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Ben was bought as a cute little puppy, but soon he grew into a monster! Like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde his personality completely flips depending on if his owner is home at the time and it's driving the family apart. Can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell resolve this problem before the family are split any further?



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Amairany’s Peña Salas
Amairany’s Peña Salas 12 uur geleden
I stan grandma 😌
valerie c.
valerie c. 13 uur geleden
Les is really Henry Cavill's feminine side.
Just A Random Lizard
Just A Random Lizard Dag geleden
dude, ngl the dog looked a little.... big..... no offense doggo.
Andres Valencia
Andres Valencia Dag geleden
-“Hi Victoria, I was tremendously impressed by the authoritative way you acted in this video and how successful were your advices and commands, could it be possible to have your help to do some similar training at my home?” -“well, thank you. Certainly I could help, which race is your dog?” -“which dog?”
itsbabynini Dag geleden
The thumbnail🤣🤣
Deborah Haney
Deborah Haney 2 dagen geleden
The first command I taught my dog was Look At Me, specifically to get her to stop and focus on me when she's doing something I don't want her to do, like bark.
Claudia Augello
Claudia Augello 3 dagen geleden
At 1755 you can see on the wall a picture of The dog and he kind a looks like a king
_ cookie angel _
_ cookie angel _ 5 dagen geleden
omg!!! yas victoria the hero for people with rude dogs, i love victorias work.
Spam Lives
Spam Lives 6 dagen geleden
Gran is how we should all be eventually…no fu$&@ given, dominate any situation.
DonReality 7 dagen geleden
In summation, Les is Ben's Bitch. When it barks, it essentially says " Stay away from my bitch" 😁
Dave Skolnick
Dave Skolnick 8 dagen geleden
Christina 456
Christina 456 11 dagen geleden
That house is really narrow… and granny is so sweet
wtfamidoinwmylife-Man 12 dagen geleden
Someone did a horrible job blurring those pictures. 9:13
Jason Werkman
Jason Werkman 12 dagen geleden
Those poor kids
Jason Werkman
Jason Werkman 12 dagen geleden
Ssteven playz
Ssteven playz 13 dagen geleden
9:15 woe great censoring guys
Ashley Ward
Ashley Ward 13 dagen geleden
I would never keep a dog that attacked me. Bottom line. What is with these men and their dogs? You can keep both of them.
Ranveer Singhaniya
Ranveer Singhaniya 15 dagen geleden
Never take any grandma lightly
Olimpio Gabutan
Olimpio Gabutan 15 dagen geleden
Vectorya said wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
THE 1 15 dagen geleden
I think victoria just likes devaluing men anyway LOL.., Shes so comfortable minimizing him
François Fiset
François Fiset 17 dagen geleden
Wow. I hope these pepole are not decorators.
Sumida Ryogoku
Sumida Ryogoku 17 dagen geleden
I hope my German Shepperd is more like Ben, coz mine's way too chill !!
dinavienna 17 dagen geleden
I wonder if the girls are really able to trust Ben ?
dinavienna 17 dagen geleden
A dog trainer I know put it that way - not all dogs are meant to be alphas. Many aren’t cut out for it, like not all humans are leaders. Insecure dogs will be erratic as „protectors“.
dinavienna 17 dagen geleden
German shepherds are SUCH amazing police dogs
Michelle Stansifer
Michelle Stansifer 18 dagen geleden
How many treats does Ben get in 1 day?? With everyone giving him treats just to walk around the house??
Nico Joseph
Nico Joseph 18 dagen geleden
The icy harmonica whitely type because certification elderly radiate afore a vulgar leopard. snobbish, silent bear
Kristian Scott
Kristian Scott 19 dagen geleden
ALL Honesty an NOT being MEAN!. I'd LOVE to watch Cesar react to her Training!. BC it seems he is more 4 the dog then people but She seems more People then dog!. I love watching her an her work!. She Is good!.
Wikror 20 dagen geleden
my dog bites me in the leg what does that mean
Organic Methamphetamine
Organic Methamphetamine 20 dagen geleden
Victoria : sit dog : yes mistress
sweet lies
sweet lies 21 dag geleden
The comment section crack me up 🤣🤣🤣
klara rosie
klara rosie 21 dag geleden
he looks like a mouse not dog
Leonalielee 22 dagen geleden
I have a dog who is part German Shepard, part Pitfall, and training her was a hassle, but she would never act like this. We taught ourselves how to train her, tried different techniques, and taught her how to properly act. She was quite aggressive as a pup and it took a long time to properly socialize her around people and dogs, but she got there. Owners that sit back and let these problems fester until they are dangerous like this dog was are upsetting. If a bunch of kids (none older than 15 at the time) and NLfast videos can train our dog better than you can, with minimal input from the parents other than children's instructions, there is a problem
C MIKE RACK 22 dagen geleden
where is caesar milan
Efren Rios
Efren Rios 22 dagen geleden
She’s not training the dog. She’s training the guy to be a man. Pathetic
ItzVosje 23 dagen geleden
Do they really let their dog hunt down a pet rabbit. That's just wrong....
K. PacificNW
K. PacificNW 24 dagen geleden
My cat can jump through a hoop.
Barbie Dee
Barbie Dee 26 dagen geleden
Bens going to get fit now that the girls aren’t so afraid ☺️
bobbo fisher
bobbo fisher 27 dagen geleden
What kinda man let’s his living room be painted pink? Weak.
bobbo fisher
bobbo fisher 27 dagen geleden
Imagine dealing with this for years? My dog growled at my wife...... once. Without touching or yelling he was instructed that was unacceptable!
Be cool Gaming
Be cool Gaming 27 dagen geleden
The intro for family looked like some kind of gang out of movie
LimeTheSocioCat .-.
LimeTheSocioCat .-. 29 dagen geleden
If you treat your dog like a monster, he'll be a monster
Firefly Maand geleden
Dominatrix Victoria coming to the rescue.
t m
t m Maand geleden
"I am devaluing you now" - the guy physically looks like he got devalued loool 15:58
Pernille Birck Langer
Pernille Birck Langer Maand geleden
Ja jeg snakker dansk
Michael Cary
Michael Cary Maand geleden
their are no bad dogs just bad owners
The F.B.I.
The F.B.I. Maand geleden
5:04 has me all the time
nx1hing Maand geleden
the dog looked progressively more happy
TobiTechBoy Maand geleden
Can we just give some applause for the cameraman? He’s doing an awesome scary job!
Anne Selby
Anne Selby Maand geleden
I think Ben hates the decor, it would certainly make me angry, even vicious. Granny is awesome! Interesting comment from Victoria- this is a predator. Dogs are predators. If you stare dogs or cats in the eyes they will respond negatively, because they see it as a challenge.
Lavishka Maand geleden
BAHAHAHHAHAHAA “best solution is les moves out”😭🤚
Linhard Topalli
Linhard Topalli Maand geleden
Ben:barts at the sister The sister:Runs how fast as She can The other sister:i think im moving out
Shayna Rodeman
Shayna Rodeman Maand geleden
It makes me so sad watching this knowing maybe our aggressive dog didn’t need to be put down at 3.
Danwah Singh
Danwah Singh Maand geleden
Love granny she's so cool ✊
✰ BRESV1BEXO✰ #StopAnimalTesting
✰ BRESV1BEXO✰ #StopAnimalTesting Maand geleden
as Maand geleden
Ok excuse me, they got a shepherd but didn't even teach him a sit or down? What did they get a shepherd for? Being cute and lay around on the carpet??
Eve Apple
Eve Apple Maand geleden
Lee actually really loves that dog he just needed to be taught how to manage him. I’m really glad he took Victoria’s help on board and is working to be the pack leader. It would be sad for Lee to have to lose his dog, Ben is clearly very much his.
Gerda Hurtak
Gerda Hurtak Maand geleden
What a useless backless joke of a man...... to let that dog treat his family that way....
Thought Rank
Thought Rank Maand geleden
The lackadaisical reindeer supply name because pastry neurochemically snow circa a adjoining burma. productive, thoughtful david
OW OW Maand geleden
The trainer has alpha energy
thereposhow1 Maand geleden
Beautiful dog
Bug Catcher Jacky
Bug Catcher Jacky Maand geleden
God I'm so thankful my girl's such a good girl. Seven minutes in and that barking is already giving me a headache. My god
Thanaws Maand geleden
I feel bad if that dog was ever in my household, my cousins will quite literally say move if the dog doesn’t, they’ll just shove him away lmfao
Jymirr H
Jymirr H Maand geleden
Ben: Starts barking intensively Dad: Sweats Ben Am I a joke to you?
mark vega
mark vega Maand geleden
She was so hot back in the day
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia Maand geleden
I'm big fan of the show I have question I never had a Aggressive dog and I don't know what I'm doing wrong and it's my 3rd dog she is a German shepherd.
LuckyRoleplays92 Maand geleden
I swear Victoria is the Hermione Granger of the dog world
Lothadia Maand geleden
This dog is awfully overweight... 😐
Not Chloe
Not Chloe Maand geleden
“This time, it’s Ben’s turn to leave the room”
Tillie Little
Tillie Little Maand geleden
Why do people turn what Victoria said about Les into a sexism thing? It doesn’t matter his gender, he wasn’t being assertive or giving Ben boundaries.
✨Dakota and fidgets✨
✨Dakota and fidgets✨ Maand geleden
Even if he is like this he probly had a rough past and don't call him a monster!
Swarna Badrinath
Swarna Badrinath Maand geleden
Ya A German Shepherd as bit more before a two-time And not letting go And I am 10 years old
Sunaina kv
Sunaina kv Maand geleden
Old tv
Austin Bailey
Austin Bailey Maand geleden
this guy is a beta
Cringe Master
Cringe Master Maand geleden
Atleast it’s a house dog.
Paris Damron
Paris Damron Maand geleden
My dad ran when that dog started barking
kk doc
kk doc Maand geleden
Can’t get over the pink living room.
songbird 64
songbird 64 Maand geleden
Can you imagine saying come and a whole army of dogs runs out of the forest id feel so powerful
xMocha Bearx
xMocha Bearx Maand geleden
She's a genius! But why is she not on netflix? Her videos have alot of episodes
Daniel Obiazor
Daniel Obiazor Maand geleden
"the girls were being terrorized but a more confident approach from carly & claire has put an end 2 bens bullying"
Daniel Obiazor
Daniel Obiazor Maand geleden
19:10 ben look 2 c who came in as soon as he saw andrew he started growlin then progressed 2 barkin
Daniel Obiazor
Daniel Obiazor Maand geleden
"victoria wants 2 put layers control 2 tha test she gets bens old enemy Claire's boyfriend andrew 2 come 2 tha door"
Daniel Obiazor
Daniel Obiazor Maand geleden
19:06 any1 else hear ben growlin as soon as andrew came in
Daniel Obiazor
Daniel Obiazor Maand geleden
"Victoria shown tha girls how 2 distract ben from bullying them" ben is a furry bully
Daniel Obiazor
Daniel Obiazor Maand geleden
so ive got the perfect solution layers moves out layers moves out
Keine Panik
Keine Panik Maand geleden
This is a canadian shepherd. Not a german shepherd.
Rebecca Sales
Rebecca Sales Maand geleden
You do NOT have to be “aggressive” to talk firmly and seriously to anyone or anything!!!!
Jacob Yarbi
Jacob Yarbi Maand geleden
Victoria looks like the antagonist is 101 Dalmations
TuffGong Don
TuffGong Don Maand geleden
he looks a lot younger than the women are they his kids?
TuffGong Don
TuffGong Don Maand geleden
its obvious that none of the women in that house walk the dog so he protects the one who does more! the girls need to do more
BlurredWolf Maand geleden
Damn the editor dud bad job at censoring the wounds
Lilly Buel
Lilly Buel Maand geleden
bruh i would take a stick right to the dogs face.
Claudia Smith
Claudia Smith Maand geleden
omg u let the dog chase the rabbit there pray animal they were not playing the rabbit can have a heart attack from that!!!
𑁍 𝓓 𝔂 𝓷 𝓪 𝓶 𝓲 𝓽 𝓮 𑁍
𑁍 𝓓 𝔂 𝓷 𝓪 𝓶 𝓲 𝓽 𝓮 𑁍 Maand geleden
They don’t realise this but... Victoria saves lives!
Rick Y
Rick Y Maand geleden
All the people are sheep.
U_dont_have_a_stink Maand geleden
This is adorable ❤️
Spotted Fur
Spotted Fur Maand geleden
Me: *Watches intro and sees Victoria* Also me: "Wait... My name is very similar to Victoria-" Me again: "Wait.. AM I GOING TO BECOME A DOG TRAINING EXPERT? :0"
Katherine and Desiree
Katherine and Desiree Maand geleden
I'm not really a big fan of dogs
wojciech chmiel
wojciech chmiel Maand geleden
The dog is wagging his tail he wants to play
MikiKiki Maand geleden
Put him down.
Gilles Lahire
Gilles Lahire Maand geleden
Thats NOT a German Shepherd!
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