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2 maanden geleden

Casper barks at the slightest provocation when playing in his backyard, can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell find a way for him to play without Casper barking down the neighbourhood?
It's Me or the Dog USA: Season 4 Episode 8
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

155chipmunkz 8 uur geleden
Squirrel: Sup homie Casper: *So you have chosen death* Also, it’s COULDN’T care less.
Karan Miller
Karan Miller 5 dagen geleden
My name is Karam Midland I live in Waco Texas I have a pitbull she she will be 2 years old and 25th of October she likes to pull me down the steps and she will not come when she is called when she's outside I have tried a two in one leash and a choker chain of color looks like a choker is not I don't know what else to do I know I know I should have started when she was a puppy but I didn't think she was going to get this big she's probably is 50 to 100 she knows how to sit get new spot and get in your bed she knows all them commands and see you lay down for a treat I don't know what else to do here is my address I live in Waco Texas p.s please help me if you know any other trainers that you maybe can help give them my email address thank you
Brooks Equine
Brooks Equine 6 dagen geleden
Poor dog ... no walks, no obedience training , no fun whatsoever .
Anne Haight
Anne Haight 6 dagen geleden
That man doesn't respect his fiancee at all. Not. At. All. He's condescending and disrespectful. I hope she ditches him.
Jay Jay Vee
Jay Jay Vee 9 dagen geleden
I need to see the rest of this drama!!!!
elphaba71688 13 dagen geleden
Honestly, I'm with the guy on this one. he's right that he's being trained too, and mistakes and misteps happen. you acknowledge those, and you move on. regression happens with plenty of things. depending on the severity of the issue, it can take years for rehabilitation to happen. and even then, you have to keep up with the training or program. and this doesn't just apply to dog training, but the rest of life too.
Julie Ornelas
Julie Ornelas 13 dagen geleden
The kind of people who lets their dogs bark constantly for 24 hours on end even tho they’re home and do nothing about it and say, “that’s what dogs do”. PURE ASSHOLES!!
Shelley Stclair
Shelley Stclair 18 dagen geleden
This is for Casper's dad any one that doesn't love your fur kids is not worth the time she is a not nice lady find yourself a happy loving woman I once ran a dog rescue with 23 dogs and five horses and my man was not helpful at all so I kicked him to the curb best thing I have ever done good luck to you 😊😊😊
Blava 18 dagen geleden
You should never throw a food/treat on the ground.
Jack Black
Jack Black 19 dagen geleden
i my husband ever told me to get over literally anything I think I would loose my goddamn mind lol
Carolina Correia
Carolina Correia 22 dagen geleden
That's the first dog I see with ears as big as my puppy's in relation to head size!
PeterR 22 dagen geleden
It would make my day if we could see you wear a skirt or dress with heels Victoria. You are a good looking woman with a precocious girly look.
Christina 26 dagen geleden
What a doll casper is.
Picky Bitch
Picky Bitch 29 dagen geleden
How come so many of these men downplay their dog’s behaviour? 😳
Reb S
Reb S Maand geleden
Their arguing is more annoying than the barking.
LearnToTakeAJoke Maand geleden
Well aren't they a happy couple🙄🤣
Brock Stanford
Brock Stanford Maand geleden
My doorbell just rang and my two dogs didn't bark for the first time ever. Thanks, Victoria!
Dan Maand geleden
1:20 "Mark is very lackadaisical." I'm going to start using that sophisticated-sounding word.
Jessica S
Jessica S Maand geleden
I see from a lot of the comments they broke it off. Good for him! That woman is too much. He deserves so much better than being treated like that.
kez Maand geleden
So ....what happened here?Did the dog stay ? ,did they ?
Weirdlikeafox Maand geleden
She needs to relax, and he needs to take things more seriously, if they got marital counseling they could actually balance each other out quite nicely.
Susan Susan
Susan Susan Maand geleden
Some men don’t know how lucky they are.... 🙄 Three cats and three dogs is a bit much though.
Jo Earl
Jo Earl Maand geleden
Victoria Stilwell - professional dog trainer and relationship counselor.
Colleen Andrawis
Colleen Andrawis 2 maanden geleden
My neighbor had alot of words with us, horrible, degrating words. Even though he sat at our fence line and teased the dogs on purpose , video recorded into my yard and house with my young children. Animal control came down on us so hard I ended up rehoming two of my dogs. 3 years later I fostered two dogs. He called animal control on me and even after I found them forever homes. This is among many of the horrible things he has inflicted on my family. He even admitted he hates dogs. So sometimes it's not the dog, it's the neighbor.
Kenna Elexis
Kenna Elexis 2 maanden geleden
Dawn Miskar
Dawn Miskar 2 maanden geleden
Can you even say the "R" word on NLfast?
mellowmind 2 maanden geleden
Avishi Verma
Avishi Verma 2 maanden geleden
I love dogs who doesn't?
syd :D
syd :D 2 maanden geleden
yikes, AND he dropped a slur. what a clown
Gabriel 2018
Gabriel 2018 2 maanden geleden
They didn't get married with true love for each other, that is it.
Destined Merican Patriot
Destined Merican Patriot 2 maanden geleden
wait... THEY'RE AT 999K SUBS just need 1 thousand more people. and btw i just subbed because i forgot to the 1 month i have been on this account
Manuel Ghaly
Manuel Ghaly 2 maanden geleden
ok its there fault not the dog
Suzaan 2 maanden geleden
She'll have to throw the whole man away.
Monserrat Olivo
Monserrat Olivo 2 maanden geleden
Me whaching this and the dog person feelings change after victoria comes Me:WooooooooW😮😮😮😍🥰
Colm Whateveryoulike
Colm Whateveryoulike 2 maanden geleden
I feel like she has a fair criticism of him failing to be consistent but she's making more of it in her own mind than is realistic. It makes me wonder if a parent gave up on her or something so hurtful that's made her oversensitive to the possibility. Whatever the issue, I hope they get some counselling or something.
Beth 2 maanden geleden
She’s ridiculous. She must love drama.
Glenda Mahoney
Glenda Mahoney 2 maanden geleden
Does anyone know what she uses for treats?
Keira Hodgins
Keira Hodgins 2 maanden geleden
She needs to stop talking. He has a valid point, 2 days to get these techniques cemented and be perfect with them is a hard task, especially for a man LOL
Lexee Tabbutt
Lexee Tabbutt 2 maanden geleden
•The Twins•
•The Twins• 2 maanden geleden
What is victorias secret
Lauretta Pounders
Lauretta Pounders 2 maanden geleden
The end where Victoria was mad at him for making a couple mistakes, I think he was right in saying "I dont see why ever time there's a mistake we have to start from square one " she needs to have more patience and understanding that things aren't going to be perfect right away and there are gonna be mistakes made. Just cuz hes human, doent make him perfect. We all need to understand that anything (human or animal) needs to be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.
Wanja He
Wanja He Maand geleden
no. what you need to understand is that as entitled he is to his mistakes she is in no way obligated to put up with them. Or im for that matter.
tora Johns
tora Johns 2 maanden geleden
Aww, pups little face when he walked off with the find it toy 🙁
Meena k
Meena k 2 maanden geleden
I want Victoria's vocabulary lol
Becky Hartley
Becky Hartley 2 maanden geleden
She clearly wants a divorce, he screwed up the day before and she throws in the towel straight away and even before Victoria was there she was blaming both him and the dog (then backtracked on her statement too).
nick 2 maanden geleden
oof, yikes, that r slur bomb was NOT it chief.
nick 2 maanden geleden
i love casper's ears so much, look at them, they're floppy and remind me of bunny ears!
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg 2 maanden geleden
There has to be a causation between disrespectful partners and dogs having problems. That disrespect is so prevalent in these videos.
Rima N
Rima N 2 maanden geleden
Love to watch your videos! Helped me soooooo much! ❤️ There's one issue with my dog which I can't seem to solve it tho and Google couldn't help me either 😅 I don't know why but my dog barks excessively when we leave the city. He used to bark at every single dog but with the desensitization he doesn't even bark when other dogs bark at him unless they lunge at him. So walking him became really pleasing and he loves to meet other dogs. But whenever I go visit my parents for example (they live in a different city) he starts barking at every single dog again. I don't seem to be able to figure out why. In other cities he barks and when we're back in my home city he doesn't...that is so weird. If he only does it around the apartment we live I could say ok he's protecting his territory but no. I can walk him through the whole city and he's fine buy whenever we're in a different city there he goes barking non-stop 😭😭😭
NanaVicki1 2 maanden geleden
What a hag. At least he's there, all you're doing is causing drama and finding fault. How long you been married? I've got 43 and still learning to pick my battles. You and Casper, especially Casper lost this battle.
Ana Galvez
Ana Galvez 2 maanden geleden
I'm A big fan I need u too train my grandmas jack Russell terrier name jax the problems are he jumps on people and he pulls on the leash and he Also bites and scratches and when I take him outside I try too train him but he doesn't listen please help my grandmas dog
Ana Galvez
Ana Galvez 2 maanden geleden
HI Victoria Stilwell your the best
Miss J
Miss J 2 maanden geleden
why does this show only pick abused looking spouses and abusers? most couples arent like this.
Camila 2 maanden geleden
They need to be train more then just 2 days. But you also can’t just pretend it didn’t happen and move on. You need to train them every day and practice the stuff that they are having a hard time on. This goes for animals(pets) and people.
Amberly the HarpyQueen
Amberly the HarpyQueen 2 maanden geleden
Geez..this couple is very dislikeable.
[asui] •
[asui] • 2 maanden geleden
What type of job do you have exactly? I would really like to be like this!!
jυno 2 maanden geleden
Can u help, I think my dog has something wrong with her but my mom's a conspiracy theorist and won't let her go to the vet
Zophi Michaels
Zophi Michaels 2 maanden geleden
No clue why they're even together, so much tension and it's not good for anyone, especially the animals.
Damien Ramseur
Damien Ramseur 2 maanden geleden
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Xmas2222_YT 2 maanden geleden
I hope they broke up the guy dose not understand
Ava Stockhauser
Ava Stockhauser 2 maanden geleden
I love this channel soooo much!!!
Tia's Shower Routines
Tia's Shower Routines 2 maanden geleden
Mark-"70% of the time they do." *My battery percentage at 70%
Susan Schreiner
Susan Schreiner 2 maanden geleden
This woman is enjoying blaming her husband way too much. She would rather one up him than make progress.
dawn J
dawn J 2 maanden geleden
"has the dog barked?" Yes, yes he did. Two seconds ago.
Vicky Nixon
Vicky Nixon 2 maanden geleden
I get that the woman is mad that he messed up after 2 days. Thats understandable. But she also needs to understand that humans need to take time to learn just like animals do. We dont simply learn things like this after its been a habit for so long. Let him learn from his mistakes and if he still keeps doing it THEN punish him for it
Amber Best
Amber Best 2 maanden geleden
I agree with you except for the punishment term-shes not his mama, but she sure acts like a controlling mother.
cwpyrokitty 2 maanden geleden
Unfortunately, most people who constantly let their dog bark all day every day aren't watching videos like these... 🙄
W h y.
W h y. 2 maanden geleden
Now I know why Victoria's last name is "Stilwell.." XD!
Anna Blendermann
Anna Blendermann 2 maanden geleden
She needs a divorce? Hell, they both need a divorce. Amazingly smart dog though!
hunxybear_ 2 maanden geleden
I heard if you say the person's name three times you get pinned I don't know if this works but I'mma try it cuz I never got a pinned before okay Victoria stilwell Victoria stilwell Victoria stilwell By the way sorry I'm late
Gewoon Iemand
Gewoon Iemand 2 maanden geleden
Denise.. get a divorce. The dog doesnt need to get trained. Its your husband that needs to be trained :)
Mishkawolf forever
Mishkawolf forever 2 maanden geleden
there both learning and i feel like the wife doesnt have patience and wants him to be super human or something
IMLE 2 maanden geleden
She is so negative omg. She wanted him to put his dogs down just because of a barking issue,. I don't like the fact that he used a slur, but damn I hate that lady
Lexee Tabbutt
Lexee Tabbutt 2 maanden geleden
If your partner didn’t listen to you, actually hear you, or actually put effort into the marriage, I’m sure many would feel the same way.
Leah Abu Salameh
Leah Abu Salameh 2 maanden geleden
Hi Victoria I love your work I wish I grow up like you I love dogs
Smile 2 maanden geleden
"Babe, you are the human" xD Divorce him girl
Rajendra Singh Bais
Rajendra Singh Bais 2 maanden geleden
Mary Dorsey
Mary Dorsey 2 maanden geleden
the dogs are never gonna get help if the owners cant get over themselves
Pr0d By Y05H1 BUGATT1
Pr0d By Y05H1 BUGATT1 2 maanden geleden
Dude looks like Walmart Joe Rogan
Rylee Maand geleden
MrMista08 2 maanden geleden
More like a Roto-Rooter plummer 🤷‍♂️
Jojo's Universe
Jojo's Universe 2 maanden geleden
I don’t get why people don’t train their animals. My neighbor has 3 Great Pyrenees puppies, one of which got PREGNANT at NINE MONTHS OLD. They all bark incessantly and I can hear them from in my house that’s down the street from them. They’re always either in the garage or the backyard and apparently they’ve gotten several noise complaints about it. It would be so much less work to train them.
Sonja Marx
Sonja Marx 2 maanden geleden
My post isn't about this video but about the one where Victoria helps 3 overweight dogs to get in shape. 14 months ago I adopted a mixed breed dog (Yorki and ? - who knows) from a foreign country animal shelter. He's 8 years old and has a few severe problems. 1. when I got him he was tiny, only bones covered with skin that was too big for him. He quickly gained weight and right now he's overweight by about 1 - 1,5 kg. Before he arrived I was looking forward to taking him out for walks but he's disabled (in the animal shelter no one noticed that he was limping and having pain when walking). I took him to an orthopaedic vet and was told that years ago one front leg was broken and left to heal by itself. This resulted in a misalignment of the joint. Over time he developed osteoarthritis. He can't walk without pain but the drugs for the pain have side effects, one of which can be pancreatitis (he doesn't tolerate this drugs and already had pancreatitis twice). So, the more weight he gains, the more the pain will increase. Exercise is painful. 4x a day I lure him outside and try to encourage him to take short walks. It's really hard to see him limping and holding up his left paw. But he doesn't tolerate the drugs against the pain. Knowing hunger from past experience he loves to eat (he's not obsessed with food but very focused on it). What can I do? 2. he is an insecure little dog. That's why he's barking, seemingly aggressive ( I think it's it's fear), especially when we meet dogs who are bigger than him. He also barks at people but without this high-pitched panic in his voice. With dogs it's on a whole different level. He gasps, his heart starts to race, he chokes and can't hardly breathe. It's terrible to watch. The vet prescribed CBD oil and overall it helps to reduce his nervousness and keep him calm. But it doesn't help outside. What can I do? How can I help him? TY.
Rebster !
Rebster ! 2 maanden geleden
If he is in constant pain because of the leg, it might be better to amputate the leg. Many dogs live fine with three legs, and it might be easier than having pain. Also make sure to indeed keep him a healthy weight, for him it might be better to be on the light side rather than the heavy. But you should consult with a vet as well. For the reactiveness, you could watch other videos or consult with a trainer or verteranarian behaviourist. If you are on facbook, check out the group animal sense: basic training an behavioral problems. Only real, certified trainers answer the questions
Laura Knepa
Laura Knepa 2 maanden geleden
part 2?
Yazmin Ramos Hernandez
Yazmin Ramos Hernandez 2 maanden geleden
I would charge more to train problematic people...
Rae Smith
Rae Smith 2 maanden geleden
Him: makes one mistake but acknowledges it and wants to push forward and try again Her: I'm giving up because you're giving up Make it make sense 🤦🏽‍♀️
mark5732 Maand geleden
I agree with you, quite a weird logic.
mark5732 Maand geleden
@Dina S I think humans should take a lesson from victoria's dog lessons, and use positive reinforcement to foster good behavior. Negative always begets negative.
Dina S
Dina S 2 maanden geleden
Sounds like she might be used to him giving up on things, so she is conditioned to expect that from him.
cute adventures
cute adventures 2 maanden geleden
Finally a new episode😍
diamondgirl33 2 maanden geleden
This woman doesn't need a dog trainer, she needs a divorce.
155chipmunkz 8 uur geleden
Men are just... ugh.
They Said I'm Asian
They Said I'm Asian Maand geleden
@Jadyn Turcotte the dude was far more willing to do better than her tho, "controlling" is a stretch when shes the one demanding him to immidiately change, he has an attitude but atleast hes willing to try
mark5732 Maand geleden
@Willis Allen Jr I kinda agree. But from my perspective, he was willing to grow and learn and change, and she was being defeatist, and negative. Just from that last interaction, it felt like she was the toxic one. They both need to communicate better.
Willis Allen Jr
Willis Allen Jr Maand geleden
They both don't seem like bad people, but they don't seem like a match.
KingQueerRoman 2 maanden geleden
@Jadyn Turcotte she’s the one who literally gave up after 2 days. Yeah he made mistakes but he’s learning too. Mistakes are allowed. Not allowing mistakes is controlling
magic pensel
magic pensel 2 maanden geleden
70% of the time is still bad
Banjo Wolf
Banjo Wolf 2 maanden geleden
What happens when you marry karen.
Rossovieta 2 maanden geleden
*ooof, these guys need couple's counselling more than a dog trainer. (and he dropped the r slur too YEESH. not a good look)*
mark5732 Maand geleden
@Hope Morrison I agree, and he was already kinda on the older side at that time as well, so that's another thing. People need to see things in context more these days, while still advocating for healthy behavior.
Hope Morrison
Hope Morrison Maand geleden
This episode was filmed 12-13 years ago when that sort of terminology was normal. Does that make it okay? Not really. But back then the word didn't have as much of a negative stigma as it does now. You can't fault him for saying something over a decade ago.
SpongeBath 2 maanden geleden
טליה אור אלקיים
טליה אור אלקיים 2 maanden geleden
Can you please come to my house my dog ​​bites me non-stop and it hurts me very much if you can come it will make me very happy❤️
Mastinomama 2 maanden geleden
And AGAIN it's the husband ignoring the problem... *sigh*
Natalie Dobson
Natalie Dobson 2 maanden geleden
To be honest that’s real bad when he said That’s what dogs do !
Nini Oliver
Nini Oliver 2 maanden geleden
She has honestly helped me so much with my rescue puppy. Wish me luck🤞
Arrius Arithius
Arrius Arithius 2 maanden geleden
Oh jeez... I wait for the next episode on this couple
SeeNoEvilHearNoEvil 2 maanden geleden
Wow while he was kinda rude at first I could see why by the end of the video, she is such a nagging annoying lady. Freaking out saying they can NEVER move forward after two incidents lol it takes time to remember new habits. She needs to chillll out.
misterpitters 2 maanden geleden
I watched the episode. This is a build up of 3 years of problems coming to a boiling point. She wants him to take accountability, he wants her to let things go, it’s an unstoppable force and an unbreakable wall.
Ulises Ibarra
Ulises Ibarra 2 maanden geleden
Find it casper find it find it find it casper find it Victoria: o_____o
Rosa H
Rosa H 2 maanden geleden
Especially when the initial cue was “go find” 😂😂😂
Slurpy Durp
Slurpy Durp 2 maanden geleden
“The dog is doing so great” *dog doesn’t respond to the air command*
misterpitters 2 maanden geleden
Looked up the episode details (S4E6): “Victoria tries to help engaged couple Mark and Denise who recently reunited after 30 years apart. The trouble is, Denise can't stand Mark's two dogs and refuses to marry him until he puts them down!” Well that certainly explains a lot Edit: I bit the bullet & watched the episode bc I was curious. He moved out at the end (they were already living apart, but for the training period he had moved back in) and worked on training the dogs in his own instead of them working as a team. They had a lot of resentment in the relationship. The dogs weren’t that bad, the couple just had no trust. Anyway AMA lol
Tonya Sandoval
Tonya Sandoval 21 dag geleden
Thank you! I could tell something else lingered there.
Piinkstar17 Maand geleden
she wanted him to put his dogs down?! are you effing kidding me?!
misterpitters Maand geleden
@IOANA CANA it’s a little mixed depending on where you look
maddieshobbies Maand geleden
I thought it meant the owners tried to Turn each other on lmao
IOANA CANA 2 maanden geleden
This is S4 Ep 8 tho...
Angela Pomare
Angela Pomare 2 maanden geleden
The guy: "He doesn't bark all the time" Also the guy: Birds flew over our heads and he could careless He pretty much just stated that what the lady was saying about the dog barking all the time was true
Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill 2 maanden geleden
THE END!!! Poor Casper.
Izuku 2 maanden geleden
Yess am kinda late but pin new notice meeeee!!!!!
Papaya713 2 maanden geleden
I CAN NOT find the full episode.
Black Wolf
Black Wolf 2 maanden geleden
Denial makes me so angry, it is a way of avoiding a problem. Even if it is a huge problem that NEEDS to be situated in order for a better outcome. " that's what dogs do", Seriously! Dogs do bark yes, but they don't bark obsessively all the time. A dog that barks too much is a dog that is frustrated, bored and getting lack of proper exercise. I'm with Victoria and Denise on this one, through this show as well as observation I know that if my dogs start to bark too much; time for a nice long walk!
Natalie Giles
Natalie Giles 2 maanden geleden
That argument felt so scripted lol
EvelineUK 2 maanden geleden
I think it did because they were probably watching what they said. I'm sure there would have been a few F bombs normally, if not worse.
Windy Jay
Windy Jay 2 maanden geleden
First time I saw a video for this show the same day they released it on NLfast!
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