Secret Second Set of Furniture Used to Hide Dog's $10k Damage | It's Me or the Dog

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Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell goes on a tour of dog's $10,000 chewing spree. Can she stop this damage continuing in the future?
It's Me or the Dog Season 1 episode 8
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Ali Jane
Ali Jane 21 uur geleden
So we have another wife/mommy situation. This gets old. Like, he's pretty, but what the hell are they going to talk about? She married a 16 yr old in a 30 yr old body, and she already had at least ten years on him. Jmo, but parenting your spouse isn't romantic. The dogs are a window into what kind of dad he'd be, too.
john cameron
john cameron 2 dagen geleden
How can you not like walks? Get a dog walker then.
Tammy Cawman
Tammy Cawman 2 dagen geleden
Alot of dogs chew for bordem . Why did you get two large dogs if you don't like to walk? They need outside time to run off there energy. Bones chew toys. I love animals but I don't have the time they need, I'm not home alot. And I'm so glad other people have pets but I don't prefer to have animals in my home. So I don't simple.
O k
O k 3 dagen geleden
O k
O k 3 dagen geleden
The POOR BABIES were so bored before...that's seriously some kind of boredom to chew to that extent...poor Cashmere must have been going insane from boredom. GLAD TO SEE THIS LOVELY COUPLE STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE. Well done.
Jenna Micieli
Jenna Micieli 4 dagen geleden
She looks so much older than him. They seem like a mismatched couple
Jeo Sioson
Jeo Sioson 6 dagen geleden
The woman has a birkin
ohnoitsmimi 6 dagen geleden
I find it so weird that people hardly want to walk their dog. They need to walk at least 3 times a day. 4 or 5 times is even better.
ITZXOLO 10 dagen geleden
Ngl I would laugh how he is
Burning Cloud
Burning Cloud 13 dagen geleden
Dogs need to be educated. This said, love...if you care about the furniture more than the dog...don't get a dog, period.
Piper Fricke
Piper Fricke 16 dagen geleden
I walk my dog 🐶
Zoaneilys Lopez
Zoaneilys Lopez 21 dag geleden
The cat on the couch lol
Eda Gürler
Eda Gürler 21 dag geleden
It's incredible how that guy thinks this is normal. "well, they are dogs" -- so walk them maybe? I have a toy poodle puppy (6 months) that gets a minimum of 30 minutes a walk (most days we walk for an hour), about an hour of playtime (fetch) and daily training sessions. A tired dog is a happy dog!
Airoh Walker
Airoh Walker 21 dag geleden
I’m so surprised Victoria never recommends doggy daycares in situations like this. These dogs could really enjoy the stimulation and it would give the owners a way to have a break with walking them so much
Asia B
Asia B 22 dagen geleden
This is why my step-dad hates me. He's like Holly and I'm like Sean. 😂
Picky Bitch
Picky Bitch 25 dagen geleden
Sean is a man-baby who needs to grow up.
me me
me me 25 dagen geleden
She said there is a new rug and an ottoman :)))))))))
KEVIN WILCOX 27 dagen geleden
You've got what looks like a Coon Hound and part Dalmatian. How often are these dogs exercised?
Shenice Says
Shenice Says 27 dagen geleden
The fact that everything is a joke to him is pissing me off.
Christina Martinez
Christina Martinez 27 dagen geleden
They should have gotten dog training since they can afford it, instead of replacing furniture.
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love 28 dagen geleden
they should find a good home for the dogs.. but its nice to be rich
Damien 29 dagen geleden
LMAO all they had to do was pay a dog walker but instead bought two sets of the same expensive furniture 💀💀💀
Teagan Frisby
Teagan Frisby 29 dagen geleden
these poor dogs
Nadia Rouis
Nadia Rouis Maand geleden
If you don't like to walk, why get a dog? Several long walks a day are basic need for dogs, specially large healthy ones like they've got. If you don't want to walk your dogs, DO NOT get any! Be happy with your cat.
otomeza Maand geleden
I like victoria how she handle everything about the dog and family too. And she's my crush too 😊😁🇯🇵🇵🇭
Knugen NrUno
Knugen NrUno Maand geleden
I "love" how the guy looks at Victoria like "You believe this woman? HAHA"
sarah carrier
sarah carrier Maand geleden
Walking my dog brings me more joy than anything!
waeulbr Maand geleden
He looks like 25 and she looks like 45. The relationship is weird asf
Full Tym Mom Vlog
Full Tym Mom Vlog Maand geleden
I have a 3 yr old child but i have a time to take my 2 dogs out everyday ❤️❤️ Multi tasking is wat we need, to have a good dogs 😍Yes we have our own work & responsibility but once u chose to have a dog its our own responsibilty to make them feel that they are part of our families❤️❤️ I am really a dog lover and i alwayswatch ur videos, everyday and i stopped watching it until i feel sleepy at nigh❤️
Gillian Brookwell
Gillian Brookwell Maand geleden
This couple seems to thrive on having a beautifully presented home, she's dressed immaculately, and yet they don't realize that these animals are destructive and have never been trained. Maybe they would be better off getting a couple of stuffed toy dogs to sit on their bed for presentation.
Anna Maand geleden
the guy got tired after walking 2.5 miles but I run 2.5 miles
Voldemort Maand geleden
these people should get a kid for their dogs to play with lol
Wiktoria Machniak
Wiktoria Machniak Maand geleden
Why do people get dogs when they don't like taking care or them?I mean walking your dog is the MOST important thing
Christina Feulner
Christina Feulner Maand geleden
Lady your problem is not the dogs, but your unengaged manchild. "I hate walking", Sir did these dogs just manifest in your abode or did you make a choice to get them? What a dunce.
Jane Watson
Jane Watson Maand geleden E piacevole, cittadini, osservare come i paesi in via di sviluppo attivo del Terzo Mondo siano traditi nell'anatema socialdemocratico. Tenendo conto degli indicatori di successo, l'inizio del lavoro quotidiano sulla formazione di una posizione, nella sua visione classica, consente l'introduzione di un sistema di formazione del personale che soddisfi le esigenze urgenti. E piacevole, cittadini, osservare come gli elementi del processo politico, a prescindere dal loro livello, debbano essere anatemizzati socialmente democratici. Nella loro ricerca per migliorare la qualita della vita, dimenticano che l'analisi semantica delle opposizioni esterne determina in gran parte l'importanza delle nuove proposte. E tambem os acionistas das maiores empresas ate hoje continuam sendo a sorte dos liberais que estao ansiosos para serem traidos pelo anatema social-democrata. Como ja foi mencionado varias vezes, os estados independentes sao descritos com o maximo de detalhes possivel. A proposito, os prototipos interativos destacam caracteristicas extremamente interessantes da imagem como um todo, mas as conclusoes concretas, e claro, sao apresentadas de uma forma extremamente positiva. Consultar um amplo ativo exige que analisemos o sistema de treinamento que atende as necessidades urgentes.
Bruno Dacruz
Bruno Dacruz Maand geleden
Image if that was a German shepherd
Bruno Dacruz
Bruno Dacruz Maand geleden
Why in the name of garbage would you two large dogs if you don't like walking? Also those dogs are probably bored and it's the owners responsibility to make sure they have toys to bite into so the dogs wont bite the house furniture
Chamilition Maand geleden
I wish I could be as laid back as that guy
Piinkstar17 Maand geleden
why does the wife look like shes his mom?
waeulbr Maand geleden
banhcuc Maand geleden
MsJaime1977 Maand geleden
This is totally ridiculous. Honestly that’s f that was my partner laughing about the dog damage I would be leaving. Once again the dog is cooped up in the house, owners fault not the dogs.
Diana Clay
Diana Clay Maand geleden
When not home mine r kenneled! Wouldn’t have a home when I get back if left loose!
melly Maand geleden
they should've got cats, those kitties would be so happy! obviously they know how to properly feed them and socialize them, and that's all the cats need really... it's such a shame people will prefer dogs even if they don't prefer walks.
Kurilmm Maand geleden
Dont get a dog if you cant train or activate them
M S Maand geleden
Victoria will pin this if she loves her fans
A Literal Snake With a tophat
A Literal Snake With a tophat Maand geleden
The lady sounds like a realtor.
daihana peña
daihana peña Maand geleden
I need help my cousins dog is obsessed with cat food we can’t keep him away 😭
daihana peña
daihana peña Maand geleden
@ᰔLiana Hernandezᰔ thank you !!!
ᰔLiana Hernandezᰔ
ᰔLiana Hernandezᰔ Maand geleden
I suggest moving the cat eating area to a place where you can put some baby gates and putting in a cat flap that’s big enough for the cat to go in but small enough to keep the dog out.
just call me Jess z
just call me Jess z Maand geleden
Walking your dog. Walking us actually the easiest way to exercise your dog because you just.... walk. LoL. The chan guy e in environment, smells, etc exercise the dogs brain. Not the dogs body. For large dogs an easy 3 mile walk would be very little physical exercise. However, the intellectual exercise is much higher. You CAN have well behaved dogs without walking them. But your effort will be need to be much higher then "just" walking
E T Maand geleden
ever heard of a dog walker???
Jasmine Maand geleden
For the dogs on safety while they're not home they need to be in a kennel problem solved
willowstar157 Maand geleden
“These are the things you deal with” dude even notoriously destructive breeds like huskies or even WOLFDOGS aren’t that bad when owned responsibly! Good lord 🙄🙄
Sakana Kaizen
Sakana Kaizen Maand geleden
This is why we can't have nice things. *welps*
Xopia_wolf_lover Maand geleden
I have a salution for the chewing! Just watch your dogs or get a crate-
Jaii gogetit
Jaii gogetit Maand geleden
They have a yard. Play fetch with the dog. Sheeesh Husband doesn’t like going on walks, yet they have to big dogs. Really?!
Goldfish Maand geleden
jamie Jamie
jamie Jamie Maand geleden
victoria is an icon.
M Miller
M Miller Maand geleden
Notice how it was just the girl in last bit? I hope she dropped the extra weight of a husband.
M Miller
M Miller 21 dag geleden
@J Dee agree tbh.
J Dee
J Dee 21 dag geleden
Can you imagine how useless he would be around a baby? It would be like raising two children.
Danna Al
Danna Al Maand geleden
this show is about getting rid of wifes and husband....
isabel lopez
isabel lopez Maand geleden
Sooooo just gonna go on airing this show when the trainer was fraudulent and sued?
David Mitchell
David Mitchell Maand geleden
Caesar Milan
Bella Comella
Bella Comella Maand geleden
Wow that sucks that your dogs bit stuff
#Moriah Elizabeth Fan 101
#Moriah Elizabeth Fan 101 Maand geleden
“Uh I hate walking!” Me: I hate your attitude
#Moriah Elizabeth Fan 101
#Moriah Elizabeth Fan 101 Maand geleden
@Julieandthephantoms Fan a why thank you 😊
Julieandthephantoms Fan
Julieandthephantoms Fan Maand geleden
Love your name and profile pick
Rilo Bee
Rilo Bee Maand geleden
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Ira Kaushik
Ira Kaushik Maand geleden
Omg that dog that dog 🙀
Alyssa Stothard
Alyssa Stothard Maand geleden
Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog
Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog Maand geleden
how does this happen...i just don't get it. My dogs are not like that at all or ever been like that. How do people get animals and not read a few books first?
Samaya Lohcheb
Samaya Lohcheb Maand geleden
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Ty Fisher
Ty Fisher Maand geleden
gonna have to exercise the dogs alot more
Beauty Wine
Beauty Wine Maand geleden
The furniture is tacky anyway 😂
Kady Amr
Kady Amr Maand geleden
5:22 I-
Dani Xoxo
Dani Xoxo Maand geleden
Take care of your dogs. Walk them play with them, love them and your tacky furniture won't be damaged. Those dogs look so sweet, they just need to be exercised.
Linda Xiong
Linda Xiong Maand geleden
This is why my dogs are crate trained and there is no doggie bed or blankets. They are wondeful dogs that are well behaved, but they are not trusted when I am not home because they are 1.5 years old.. I mean come on, they are home and get bored so they go play.
Bo B
Bo B Maand geleden
Wow so not only you cage your dogs while you’re out enjoying your freedom but no dog beds or blankets either... I’m sorry but you need to be put in a cage while other people go out too and let’s see if you like it 😉
Aqua Universe
Aqua Universe Maand geleden
I wish someone could explain to me why in the world do people get dogs if they aren't willing to walk them?? Especially young dogs full of energy?? People don't seem to realize that this isn't just about them, it's also about their dogs and making them comfortable and giving them good quality of life :/
Mel Pascal
Mel Pascal Maand geleden
Why are so many guys in these relationships such manchild?!! « It’s normal to have your things destroyed when you have dogs » NO! It’s normal to WALK your dogs when you have them!
waeulbr Maand geleden
smarathi1 Maand geleden
I would like to see the man child's facial expression when he sees the total.amount spend on how much the house is going to cost to fix all that damage the dogs caused !! Like to see if he laughs then he's attitude is something I tell you ! He's total man child who wants he's cake and eat it too . He's oblivious has no fricken idea of how huge the responsibilities with the house hold pets and the family home is. he just makes my blood boil just looking at him . Feeling like hulking out and throwing him round to.put some common sense into that punnie brain of his!!! Bitch slapping that man child would be gratifying.
talivan Ruizaac
talivan Ruizaac Maand geleden
Oh my gosh
Lyssa Marlow
Lyssa Marlow Maand geleden
This show makes me so mad because it just proves most people don't actually understand the amount of time and work it takes to train and keep a dog happy and mentally stimulated.
Rakesh Babu
Rakesh Babu Maand geleden
Victoria is the best trainer in the world keep it up Mam
74poipoigirl Maand geleden
These people need a dogwalker
Margaret Aprison
Margaret Aprison Maand geleden
I’m so glad Victoria was able to help!
Lank Jacob
Lank Jacob Maand geleden
Alexandra Borisovna
Alexandra Borisovna Maand geleden
It's so secondhand embarrassing when people don't give dogs the basics that they need and then go even to the TELEVISION with their problems 😂😂 It's like a person crying bc his phone turned off and then calling Steve Jobs who just shows them how to charge it 🤦‍♀️
Alexandra Borisovna
Alexandra Borisovna Maand geleden
Who tf gets dogs if they don't like walks ?!?!
Emi Sutnga
Emi Sutnga Maand geleden
Damn.. I walk my dog 3 times a day and I work from 9:00 a.m. till 4 p.m. Its a challenge but its imperative. So I do it no excuse and it has really helped keep my dog calm while I am at work.
Jan Anderson
Jan Anderson Maand geleden
The husband doesn’t like to walk but what about throwing a ball or frisbee in the backyard.
J Dee
J Dee 21 dag geleden
He could cycle and run the dog with him.
Oof_Gamer Maand geleden
LivenUp7 Maand geleden
10K of damage, and the solution was walks and limits
Northwest Girl
Northwest Girl Maand geleden
I'm shocked they never thought to use a crate. I've never met a dog trainer that didn't recommend crate training.
Bo B
Bo B Maand geleden
Here in Europe most people don’t crate train their dogs, instead we walk them a lot and take them to the dog park so the dogs release energy and come home tired and satisfied. We teach dogs manners instead of caging them in “crates”. My golden retriever is free to enjoy HER home as we leave to work and I cannot FATHOM how people think leaving their dogs for hours in a cage is normal.
rawan haddadin
rawan haddadin Maand geleden
Pls Victoria I need help quickly dog has not eaten his food since he was a baby.when he was young he had to take a shot in his arm just because he was not eating he is so thin.pls oh pls help me. Your biggest fan
rawan haddadin
rawan haddadin Maand geleden
I will do anything to let you see this comment
dollyparts666 Maand geleden
"I hate walking" than why tf do you have 2 dogs that need to be walked a lot???
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 Maand geleden
Awesome ending! the best IMotD episode I've ever seen. Such a beautiful house being eaten up by their own dogs!!...
mary jo morra
mary jo morra Maand geleden
You're so incredible Victoria the way you have with the animals is just amazing.. every time I see a dog that hasn't been taught how to behave I tell them about your videos.. wish they would watch them
Brook Samson
Brook Samson Maand geleden
Learning to YouTube
Learning to YouTube Maand geleden
Thank you for not amputating his ears and tail. He very cute cute.
FishLady 2 dagen geleden
Interesting fact cropping of the ears is referred to as cosmetic otoplasty in a surgical standpoint and the docking of the tail is cosmetic caudectomy. It is very rare to ever see emergency caudectomy or otoplasty but they do happen and then are called amputation for it is an emergency lifesaving procedure not for cosmetic purposes. Either way not supporting a now out dated practice hopefully will only be known through books.
MaDeZ 4 dagen geleden
@EchoOkami yeah most tail docking and ear cropping is just cosmetic and done to reach "breed standard".
EchoOkami 14 dagen geleden
@Pamela Schultz Cropping ears does not enhance hearing, that's a myth. The outer ear catches sounds and funnels them to the ear canal. Cropping removes this function, as well as the natural protection the outer ear provides. And docking tails, while it may prevent dogs from breaking them due to wagging, also removes an important communication asset. Both can cause behavorial issues and are generally seen as cosmetic surgeries without any benefit for the dog.
Pamela Schultz
Pamela Schultz Maand geleden
It's called ear cropping and tail docking. Not amputation. The ears are cropped to enhance their hearing. The tail docking is to prevent energetic breeds like boxers from harming their tails because they are always whipping them.
Asia Fabbri
Asia Fabbri Maand geleden
It's an Italian Hound?
Mastinomama Maand geleden
Hates walking.... then WHY get dogs? ???
Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick Maand geleden
The defective purple surprisingly impress because cherry bizarrely remain midst a tough celsius. colossal, rude venezuela
LUCY A. LAI Maand geleden
How to describe victoria: the angel of dogs
Smile Maand geleden
Is she married to a teenager?? The husband complaining about walking was giving off such bratty teenager vibes...the rest was not much better
zammmerjammer Maand geleden
He's like a 14-year-old boy. It is NOT charming. I hope she's learned from this never ever ever to have children with this man-child.
Naruto and Hinata
Naruto and Hinata Maand geleden
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The Future Of Reasoning
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