This Dog's Dominating Behaviour has Caused 13 Bloody Brawls | It's Me or the Dog

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3 maanden geleden

Dog that formed a grudge against it's fellow pets has caused over a dozen fights so intense they resulted in visits to the vets. With an atmosphere so tense, can Victoria Stilwell help these two reconcile?
It's Me or the Dog USA Season 1 Episode 9
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
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A. GM 22 uur geleden
If 2 dogs fight, and one is, like mine, an AS, you know the other dog will not win.
Christine Cameron
Christine Cameron 23 uur geleden
I love this episode!
Ray Ruck
Ray Ruck Dag geleden
Is he german? 😅
aliyah ceci
aliyah ceci Dag geleden
Hahahah his german accent is so sweet and how much he cares abt the dogs!! I really like the owners :)
alice cole
alice cole 3 dagen geleden
There is a lot of stress in Isolation. 2020-2021 in a nutshell
Cyndi Foore
Cyndi Foore 3 dagen geleden
Olivia is walking her and pulling on the leash. She should practice what Cesar Millan does and heals the dog and breaks fixation by bumping with his leg and making a sound to break the stare.
109367 3 dagen geleden
I always feel like, in situations like these, people are much more understanding and accepting if the dog is any breed other than a pitbull, if it was a pit everyone in the comments would be saying to put the dog down
Allie kilts
Allie kilts 3 dagen geleden
I wonder why Olivia acted like that at first, why she suddenly started acting like that
nope G
nope G 3 dagen geleden
I have this routine with my cats. One is deaf, partially blind, and not motivated by treats. And the other hisses and threatens. The deaf cat then retaliates.
Arya 4 dagen geleden
The only owners on this show where they are actually responsible and rhe behavior isn’t their fault
Sophia Johnson
Sophia Johnson 4 dagen geleden
Aweee this was sad my name is Sophia also I’m glad it’s not the owners fault this time
HAYDEN YUAN HAO YU Moe 5 dagen geleden
Olivia is dio while Sophia is Jonathan
N Sandalo
N Sandalo 5 dagen geleden
🤔 they (owners and dogs) need Cesar Millan to help them instead
Amanda Everett
Amanda Everett 5 dagen geleden
No one forced this guy to get so many dog's
Friede Mi
Friede Mi 5 dagen geleden
Betania La Coste
Betania La Coste 5 dagen geleden
Doobie goes from having tons of freedom to nothing at all on a regular basis. Nothing I can do, since I was forced to abandon my pet via romantic break-up. Custody laws need to change for pets. They are regarded as mere property. He could become dangerous with a vengeance for the abandonment.
FeralFenris 6 dagen geleden
Sophia: “you could pour hot soup in my lap and I would probably apologize to you.” Olivia: “you know how I’m filled with rage and have no outlet for it...?”
Lina Jürgensen
Lina Jürgensen 6 dagen geleden
I see a lot of comments saying „the owners are doing a good job“ „they’re putting a lot of effort into it“ and I overall agree. But is it really necessary to get another two dogs (that are really big) when you already have an old territorial dog? Just a thought.
Nat Le
Nat Le 7 dagen geleden
I swear the dog psychology on this show works on humans 😆
Jessica Ward
Jessica Ward 8 dagen geleden
my name is olivia and the dogs name.also i feel bad for sofia she like me and my brother is the other dog.
Bunny Flop
Bunny Flop 8 dagen geleden
This owner guy is so dedicated to make the dogs succeed, amazing thing to see!
yeovbii 9 dagen geleden
dogs are such sweeties 🥺
justagirl 9 dagen geleden
Mein dude hat ja todes den deutschen Akzent 😂
Lea Grobmann
Lea Grobmann 10 dagen geleden
He sounds so German, anybody else thinking that?
Larissa 11 dagen geleden
They are good people right there
possumbly 12 dagen geleden
this is such a lovely episode 🤗
max.m m
max.m m 12 dagen geleden
Pupdate! It's 2021 where's the harnesses. Collars can damage the larynx .speaking From experience.
Chucky 14 dagen geleden
I'd just sell olivia
Cristina Smith
Cristina Smith 15 dagen geleden
This is really interesting to me because this is the first dog rehabilitation clip that I've seen (and I grew up watching Victoria and Cesar Millan train dogs) where the owners did not facilitate a behavior and the issue was genuinely because of the dog and not poor training or upbringing. Pobrecita Sofia
PuertoRicanPrincess 16 dagen geleden
My Cavapoo and Golden Retriever used to fight like this. Maybe worse. Training put shock collars in them. They turned on us and became human aggressive. Worst mistake of my life.
Leongcheeonn Cheeonn
Leongcheeonn Cheeonn 16 dagen geleden
Idk how to gift her the love she need. She is a good women
saturnslipper 17 dagen geleden
🦋Everyone involved would have been so much better off if Olivia had been re-homed!! That dog had serious aggression issues that cannot just be trained out.
Luk Family
Luk Family 19 dagen geleden
That is true love for their dogs
Violet Alice Evans
Violet Alice Evans 19 dagen geleden
What breed is Sophia? Looks like a different looking German Shepard.
olivia galloway
olivia galloway 19 dagen geleden
My name is olivia and I have a friend named sofia
Heena Naaz
Heena Naaz 19 dagen geleden
Finally an episode where the owners are not at fault and actually love and care about their dogs!
Eggy boy
Eggy boy 21 dag geleden
The guy put effort into avoiding the fights and added frickin doors and stuff like that and even added a daily routine for the dogs. But he didn't know how to stop the fight from happening if they ever meet.
La Gr
La Gr 22 dagen geleden
A bit off topic...but is the guy German? 😄
Joy A
Joy A 22 dagen geleden
Their faces when they brought out the fox on a stick was so priceless. You could just tell they love their dogs wholeheartedly and unconditionally!
Fuzzy Waffle
Fuzzy Waffle 22 dagen geleden
Olivia: You bishes better hide tonight Sophia: I did no harm to you and u still hurt us Darman: I shall protect the humans from Olivia
Tracey South
Tracey South 23 dagen geleden
Where can I get a fox on a stick like that ? I take care of someone's dogs and always looking for ways to exercise them and play ! I know they would LOVE to do that !
Ramiro Gomez
Ramiro Gomez 23 dagen geleden
Ramiro Gomez
Ramiro Gomez 23 dagen geleden
Ramiro Gomez
Ramiro Gomez 23 dagen geleden
Hu Tao
Hu Tao 24 dagen geleden
finally, it's not an episode where it's the owners with the real issue.
CoffeeBonez 26 dagen geleden
is this guy from Germany? I can hear it clearly. xD
Olivia Deslatte
Olivia Deslatte 26 dagen geleden
Me and my sisters names are Olivia and Sophie!
Hi im Larry
Hi im Larry 27 dagen geleden
ahaha wat da heck
Pallo Pää
Pallo Pää 27 dagen geleden
Good work! And what breed is sofia?
KreziRanger 27 dagen geleden
If I’m correct I have seen these two before and the guy was so disrespectful to Victoria.
Elie 27 dagen geleden
the owners are so sweet also I have too dogs daisy and lily. Lily was abused with her sister and her sister had to get put down. and she loves Daisy so much because her sister. They always lay and cuddle. But one thing is they are only good with each other and usualy swiss mountain dogs and my other dog cosmo.
N B 27 dagen geleden
I recommend Cesar 911
Eliana Perkins
Eliana Perkins Maand geleden
My grandparents dog ginger bit val to where val was bleeding
Sophia Humphrey The Tiny Kitten Human
Sophia Humphrey The Tiny Kitten Human Maand geleden
My aunt adopted a dog that had tried to eat her siblings as a puppy. She was very aggressive with their other dog. They at first they tired an experienced trainer, then to keeping them separate and rotating the house and backyard, then to that and medication for the dog but nothing seemed to help. They would eventually manage to slip past the separation and then there would be serious blood and multiple stitches for both dogs more than once. They tried to rehome her but she had to be put down in the end. It came to the point that if she wasn’t put down with my aunts blessing they would take her other dog away and law enforcement would have to get involved to force her to be put down. (The dog accidentally bit my aunt when she tried to separate them because she had almost ripped the other dogs ear off and had grabbed onto the other dogs neck in a death grip. My aunt had a serious injury to her hand and the ER was like this is a dog bite. You’ve been on here before with a bad dog bite we know it’s your dog... it really sucked. Her other dog is doing very well now. :(
Sophia Humphrey The Tiny Kitten Human
Sophia Humphrey The Tiny Kitten Human 27 dagen geleden
@W H she was
Lémøny Méløn
Lémøny Méløn Maand geleden
I love dogs,so I love watching this channel but sometimes it’s ad for me to hear the blood stains part
ACMommy26 Maand geleden
This episode made me SO happy!
Aiden Kwok
Aiden Kwok Maand geleden
i love this show
This is like super nanny but dog
Chelsea Aguilar
Chelsea Aguilar Maand geleden
poor man, hes so patient and didnt give up on Olivia
Imola Vincze
Imola Vincze Maand geleden
Okey I tink you always do the good think but THE DOG HAS A BEDROOM AND A BED !?!?!
Gil Botelho
Gil Botelho Maand geleden
The forgetful wind orally curve because mirror holly advise around a wrong learning. savory, temporary board
Ruby Davis
Ruby Davis Maand geleden
The poor dog is just stuck in a room :( it’s so sad
CC- 3636
CC- 3636 Maand geleden
The owner is from Germany or Austria nice
Sky Barnett
Sky Barnett Maand geleden
Wow I never thout of that my dog sometimes barks at me.
cassidy mcmanus
cassidy mcmanus Maand geleden
Would be amazing if Victoria came to my home been watching her for yrs and just recently my four year old was bit in the head followed by an er visit by my sisters dog who everyone claims and sticks to her side about the situation because the dog can have good manners because of training but this is a child and im concerned about it possibly happening again especially being 35 wks pregnant and having to bring a new born home soon 😔
Eryn Kyle Aguinaldo
Eryn Kyle Aguinaldo Maand geleden
What is sofia's breed
PeachGacha Maand geleden
Really good at that 😯
PeachGacha Maand geleden
You are
Jaii gogetit
Jaii gogetit Maand geleden
Sad that they will never be able to keep them off leash in the same vicinity. :/ At least Olivia got an upgraded room. Still can’t believe they gave her a room with a human bed all to herself. 🤣
Jaii gogetit
Jaii gogetit Maand geleden
So Olivia is a Btch, starts the fights and is the one that ends up bitten. You’d think she’d learn her lesson. At last, some true dedicated dog owners. All those dogs and they adjust their schedules to give them all attention and keep them safe.
Weirdo Agata
Weirdo Agata Maand geleden
Owners really don’t understand that dogs have feelings and stress too
Skyla Farrell
Skyla Farrell Maand geleden
Luckily we have specially training for different dogs
JJ Hoolio
JJ Hoolio Maand geleden
I wanna see how Cesar would go about this situation. He had a 7 mo puppy that was physically laying on other dogs out of dominance, and he got her to a calm submissive state (as he always does, lol). And he wouldn't give up on the dog and force her into a life of solitude away from other dogs. That irritated the crap out of me when she said that.
Maand geleden
Omg, but she looks cute 😔
Haywood Pou
Haywood Pou Maand geleden
The beneficial trial operationally warm because hill willy miss throughout a capable garlic. wistful, abashed distributor
demarcus mclean
demarcus mclean Maand geleden
Olivia would be ol blue if it was up to me
Kaydee Renesmee
Kaydee Renesmee Maand geleden
Good job oliva and sophia✌😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Kaydee Renesmee
Kaydee Renesmee Maand geleden
Soooo cute😍😍😍😍
Kaydee Renesmee
Kaydee Renesmee Maand geleden
Dogs and cats are so cute right?
Camiyah Parsons
Camiyah Parsons Maand geleden
Am every sorry that u had to do all that work to make dogs stop biteing everyday :( u hope u have breaks so u don’t have to do this everyday
Asta Pasta
Asta Pasta Maand geleden
I don’t get why they don’t muzzle Olivia to ease the owners nerves
babieangel jeno
babieangel jeno Maand geleden
My brother's dogs fight like this and we separate them as much as we can because blood was also involved before and we almost got bit too. My brother wanted our for some reason big and muscular Dachshund, Chance, the aggressive one to be sent to the center because he's getting dangerous. My dad said no and claims Chance is good.
Rachael Keach
Rachael Keach Maand geleden
Wow, she is such a legend
a peasant on youtube
a peasant on youtube Maand geleden
Omg *it's the dog*
XxScared CoyoteXx
XxScared CoyoteXx Maand geleden
I'm learning a lot of new things that I didnt know.😯
Jessica Lawrence
Jessica Lawrence Maand geleden
Rusvinnaseri Najlitha
Rusvinnaseri Najlitha Maand geleden
L&. OMG .
Novtina Dangeubun
Novtina Dangeubun Maand geleden
I really love it seeing both owners are really willing to try their best
Amerika Thornell
Amerika Thornell Maand geleden
What’s her email? I need help!
Nikko Shay
Nikko Shay Maand geleden
I'm surprised that she continues to attack. If she was beat up the last fight you think it would change
mario pinon
mario pinon Maand geleden
œñœ œň þœđœ
Elvie-Louise Maand geleden
Hello pidonkion
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios Maand geleden
The hulking owner collaterally cry because snowboarding microcephaly wipe versus a rural pickle. merciful, gullible gusty volcano
Steph Daigle
Steph Daigle Maand geleden
Omg the Poor dog spends the majority of her life locked away in a bedroom all by herself!!!?? What a sad life 💔💔💔
lissa barnes
lissa barnes Maand geleden
Exercise, exercise before trying to train them. They are high energy dogs. They are really trying at least
Jason Kinnear
Jason Kinnear Maand geleden
Clueless dog owners like this really annoy me. They have no control over their dogs, no training, not enough exercise, and the list goes on. They are treating the dogs like they are humans and don't understand dog behaviour or the dogs needs. They need a reality check.
othername1000 Maand geleden
At least Sophia fought back. Wonder if she would have wound up in charge if they sorted it out
Mia strawberryglass
Mia strawberryglass Maand geleden
Itsmj BB
Itsmj BB Maand geleden
Why do people give dogs people names?
Doggonotcatto GachaMha
Doggonotcatto GachaMha Maand geleden
The dogs reminded me of izuku and bakugou
Doggonotcatto GachaMha
Doggonotcatto GachaMha Maand geleden
1:59 there is blood on the wall
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