Victoria Worries Kids That Punch Their Dog At MAJOR Risk of Bites | It's Me or The Dog

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Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell meets Dakota a dog with an aggressive relationship with it's owners. But can Victoria help stop this behaviour before someone gets hurt?
It's Me or the Dog USA Season 3 Episode 12
00:00 Victoria Observes Dakota
02:15 Confrontation
03:21 Teaching kids to play nice
05:40 Garden Play Goes Wrong
09:45 Where are they now?
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Don Atello
Don Atello 15 minuten geleden
The dog showed 0 aggression to humans. The family is fine.
Milly lee
Milly lee 36 minuten geleden
this is not in any way the dog being the issue, this is the awful parenting and allowing these kids to treat that dog horrible , this is so terrible and i feel so bad foe this pup
Usuario Claro
Usuario Claro Uur geleden
Poor dog, I hate kids
Kimberley Jade Lashington
Kimberley Jade Lashington Uur geleden
Poor dog why would you allow your kids to treat it in such a way it deserves so much better and best of being rehomed cause once the dog flips everyone would blame the dog....
Catherine Martinez
Catherine Martinez Uur geleden
"It's like a zoo in here most of the time." Try parenting, it helps. This dog is going to be put down after it finally snaps and bites one of those kids. All because these "parents" don't teach their kids how to treat a dog.
Vibha Kumar
Vibha Kumar 3 uur geleden
Time to put down the kids
Alpha_wolf 118
Alpha_wolf 118 6 uur geleden
I take whatever tf I want out of my dogs mouth he takes a sock I take my sock back
Alpha_wolf 118
Alpha_wolf 118 6 uur geleden
Majority of the people that are on these shows are very weak willed, beta energy, lack luster, pushover, undisciplined homes....
goddessofthisworld 4 uur geleden
Beta energy? What kind of garbage is that?
Alen Jebiga
Alen Jebiga 7 uur geleden
The only Emoji for this is 🤦‍♂️
Betsy Southerland
Betsy Southerland 10 uur geleden
This young family didn't need a dog. The children are too young and the parents too inexperienced.
Laura Lara
Laura Lara 11 uur geleden
they really expect that dog to be soft and gentle with their children when those kids don’t even know how to treat and respect an animal
Cmldzab카밀라 11 uur geleden
The doggie and the kiddos need more discipline/training. Maybe it was the editing but it just made the whole house look super chaotic.
aces high
aces high 12 uur geleden
A kid who punches the dog? ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? These "parents" have a hole in their head.
DaWittyWats 13 uur geleden
I don’t worry about then, you get what you get, maybe they will learn. That is horrible, horrid kid, horrid parents
Pumpkin Bubble
Pumpkin Bubble 13 uur geleden
Honestly, that dog is amazing. The dog doesn’t deserve to be treated that way by the kids.
Denise Ramirez
Denise Ramirez 13 uur geleden
If they wanted a very energetic friendly dog *GOLDEN RETRIEVER* how's that not in there mind👀
Sara S
Sara S 14 uur geleden
Don't know why everyone (including Vic, actually) just keep being pissed at the mom. Yes, she's out of it, but the dad was standing there too, doing nothing. At least she ran over and picked Aiden up, dad is just standing there with his arms crossed as his wife gets yelled at for failing their combined responsibility.
Monica Vaught
Monica Vaught 14 uur geleden
Can't watch an animal be abused. These little brats deserve every f---ing bite they get. Please give these animals to a loving family that know how to treat one of God's creatures!
Blckbrd Fly
Blckbrd Fly 14 uur geleden
Did I just hear that the kids learned hitting the dog from the parents??? Dakota should be rehomed,its simply not a good fit.
hh 20
hh 20 14 uur geleden
That dog should not be in the house with those kids, it's not gonna end well. I'm not saying it's the dogs fault, but their attitude won't change over night, and as tempting as it may be, they can't get rid of the kids...
Caroline K.
Caroline K. 15 uur geleden
What a horrible family
tony Pepper
tony Pepper 15 uur geleden
We have a big back yard. No mention of taking the dog for a walk. Obvious no socialisation with other dogs. Nice people but don't seem to know anything about dogs. Then get a bull terrier. Not a dog for a first time dog owner. Which these people seem to be.
Shh 16 uur geleden
Any case of a dog biting someone should be followed with an evaluation of the owners for levels of stupidity. It makes me genuinely mad when I see situations like this because the dog is always the problem and never the victim. I hope the owner sees this video and these comments.
Shh 16 uur geleden
*dog finally bites kid after parents don’t train the kids* Parents on media: *sniffling* We just never saw it coming! They always played so well together!! *dog is euthanized* Other idiotic people: wow that breed is so dangerous.
xgeenaax 17 uur geleden
Please take the poor dog away.
sWatka bombonica
sWatka bombonica 18 uur geleden
That dog needs to do something. That's why she's biting that swing. She wants to play with them
Bobthemanleyman 19 uur geleden
Bro don’t get a dog if your kids can’t be nice to the dog or get rid of the kids
Simply.strawberry Simply.strawberry
Simply.strawberry Simply.strawberry 20 uur geleden
The dogs nice it’s the kids👹 god
Tina Do Thuy Trang
Tina Do Thuy Trang 20 uur geleden
„We wanted a high energy dog because we‘re a high energy family“ Dude if you dont have kids and a high energy life style thats a different story but if you have kids who have high energy then a more calm dog wouldve been better. But still if they REALLY wanted that dog breed please train the dog. I feel like they didn‘t even put in the time and effort to train the dog or show the kids how to treat the dog. They could’ve at least told the kids that they should stop hitting the dog
xo.robloxangel 22 uur geleden
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xo.robloxangel 22 uur geleden
xo.robloxangel 22 uur geleden
Jhanvi Bharti
Jhanvi Bharti 22 uur geleden
If I was there I would have been very angry and had pinched the little boy's lips and say "that's how your dog felt"-
jojo Roblox
jojo Roblox Dag geleden
Family because they have like but I don't have a dog get a dog soon as nicer think of touring and for helping the family go to to help so thank you for so much for helping families to but I was like scared and they are doggie the kids like I'm just I don't want to see this thank you for helping me so thank you so much and I was scared😱
Trisha Kauffman
Trisha Kauffman Dag geleden
You know, if the dog bites the kid maybe it'll learn something. The dog isn't the issue. The parents of the kid is.
Denise Bella
Denise Bella Dag geleden
Why do people that are too young with 3 tiny children need a dog? Learn to cope with live and the children - then maybe have a dog. Unless you like to just sit and watch TV. Then don't.
PhilzaPopCat Dag geleden
Guys please i can't stand with the two kids cosplaying Tommy and Tubbo🤣👏
JO BE Dag geleden
Honestly I'm pissed off at looking at these spoiled rotten kids be rough with these dogs if they were my kids they would have got disciplined
Hickory Lemur
Hickory Lemur Dag geleden
Dog version of My Cat From Hell. Nice !
Ruby Lette
Ruby Lette Dag geleden
The sad thing is that If one of the kids got bitten everyone would blame the poor dog and say it's the breed. I hate people who get dogs and have no clue how to look after them and train them properly and then blame the dog for bad behaviour.
Cleipatra Dag geleden
ay you cant scream an old lady!
Dom Dom
Dom Dom Dag geleden
These parents are a**holes. How dare they let those kids hurt the dog, putting both the dog and kids at risk. It’s amazing the dog hasn’t already taken a chunk out of the kids, she’s so patient. “He went too fast” what kind of an excuse is that???? Poor dog is going to end up in a shelter or destroyed. Why would that family need a high energy dog!?? This is the worst. These people won’t keep up the training, you can tell they won’t follow through and the dog will pay the price.
Priyanka V
Priyanka V Dag geleden
I don't have the patience the dog had when the kid grabbed his lips I would've straight up yelled at the kid 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sam Bur
Sam Bur Dag geleden
Dakota needs a new home. This isn’t fair to the children, the neighbors , the other animals in the neighborhood, or Dakota herself. What kind of risky dink breeder sold this dog to these people. I’m just so sick of these Breeders, they aren’t doing their jobs to properly screen potential owners.
Contessa Morcello
Contessa Morcello Dag geleden
I don’t understand how Victoria doesn’t take these dogs away from people. This dog really didn’t match this family at all ..... they’d do better with a golden retriever or lab probably best with no dog ever or at least until the kids are a lil older so sad 😞
Niki Ackley
Niki Ackley Dag geleden
Im a statistic
Im a statistic Dag geleden
“We did a lot of research” oh like how they’re super energetic and require lots of exercise and can topple children over? How they’re prone to obsessive behavior? Fixation? Dog aggression? REALLY?
BaconQueen Dag geleden
With an energy level like that. She needs 2 hours of hard exercise a day. No excuse with a yard that big. These people who think it'll rainbow's and butterflies when they deliberately get a high energy dog...
Stolas 999
Stolas 999 Dag geleden
Bunch of helmet needing speds
Sharlene Chandra
Sharlene Chandra Dag geleden
This is really upsetting to watch. This family should not be having dogs... They are the reason why dogs end up shelters
Sub Hub
Sub Hub Dag geleden
if they did ANY research for an easy, active, family dog they would’ve gotten a lab or golden.
Fartinson Buhts
Fartinson Buhts Dag geleden
that dog is a really good dog for one that probably doesn’t even know what sit means, the mom and dad are literally just morons
Mike Frost
Mike Frost Dag geleden
Bull terriers and pitbulls hafta be the absolute most tolerable dogs EVER when it comes to their little people! But ANY dog will nip/snap eventually when someone's RIGHT in their face screaming & squeezing it's lips like that🤦 These dogs are awesome! But they need an owner that knows what they're doing.. and that little dog across the fence... Hopefully they make that fence a bit taller 🤞🤞
Squano Dag geleden
Earl and Mikey are such a power couple 😍😍
alyssa arroyo
alyssa arroyo Dag geleden
i may get alot of hate for this, but sorry i feel the kids are being bratty and not being taught to respect animals and the dogo is paying for that. The kids need to respect that damn dog and quit pinching/hitting it point, blank, who throws a fit then grabs the dog by their muzzle while their SCREAMING AND THROWNG A FIT....UM NO
Jamie Tobin
Jamie Tobin Dag geleden
All fun and games until the kid gets its face ripped off, man parents like this infuriate me
Sandeep Dmello
Sandeep Dmello Dag geleden
So damn scripted
TigerLily Dag geleden
“What made you get this dog?” “Oh we did a bunch of research.” ...are you sure? If you want an energetic dog, get a Jack Russell or something. Don’t get a dog whose breed is known for aggression. It certainly isn’t the dog’s fault that it has awful owners.
原音YUANYIN Dag geleden
Why get dogs when you put in little to no effort to train them, and why have kids when you don’t teach them how to interact with their own the end it’s always the dog that suffers the most and get blamed on and abandoned, how unfair!
SUsan Blake
SUsan Blake Dag geleden
That dog will give those kids more than a bite!
Zahra Bourgeois
Zahra Bourgeois Dag geleden
I don't think they actually did their research
Natasha Castro
Natasha Castro Dag geleden
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Dag geleden
Forget taking the dog away from this family, take these kids away from their parents and send the parents to a shelter. Good lord.
Kami G
Kami G Dag geleden
how on earth did they do research??? I typed on google "bull terrier kids" and one of the first questions is are bull terriers for kids? and the answer is "not recommended for younger children"... damn people, do proper research before getting a dog and train him properly. If not get a chill dog or wait until your kids are older.
Bianca Abraham
Bianca Abraham Dag geleden
This is hard to watch this trainer is so bossy to people she just met.
Marit Kristiane Haugan Wick
Marit Kristiane Haugan Wick Dag geleden
Omg this is horrible !!!!! Remove the dog from them!!!!!
Maria Louise
Maria Louise Dag geleden
My uncles kid (my cousin) hits, throws stones, and plain bullies their rottweiler. And he's actually had her head in his mouth two times, as a warning. Plus he's known to completely switch and go into killer mode. The fact that she hasn't gotten bit yet is honestly a miracle. They're lucky bullterriers are quite playful, kind dogs, because that's a disaster waitingt o happen
Σωκράτης Αυγουστίδης
Σωκράτης Αυγουστίδης Dag geleden
People who put human life lower than animals life should be hanged,shot by firing squad or lethal injection
Phantom Piano
Phantom Piano Dag geleden
High-energy dogs can be with children if the owners now how to treat a dog and have discipline (with the children and the dog). My father had a Rottweiler when I was born, and she was a well trained dog. As a 1 year old I once pull on her snout and nothing happened, my father told me to never do it again but the dog didn’t bit me. With small children you’re bound to get some unruly behavior towards dogs, hitting or pulling, but if you have a well trained dog and then discipline your children (make rules, tell them that punching or pulling the dog is bad) then you’re going to have a beautiful relationship with the family dog.
Poppi Starr
Poppi Starr Dag geleden
Those people should not of had children...MUCH LESS A DOG!
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Dag geleden
It’s easy to make kids but hard to raise them. Be parents to your kids and teach them how to treat animals. I bet that whale of a mom would run for some donuts. But not her own son? Wow.
Ann Brough
Ann Brough Dag geleden
But they didn't show anything being done about gate fighting? Take the other dog back inside??
Emiliano Garcia
Emiliano Garcia Dag geleden
Joe Who?? JOE MAMA!!!!
Jeffrey Goggin
Jeffrey Goggin Dag geleden
Same old story not a fing clue
Dale Shawn
Dale Shawn Dag geleden
Please take this dog away from these people! They are incapable of taking care of their kids let alone a untrained dog too.
Brix Haven
Brix Haven Dag geleden
She just wants to play 😩. None of them are stimulating the dog. They should either take her to the dog park to burn that energy with pups she can actually play with or re-home if they cant put in the effort to give the dog a good life. If they wanted a dog that doesn’t play with kids they should consider a stuffed animal or a geriatric dog from a shelter.
Shauxuhr Wilson Grim
Shauxuhr Wilson Grim Dag geleden
"We have this huge backyard, but it's so difficult because we have to keep either the dog in and the kids out or the dog out and the kids in.." And you never thought to divide that yard into two or anything? Also she's gonna jump over that fence one day unless they raise it.
Wero One V
Wero One V Dag geleden
First af all all dogs grabed or treated the wrong way will retaliate not just the bully breeds i have had over 20 dogs pitbulls. amstaf.and a couple of mix breeds i even had a very aggresive lab wich is rare but with some patiance and control any dog can change. Strict rules
Dazzling Dexter
Dazzling Dexter Dag geleden
They need to train the dog and teach thier child how to treat animals and handle stress. If the dog bites the kids it the parents fault
Diane Bree
Diane Bree Dag geleden
Not a family dog
Sophia Kalbass
Sophia Kalbass Dag geleden
I have to say that I think you can not tell your neighbour to took his dog away! That makes no sense . I that was my dog I wood not take him away only because there were cameras.🤷‍♀️
Jesse Fabian
Jesse Fabian Dag geleden
Are you Cesar Malon
Missangelblanco Dag geleden
The kid run to fast? Let the burritos and start educating tour family
Chestnut2013 P
Chestnut2013 P Dag geleden
The dog is just getting back at the kids for treating him bad..people of all ages please treat animals with respect OUT OF THE SIMPLE FACT THAT THEY ANIMALS!!
Very spoiled kids, horrible parents. ☹️
Julia Zappey
Julia Zappey Dag geleden
The dog deserve a better and safer home
Nikita 2 dagen geleden
Ugh people who just let their kids do what they want to to the dog like its a toy annoys me so much smh. Its important to teach kids how treat animals
Shen Doodles
Shen Doodles 2 dagen geleden
The children must learn. SEND FORTH THE FURRY!
Bad Smell
Bad Smell 2 dagen geleden
If they had of done their research they wouldn’t of got one😂😂👍
Cominback From the grind
Cominback From the grind 2 dagen geleden
I've never seen anybody to dress up in a dog costume and put on such a ridiculous performance 🙄
Cominback From the grind
Cominback From the grind 2 dagen geleden
I say toughen up your kids stop letting them be little wimps 💪😜
Heather Manuel
Heather Manuel 2 dagen geleden
I will never get the high energy dog, all dogs have energy and if you get a dog with a lot of energy then you have to work out that energy. You can't expect the kids to play with them all the time and that be enough.
jsjk 2 dagen geleden
I have some serious problems with that mother. Whenever I hear a dog barking I make sure I'm by my little brothers side he's 3. Not even my child. Like bruh.
Hel 2 dagen geleden
Why are the parents not, you know, parenting?
Cat 2 dagen geleden
Please get this dog a better family
shichimen 2 dagen geleden
This family shouldn't have any dog.
Shiv's Ghost
Shiv's Ghost 2 dagen geleden
I feel really bad for the dog...
Bogdan Iorga
Bogdan Iorga 2 dagen geleden
don't buy a dog if you have children ....😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Camilla 2 dagen geleden
“He went too fast!” He’s a toddler! Pretty sure to can outrun a toddler to stop them from going up to an agitated dog and getting bitten for heaven’s sake 🙄
Emily Hernandez
Emily Hernandez 2 dagen geleden
I think the dog just wanted to help push the kids on swing
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