for them.
no one
no one Maand geleden
what a nice family
Adeline Tiboni
Adeline Tiboni Maand geleden
I can’t tell is this seapost to be soopernany or
Isabella Mendoza
Isabella Mendoza Maand geleden
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just came for commenting
just came for commenting Maand geleden
I love dogs but my house was not that big to have a dog ! But you know what I am blessed with a cat!❤️❤️!
Shayna C.S.
Shayna C.S. 2 maanden geleden
God what a gorgeous family who love each other! Goals
Soggywaffles1228 2 maanden geleden
Brittney is a kid who's so passionate with animals. I feel like volunteering at a shelter or something like that will be good for her, since she loves animals so much.
Sheila Drebenstedt
Sheila Drebenstedt 2 maanden geleden
Poor Victoria i can't believe she didn't have dog growing up well at least she is doing what she loves now and is around dogs like 24/7
Nightmare Wolves
Nightmare Wolves 2 maanden geleden
wow this girl I so lucky she can even have ONE pet, I’ve been tryna get a pet for 13 years
KaPowwski 2 maanden geleden
Why am I crying
Josh Padilla
Josh Padilla 2 maanden geleden
She’s very gorgeous
Michelle Bergeron
Michelle Bergeron 2 maanden geleden
That little girl is cool as hell!🥰😎✨
Emma Summers
Emma Summers 2 maanden geleden
Awww Diego looks just like my Buffy
Bobbie Bailey
Bobbie Bailey 2 maanden geleden
I love animals, but I have one rule for them in my dogs. They are not bad animals, they are just not for me. I have no problem with cats, birds, rodents, reptiles, etc. But I am not walking an animal around in -20 degree Wisconsin weather so it can poop. As a mom you gotta stand firm because you know that you're going to end up having to take care of it.
Miss Sincere
Miss Sincere 2 maanden geleden
Where is she finding all these strays ?
blue DRAGON 2 maanden geleden
I wish I had lots of pets because I have a American bullydog Edit: when I was little I brand a massive stray dog in my house and I was aloud to keep it but then I'm found out I could just buy one so I brout one and it was alot of money.
Amber Jordan
Amber Jordan 2 maanden geleden
I come from a family of animals rescuers my mom taught us just from her own heart but we know we can't keep them. My mom has found cats dogs squairls and birds we find the animals rescuers in the area to come get them or to bring them 2. We even called a rescue group in oregon there was a eagle that stayed on the river bank for 2 whole day that barely moved those days. I guess the bird was dying and wasn't moving they said they were getting calls for a few days. So I got a close look beautiful but sad that she was dying
Caprice O
Caprice O 2 maanden geleden
This family is GREAT.
Sharon Argueta
Sharon Argueta 2 maanden geleden
But I am so happy those dogs are getting a home.
roro queen
roro queen 2 maanden geleden
760th comment
Zophi Michaels
Zophi Michaels 2 maanden geleden
Sad reality is a lot of strays are put down rather than helped because of the cost and a lot of places are overflowing with animals, they can't afford more.
IMLE 2 maanden geleden
I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes because I relate so much with the daughter, and it warmed my heart to see the parents and Victoria help her do what she wanted to do. I've always loved animals, but I've never got the option to physically help animals. I've only ever donated, but I would love to work at a shelter and help the animals get new, amazing homes.
Windy Jay
Windy Jay 2 maanden geleden
I volunteered at a shelter for just over a year, and man did I learn a lot about caring for dogs! It was an awesome and rewarding experience :D.
Tiahna Lorin
Tiahna Lorin 2 maanden geleden
Again, as I ALWAYS say when they show the shelters.. idk how other places are with their shelters but for kittens at shelters here it’s $200, for a cat it’s $45-60 for dogs it’s up to $600 ... it’s ridiculously expensive just to adopt an animal .. so NO WONDER why there are so many in shelters. It’s sad, if they cut the prices to just $10 or even free! Then there wouldn’t be so many in shelters.
SomeoneBeginingWithI 2 maanden geleden
They need money to run the shelter. Owning a pet is expensive, if you can't afford the adoption fee you might not be able to afford vets bills either. I don't think adoption fees being too high is a main factor in people not adopting from shelters. A lot of people really want a pure breed dog or really want a puppy or are worried about a rescue dog having behavioural problems, so they get a dog from a breeder even though that's more expensive than from a shelter.
2006glg 2 maanden geleden
What a lovely family.
Pattaravan Wichaiwong
Pattaravan Wichaiwong 2 maanden geleden
I thought she brought in a thousand of stray dog's
Lukas Kisovec
Lukas Kisovec 2 maanden geleden
I have a iphone losers hahahha iPhones are the best
Faty blink Safar
Faty blink Safar 2 maanden geleden
We used to have a puppy but my grandpa kicked him out because he doesn’t allowed any animals even a rabbit he doesn’t allowed so we always visit my friends house because they have puppies
Anusha Masrani
Anusha Masrani 2 maanden geleden
Finally an episode where Victoria doesn’t get mad
JodiLea 2 maanden geleden
What a great and CALM family
Elizabeth Harrison
Elizabeth Harrison 2 maanden geleden
I feel bad for the animals that can't get adopted if I could I would adopted all of them
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott 2 maanden geleden
I couldn't work or volunteer at a dog shelter, cause I'd be depressed every day seeing these poor dogs 😢 who may get put down if they aren't adopted within a certain time 😔 😢 My daughter worked for 2 months at a shelter and she couldn't do it anymore. She's now working at a grooming/boarding place and that is mentally and emotionally better for her as it would be for me. I love dogs sooooo much that I'd want to adopt them all! ❤
Ami Newman
Ami Newman 2 maanden geleden
Get her a job at the shelter.
ALEJANDRA PUJOLS 2 maanden geleden
Im like so speechless, but at least those dogs have good care from people.
joshua mercado
joshua mercado 2 maanden geleden
I'm sure Brittany will be A Huge and massive difference
Angela Kate_gamer
Angela Kate_gamer 2 maanden geleden
I love dogs and I will get one today
Honeybee.ukprepper Prepordie
Honeybee.ukprepper Prepordie 2 maanden geleden
The best episode yet. What a lovely family and a sweet girl. I hope she has her dream of being a vet. 😍
Rebekah Smythers
Rebekah Smythers 2 maanden geleden
do you have a dog victoria
Maquenzie Berriz
Maquenzie Berriz 2 maanden geleden
She’s such a cute and sweet kid 😭😭😭
\\ Abigail the Ginger //
\\ Abigail the Ginger // 2 maanden geleden
waiting for the collab with victoria and super nanny 😂
Dee MatMok
Dee MatMok 2 maanden geleden
I wouldn’t mind having one of them from the shelter. I’ll take really good care of them.
OmegaAlphaEren 2 maanden geleden
This mother made me cry
Makulit Ako Sakalin Kita
Makulit Ako Sakalin Kita 2 maanden geleden
I think Britney will be Vet or gonna work in Per Rescue
Dntgetgurkd 2 maanden geleden
The moms mad loving but her crying kills the mood for me everytime
Inner Bug
Inner Bug 2 maanden geleden
I don’t have any shelters near enough for me to volunteer at. It’s annoying and I want to help. I want to run a dog training business and build on it so that I can build and own a dog rescue centre.
Jaymee Larcom
Jaymee Larcom 2 maanden geleden
She is so beautiful
Nomungegee Natsagdorj
Nomungegee Natsagdorj 2 maanden geleden
XD Brittany dont need boys, she got dogs fighting for her
Fierra Rhodes
Fierra Rhodes 2 maanden geleden
Wow that was a great think I have just heard I am ears
Fierra Rhodes
Fierra Rhodes 2 maanden geleden
Talking about you said dog problem he said it’s not this is annoying girl do you are do you just take a leader dog gets home at dark we got the dog TickTock be quiet and just let them take home
Laura Land
Laura Land 3 maanden geleden
Great video with one exception... If you see a stray dog, don't just call the Shelter to report it. Pick the dog up and BRING IT TO THE SHELTER!
Dianna Province
Dianna Province 3 maanden geleden
Little Parker reminds me of my dog ( who is no longer with us). She was a chow shepherd mix and was 13.
Flora 3 maanden geleden
Never realized how tall Victoria is until now. ☺️
Alpha Wolf315
Alpha Wolf315 3 maanden geleden
She needs to learn “no” if she doesn’t she’s gonna struggle in life
Aesthetic_clouds Nadzaku
Aesthetic_clouds Nadzaku 3 maanden geleden
2:44 I felt so bad for her shes crying! 🥺🤚
Kathy Carolina
Kathy Carolina 3 maanden geleden
I get the mother not wanting to say No because that's all she heard growing up but you have to know as a parent when to say No or else don';t become a parent if you aren't ready for the responsibility.
155chipmunkz 3 maanden geleden
I’m glad they dealt with this otherwise that girl would turn into a hoarder.
CeeCee 3 maanden geleden
What a sweet family!
Libbey Banks
Libbey Banks 3 maanden geleden
Mom: -Crying cause she has to say No- Victoria:"Are you ready to say no?" Mom:-still crying- Dad: Heck yeah get these dogs out of my house
Vynnese Chen
Vynnese Chen 3 maanden geleden
You guys this turned into Supernanny hahahahah
ajh2558 3 maanden geleden
In Louisiana if you bring it to the shelter it only has 2 weeks to find it owner and then 2 weeks to find a home and if they don't find a home in that time they are put down. So all the rescuers down here always suggest keep it and bring it to the vet and put up posters
Omgyellow 3 maanden geleden
A lot of kids probably would've asked for materialistic things, but this girl just wanted to save animals. So precious!! I hope she's doing well and that her mother is proud 🙏
Child of God Forever
Child of God Forever 3 maanden geleden
What was the mother's point? Be a parent. Saying no, is not a negative thing. She has a wonderful daughter and sons. Discipline is part of adulthood
Ingrid Tudorache
Ingrid Tudorache 3 maanden geleden
I had a dog but i lived in Denmark and we gave our dog away because we Didnt have the time for It and IT was 62 cm Long and hyper active
GISELA FIEGE 3 maanden geleden
I understand the message here at the same time my heart is huge and overflows with empathy for stray anything. I’ve volunteered at shelters and found my heart crying for all those babies just wanting a stable environment and live from a human heart. For me I find it challenging at a shelter not wanting to take each one of them home with me. Instead I do education in my area on how to care and train pets and the importance of spay and neuter. Plus I offer pet sitting as well. It’s my way of not bringing home strays yet in this way preventing them from becoming a stray.
Rara Calchera
Rara Calchera 3 maanden geleden
As wonderful a motive as it may be, taking on an animal you probably aren’t ready for can be more harmful than good, ESPECIALLY for a stray. Be honest and transparent with children about the realities of taking care of a life. If they love animals so much, teach them to support their local humane society by volunteering and donating food. But most importantly teach them that animals are not accessories or trinkets to be passed around, to prevent them from being abandoned or given up in the first place.
Pam Hoffmann
Pam Hoffmann 3 maanden geleden
I especially love that after a lot of dirty and hard work she said I am happy cause the dog is happy. Thats how it should be!! I do hope this girl learns a job to help animals in future. :))
Tenela Wondwossen
Tenela Wondwossen 3 maanden geleden
can you please show us your dog victoria please.
KATIE 3 maanden geleden
Vet school. Get her volunteering at a good shelter. Job shadow a veterinarian. Take full advantage of her interest in animals.
Mya8D 3 maanden geleden
I use to volunteer at that shelter, it’s called pet orphans😁
Dewfall 3 maanden geleden
The mother is breathtakingly beautiful!
maulnhaul 3 maanden geleden
Man, this episode hits hard. Growing up, my parents wouldn't let me have a dog or cat or even an aquarium. Luckily, now I am an adult who can make my own choices and I now have the best little buddy. And of course my parents love him and are thinking of letting my younger brothers adopt a dog. I love the episodes where the family is trying their best and wants to do what is best for the dogs.
Rhianna Lynch
Rhianna Lynch Maand geleden
Aquariums are hard. Fishes need constant monitoring and care!
꧁༺ᎧJ คƚเռყᎯⱤᙢᎽтσოꪮꪮท༻꧂
꧁༺ᎧJ คƚเռყᎯⱤᙢᎽтσოꪮꪮท༻꧂ 3 maanden geleden
"Spoiled kids are not good kids and Britney is too precious to be spoiled" 👏👏👏👏
16BitSiren 3 maanden geleden
Mom should be proud, seems like she raised a great kid!
Ruby 2411
Ruby 2411 3 maanden geleden
Who else thinks Brittney's mom spoiled her for not saying no to anything like bruh
Ariella Fabio
Ariella Fabio 3 maanden geleden
I wish my mother were like this mom I don’t ask for a lot😕
Loki the Assistance Dog
Loki the Assistance Dog 3 maanden geleden
What strays? What rescues? I saw neither in this video. Just two BYB mutts.
msknich0le 3 maanden geleden
Set boundaries and expectations. She will become a well-rounded adult, that won’t fall apart when she doesn’t get her way. Beautiful loving family, dogs included.
Rhonda Nighman
Rhonda Nighman 3 maanden geleden
You can’t always see fleas just from an exam..As a dog bather I’ve lost count of how many times an owner had said that their vet checked for fleas & said there was none only to get them in the tub to wash them & find fleas..
SkyGemini 3 maanden geleden
Why didn't I have a mom like this? I didn't have one but if I did, I'd want this one.
Lauryn Worley
Lauryn Worley 3 maanden geleden
Um, okay, I think I kinda agree with the mom over Victoria now.... If the parents don't mind the pets and there daughter is good and responsible, no reason to tell her no! But good thing she gets to volunteer. I don't think parenting is victoria's expertise.
Secyllia Slater-Madia
Secyllia Slater-Madia 3 maanden geleden
Do you trane cats or just dogs
Cleo _gacha
Cleo _gacha 3 maanden geleden
Victoria is now a human trainer
Cookie Dee
Cookie Dee 3 maanden geleden
Beautiful family!!!🌺
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