Victoria Disgusted at 'Most Unhygienic House' She's Ever Visited | It's Me or The Dog

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Victoria enters a house where the dogs run wild and are free to toilet wherever they please. Can Victoria course correct the situation before the health implications become real!
It's Me or the Dog Season 1 Episode 11
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Throwing cats Productions
Throwing cats Productions 18 uur geleden
5:38 just get rid of that carpet at this point 🤢 Good video
Yolo UwU
Yolo UwU 19 uur geleden
Her name literally defines her! In Spanish victoria means victory!
Costumes and Cosplays
Costumes and Cosplays 19 uur geleden
How do you not know that you can get sick from feces!!!
Ruth Richardson
Ruth Richardson Dag geleden
Where were the poor bags
Emma is All muggled up
Emma is All muggled up Dag geleden
That little girl grafted harder than her mum ever has! The mum looks awkward in the rubber gloves!! Get stuck in... that’s her kids health!
banana usa
banana usa Dag geleden
They don't take them out .
Just A Moth
Just A Moth Dag geleden
They could have at least gotten pee pads
Ilrga Warncke
Ilrga Warncke Dag geleden
This is a beautiful family that wants help. We all need advice sometimes. They're really brave to go on u tube. 😏
Stan Gonsalves
Stan Gonsalves Dag geleden
I don’t understand why the could not clean the room up.
Chestnut2013 P
Chestnut2013 P Dag geleden
No one cleans because 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄
JAMSAI De Melo 2 dagen geleden
What a beautiful son and daughter they have. They have kind intelligent eyes with calm and loving attitude. The parent certainly failed at this dog hygiene issue, but they must be something else right. This home is chaos with the dog, but I still feel a calm energy.
Devera Coffey
Devera Coffey 2 dagen geleden
I am appalled by the laziness of this family. If your dog goes in the house, you clean it IMMEDIATELY. If you don't catch them in the act, then you clean it as soon as you see the spot. My male dog will sometimes mark if I bring something new into the house (example: one time I brought a bag of clothes from my mom's and set it on the floor in my room, and he marked it.) I immediately threw the clothes into the washer, threw away the bag, and mopped the floor around where the bag was. Granted I do have hardwood floors, but all of that took a maximum of 5 minutes. A steam cleaner would only add maybe an extra 10 minutes. Also, the amount of times Diego is going in the house really suggests to me that he is not being let out enough. He's not just marking, he's literally relieving himself all over the house. He seems to think the whole house is his toilet, which makes me think he doesn't spend enough time outside.
bellomallow_ 2 dagen geleden
What type of dog is that???
jackinthegreen23 2 dagen geleden
how the hell would she think her children would not be made ill living in that
jaye simond
jaye simond 2 dagen geleden
U mean u gotta actually take dogs out so they don’t crap & pee in ur home?! No way...
Elly Stafford
Elly Stafford 2 dagen geleden
Ok but we need to appreciate that Victoria a dog trainer was helping clean the house
Taylor Walker
Taylor Walker 2 dagen geleden
How the boys cleaning that's not there dog
T Story Time
T Story Time 3 dagen geleden
She doesn't go in her daughter's room because of all the poo and urine but expects her daughter to live in that.🤮
Kaily The Gacha Wolfie
Kaily The Gacha Wolfie 3 dagen geleden
LOL did you see the cat at 8:49 He/She just went zoom
Kiowa BlackWolf
Kiowa BlackWolf 4 dagen geleden
Usually the people who judge people are the one's who are the worst
Jane Spitfire
Jane Spitfire 4 dagen geleden
Those parents need to be ashamed! What kind of Mom is she? Get rid of the dog and get some fish! Walk and train the dog!
Jessica Rabbid
Jessica Rabbid 4 dagen geleden
All it takes is to after feeding your dog you take it out side, wait for it to go toilet and reward it, tell it a firm no if does it inside and take it back out side. It's really not that hard.
Mariah Grimes
Mariah Grimes 4 dagen geleden
I love how she addresses the human element first.
Perri Lewis
Perri Lewis 4 dagen geleden
Both kids and dog are neglected. Poor Brittany. Neither of her parents would help clean her up. I can't blame her for not doing anything because her parents don't. Also the cat lying in from of the cage because he's got his own personal bathroom and uses it probably
miss Cee
miss Cee 4 dagen geleden
Irresponsible parents!!!!! Yuck!!! Bunch of pigs
wilsob15 4 dagen geleden
The dogs aren’t nasty it’s the family.....
Mel Rey
Mel Rey 4 dagen geleden
I need that vacuum lol. When my dog was training he had a few accidents that I've tried to clean off the carpet but it's not good enough. It's in an unused room, so no one's facing a health risk. He's not even allowed in there anymore.
Shavonne Hangul
Shavonne Hangul 4 dagen geleden
Walk your dogs regularly and make sure they use it. I can't wait to get a kittens
Wren Shields
Wren Shields 4 dagen geleden
I JUST wanted to watch a video about dog issues and was bombarded by a ball growing advertisement. For real NLfast? Ya trying get men’s balls so big they will need their own bras?
꧁ꨄK̸a̸w̸i̸i̸ L̸o̸k̸i̸ꨄ꧂
꧁ꨄK̸a̸w̸i̸i̸ L̸o̸k̸i̸ꨄ꧂ 4 dagen geleden
Me:"sees the all the urine and pee" Me" exuse me miss" CORONA VIRUS
Nicky Brookes
Nicky Brookes 4 dagen geleden
Absolutely beyond words they cared more bout the dogs than their own kids no parents would let any child live like that in a million words
Nikky K
Nikky K 5 dagen geleden
Somebody should have called CPS because these parents were endangering their children every day by letting them sleep in pee and feces. And this woman has the audacity to smile and say "yeah I don't go into my daughters room" BUT YOU LET YOUR DAUGHTER SLEEP THERE???
Jasse Walton
Jasse Walton 5 dagen geleden
Good lateral thinking Victoria (as usual!). But even if you've never had dogs, wouldn't the idea if it's not ok to have human faeces around the house, why would it be ok to have dog poo everywhere? Doesn't make sense. Oh well. ....
Virginia 5 dagen geleden
Rip those carpets out.
S Creese
S Creese 5 dagen geleden
Omg this is 🤢🤮in the room
Ashley Hansen
Ashley Hansen 5 dagen geleden
Anyone else feel extremely satisfied seeing the carpet getting deep cleaned?
Lindsay Stoican
Lindsay Stoican 5 dagen geleden
Wow. She could clean up after the dam dog. Buy a friggin steam cleaner
Ulises Marvels
Ulises Marvels 5 dagen geleden
Moral of the story. POTTY TRAIN YOUR DOGS!
It’s Sweet Panda & Minty-Chan channel
It’s Sweet Panda & Minty-Chan channel 5 dagen geleden
They are irresponsible of their house
Mrs G
Mrs G 6 dagen geleden
You couldn't clean the s*** off of the f****** plastic basket?! Seriously ?
Dawnie Dawne
Dawnie Dawne 6 dagen geleden
When the cat made a run for it after they got home 😂😂
CallMe Lovely :}
CallMe Lovely :} 6 dagen geleden
That looks like my dog but without the floppy ears
NOVA The border collie
NOVA The border collie 6 dagen geleden
Cant u just clean up the pee so guests can come over instead of ruing the carpet which will stink forever till u spend MORE money for a new carpet?? Like..... don’t leave pee there pls 🤢
flying_dorito _92
flying_dorito _92 6 dagen geleden
We have taught my dog to ring a bell everytime she needs to go outside or even just wants to. It's not a bad idea at all. Pretty easy to train your dog to do so as well.
saramations 6 dagen geleden
Families like this is why it's hard to find places to rent that allows pets.
Sarah m m
Sarah m m 7 dagen geleden
The mother saying how gross her daughters room was and that she di t even go in there should tell her something. If you wont go in why would you ever let your child in there for 1 minute, let alone sleep in there!-
Aesthetic Queen
Aesthetic Queen 7 dagen geleden
Victoria needs to correct them but pls dont judge
Amalia Suazo Molina
Amalia Suazo Molina 7 dagen geleden
I just got addicted to these videos
Leopard Khan
Leopard Khan 7 dagen geleden
Good thing it's just the dog not teh family because I feel bad for family sometimes and dogs
lyana col
lyana col 9 dagen geleden
I actually cant believe they wont even clean it up.
Gabi B
Gabi B 9 dagen geleden
im scared that mom and dad will lock their dog up long term as she's given them ideas
Nausicaa Alkistis
Nausicaa Alkistis 10 dagen geleden
If you need another adult to tell you that poop is not healthy to be around, you shouldnt be able to keep your kids with you. Cause you're not a responsible adult.
anika jain
anika jain 12 dagen geleden
Thanks Victoria really helped me potty train my dog
GlowBabyGlow 14 dagen geleden
This was a really difficult episode to watch. The parents honestly let their children (and their animals) live in a household like this? I’m so grateful for Victoria’s kindness and direction, and I think she did an amazing job, but this was just ridiculous. I know it can be overwhelming when you’re dealing with behavioral issues like this with dogs but for goodness’ sake clean up after them! Ugh.
madhuman basu
madhuman basu 14 dagen geleden
How old are these dogs ?
Pastel-quilt 15 dagen geleden
After watching this I feel like I need to wash my hands again
Influennza Pyloric
Influennza Pyloric 15 dagen geleden
That family took advantage of Victoria because they cleaned their old house before moving!!!
Froggy Floopy
Froggy Floopy 18 dagen geleden
She like super nanny except it dogs🧍
Breathing LungMilk
Breathing LungMilk 18 dagen geleden
The fact that they dont even clean her room properly or the girl cleaning her own room and picking up the dog’s business wnd just leave it there
Napoleon4778 18 dagen geleden
That is why I don't like carpets. They are so hard to clean up.
Marlene Mendoza
Marlene Mendoza 18 dagen geleden
8:36 The cat is like: YESSS! FINALLY FREEDOM!
DianeThomson1960 18 dagen geleden
Really good episode. Love your training techniques.
Kelly Downey
Kelly Downey 19 dagen geleden
Did they even try to fix the issue? It takes two seconds to learn about crate training?
The cat
The cat 20 dagen geleden
8:37 that’s a cute cat :0
Heather Hartman
Heather Hartman 20 dagen geleden
DUH Your kids can get sick!!! 🙄🤢
Zoaneilys Lopez
Zoaneilys Lopez 21 dag geleden
She shouldn’t even be buying them things
Ken Nguyen
Ken Nguyen 21 dag geleden
8:36 where did that whole cat come from?!!
Liz Multi-fan
Liz Multi-fan 21 dag geleden
I will have to do this to my puppies
UltimateFireCracker 21 dag geleden
Idc what kind of behavior your dog does there’s literally no excuse to not clean that house and replace that carpet with laminate carpets are a huge “no” when you’re living with animals especially dogs and cats.
Kira Offord
Kira Offord 21 dag geleden
Do you mean really come to my house
621 Meow Cat
621 Meow Cat 21 dag geleden
How are you doing this with no masks or distance? How does this work with COVID?
AJ Edwards
AJ Edwards 21 dag geleden
This was filmed years ago
allgirrrl Rider
allgirrrl Rider 22 dagen geleden
Mom is absolutely beautiful and seems joyful.
Ribbin O. Pinion
Ribbin O. Pinion 23 dagen geleden
I have 2 cats and a dog. While they don't poop or pee ON anything in the house and I don't have kids, you bet I clean up daily after them, just in case. Sweep up by the litter boxes every single day and clean up by the back door. You never know what the hell they are bringing in a stepping in and tracking all over the house. Parents like this, sadly, were probably raised the same way, to never clean up and might have had nasty conditions as they were growing up, so they don't see anything wrong with it at all.
Suzana Piculek
Suzana Piculek 23 dagen geleden
This "mother" makes me sick.
texaslace032 I am me!!
texaslace032 I am me!! 23 dagen geleden
So what is the stuff that is recommended to clean up the carpets with?
Hobby Horser
Hobby Horser 24 dagen geleden
Kid: *giggles* ‘Hehehaha’ Victoria: *angry talking* ‘I’ts absolutely discusting’
Bridgy Hairston
Bridgy Hairston 24 dagen geleden
What kind of mom is she to allow that to go on and make her child sleep in that room
J Heart
J Heart 26 dagen geleden
Wow, how do you boldly and proudly get on tv with your house in this condition. I have second hand embarrassment just from watching this 🤢
Twice Shy
Twice Shy 26 dagen geleden
I never understood why people have indoor dogs and then don't even train them...just get a cat then, bloody hell
Megan doglover
Megan doglover 26 dagen geleden
We have a latch on a door leading to our garden so our dog can go out any time he wants (he has only pooped once in the house and he only urinated when we first got him which was just him marking territory)
Moonlight 26 dagen geleden
I almost threw up when I saw the carpet
Mynameaintmable Brown
Mynameaintmable Brown 26 dagen geleden
Litter box was probably overflowing too lol! But she wasn’t there for the cat😂😂😂😂
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 26 dagen geleden
As much as this is gross. They did help clean.
Thunder Storms & Lightning
Thunder Storms & Lightning 27 dagen geleden
When the lady said that she felt like crap I’m glad she felt like herself again
George And Justin
George And Justin 27 dagen geleden
all they needed was to clean after the dog and train the dog, it’s gonna take a while but it’s worth it in the end and they didn’t need victoria
Adrienne Hicks
Adrienne Hicks 27 dagen geleden
Nasty nasty nasty lady!
Kaileigh Evans
Kaileigh Evans 27 dagen geleden
Victoria is just a pet owner version of supernanny.
Aristes 27 dagen geleden
An apartment lets that fly???
Megan Dorrian
Megan Dorrian 27 dagen geleden
If I lived in that house I would remove all the carpet and replace it with laminate flooring.
Fatimah Gouveia
Fatimah Gouveia 28 dagen geleden
I feel bad to who ever moved into their old apartment. That carpet is not clean. As much poop and pee that was in that carpet it needs to be pulled up and thrown away!! it’s still not safe!!! Their air quality can’t be good either I hope they changed their air filters 🤢🤢
Amberly the HarpyQueen
Amberly the HarpyQueen 28 dagen geleden
This family 😒
ZoopLoopWhoop 28 dagen geleden
I know it's probably because cameras are around and she's nervous, but the constant little grin the mom has is making me insane
Lorraine Skinner
Lorraine Skinner 28 dagen geleden
I’d pick the dog
Laurel Anne
Laurel Anne 28 dagen geleden
NEUTER that male dog that keeps marking everywhere!! Idc how much you crate train that unaltered dog is now always going to convert back to marking if left that way, damage has been done.
Sophia Ferreira
Sophia Ferreira 28 dagen geleden
Victoria Has A Beautiful Heart God Bless You Victoria! : )
Maria Christina Sanches
Maria Christina Sanches 28 dagen geleden
What kind of parents allow their kids to live in a toxic household like this...
Daisy 28 dagen geleden
I was forced to live in the same household as a child it was terrible living conditions. Even though dogs are my favorite animal I've been too afraid to get one since I moved out, but because of this show I've learned so much and I know when I'm ready I will be prepared for taking care of a pet dog properly. I wish my parents had seen these videos.
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love 28 dagen geleden
These type of renters Ruin it for all other renters that have dogs , the reason they have to pay $ 600 Nonrefundable payments to even have a dog. Help a fellow dog lover out, Subscribe to my channel watch my few videos of me and my dog.....
babsfocker 28 dagen geleden
I would have the carpet removed and replaced with laminate, and just take the dog out every 30 minutes for potty time. chihuahuas have small bladders
Shannon L
Shannon L 28 dagen geleden
What parent let's their children sleep and live like that?! 🤬
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