Victoria Threatens Owner Who 'Beat Up' Their Dog with Legal Consequences | It's Me or The Dog

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It's Me or the Dog

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Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell meets an owner with a worrying history, can she get to the bottom of this behaviour and turn the dog-owner relationship around, or will she make good on her threats and call for legal action?
It's Me or the Dog USA Season 4 Episode 7
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
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Lesley Armstrong
Lesley Armstrong 15 minuten geleden
she needs to drop him.....he's teaching his children bad things.
Kat B
Kat B Uur geleden
This whole episode is so sad. All of the relationships are stressed and fragile. I truly hope that they get better
155chipmunkz 7 uur geleden
Those poor dogs.
Marina Marcucci
Marina Marcucci 12 uur geleden
I honestly don't know what I would do if I didn't have my girl lily, she is a bit of a diva and I don't how you could be so mean to a animal that just wants to be apart of your world. Lily is sweet,loving and caring. She has even helped my family heal from the passing of another special pup that had a rotten life before she came to her forever home.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 13 uur geleden
This guy looks like a straight up physcopath. He likes having power over people and animals. If that dog bit his nuts off, it would be totally justified in doing so.
Wølfie¡¿ 14 uur geleden
Unrelated, but I can’t be the only one who thinks that house looks like the old house daddyofive used to live in
Beth Queen
Beth Queen 19 uur geleden
Beth Queen
Beth Queen 19 uur geleden
5:37 look at the way he acts being bossed around compared to how his daughter acted in 7:02
Karin Kováčová
Karin Kováčová 21 uur geleden
I love Victoria because of how she helps the dogs feel better and I am very thankful for what she does :)
Zahra Bourgeois
Zahra Bourgeois 21 uur geleden
I feel so bad for this dog
T Girl
T Girl 23 uur geleden
So he is an animal abuser and is aggressive to his wife... yet she’s still there ?... what is good about this dude?
NiCe シ DeViL
NiCe シ DeViL Dag geleden
Is no one gonna talk about the boy picking his nose😭😭😂
Catherine Davis
Catherine Davis Dag geleden
That really is a good family they have to control themselves though
Bun Bun Slup Slup
Bun Bun Slup Slup Dag geleden
I wish humans never had pets
Kotryna Jašauskaitė
Kotryna Jašauskaitė Dag geleden
I cant even handle watching this knowing that there are thousands and thousands of pets that live like this.
Xwing atAliciousness
Xwing atAliciousness Dag geleden
This is literally the most trashy family I have ever seen and I grew up in a small town in Texas.
Dom Dom
Dom Dom Dag geleden
Take the dogs away from these people!!!
LootFire2009 Dag geleden
I always feel like that when Victoria is dealing with couple it just turns into marriage counseling
Free Spirit
Free Spirit Dag geleden
Am I the only one noticing Victoria is making a confusion between "positive education" and "positive reinforcement"?
Brix Haven
Brix Haven Dag geleden
10:22 is very telling. The son definitely looks up to his father and has picked up the same temperament. I hope, on top of this, they consider family counseling. Being able to accept criticism should be seen as growth, not subordination.
Brix Haven
Brix Haven Dag geleden
You can tell he was raised by being yelled at. I have family members like that and their dogs are definitely a reflection of them. Both parenting and dog-rearing should come with mandatory training.
•iimintii •
•iimintii • Dag geleden
him : i just want the dog gone me : i wish u rot in hell
Boot Scoot
Boot Scoot 2 dagen geleden
My dawta
FS F 2 dagen geleden
Why I’m crying while watching this?😭😭😭😭 dogs are really good stress reliever if you treat and care them right.
John Medina!
John Medina! 2 dagen geleden
Get a divorce...
John Medina!
John Medina! 2 dagen geleden
Get rid of it...
Casey Martin
Casey Martin 2 dagen geleden
Now this is what happens when you buy a dog and don’t train it right…
Montgomery is in the house!!!👍🏽
Montgomery is in the house!!!👍🏽 2 dagen geleden
These Expletive are really lucky because it’s most kids and most people’s dreams to own a dog be thankful that you have one
Vânia Vincent
Vânia Vincent 2 dagen geleden
You cant scream around dogs and expect them to act normal. Sometimes were just talking and we lower our voice when getting overly excited cause my dog gets nervous
Kim 2 dagen geleden
Humans do not deserve animals especially dogs
jaye simond
jaye simond 2 dagen geleden
Families need to really talk through when thinking of getting a pet. If only 1 family member doesn’t want 1, they all have to accept not getting a dog. Can train a dog, can’t change ppl.
Paris 2 dagen geleden
He is lucky to have a receptive and accepting wife
Mr. fish
Mr. fish 2 dagen geleden
I say cook the dog alive and eat the remains of the dog or thrown the remaining pieces of the dog in the ocean or near by lake
RoyalPT 2 dagen geleden
wouldnt let that dogs in that family and that dude should be ashamed to have a dog tattooed on him. Would burn that tattoo together with his arm doesnt matter if its one dog he used to own and care for. And that two tailed haired girl that whacked the dog? shes lucky she isnt my daughter.
SOPHIA SAC - RODRIGUEZ 2 dagen geleden
Why don’t they put the dog in a better place and if he doesn’t want the dog then why did he get him?
Šaptač Kartama
Šaptač Kartama 2 dagen geleden
this guy looks like those asocial serial killers you can find on MrBallens youtube channel of strange dark and mysterious stories
Arabella Gonzalez
Arabella Gonzalez 2 dagen geleden
I what the man to goooooooooooo
Siva Ramakrishna Garidi
Siva Ramakrishna Garidi 2 dagen geleden
I don’t like this guy but it looks like he can change. Like if you agree
Kimmy Possible
Kimmy Possible 2 dagen geleden
OMG I can’t even watch this without having my stress levels rise. 😣 This is a horrible environment for pets and humans alike. So much tension, noise, aggression and anger. Very unhealthy.
109367 3 dagen geleden
The story of Patches is sad and reminds me of my own father, I never saw him get particularly attached to a dog or show much warmth toward them, they were not considered a member of the family. They were treated well, regular vet visits, good food, clean water, shelter and plenty of exercise but I never got the impression my dad liked any dog we ever owned. Then he told me the story of a Doberman he had when he was younger, mid twenties, and someone poisoned the dog, how he couldn't even bring himself to bury it, that it lay in his shed for two days while he cried over it. He told me how much he loved this dog and cared about him, and that even now, almost thirty-five years later, he gets choked up talking about this dog, it's understandable why he never wanted to hurt like that ever again, and was careful not to get too close to another dog. Very sad :/
Deborah Milloy
Deborah Milloy 3 dagen geleden
Anyone that abuses dogs is the biggest loser
Sarah Sherman
Sarah Sherman 3 dagen geleden
She needs a divorce not a dog trainer. Ironic that he wants the dog gone but everyone wants him gone.
Owen Bandyk
Owen Bandyk 3 dagen geleden
This dad is a loser
Ben M
Ben M 3 dagen geleden
This seems like a situation where the wife and kids hate the husband but he’s the only thing keeping them financially stable so they just have to put up with his terrible behavior because they can’t survive without him, the wife looks and sounds like she wants to leave so badly but I guess she can’t, what a terrible situation
YazmanianDevil 3 dagen geleden
To everyone who says "Just get a divorce", I am so glad you are not therapists and counselors lol. That's not a winning solution. There is such a thing as solving a problem vs giving up.
Perri Lewis
Perri Lewis 4 dagen geleden
Does anyone know if He got arrested.
Summer Dulce
Summer Dulce 4 dagen geleden
Leave him!!! It'll be you next or your kids!
Boopy Schmoops
Boopy Schmoops 4 dagen geleden
People really be abusing dogs and then wondering why the dog has behaviour issues. At the very least I’m glad he took Victoria’s words to heart and realised his problems.
Lynx peters
Lynx peters 4 dagen geleden
Poor pups they deserve so much better :( This man will pay when he meets god! That family needs to get away from him!!
Friede Mi
Friede Mi 4 dagen geleden
Oh, what a great Job you did in this family! The man needed your help!
Victor Brinch
Victor Brinch 4 dagen geleden
Thats a hell Hole
Alon Doron
Alon Doron 4 dagen geleden
He doesnt give a dammmmm about her
Josemid roberto
Josemid roberto 4 dagen geleden
Haha beat that shity dog.
O k
O k 5 dagen geleden
Brook maybe a REINCARNATION of Patches 💛 GOOD progress ..hope it continues.
O k
O k 5 dagen geleden
O k
O k 5 dagen geleden
veiledfox 5 dagen geleden
Victoria should get paid extra for the therapy.
Valeria Flores
Valeria Flores 5 dagen geleden
I hate the dad he is so rude I hope he sees this coment
Whiz Wolf Gamer
Whiz Wolf Gamer 5 dagen geleden
This made me cry and wanted to get peet idk get tazed and go to jail for 9 months
Idk I’m just bored
Idk I’m just bored 5 dagen geleden
This is like the super nanny of dogs
Midnight Runner
Midnight Runner 5 dagen geleden
Leave me in a room with him and I swear to god he won’t make the star for the next episode of “to catch a predator”.
LC - 03BS 867701 Ridgewood PS
LC - 03BS 867701 Ridgewood PS 5 dagen geleden
i love dogs so dont do or the dogs will see you as a bad onwer
Perla Medrano
Perla Medrano 5 dagen geleden
Bruh I would have them arrested anyways they are just so bad, not only to the dog but imagine how they treat the kids But also not gonna lie I too would beat those kids
Desire Resar
Desire Resar 5 dagen geleden
Idc what anybody says, yelling and smacking dogs when they’re bad is SUPER effective. I say this from personal experience.
Lorna X
Lorna X 5 dagen geleden
Really, he beats the dogs, what a total bullying poor excuse for a human being, wow, and really, the woman should be ashamed of herself letting this go on, grow a pair and chuck him out
Avian Gamer
Avian Gamer 5 dagen geleden
In these types of shows it seems like training the people is a lot more difficult and takes more effort than training the dogs.
Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace 6 dagen geleden
Yet another family who should NEVER have access to ANY animal! Dogs chew because they are bored and need exercise.
Anonymous -
Anonymous - 6 dagen geleden
When I havent finished the video yet- Thinks-*does this dog have enough exercise?
Natalie Bell
Natalie Bell 6 dagen geleden
So if I had this man as a bf or husband he'd be out the house.
EitanyaDesigns 6 dagen geleden
Throw that whole man away.
Sage Elizabeth
Sage Elizabeth 6 dagen geleden
this family looks so trashy
Jackie Varughese
Jackie Varughese 7 dagen geleden
Low Quality being with High Standards, lmaooo, what a joke of a male is the father. That is ine toxic family, i feel bad for the wife, kids and the dogs
D 'muir
D 'muir 7 dagen geleden
Victoria is probably the only person who has held this awful man to account. His poor wife looks so distressed and their children behave appallingly per how their father behaves. I really hope these dogs, Peter’s wife and children improve their lives by changing their behaviours. If not, Peter needs to learn to live in a more gentle way and accept his new dogs and love his family properly.
Aymar Chigumira
Aymar Chigumira 7 dagen geleden
"I just scream idk why" sounds like you need you them Therapy's my dude
Hiba Chader
Hiba Chader 7 dagen geleden
7:55 what stress ? , the stress of trying to eat all the Cheetos
Ray Miller
Ray Miller 7 dagen geleden
Yo pete is such a as# hole for reasons
Dr James Lilly pad
Dr James Lilly pad 7 dagen geleden
This is why I like Victoria she’s taking charge she’s protecting these poor dogs
Lizzy Del monte
Lizzy Del monte 7 dagen geleden
What I do when my dog is doing something she’s not supposed to is I redirect her to something she can do. Is that a good training mechanism I try not to use any for of violence as discipline
Oliver Non-applicable
Oliver Non-applicable 7 dagen geleden
I can understand slapping your dog on the rump or flicking the nose if it has been naughty or rubbing its nose in it but not beating a dog for no reason. But to be fair, any dog larger than a shitzu is dangerous for most people to own because most people are idiots.
Leopard Khan
Leopard Khan 7 dagen geleden
Omg did she just grab taht dog and not any dog a pir bull I think maybe it's a dogo argentino
•Mini Mushroom•
•Mini Mushroom• 8 dagen geleden
This is despicable, I am shoked that people do this to dogs. Im young but even I know this is horrible.
Avenger Agario
Avenger Agario 8 dagen geleden
Victoria : I will have u aressted Lady : 🥳😁😁😁
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 8 dagen geleden
like wait im sorry but did he just say he chewed his phone really just wow if my dog did that i would move out
m e l x d i q
m e l x d i q 8 dagen geleden
these people just crimnals
Regg Nikk
Regg Nikk 8 dagen geleden
Horrible environment not only for dogs, but for kids, for everyone, how many adults have no idea how to behave, that scares so much
Whitterkins McGee
Whitterkins McGee 9 dagen geleden
Anybody else noticed that Victoria while being an excellent dog trainer is also part unofficial family therapist? She got through his anger to the pain of losing Patches.
lidl 9 dagen geleden
Never trust a man who abuses animals
lidl 9 dagen geleden
Imagine marrying this kind of man words
lidl 10 dagen geleden
Sick of this egotistical man
lidl 10 dagen geleden
Tired of men being cruel towards animals
Amazingtrooper5 10 dagen geleden
poor dog and the family who need to live with peter WHO STRAIGHT UP BEATS UP A DOG. this dude should be arrested. shame on him
Damien Maber
Damien Maber 10 dagen geleden
I hope they got the dog taken off them
DJ AIDEN Fortnight and roblox player
DJ AIDEN Fortnight and roblox player 10 dagen geleden
No mask huh-
UncreativeUsername 7 dagen geleden
This show was filmed a couple years ago :>
Christina H.
Christina H. 10 dagen geleden
Please surrender those dogs 🙏
hokus pokus
hokus pokus 10 dagen geleden
Take the poor dog out of this horrible family. The little sweetheart deserves a nice lovely Home.
Ellie Coulson
Ellie Coulson 10 dagen geleden
Poor dog
Don Karolis
Don Karolis 10 dagen geleden
What they need is a psychologist. Poor family 👪
Kimberly Garcia
Kimberly Garcia 11 dagen geleden
Just tell him I go to therapy
Subash Pun
Subash Pun 11 dagen geleden
The wife looks pleased and smiles when the dog trainer gives a little threatening to the husband about having him arrested if he hits the Dog again
lidl 9 dagen geleden
As she should
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