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29 dagen geleden

This Dog really dislikes male visitors and has tried to bite in the past! Can Victoria Stilwell tame this beast and allow her owner to finally go on dates again?
It's Me or the Dog USA Season 1 Episode 17
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Sioux D
Sioux D 11 dagen geleden
Pampi is Stacey’s Pimpi
Burning Cloud
Burning Cloud 11 dagen geleden
what i still don't like of Victoria's training is the procedure of getting the dog used to take food from strangers. Burglars do exactly that to take out dogs and usually the food is laced with poison. They should be taking the food only by the owners, because it should be the owner signalling clearly if who's coming in is welcome guest or not. ( at least this is what the vet told me).
J M 15 dagen geleden
If I were Pampy I'd be biting all the people...
ʚɞ starxy ʚɞ
ʚɞ starxy ʚɞ 16 dagen geleden
easy solution to stop your dog from biting at your male significant other. *get a partner who is a woman*
PuertoRicanPrincess 17 dagen geleden
My bichon Fries hates all men.
Napoleon4778 19 dagen geleden
Really? I wouldn't mind if my girl kisses a dog.
free Movies
free Movies 22 dagen geleden
Why the video looks like is on the 90s I am talking about the hair the style all of that looks like they are in the 90s
Unstoppable Gatcha Unstoppable
Unstoppable Gatcha Unstoppable 22 dagen geleden
I wish my dog would stop crying and barking and refuse to get in the bath
Yulenny Jerez
Yulenny Jerez 22 dagen geleden
Prisha Patil
Prisha Patil 22 dagen geleden
Imagine a heart from Victoria
*50 l 50 life channel*
*50 l 50 life channel* 23 dagen geleden
I have 2 Pomeranians and 1 mixed with Japanese Spitz My mix is well trained but 1 of my Pomeranians is not trained that well it's hard to train my 2 Pomeranians but they act nice to people they know but they act a bit over protective when they newly meet them 😐😐
ilhana09 Zildzic
ilhana09 Zildzic 24 dagen geleden
Love ur vids
mimyomi 24 dagen geleden
me as a dog
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 25 dagen geleden
My goodness she has so many male friends; I wonder who would be more in heat, her or the dog.
NiChole Gallo
NiChole Gallo 25 dagen geleden
Remember the facts kids : harnesses DO encourage pulling, dogs do have family dynamics within them, and dogs behavior is not the best represented on this show.
Chroniclilskip27 26 dagen geleden
Victoria's fashion is timeless
Shreya Rudra
Shreya Rudra 26 dagen geleden
‘Get a couple of men & line them up’ - bruh I would have stopped right there & say no thank u I'm good with Pampi😅😅😅😅😅😅 how does she have way more male friends than I ever had in my life😕😳😳
Shreya Rudra
Shreya Rudra 13 dagen geleden
@Cristia Olson good for you girl😊😁
Cristia Olson
Cristia Olson 13 dagen geleden
Lol. Like three-quarters of my friends are guys; been like that since my teens. Totally platonic. A lot of them are even married or in long term relationships. I think it just depends on what sort of friend group you have in your late teens through college-age years, as often many of those people are friends for most of your adult life. After most of my high school friends moved out of town for college, my first roommate at 18 was a male coworker that I befriended, and I met his guy friends, and became friends with them too. Some of their girlfriends and girl friends also became my friends. His ex-girlfriend is actually my best friend to this day (she's still friends with her ex too). 🤷‍♀️
anon e. Muss
anon e. Muss 26 dagen geleden
Oh lord it's a small dog.
Gold C
Gold C 26 dagen geleden
how many men do she date ?! LOL
Maria Castro
Maria Castro 26 dagen geleden
Me too, Pampi, me too.
Neon Arctic Fox
Neon Arctic Fox 26 dagen geleden
She trains the owners to
BGameme2 26 dagen geleden
I swear this show made males (specifically husbands) look bad. At least in videos released on YT.
apple sauce
apple sauce 26 dagen geleden
help!!! so im going on a vacation for 3 weeks! but my puppy of 3 months will be staying and so will my father. because my dad works, they want to take the dog to a friends house while my dad is working, and when he comes back she does too. what should I worry about?
Unpredictable_gaming 759
Unpredictable_gaming 759 27 dagen geleden
My dog also hates make visitors... lmao
Heather Batista
Heather Batista 27 dagen geleden
%. 🐽
Tara 27 dagen geleden
How did this woman just allow this behaviour to continue? Any sensible person would have nipped this in the bud.
AC McBride-Olson
AC McBride-Olson 27 dagen geleden
Not that the biting escalation is good, but the assessing behavior overall can be very helpful! Trust your dog, lady. My dogs have never been wrong about a person's character. I have learned to listen.
Thomas Preslar
Thomas Preslar 27 dagen geleden
out of dogs or cats i like dogs better :) and look eaven my profile is my dog his name is Leo.
Fire wolfs
Fire wolfs 27 dagen geleden
I'm about to get a dog is a beagle , is it ok to get beagle because I'm a frist time owner
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 4 dagen geleden
Great choce i have a Germán mixed with a huscky if u want a dog ti protect ur sis or child
oogie _boogie
oogie _boogie 22 dagen geleden
Yes, they are very nice and sweet dogs
Tabitha Harrington
Tabitha Harrington 27 dagen geleden
Hey my dog Ralph tries to bite me when I go up to my mum he also growls at me what should I do🤨🤨🤨
Ahwhatin thefrenchbaguette
Ahwhatin thefrenchbaguette 26 dagen geleden
Try this video, she talks to a mom and daughter about that.
Ahwhatin thefrenchbaguette
Ahwhatin thefrenchbaguette 26 dagen geleden
Saucy Boi
Saucy Boi 27 dagen geleden
I haven’t seen one of these videos in like a month or 2 and I come back to a dog going reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
rachelbee 27 dagen geleden
seems to rely on having a steady stream of guys....what to do if we don't have that? Lol.
Zainab ali
Zainab ali 27 dagen geleden
To sum this situation up FORGET MEN overall I’d rather live with a guard dog because it’s an animal that can sense a person and understand them better
Donna Calderhead
Donna Calderhead 27 dagen geleden
Nichola Walker
Nichola Walker 27 dagen geleden
So typical rescue fur mommy, its a rescue I have to let her bite everything because I'm the great saviour who "saved" her. To live a very stressful, panicked life. But hey I get the thrill of being a hero and get to be co-dependent on her
Angel Rabishaw
Angel Rabishaw 27 dagen geleden
I kiss my dog in front of my man? Why can’t we do that??
Diksha 27 dagen geleden
0:36 poor cameraman
Amber Hirst
Amber Hirst 27 dagen geleden
I have a dog and he is good💖👍💚🐶🐕
Rarr Rar
Rarr Rar 28 dagen geleden
I have an assistance dog and some of her main tasks involve licking my face (seizures etc). I make sure she has good mouth hygiene. Still have to regularly wash my face, and my partner definitely does not do doggy kisses, first or second hand 😅
Rarr Rar
Rarr Rar 24 dagen geleden
@Eden Dog I use a dental stick every night as her bedtime chew, lily's kitchen, and I also brush her teeth every night (doggy safe toothpaste)
Eden Dog
Eden Dog 24 dagen geleden
What products do you recommend for keeping her mouth clean? Honestly, oral hygiene is highly overlooked in our furry buddies. I’ve been looking into various options like oral probiotics etc for my dogs.
Quinn Royaltii
Quinn Royaltii 28 dagen geleden
The second guest is very attractive ✨✋
Amberly the HarpyQueen
Amberly the HarpyQueen 28 dagen geleden
That lady has a very unhealthy relationship with her dog. Don't project human emotions or motives on animals...that's NOT how they think or act, deal with your own issues and don't project them on your dog.
Agam Bir
Agam Bir 28 dagen geleden
Awe so cute
Carolina Correia
Carolina Correia 28 dagen geleden
The lady has very eclectic preferences for dates, nice
Briana Stewart
Briana Stewart 28 dagen geleden
Pampy wants to know 🗣”why do you have shades on inside?”, that’s a valid question! 😂😂😂😂
BEEEAAANNNZ WTF 28 dagen geleden
TOMBOY. 27 dagen geleden
I play call of duty too what a coincidence 😂
Robert Banker
Robert Banker 28 dagen geleden
Stacy has some pretty good lookin friends!
Amogh Berde
Amogh Berde 28 dagen geleden
i love your channel
Julia Geheim
Julia Geheim 28 dagen geleden
It’s me, I am the dog
Pia Jinks
Pia Jinks 28 dagen geleden
I need help with my dog she is locked outside because of it
Kiara Etsuko
Kiara Etsuko 28 dagen geleden
Maybe the solution would be try start dating women
OwlNightMoon 28 dagen geleden
I loved how you put dog with glow eyes on thumbnail. As drama anime
nick 28 dagen geleden
solution to everything: treats. give treats.
KitKat Ketosis
KitKat Ketosis 28 dagen geleden
Victoria is the best dog trainer
Fat Panda
Fat Panda 28 dagen geleden
She KISSES HER DOG!!!!! 😬😬😬
BVB Girl1313
BVB Girl1313 28 dagen geleden
Something ive learned from Victoria and Ceasar...more often than not a dog that bites is fearful and insecure rather than confident and angry Even dog walkers at a shelter i volunteered at had amazing workers who knew dog behavior(human interaction not as much lolz not a negative just an observation) they would only let dog experienced dog walkers walk fearful dogs... One of my fav dogs to walk was a pit such an easy walker on the leash like a large teddy bear lolz
KFC 27 dagen geleden
They both got there good and bad you can learn form both of them but when it comes to aggressive dogs generally Cesar does better
Mamkajiwin 28 dagen geleden
What’s up Broski 🦋
Kiko Mac
Kiko Mac 28 dagen geleden
It’s funny how hers and Ceaser Milan’s approaches are completely different!
Monica Eriksson
Monica Eriksson 10 dagen geleden
I love the way Victoria works💕feels right to me😃
1983Santiago 21 dag geleden
@chocolate quickness talkin nonsense... Hater
Waifu Theory
Waifu Theory 24 dagen geleden
Victoria is able to read people incredibly well, in addition to dogs. I don’t know if she’s ever had any formal psychology training, but it wouldn’t be a surprise. There have been times when she figures out people’s underlying emotional issues that contribute to the dog’s issues. When she encountered a likely sociopathic individual who had no empathy and kept teasing a dog, she dismissed said individual from the home entirely the second time they met. She knew they were a lost cause, though she gives up on very few people. She’s someone with excellent judgment.
Sasha with a purpose
Sasha with a purpose 27 dagen geleden
@chocolate quickness Wait,what video? Just curious.
chocolate quickness
chocolate quickness 28 dagen geleden
@George Turner I guess you're forgetting the videos of Ceaser hitting dogs on his show...
Arianne Laguardia
Arianne Laguardia 28 dagen geleden
Where can I get male friends like her? 😍
Eden Dog
Eden Dog 18 dagen geleden
@Uncreative name she said “friends”, not “lovers”! Totally different!
Uncreative name
Uncreative name 20 dagen geleden
@Eden Dog I wouldn't recommend a romantic relationship with a dog, but okay
Eden Dog
Eden Dog 24 dagen geleden
But dogs are so much better than boys 😉 (well, sometimes boys are nice too)
banhcuc 28 dagen geleden
why would you invite your ex to the show? like what da heck
Trap. Ezzzy
Trap. Ezzzy 28 dagen geleden
How do I make my american eskimo alert like this
Polar Opposites
Polar Opposites 28 dagen geleden
More like Clampy
Flame Epidemic
Flame Epidemic 28 dagen geleden
I meeann dont dogs know whos good or bad? Or at least thats the old wives tale
Rude Diego
Rude Diego 28 dagen geleden
Was Victoria also trying to get her a date with all these guys? 😂
shanaia Fernandes
shanaia Fernandes 21 dag geleden
I think she already has a bf
Eden Dog
Eden Dog 24 dagen geleden
@dontpugme aww! That is so cute!!
dontpugme 28 dagen geleden
The episode actually led up to being set up on a date with the man with the three-legged dog in another video
Lala Hart
Lala Hart 28 dagen geleden
"It's a bad threesome." Lol, he's got that right.
Sioux D
Sioux D 11 dagen geleden
Maybe Pamlico wouldn’t bite if the dudes his mum dated were abit younger!
Jennifer HC Smith
Jennifer HC Smith 26 dagen geleden
Bekah Carpenter
Bekah Carpenter 28 dagen geleden
"Get a couple guys and line them up "...and here I'm waiting for a text back
firenze55 28 dagen geleden
Victoria, love all your videos! Please make some new ones, too!
Nora Phelan
Nora Phelan 28 dagen geleden
Victoria always makes the situation better by making the dog so much happier. Such a lovely person.
Nora Phelan
Nora Phelan 25 dagen geleden
@Fighting For Animals I saw a video of his a couple of days ago! I've never gotten into it, but I know that if I watch some more vids I'll become as obsessed for that show as I am for this one, hehe :) I'll check out more of his videos
Fighting For Animals
Fighting For Animals 25 dagen geleden
Have you seen "my cat from hell"? Jackson Galaxy does a similar thing for cats, the animals don't need to be fixed, they're not broken, the humans just need to understand them better. Also Jackson is very good about not using speciesist language like "owner" or referring to animals as "it" , instead he calls them "cat guardians" and refers to the animal with pronouns we'd use for a being not an object. He's awesome
RottieShep CALIBRE
RottieShep CALIBRE 28 dagen geleden
Jennifer Bloomfield
Jennifer Bloomfield 28 dagen geleden
Imagine if a person went up to someone and started smelling their pants. "Oh that's a really good sign" "scrap that I'm calling the police"
dj kemar
dj kemar 28 dagen geleden
What should I do if my dog is aggressive
Tiffany wairimu kariuki
Tiffany wairimu kariuki 28 dagen geleden
Hi Victoria i need some advice, I live on the fifth floor and when I'm going down stairs with my dog for a walk she'll get too excited and starts pulling,yelping and starts high pitch barking but as soon as we get down and we start walking she'll not be as excited.what do i do? She is a fearful aggressive dog when she sees grown ups,ppl playing soccer and stuff like that she'll bark at them in a low pitch voice while going to them and backing away(while barking) what do i do?
Tiffany wairimu kariuki
Tiffany wairimu kariuki 27 dagen geleden
@xiaolianna it worked yayyyy
Tiffany wairimu kariuki
Tiffany wairimu kariuki 27 dagen geleden
@xiaolianna ok thank you I'm going on walk right now let me try that
xiaolianna 27 dagen geleden
I trained my dog to stop at each landing to get a treat. That makes stairs more manageable.
Emma Memma
Emma Memma 28 dagen geleden
Put aside time to do training sessions in the staircase. Stand still and reward her for looking at you, then take a step and repeat. If she starts to get excited, go back into the apartment until she is calm. Only train for about ten minutes each time. If you are able to make it all the way down, you can go for a walk, if not, that's OK. Aggression and fear can be difficult to deal with, try to find a trainer that uses positive reinforcement and has lots of experience.
Horse LOVER !!!!!!!!!!!
Horse LOVER !!!!!!!!!!! 28 dagen geleden
That’s ruffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claire Ahrens
Claire Ahrens 28 dagen geleden
I am a huge fan of you. I am your biggest fan and always will be
Mom I threw up
Mom I threw up 28 dagen geleden
That's ruff
Nat Le
Nat Le 28 dagen geleden
That Dog gives great side eye 👁 😆
Viking Dogmanship
Viking Dogmanship 28 dagen geleden
"Paaampi Pampered"😅
My husky Tucker
My husky Tucker 28 dagen geleden
My husky loves my dad and my mom and me ofc but when my mom puts him in his cage hunormus he gets a little sad
Sammy818 28 dagen geleden
That’s really sad, I hate when dogs are in cages, even when training is involved 😖
Emma Memma
Emma Memma 28 dagen geleden
@cheekyteenie A pet proofed room and/or a den without a door works just as well.
cheekyteenie 28 dagen geleden
@Emma Memma it depends on how much time the dog spends time in the cage. A cage can be a big help and not only sth bad if you trained correctly
Emma Memma
Emma Memma 28 dagen geleden
Yeah, keeping your dog in a small cage is illegal where I live.
Pierre Assouad
Pierre Assouad 28 dagen geleden
Isabella Moore
Isabella Moore 28 dagen geleden
hi i am here
Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee 28 dagen geleden
Pampi's just looking to find her owner's perfect suitor, she can sniff him, she knows he's close!
Eden Dog
Eden Dog 24 dagen geleden
My first boyfriend was the first person my childhood dog went after and bit! He’d always been the nicest dog... 🤔 he was a good judge of character 😂
ShyAnne Gorringe
ShyAnne Gorringe 28 dagen geleden
did anyone else get a bit weirded out by the door handle pointing the wrong way when victoria left the first time lol
Eden Dog
Eden Dog 24 dagen geleden
You have a good eye!! I didn’t notice it until I saw your comment!
Kevin Ortiz
Kevin Ortiz 28 dagen geleden
“That’s a bad 3sum” 😳🤣
Brianna Hernandez
Brianna Hernandez 28 dagen geleden
On my cat from hell or it's me or the dog in my opinion it's never the pets fault
ShyAnne Gorringe
ShyAnne Gorringe 28 dagen geleden
watching these on youtube are like the equivalent to my mom/ gma watching her soap operas lmaooo
Co Co Bean
Co Co Bean 28 dagen geleden
zielona f
zielona f 28 dagen geleden
Imma give me dog a peck on the noggin when i feel like it and if "my man", woman or enby partner got a problem with that, theyre free to walk away 🤷🏻‍♀️
autistic kid autistic kid
autistic kid autistic kid 28 dagen geleden
The thumbnail though🤣🤣
Fruitpunchmouth 28 dagen geleden
yeah you can't cater to the dog and also don't kiss yer dog they lick their bums ewwww
lidl 28 dagen geleden
This woman should become lesb that’s the smartest way
lidl 28 dagen geleden
My dogs doesn’t like men neither bc men were abusing him as a puppy
Aidas Ale
Aidas Ale 28 dagen geleden
Sorry to hear that, hope your dogs are well and happy now
tigerwoman44 28 dagen geleden
Pampi is a cute name
Not I
Not I 28 dagen geleden
How do the camera men do it id be jumping sacred like if it barked I’m out period
1983Santiago 21 dag geleden
From such a small dog?! 🤣🤣🤣
Ayana McR.
Ayana McR. 27 dagen geleden
autistic kid autistic kid
autistic kid autistic kid 28 dagen geleden
Melato3 28 dagen geleden
I'm scared of dogs now
Lyn Neufeld
Lyn Neufeld 28 dagen geleden
@Melato3 🤗
Emma Memma
Emma Memma 28 dagen geleden
@Melato3 I'm sorry you had to go through that!
Melato3 28 dagen geleden
@Emma Memma I have got bitten by a Rottweiler
Emma Memma
Emma Memma 28 dagen geleden
If you encounter a scary dog, stand still with your arms crossed and turn your head away from the dog. Good luck!
roxie frox
roxie frox 28 dagen geleden
Ugh why do people get small dogs thinking they don’t have to train them??
Nicolaaa 02
Nicolaaa 02 27 dagen geleden
Also allow them to bite more than once without starting training, like if he was a big dog he probably would’ve been put down which is so sad
Rachael Persails
Rachael Persails 28 dagen geleden
I love its me or the dog! Makes training easy!
LUCY A. LAI 28 dagen geleden
Great entertainment victoria!! keep up the great work! :)
0macho Man0
0macho Man0 28 dagen geleden
Zero dislikes and 12 minutes in....looking damn good doggo friends
JA - 05FA 814158 Dorset Drive PS
JA - 05FA 814158 Dorset Drive PS 28 dagen geleden
Hi I’m a fan
Nandini Das
Nandini Das 28 dagen geleden
The name Victoria suits her so much man ....just look at her ..she is a fricking icon thanks for 135 likes btw
Jane Priest
Jane Priest 24 dagen geleden
Not 101 girl
The FRENCHIE Rio 27 dagen geleden
@SIDRA BATUL ok lol.
A Door
A Door 27 dagen geleden
SIDRA BATUL 27 dagen geleden
@The FRENCHIE Rio It has a woman with no pupils sitting on a log. The it shows a well and inside is has human remains"
The FRENCHIE Rio 27 dagen geleden
@SIDRA BATUL why is it creepy??
PawsForPhilly 28 dagen geleden
_”Thats good she didn’t maul you!”_ 🤣💀
autistic kid autistic kid
autistic kid autistic kid 28 dagen geleden
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