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Thank you from everyone working on It's Me or the Dog!
- The Team
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

beast galaxy gaming
beast galaxy gaming 22 uur geleden
can't wait for victoria's own netflix show!!! ;)
Akvile eee
Akvile eee 5 dagen geleden
i was wondering, are the episodes you are posting now from before or are they being filmed in 2020/2021?
Lilfoot's den
Lilfoot's den 15 dagen geleden
I have never trusted dog trainers but Victoria cares so much about helping people and their dogs and she does it so respectfully as well. I just love its me or the dog and I have learn SO MUCH and it made me WANT to learn more and it is slowly becoming a passion to train my dogs. Thank you for all you do and for loving dogs
Dimana Masureva
Dimana Masureva 17 dagen geleden
I am here from when you had 250k I AM PROUD💖💖You deserve it🥰
Rabi gill
Rabi gill 25 dagen geleden
Dogs are beautifully animals
Casey P.
Casey P. 29 dagen geleden
When I had my dog it really helped me read her actions and reactions and make walking and all of the activities much healthier and happier for both my dog and me also the issue that arouse was corrected in early stages.. this became my holy grail raising a fur baby with a manner and class.. thank you Victoria!!!
Mamkajiwin Maand geleden
What’s up Broski 🦋 Graduations 🥳
Mabelle Co
Mabelle Co Maand geleden
I just trained my dog doing Victoria's trick. Well it works very well.
harmony Daisy
harmony Daisy Maand geleden
I love your Channel and the dogs
Polyxena Schwarzová
Polyxena Schwarzová Maand geleden
Hi im Karoline
Hi im Karoline Maand geleden
Happy 1mil+ I'm Kinda makeing My dad by me a dog bc i have watched this for like 3 years , and this makes me happy so now im gonna get hopfully a Australien chepard , thats the only dog all My family memners like i gues
Reia Soot
Reia Soot Maand geleden
I have 1 a 15 and an hafe year old Golden Richever he is a lovely lovely dog but he has made me cry so many times becuse he gets hurt so easily hurt but ever time he comes bouncing back easily we think this is his last year
Elizabeth Bamford
Elizabeth Bamford Maand geleden
Everytime I go on a walk with my family and see all the dogs , I always go on about all the ways to train a dog and how one dog needs to be trained in this way. I learned all that because of you ♡
Chicane Brett
Chicane Brett Maand geleden
Thankyou so much your channel has helped me with my dogs alot ☺️❤️
Nibblerkalliebud Everson
Nibblerkalliebud Everson Maand geleden
victoria u should try to make a nother channel that focusses on all animals being helped as well
Nibblerkalliebud Everson
Nibblerkalliebud Everson Maand geleden
im a bit annoyed ,this channel should have over 10 million subs, this channel deserves it even more then most of the high ranking channels how bout we try to make it to 2 million by the end of this year or more but everyone will have to pitch in and tell their friends
gam lol
gam lol Maand geleden
aw yayyy one mill that’s a big number, i’m so glad i found your youtube channel i was originally watching facebook videos then i was like duh i can watch this on yt then subscribed!
Ema Bema
Ema Bema Maand geleden
Victoria changed so many lives for the better, both humans and pets 💖
Taylor H
Taylor H Maand geleden
So is this her channel ran by her, or the shows people?
alourxelle Maand geleden
Thank you for teaching me all this, Im really working hard to make all my dogs happier. First, I realized I was giving them too much food so i halved the amount and its alot better. I truly think your tips and techniques have something to do with why one of my dogs is 15 years old currently, enjoying life and everything! Very active for his age haha 😆
Riya G
Riya G Maand geleden
:D IM SO PROUD OF YOU!! I don’t have a dog but I still watch this. YOUR AMAZING!! GO VICTORIA!
SuckaFreeSeñorita Maand geleden
I have a million tips and tricks, for a dog I have yet to acquire!! Thanks, Victoria!
Xd Gaming
Xd Gaming Maand geleden
I am a dog lover I have a shitzu and a labrador
bcguy261846 Maand geleden
Ty for all the tips on training
Jane Lightning
Jane Lightning Maand geleden
Congratulations, Victoria! You'll never know how much your training style has helped me. I depend on you, Girl! ♥️
Sun Shine
Sun Shine Maand geleden
You helped me very much trying my dog! She can sit high five, and she can even lay down!
Julie Hesketh
Julie Hesketh Maand geleden
I’ve learnt so much from Victoria, I always advise people to check her videos out.
Marzena Olszewska
Marzena Olszewska Maand geleden
I discovered You a month ago...I'm addicted to your stories. You are magical. Thank you
i learned so much form u its me or the dog all the best for future
%L0sEr.Cl4b% Maand geleden
One more thing. Pls continue what you are doing Victoria it’s truly inspiring and you may not notice! But you have helped me in anyway possible and you have all my support and love! Pls keep it up I love you so much! :)
%L0sEr.Cl4b% Maand geleden
I meant me not you after the 10 sorry heh heh
%L0sEr.Cl4b% Maand geleden
I will say I am 10 but u found this channel, when I was about 5 or so and I was addicted all I was doing after school was watching these videos and it really helps me I may not be able to get a dog! But you inspire so much Victoria, I’ve always wanted to be a veterinarian! And knowing that someone like you can help me. I feel more inspired to continue my dream! Thank you really! You deserve all of us! :)
techzia Maand geleden
I love u Victoria!!!!
LittleMissDeviol Maand geleden
❤️❤️❤️ when I get a dog I will watch your channel to help me train my dog!!
God's Hawaii
God's Hawaii Maand geleden
This is an amazing channel! Victoria, u help humans and dogs, u help them understand their has to be a good relationship for things to work! And the drama here is AMAZINGGG!! 😅😅
Debby Harris
Debby Harris Maand geleden
God bless you .
Laieza Bachaspatimayum
Laieza Bachaspatimayum Maand geleden
this youtube is the best i love it how she loves dogs and teach their owner or dog how to be good....i like her she is the best i love her and dogs are the best they are sooooooooooo cute
Arun Muraleedharan
Arun Muraleedharan Maand geleden
Dragon girl
Dragon girl Maand geleden
Well deserved!🐶💚
Rachel Blair-Davies
Rachel Blair-Davies Maand geleden
I wish that I could get a dog 🦮
teokki Maand geleden
my pug is turning 6 months in a few days and this channel has helped a lot (:
Brandon Carlson
Brandon Carlson Maand geleden
I love you
Jhony Alcayaga
Jhony Alcayaga Maand geleden
I admire your labor... by the way I am learning english and sometimes I don't understand very well in Chile we hope the subtitles in spanish and we will be very thankful
Darwel-lokl fn
Darwel-lokl fn Maand geleden
I love your video
Evthepinapple G
Evthepinapple G Maand geleden
I'm soooo glad to part of the 1.3 million people here
Kelly Fonseca
Kelly Fonseca Maand geleden
Victoria is so amazing ♡ beautiful with an equally beautiful personality. Positive reinforcement is the perfect way to train dogs and it proves true respect and love for these animals, and you can see that love and respect in every single video. I'll be using her techniques for my dog now and every dog I get in the future. I can't wait too continue to learn with her.
ChrisS Maand geleden
I absolutely love Victoria she's an amazing trainer and person
lijo joseph
lijo joseph Maand geleden
You’re an amazing person I am 10 years old and I want to be a veterinarian and a dog trainer just like you you’ve help me learn so many things do use on my dog Max he is a brown Doberman and because of you he is an amazing dog to me thank you Victoria
Ray Midnight
Ray Midnight Maand geleden
Who else has just been binge-watching all of these vids?
Binupama Bandaranayake
Binupama Bandaranayake Maand geleden
IT'S ME OR THE DOG became a success because of your hard work and passion for dogs. I too am a dog lover and in future I would like to help dogs as much as possible and you really inspired all of us. You really deserved it. Good luck!!
Deysharn Hunt
Deysharn Hunt Maand geleden
VICTORIAA!! i need yo help!! I gotta deaf dog to train hello
Deysharn Hunt
Deysharn Hunt Maand geleden
He is an outside dog and he only knows sit and wait
Leighton Betham
Leighton Betham Maand geleden
Thank you Victoria 😊. I have learnt a lot from watching all your videos, and it has helped me graduate my dog psychology and training course 🙂.
Toney Maand geleden
I started watching IMOTD on animal planet when I was probably around 6 or 7 and BEGGED my parents for YEARS to get a dog. Wrote papers, put together a PowerPoint, gave speeches on all the things I knew I’d have to do. Never happened. Got really close at one point but other things came up and we never got a dog. Regardless, this series taught me so much on how to be around dogs (Didn’t have many friends or family with dogs that I interacted with either) and how NOT to raise a dog. I’m 20 and happily have 5 cats now, but still waiting on getting a dog someday. I love rewatching this on NLfast not only for the nostalgia, but also to remind myself how much work getting a dog is/will be. Helps put it off for a bit longer lol
LaraClarisse Valerio
LaraClarisse Valerio Maand geleden
have a good day i learn everything in you and i really miss your video
OOF GANG Maand geleden
Love you Victoria
3nryk Maand geleden
I love you Victoria !!! This show helped me conquered my fear of owning a dog !! My dog has been with me for five months and we avoided a lot of problems by applying what I learn from your videos!! You're the best !!!!! ❤️
Kat Fain
Kat Fain Maand geleden
Congratulations 🎈🎈👏🐾🐾🐶I don't know what I would do without my tiny Sheltie ZOEY!! You always stand up for our furry children. Love and Peace always Kat & Zoey 💖🐾🐾
olivia hayden
olivia hayden Maand geleden
Victoria I love u and I've learnt so much that has worked and now my puppy is so well behaved
Marisol Medina
Marisol Medina Maand geleden
Pam Courter
Pam Courter Maand geleden
My dog is finally walking without pulling after 3.5 years of struggle! Thank you for the hints and help, had made it easier for all the dogs I’ve come in contact with, to get them to behave at least around me.
Louise Desrosiers
Louise Desrosiers Maand geleden
You saved Leo our rescued dog and our family. It was not an easy last 2 years since he had so many health problems and was not trained in any way by previous owner. We were barely all surviving his bad behaviors and were at the end of the rope but you changed everything for him. Thank you so much for giving us the confidence we needed to teach him well. XOX
Nadia Mohebbi
Nadia Mohebbi Maand geleden
I love you soo much Victoria you are a help to the whole world ive learnt soo much thank you soo much
Ros Osborne
Ros Osborne Maand geleden
I stumbled onto your page and joined it smartly. Refreshing to see you addressing the animals 'issues' as a part of the entire family. You do make a good counselor in many of the episodes and I like that. Helping children to become involved is also something I enjoy seeing. Thank you Victoria for a presentation well done. Congratulation from QLD Australia.
Petra Lehto
Petra Lehto Maand geleden
Just couple days ago I was thinking to myself how much I've learned from watching It's me or the dog!! There's so many things I learned from Victoria that I've used with my now 1 year old rescue dog Lévi. Those teachings have made our lives easier, gave me more confidence that I know what I'm doing, and helped me understand my dog a million times better! Thank you Viktoria, from the bottom of my heart! ♥️♥️♥️🐕🐶🐾🐾🐾♥️♥️♥️ ps. I'm sure Lévi's also very grateful! ❤️🥰❤️
sprinty vloger
sprinty vloger Maand geleden
Take care we are welcome to have such an amazing dog trainer Victoria
Amelia Sabijon
Amelia Sabijon Maand geleden
Arron Dunn
Arron Dunn Maand geleden
I've just passed a dog training diploma and I used this channel a lot for my research and to gain a better understanding of dogs. Thankyou Victoria.
Gourangi Bobde
Gourangi Bobde Maand geleden
Congratulations 🥳 U deserve this .❤️ Proud of you.🥰🐶
_Cr4x0_ Maand geleden
Congradulations I love this channel and doggos and I have taken some of your advice to use for my doggos! (ignore this comment and pay attention to the one that says "me wuv doggos")
_Cr4x0_ Maand geleden
me wuv doggos
Nullgative Maand geleden
I've been here for 2 years, and I enjoyed every bit of it
jayda mohammed
jayda mohammed Maand geleden
Bonnie Sylvain
Bonnie Sylvain Maand geleden
Victoria is the best !
Helen Torres
Helen Torres Maand geleden
My dog eat dirt from the plant is there a way you can help me
Jasmine Sookdeo
Jasmine Sookdeo Maand geleden
I have two dogs a pit bull and a rot wiler
Lily Vaughan
Lily Vaughan Maand geleden
Hey Victoria, congrats on 1mill subscribers, sorry but do you have any tips for our rescue dog maisy because she has a bad habit of crabbing the curtains when the postman comes and she shakes them and just a few weeks ago she almost tore the whole thing down... how is such a small dog so strong?!
Ms. Durity
Ms. Durity Maand geleden
I will be getting a dog soon and watching you has taught me a lot
D_K Bordercolliemom!
D_K Bordercolliemom! Maand geleden
Congratulation Victoria, love your videos,very informative! 👍🏼🐾🐶
Heather Guerrero
Heather Guerrero Maand geleden
Can their please be a thing were instead of a pound dogs go to safe homes intead of being put down
Ninah Grijalva-Oropeza
Ninah Grijalva-Oropeza Maand geleden
thankyou for helping like people need help and what about animals they need help to love you vids -Ninah
Floofy_deerfoxUwU Maand geleden
I’ve been with it’s me or the dog since it had just over 300k I’m so proud of this channel it has helped me and my dog so much and I just can’t thank you enough all of you in the it’s me or the dog crew😋💖💖💖💖
PawsForPhilly Maand geleden
You feel lucky?! *We’re the lucky ones for having YOU in our presence, Victoria.* Thankyou for everything you do! As a dog trainer myself you’re a HUGE inspiration to me! I hope I get to meet you one day! ❤️
Kerry Maynard
Kerry Maynard Maand geleden
any updates on the dog from the program
Gewoon Iemand
Gewoon Iemand Maand geleden
Victoria, You are the best😍🤩
Miscellaneous Maand geleden
You are an icon Victoria x
KatKatBuns Maand geleden
Congrats! Im so proud that you reached a mil subs!☺🐶💗
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg Maand geleden
Love you to bits! Best part of this channel is that Victoria's actively contributing. I'd love more updated takes on episodes
Listen 2Liv
Listen 2Liv Maand geleden
Wowww shes a part of this!!! I LOVE this show 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️
Luna Derks
Luna Derks Maand geleden
I learn so much from your show, very interesting, I don't have a dog, but I love them
Nora Phelan
Nora Phelan Maand geleden
CONGRATULATIONS Victoria and team!! I've been following this channel for many many years and I am so excited that you've come this far, you deserve it! I cannot wait to have a dog of my own and for him/her to be the happiest dog in the world thanks to you.
sarah smith
sarah smith Maand geleden
Get it Victoriaa
Renz Mangusing
Renz Mangusing Maand geleden
I Will Love this Channel forever this inspire me SO much!
Sunny_dog xX
Sunny_dog xX Maand geleden
Hi Victoria I’m so glad you finally got 1M and 3hundred subscribers you are really helping me with my little puppy his. Name is joe and he’s a bichonpoo and he’s proper cheeky and gets pretty annoying with barking at the front door and my dad saw the episode where you trained that cane-corso and his owner *eric I think his name was* and my dad said this lady has really good techniques for all dogs and maybe I could learn from you so I’ll learn from you by watching all your videos!
Always MeCasa
Always MeCasa Maand geleden
Yohooo ❤️😭🐾
Pravin Dsouza
Pravin Dsouza Maand geleden
Vitoria you are my inspiration
Your sleep paralysis demon
Your sleep paralysis demon Maand geleden
Congrats🎉 You have entertained us and helped our dog , keep up the good content!
Shekar L Sastry
Shekar L Sastry Maand geleden
Congratulations 👏 👏 👏 👏 on one million!!!!!
Ninna G
Ninna G Maand geleden
I love you Victoria and I just got a dog for my birthday and I've been using some of ur training from other videos and its awsome💝💝💝
Gina Nam
Gina Nam Maand geleden
I have so much to thank you for, training my dogs with your help was so much easier ❤
Sudeshna Saha
Sudeshna Saha Maand geleden
you showed get a prize for being the best trainer I have finally thought my dog to sit
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