Can Owners Keep Their Cool After Door Training Trouble? | It's Me or the Dog

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It's Me or the Dog

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Zoe and Luca just can't control themselves when guests come to the front door! But can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell prevent this pooch from jumping up at guests by teaching owners how to use the sit command?

It's Me or the Dog USA Season 1 Episode 14



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Jesse 11 uur geleden
The dogs are like, 'what you're in charge now? I don't think so bro.'
Jesse 12 uur geleden
Luka realizes that Adam isn't in charge of anything or anyone.
Jesse 12 uur geleden
What is the husband bending down for? What a jag-weed.
Alfawz Study Group
Alfawz Study Group 2 dagen geleden
Supernanny but dog version
Dylan Sereno
Dylan Sereno 5 dagen geleden
what kind of breed is zoe?
Animal Hype
Animal Hype 15 dagen geleden
I get it but victoria is makikg them change their rules the dog wasnt ven close to her
Stephanie Olivarez
Stephanie Olivarez 26 dagen geleden
ok but they're dogs are so cute 🥺
Turtle Girl
Turtle Girl Maand geleden
I don’t agree yes my dogs are my babies but they are trained
debo325 Maand geleden
The dogs are too excited. First calm them into submissive state then instruct them to stay. Will be much easier
jsainz706 Maand geleden
I have to say, when Luka laid across Victoria's lap, that was the calmest I saw him. He knows she's a real pack leader.
I. Maand geleden
Are they retarted to keep repeating "staaaaay... staaaaay... staaaaay..." every 3 seconds? Their dog is not even moving, they don't have to repeat an order if the dog is already doing it... That is making the dog confused... And the trainer don't say anything about that. Also, if the dogs don't have respect to their owner by listening to an order such as "stay", they should start back from the begining with the "heel" command.
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 27 dagen geleden
You have to keep reinforcing the stay.
Elizabeth dowdy
Elizabeth dowdy Maand geleden
this is exactly what I need door training
TheLaly37 Maand geleden
Zoe: What does he want from me? Get down????
Just A Random Lizard
Just A Random Lizard Maand geleden
I love how zoe is so excited she holds a paw up but will STILL wait.
George Bakker
George Bakker Maand geleden
Dog taste good
George Bakker
George Bakker Maand geleden
dog taste good
•*glxttterysnxw*• Maand geleden
This should be called “it’s you not the dog” fr
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 27 dagen geleden
Why should it be called it’s you it’s the dog?
Daniel Maand geleden
People shouldn't own small dogs.
Gold C
Gold C Maand geleden
he’s definitely a submissive type guy
Booples Dooples
Booples Dooples Maand geleden
I hate this guy
Andybyf 2 maanden geleden
Hi I just want to say I really love your videos I'm always watching them all the time and I think you're really great
Anthoney Martin
Anthoney Martin 2 maanden geleden
I like these owners, they seem like their heart was in the right place which alone is more than most of the owners on this show.
Linda Gray
Linda Gray 2 maanden geleden
Such friendly dogs! They can sit on my lap anytime
Heatherylou1990 2 maanden geleden
When both dogs are out Zoe’s like I’m getting that chicken so I’m not moving anywhere
Marissa 2 maanden geleden
This guy was very frustrating to watch. I just wanted to scream at him to stand up!
Captain & Company
Captain & Company 2 maanden geleden
Sorry luring the dog off the sofa is not a great idea. As it’s more Likely to condition the dog to associate jumping up on sofa with food. And also it’s like bribing the dog.
Captain & Company
Captain & Company 2 maanden geleden
@A sorry but a lure is bribing. Food was shown directly in front of the dogs nose. A reward shouldn’t be shown until after the desired behaviour has occurred. And by the way, luring is actually frowned upon by many behaviourists nowadays. As a lure is coercing the dog and can actually contribute to further unwanted behaviour. If the dog associated jumping on sofa then gets a treat for jumping back down on command. The simple fact is your reinforcing that behaviour. It’s exactly the same if it was recall. If the dog refuses to come to call but then you show food reward and especially over time to entice the dog hen your creating a situation where your bribing the dog.
A 2 maanden geleden
Its not bribing the dog to lure them off the sofa with a treat. You are rewarding the behavior of getting off the sofa with getting a reward. The dog would only associate food with sofa is if they were rewarding the dog while she was on the sofa.
Lorena T
Lorena T 2 maanden geleden
That’s the wheaten greeting
babieangel jeno
babieangel jeno 3 maanden geleden
Man, if this was an AU, Victoria would be a purebred alpha lady and we'll all be her submissive omegas, betas, and alphas.
Ellis D
Ellis D 3 maanden geleden
I love her and watch her everyday for like 2 hours she is educatied but I wish she wasent scared to be and teach that a bit of an Alfa does help what happiness if you don’t have treats still watch her everyday cuz she is smart and amazing with dogs
Tamra Stratton
Tamra Stratton 3 maanden geleden
I make my dog sit before any command like stay it’s always sit and then stay
Lyan Patricia
Lyan Patricia 3 maanden geleden
Zoe is so cute ❤️❤️❤️
Audrinna Camerino
Audrinna Camerino 3 maanden geleden
he kept repeating stay thats probably why luca didnt stay and luca didnt sit
Izzy Ma
Izzy Ma 3 maanden geleden
this guy looks like hal from megamind to me lmao
Vee Dwg
Vee Dwg 3 maanden geleden
Adam is hella useless.
Sophia Delgado
Sophia Delgado 3 maanden geleden
Sophia Delgado
Sophia Delgado 3 maanden geleden
Zoe is better at staying then the other dog
Qt.Oxford. 3 maanden geleden
This show should be called “Dog training 101”
Bethany Ashe
Bethany Ashe 3 maanden geleden
Izzy Cookie
Izzy Cookie 3 maanden geleden
So supervised it’s not a series
KilluaZoldyck 3 maanden geleden
The show should be called its me not the dog
Thesourpatchkidd 3 maanden geleden
I love that his dogs just look at him like "Am I supposed to listen to you now?" every time he tries to get them to do something. See what a lifetime of bad habits do? That's why you start training immediately, even if it's just the bare essentials like sit and stay. It creates a culture of learning and listening for your dogs.
MsTankrat 4 maanden geleden
Can you see the difference from the british and american owners?
Cruz Solo
Cruz Solo 4 maanden geleden
Did he really just say did he needs to bring his tone down if anything you need to speak up choose some chess when you are talking cuz you speak and look as soft as a feather
Cassidy Guzman
Cassidy Guzman 4 maanden geleden
The way Luca cuddled with Victoria is so sweet
chershannah jackson
chershannah jackson 4 maanden geleden
My dog thinks she owns the couch but at least she gets off when she's told
Ana Alina
Ana Alina 4 maanden geleden
First things first: the golden-doodle looking dog is SO cute! When she lifts her paw when she's sitting at the door, it's just adorable. Second, why aren't they allowed on the couch? She don't seem to be all over you, just kinda chilling there. It's softer than the floor so why not? I guess the owners requested it? If not then I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed on the couch.
Ashley Larocque
Ashley Larocque 4 maanden geleden
I don't understand what was wrong with the dogs lying on the couch while Victoria was sitting there? They weren't jumping on her, they were just lying there. My dogs always slept on the couch.
Erica Bressie
Erica Bressie 4 maanden geleden
Come on man even children are more disciplined than your dog
Sarah Paris
Sarah Paris 4 maanden geleden
Victoria is so amazing at straightening out these situations. Brush the bedlam out the door. Love this show.
swati prakash
swati prakash 4 maanden geleden
Luca on Victoria's lap was so adorable. I wouldn't be able to ask the dogs to get down if they lie on me like that🥺🥺
Dawn 17
Dawn 17 4 maanden geleden
I like how the camera guy laughs at the beginning the moment they hear the dogs barking at the door bell 😂😂
Partyelmarty 4 maanden geleden
7:06 you don’t ASK them to listen; you COMMAND them and give them direction. 🤦🏽‍♂️ the dogs don’t see either of them as pack leaders.
Partyelmarty 2 maanden geleden
@A 🤦🏽‍♂️ please cite your source that supports your claim because it’s well documented that dogs have a pack mentality. Dogs do need a Leader aka Alpha to follow and show them the correct behavior. That doesn’t mean they are not loved nor cared for, and they aren’t free to make their own decisions.
A 2 maanden geleden
Dogs dont have 'pack mentality'. They need to respect you as their guardian, but a human is NOT their 'alpha'. Dogs are a living, thinking, feeling being not a machine. Do they need to listen....yes, but they also need to be able to make decisions on their own too.
Cute Ghost
Cute Ghost 5 maanden geleden
The dogs listened to Victoria because she has a kind of authority, but she is also very soft Now the dogs were literally ``DONT YOU TELL *ME* WHAT *I* SHOULD DO, ITS EASIER IF I TELL YOU WHAT TO DO`` with the man.
Amelia Thorpe
Amelia Thorpe 5 maanden geleden
“Make my tone more friendly” from what I saw at the door and him getting them off the couch he didn’t use a louder tone
TIYANNA MIDDLEBROOKS 5 maanden geleden
zoe is perfectly fine luca is the one who has the problem
StrongRex 5 maanden geleden
What did he say at 2:29? I could not hear it.
B P 5 maanden geleden
Victoria should have her website and have all sorts of videos addressing all sorts of problems for her members. She will earn bucks
Xiaunie' Lee
Xiaunie' Lee 5 maanden geleden
I wish she could help me with my dog..
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 5 maanden geleden
Gf needs to train the dude 😂🤣
Ryan WF
Ryan WF 5 maanden geleden
Me: No treats or furniture for you. Dog: *puppy dog eyes* Me: *trying to resist gives in* Ok fine, but any trouble off. *in cuddling entire night*
Ida Simonsen
Ida Simonsen 5 maanden geleden
Zoe is so cute and smart!
Coleenie Beanie
Coleenie Beanie 5 maanden geleden
People always make the excuse of seeing their dogs as children, but children need discipline too?? I mean, the way you discipline a child is obviously different from how you discipline a dog, but children and dogs both need to be taught how to behave.
M T 6 maanden geleden
Neighbor's dog won't let me stand, she jumps all'over the place it's so difficult what can i do?
Rxblox_Gurlz 6 maanden geleden
Samantha P
Samantha P 6 maanden geleden
He said he needed to stop thinking of them like children. That's not true. If you have a kid, you should teach them right from wrong, just like a dog. You can have the dog-owner relationship aswell as seeing them as your children.
Daisy Smith
Daisy Smith 6 maanden geleden
The glistening glorious toothbrush lally smash because october supply miss with a resonant employer. perfect, lush south america
Tilsta 6 maanden geleden
For a moment I thought the dogs name was Adam then when Victoria called team man Adam I was like wht- lol 😂
Dmitri Vasilyevich
Dmitri Vasilyevich 6 maanden geleden
what a useless man
Michelle Contreras
Michelle Contreras 6 maanden geleden
What is luka's dog breed he is so cute
Chesterness_ 6 maanden geleden
I think Victoria was sick while shooting this episode
Hailey Zahra
Hailey Zahra 6 maanden geleden
I can not believe that Victoria only has 915k suds she deserves alot more for what she does
spooky boi
spooky boi 6 maanden geleden
Guys don’t even realize that the reason they don’t listen to women is because they were brainwashed to think women don’t have value or rather people who express emotions don’t have value because they’re not “tough” Which is to deny children a voice as well
Beau Brennan
Beau Brennan 6 maanden geleden
Y is it bad that the dog jumps up and gets on the lounge
Gisele Diandja
Gisele Diandja 6 maanden geleden
Yay because then it will be much more cooler and better but I think I heard videos are cool 👍 🥰🥰🥰 it should be called
Riley Brown
Riley Brown 6 maanden geleden
So I want to hire vicoria but I have a feeling she’s gonna say that everything I do is wrong (always have water, doesn’t walk just lets them always have outside access, Dogs share one food bowl (it’s big))
ChristineTheHippie 4 dagen geleden
Why do you have a dog if you won't walk him?
Stephanie Robinson
Stephanie Robinson 6 maanden geleden
Then yeah what you are doing is wrong water thats fine, but dogs need walks because walking mentally stimulates dogs differently to how toys do, walks also expose them to dogs and people they dont know so they dont become dog or people aggressive, and sharing one food bowl is not a good idea because at one point one or both dogs could feel like they have to fight to get food and develop food aggression which would lead to fighting and you do not know if both dogs are getting the recommeded amount of food for their breed and weight
kill me
kill me 6 maanden geleden
Is there a way to help me?My dog has been neglected for 2 years,since the previous owner.She barked at my auntie's puppys,
kill me
kill me 6 maanden geleden
@M. Z. Thanks a lot!
M. Z.
M. Z. 6 maanden geleden
For general help with a new dog check out these two free ebooks
Humid Chlorine
Humid Chlorine 6 maanden geleden
Leila literally looks like Uraraka
Daisy Smith
Daisy Smith 6 maanden geleden
Oh no the guy who can’t pick between his dogs or gf is back🤦‍♀️
Megan Cassidy
Megan Cassidy 7 maanden geleden
The dogs just jumping up saying hi, why does that stop you having people over?
Tatjana Erb
Tatjana Erb 7 maanden geleden
This is the sushi dog 😂
Raph Reyes
Raph Reyes 7 maanden geleden
Smh 🤦🏾
Joy Dasko
Joy Dasko 7 maanden geleden
I know you guys hate him, but I give him props for taking the time to learn how to break his habit
Anael Langelier
Anael Langelier 7 maanden geleden
This chanel should be called " train the owners "
Anvil Cevil
Anvil Cevil 7 maanden geleden
After watching this episode. I think is it me and not my dogs. Id like to get myself trained instead I guess.
abeillle80 7 maanden geleden
What breed is Zoë? Do we know?
Lyric Videos
Lyric Videos 7 maanden geleden
This was so frustrating, When he was training Lucas to stay he could have told him to sit before stay 🤔 I don't know how Victoria does it she's got so much patience for the dogs and the humans
The kitty club
The kitty club 7 maanden geleden
I love this show
Paulina Wolna
Paulina Wolna 8 maanden geleden
This dog has been behaving like that for yrs 2 minutes with Victoria and they already change
Lily Yocum
Lily Yocum 8 maanden geleden
I look at my animals like there my babies anyway but I don't let them get away with that behavior
niki niki
niki niki 8 maanden geleden
Imagine Victoria doesn't have a dog
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 7 maanden geleden
I believe she does have a dog.
Enakshi & pompe
Enakshi & pompe 9 maanden geleden
2:46 The dog literally said “no i wont"
Mono {Little Nightmares 2}
Mono {Little Nightmares 2} 9 maanden geleden
I'm sorrry. I love your vids and i love the show too but you do not have ther ight to tell them that their dog isnt aloud on the couch and say its not ok. I allow my dog on the couch all the time and there is no problem with that. I* get the door thing but still. Dont tell people that they cant have their dog on the couch. That is their dessision not yours unless they ASK for help with that
Voyages Starliner
Voyages Starliner 9 maanden geleden
okay im sorry but Luca being all snuggled up on Victoria's lap is so cute
L4NDO PLAYZ 9 maanden geleden
Why are they all the same people?
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 7 maanden geleden
Different clips from the same episode.
Emiliano Esparza
Emiliano Esparza 9 maanden geleden
Krysta Salyan
Krysta Salyan 9 maanden geleden
My name is Laila too
Hla May
Hla May 9 maanden geleden
Traci Andrus
Traci Andrus 9 maanden geleden
Omg you are not asking him!!! You are the owner therefore you are telling them to
Traci Andrus
Traci Andrus 9 maanden geleden
He doesn't want to train them
Akosua Fire
Akosua Fire 10 maanden geleden
I cant stand it when dog owners allow their dog to jump up on people. Totally disrespectful. Boundaries people. Boundaries.
Sylvia Gerritsen
Sylvia Gerritsen 4 maanden geleden
My dog jumps on people and smiles at them, she’s fluffy and only weighs 3 kilos. I rejoice because as a rescue she used to pee when anyone not only came to our door but was just walking down the street. She now says hello to other dogs, when I got her she would choke herself trying to run in the opposite direction of any dog walking within her sight. It may not be perfect but she has come such a long way and actually enjoys life now.
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