Dog's Bizarre Food Guarding Behavior Surprises Victoria | It's Me or The Dog

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Mr Black is a dog who takes his food very seriously, but what dog trainer Victoria Stilwell is about to see goes beyond anything she's experienced before!

It's Me or the Dog USA



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou Katsuki 2 dagen geleden
I like the husband
Kat Car
Kat Car 9 dagen geleden
This is the best couple I've seen on It's Me or the Dog.
The McPoyles
The McPoyles 12 dagen geleden
My 1 year old Labrador just started displaying resource guarding with food and certain treats and it has me really concerned. It’s disappointing. I’m trying to tell myself it’s a natural instinct but still. I’m trying to work on it.
R O D 12 dagen geleden
What breed is that?
Sheila Francl
Sheila Francl 15 dagen geleden
I really don't understand why you just don't leave the dog alone while he's eating. Would you like it if you're in a restaurant and after each bite the waiter comes and strokes your hair?
Michelle Stansifer
Michelle Stansifer 18 dagen geleden
She's gonna say whatever when she gets bit
abi c.
abi c. 18 dagen geleden
3:31 the dog: this is all?
Life with Jessy
Life with Jessy 18 dagen geleden
I'm from the Philippines and i love watching your videos..i learned a lot about dealing with you Victoria❤
dumbclout 22 dagen geleden
i had a dog that guarded his food but the difference is that his previous owners had starved him. he was so skinny when he first got him but he got very healthy!
kat kms
kat kms 24 dagen geleden
“You are the keeper of the food bowl now” the dog 🤺⚔️🧙🏻‍♂️
Kel Risk
Kel Risk 25 dagen geleden
why TF do u need to pat your dog while its eating!!
nonnaza 27 dagen geleden
Girl... I love you. This channel is very educative and positive. Having problems with my dog, adopted less tan a month ago with separación ansiety and you are helping me go trhoough this. :) Love your work. Thanks si much for sharing.
Kat M
Kat M Maand geleden
This dog should be renamed Mr. Rude for biting the hand that feeds him!!
Jessica -aka JessaNae
Jessica -aka JessaNae Maand geleden
*He's a smart dog though... you see how he's looking up at them after they just put a tiny bit in his bowl lol! He's like "really ppl, this is all I get?!" Lol!*
Jessica -aka JessaNae
Jessica -aka JessaNae Maand geleden
*This pup either has been around other dogs that taught him to protect his food.... but the fact that he peed which is a nervous sign makes me think more that someone has maybe disciplined him and made him afraid while eating.*
Marri Glanton
Marri Glanton Maand geleden
That dog was looking like “ what’s this foolishness “
Silvia Sch.
Silvia Sch. Maand geleden
Why do owners always want to disturb a dog while he's eating? Give him the food and leave him alone for a while for crying out loud! You dont have to touch your pet every single second of the day! What would you say or do if someone wants to take your dish away while you're still trying to eat?
Captain & Company
Captain & Company Maand geleden
Good training here Victoria
Lady Labyrinth
Lady Labyrinth Maand geleden
the most mellow couple I've ever seen
RMariem Maand geleden
Really good!! I'm on this
Caroline K.
Caroline K. Maand geleden
Gotta go super slow! Otherwise the results won’t stick, and it will be even harder to train him out of it bc you have “poisoned the cue”. She is right, you go too fast and it sets your dog up for failure.
KiaraSnowKitty Maand geleden
Where can I get these puzzle toys
Larissa Dueck
Larissa Dueck Maand geleden
I love Victoria's videos
Drowned Rat
Drowned Rat 2 maanden geleden
That's my husband all over again. We hired a trainer a few days ago, but suddenly he knows better than the trainer. He wants to buy an E-collar and zap the dog into compliance so he doesn't have to get up off his butt and deal with her. Not happening.
Aeryn Suun
Aeryn Suun 2 maanden geleden
😣😣 noooo...change that food 😣😣
Burning Cloud
Burning Cloud 2 maanden geleden
remember the old ways when we were told: when a dog eats ( or any other animal) you DO NOT interfere?
Loki the Assistance Dog
Loki the Assistance Dog 2 maanden geleden
Peeing is also a way to resource guard and tell other dogs that any food here belongs to them.
HoodFavFrmdaO 2 maanden geleden
Reservation dogs don’t even do this 😂😂😂😂
Jillian 3 maanden geleden
I would encourage all dog owners to practice this, even when the dogs are super young and show no signs of aggression. If you just put the food down and walk away, dogs can easily learn that the room is their zone and they may feel like they need to protect the food they have. They need to get used to you around their food. I still feed my older dog in another room, but that's just to be precautionary. I think it's really easy for dogs to develop this type of aggression, especially ones that are super food-oriented which are most of them. Something that's worked for me is with my young puppy (he's 8 months but I started teaching him everyday when he was a month and a half), is to have him sit and look at me before meals. He came from a woman who had him eat out of a trough with many other puppies, so this was a bit challenging at first. I have him sit down behind the bowl, and I take my finger and point it to my eyes. I have the dogs stare at me until I release him. If he goes towards the food early, I have him sit back down and try again (he is perfect at it now). He gives me full eye contact. When I release him (i say "go ahead" and take the finger off of my eye) he is able to eat his food. Once he is eating his food which he does very quickly even with his slow feeder bowl, occasionally I will have a tasty vitamin or a treat in my hand, and I will put it in my bowl, making my dog notice that I put the treat in his bowl. When he was super young i did this everytime he ate. Just sticking my hand on the bowl, my fingers near his mouth, moving his food around. I want him to know that i can be anywhere when he is eating. Almost like it's my food too. And when I come near him, he knows that sometimes I'm CONTRIBUTING to his food. He knows that I am not a threat, gets used to me, and knows that I'm in charge. I GIVE him his food. This is extremely important and isn't talked about enough.
Sol Estrada
Sol Estrada 3 maanden geleden
Latoya is wak
c lo
c lo 3 maanden geleden
Competition." Don't go near my food yo😂
Tay chin yue
Tay chin yue 3 maanden geleden
Victoria stilwell l love you but your character sand kinna repeating.... am l the omly one who feels that way?
Lucas Cortes
Lucas Cortes 3 maanden geleden
Bruh this is basically my dog
Arshie SugarBaby
Arshie SugarBaby 3 maanden geleden
Legends says that the pee is still there on the floor
Jessica 3 maanden geleden
How do we make dogs stop pooping inside bc my dog keeps pooping inside
Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown 2 maanden geleden
Reward them for pooping out side they might get the idea
Maureen Lynden
Maureen Lynden 3 maanden geleden
Like I said before all animals live and eat outside not inside, houses are only for PEOPLE and again animals definitely live and eat outside.
ytubeanon 3 maanden geleden
they seem like nice people, but I wonder how they managed to live this long
Tessa Grace
Tessa Grace 3 maanden geleden
Tip: When your puppy’s young, grab a handful of his food, and let him eat out of your hand while you slowly drop it back into the bowl. Do this once a day for a little while, and they won’t be possessive at all!! It worked for my Mastiff, and all of my grandma’s dogs.
mikayla Cooke
mikayla Cooke 3 maanden geleden
Love how none of yall know that Victoria isn’t actually a dog trainer. She was a dog walker who wormed her way into the industry. She plays on common sense during these things.
Lewis Dunn
Lewis Dunn 3 maanden geleden
If you know how to train dogs, then you’re a dog trainer. She knows how to train dogs so she is a trainer. If you think all the things she does are common sense, then take it as a sign that you probably also know how to train dogs.
yeah yeah
yeah yeah 3 maanden geleden
My dog just stares at his bowl and growls when it's empty. Like is he expecting the food to suddenly appear?
Misod Gurung
Misod Gurung 3 maanden geleden
Do you like being gently stroked while while eating? I dont
vanshika 4 maanden geleden
They should put the link to buy all those toys and others tools as well 😔
Elizabeth Allison
Elizabeth Allison 4 maanden geleden
My dog does that Same thing where my dog will pee when she’s upset with food or bones
Carly Yonkovit
Carly Yonkovit 4 maanden geleden
The dog is like lady wheres my food 😂😂😂
Shefali O'Hara
Shefali O'Hara 4 maanden geleden
why pet a dog while it's eating? I mean, sure, your dog should let you, but why not let them eat in peace? I wouldn't want to be petted while I'm eating!
elaine park
elaine park 4 maanden geleden
Why does everyone on this show have 4 brain cells.
Ty G
Ty G 4 maanden geleden
I can understand being afraid of not being able to touch the bowl at all not even to just pick it up, but what I don't understand is why they weren't encouraged to leave the dog alone. I don't think I would want someone standing over me or touching me while I was trying to eat and I don't get why Victoria didn't tell them that. It's like the episode with the lady who was treating her dog like a cat, you kind of have to show the owners what they're doing to their pet and why it freaks them out, in order for some of these people to really get it, and I think this owner would have really benefited from having someone come up and attempt to take her dinner plate away and pet her head and stuff while she's eating. Owners need to know what they are doing to stress their pets out and I think that would have really opened this ladies eyes, but hey I'm not the expert here.
Leisha Brookes
Leisha Brookes 4 maanden geleden
Simple take the bowl away and feed from your hands or floor take away that privilege untill they learn
Rosie 4 maanden geleden
Wait, you mean for once the owners *aren't* the problem??
HeldbyHim 4 maanden geleden
Why did she ask Victoria for help if she thinks she can do it properly?
My name is joe
My name is joe 4 maanden geleden
I watch a lot of these videos and most of the time its the owner who needs the training. Not the dog. This is one of them.
My name is joe
My name is joe 4 maanden geleden
Am I the only one screaming at the screen saying "JUST LEAVE THE DAMN DOG ALONE WHILE HES EATING!.." What does this woman not get? Why does she feel the dire need to touch the dog while its eating all the time? I don't get it. Put the bowl down and go away.. Carry on with life, Simple.
Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown 2 maanden geleden
You shouldn't do that it will cause a lot of problems
Mist Dragon mc
Mist Dragon mc 4 maanden geleden
Knowing that wolves do the same thing,It’s not bizarre at all
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B 4 maanden geleden
My dog does not pee, but she does guards her food. I trained her that food is safe, but her snacks are still needing guarding (she had to fight to eat in her prior home) I used a similar technique, but started petting her butt as she ate, then kept moving up to the head so that when kids came over, they didn't get bit from her guarding
Sonja P.
Sonja P. 5 maanden geleden
Why would you pet your dog while eating in the first place? How would you like it if someone stoked your head while you were eating? Put yourself in your dogs place
TerryKae' 5 maanden geleden
Hard head makes a soft behind. What if the dog would have bit her? 🤷🏾‍♀️
sunjit gill
sunjit gill 5 maanden geleden
My brother had a dog who didn't was like that then I started spending more time with him and feeding him bit by bit... then it was fine
natalia lima silva
natalia lima silva 5 maanden geleden
This owner (the lady) is legit annoying.
slapshott 5 maanden geleden
Man all my dogs loyal to the end but dont touch there mf food and i have 3 pitbulls
Ludy Waffle
Ludy Waffle 5 maanden geleden
Why do people need to touch their dogs when they're eating? I guess it's good for them to be comfy, but I'd be mad if someone eat in my space while I was eating
Neda Bibak
Neda Bibak 5 maanden geleden
I never hire you as a trainer for my dog. You judge people and not to comfortable to even talk to you
Matt Davis
Matt Davis 5 maanden geleden
How do u let ya dogs get this way lol
Taylor Allison
Taylor Allison 5 maanden geleden
I agree with Damian and Victioria.
Nicole Maya
Nicole Maya 5 maanden geleden
This is my exact problem now with my 6 month male staffy. It’s scary when he grows at me
Lucas Coleman
Lucas Coleman 5 maanden geleden
Love Her
Lucas Coleman
Lucas Coleman 5 maanden geleden
Sabia S
Sabia S 5 maanden geleden
She can't even listen for a week -_______________-
Jolie East-Miji
Jolie East-Miji 6 maanden geleden
Whew. This is the biggest issue I have with client couples. One listens the others does not. Or I’ll get the client who doesn’t follow through to the T what I said. One thing I teach is dog training is patience
Elifnaz 6 maanden geleden
dude this dog literally me when ı eat something
Gi Gi
Gi Gi 5 maanden geleden
Have you tried eating out of toys? Lol, kidding “Hangry” is a real thing, can relate
Maya Ajami
Maya Ajami 6 maanden geleden
I always used to sit next to my dog while eating when she was a puppy now she's 8 month's old and i still do that i always pet brush her coat while eating, pet her and many other things she neveeer growls at me❤️❤️❤️
My Fantasy World
My Fantasy World 6 maanden geleden
What breed is that
J C 6 maanden geleden
Maybe the dog is resisting being emasculated like hubby.
cherryonasundae 6 maanden geleden
Latoya needs to listen to her husband and Victoria!! What an irresponsible owner, that’s the reason why the dog is the way he is
GoRogue CauseMayhem
GoRogue CauseMayhem 6 maanden geleden
So let's be clear Victoria assessed the level and severity of food guarding prior to setting up this exercise. If you have a dog that has a hairpin trigger in reactivity this would be very dangerous. One of my rehabilitation dogs is not only uncomfortable in being pet without food around but he is also severely food reactive. He has gone after my crutch and my prosthetic leg just for being near him. Obviously I used non-human body parts to test his reactivity. Therefore this exercise would need to be modified for a dog of this severity. As I tell any of my clients before you take an exercise in behavior modification from a video online you should consult a trainer in your area because you can do more harm than good if you implement the wrong technique and you can put yourself and your dog at risk in doing so
Monique B.
Monique B. 6 maanden geleden
Latoya is hard headed 🙄
Jenny Novoa
Jenny Novoa 6 maanden geleden
Ughh.. the way she approached the dog to show victoria his food agression... like are you for real? Who wouldn't get mad when being disturbed in the middle of a meal? I know that the dog had some problems, but I believe the owner was making it worse
Anime Simp
Anime Simp 6 maanden geleden
I like how the hubby is like "uhhh...we ain't supposed to do that" wife "i dont care" hubby "ok" lol
Christina Appadurai
Christina Appadurai 6 maanden geleden
Leave ur dog to eat peacefully.......
Gi Gi
Gi Gi 5 maanden geleden
Dogs should not be food aggressive. Not agitating them is good, but you should be able to take food away
Shanyi Alexander
Shanyi Alexander 6 maanden geleden
Guinea Pig Lady
Guinea Pig Lady 6 maanden geleden
My two Terriers growled when I put my hand near their food. I thought it sounded cute. But not all the time.
v4va 6 maanden geleden
I love how Victoria talks
TheFetter04 6 maanden geleden
Them: HELP! Our _______ isn’t performing Expert in area: it’s you🙄🤦‍♀️ Them: WHAAAAA😳 Expert: proceeds to show them EXACTLY how to fix it Them:🤔🤔🤔 maaaaagic👀🤷‍♀️ ....🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
HoosierSHU 6 maanden geleden
We had a boxer that was food aggressive. It took us about a month to break him of it. Now we have other issues to deal with now. He is a scared puppy. I wish we had a trainer to just tell us how to fix issues. Listen to your trainer.
Smashing Turnips
Smashing Turnips 6 maanden geleden
Victoria is awesome 👏 simple easy to follow instructions
coffeecream18 6 maanden geleden
It’s undeniable that the dog is too food possessive, but the dog owners are absolutely clueless. How would you feel if someone at the dinner table, tried to grab your plate of food? When you tell a dog it’s ok to eat their food, don’t touch the f**king bowl. Seriously, why do you need to pet the dog when they’re eating? What about that seems logical to you, give the dog some damn space. I damn sure don’t want to be hugged or rubbed when I’m eating tf.
Chartok 7 maanden geleden
Just let the dog eat in peace..
24bidy 7 maanden geleden
same dog 2 different episode
AbdulMajid Ibrahim BAH
AbdulMajid Ibrahim BAH 7 maanden geleden
what kinda dog is it
Brenda B
Brenda B 7 maanden geleden
Love these videos!
Cindy Vining
Cindy Vining 7 maanden geleden
Why ask for Victoria's help and then not listen to her??
Delaney Reyes
Delaney Reyes 7 maanden geleden
I was so afraid of my puppy growing up to be food aggressive. I followed Cesar Milan’s tips and exercises to prevent this and now my dog does fine. I feel like this is one of the most important things to teach a puppy. It can be very dangerous especially if there are children and babies in the home.
Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill 7 maanden geleden
Another owner (ie. LaToya), who thinks they look cute by trying to show Victoria up. Maybe they think they'll get their own show by proving Victoria wrong! NOT! Victoria's the best. I like Damien. He didn't come off as a know-it-all. He put his dog's well being first.
Ayoola Semowo
Ayoola Semowo 7 maanden geleden
Is this a German Shepard and golden retriever mix?
NitroFairyWing 7 maanden geleden
When I used to have dogs, they were the family dogs, the only time they did something like that is when they were still puppies and we're still in training, but they eventually stopped doing that, it was also the first time we brought them home and they weren't THAT comfortable with us yet but they did get to that point to where they knew that snapping was a no no
elocine 7 maanden geleden
Thats why i always touch my puppies or stand near them when theyre eating so that theyll get used to it. Its the other dogs coming near is the problem
Mallatobuck TheCanine
Mallatobuck TheCanine 7 maanden geleden
I am a Korean. But, I certainly see how they are people with very benevolent intention. The dog is in good hands.
Erica Cosme
Erica Cosme 7 maanden geleden
Tips for puppy owners (baby babies) as soon as u start feeding them place your hand in the bowl while they eat and hand feed them aswell this makes sure they wont ever b food aggressive.
chey M
chey M 7 maanden geleden
Yvette Grant
Yvette Grant 7 maanden geleden
My dog hates the F_Bomb he runs to the bedroom Everytime.his commands are at a very small minimal. My dog has needs and no wants period.I so would like to put him in classes ,not just any classes. My dog is a passive 5 pound good 9 year old boy,is there still help for my little pooche?.
Quinn Kelly
Quinn Kelly 7 maanden geleden
I was always taught not to pet a dog when it's eating. Why can't they wait for him to be done before they pet him?
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