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On this episode of Victoria Reacts Victoria Stilwell sees a border collie that has assumed the role of lifeguard, a belgian malinois that gets emotional on car journeys and two dogs who have figured out how to commit the perfect food crime.
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Britney T.
Britney T. 9 dagen geleden
I love how excited and happy she gets about these dogs. It's like we get to meet a wonderful new side of her 😁
Cristia Olson
Cristia Olson 13 dagen geleden
Love the cameos from aussie mix Stains, the worst food thief ever. His "I want to eat it" face was the most intense, lusty, covetous, goofy and ridiculous ever. His expressions in his episode had me cracking up.
Ettan Tekchandaney
Ettan Tekchandaney 16 dagen geleden
My old dog did what the border collie but he died in jan
NerdGeek Cosplay
NerdGeek Cosplay 25 dagen geleden
Victoria if teaching doesn’t work out for me than I’ll do something dog oriented.
Sonal Frances Engels
Sonal Frances Engels 27 dagen geleden
She ages beautifully
iBrookiei 28 dagen geleden
my dog princess gets shy on camra a can sense im there with a cam so im not doing a video but princess sprints around the back yard the the plamts and up onyo the porch and on tue pavment aswell as behind the trees( please respond i really would lile an answer for this behavor
Ellen Finegan
Ellen Finegan 28 dagen geleden
How do I send in a video?
The Supreme DOG GAMER
The Supreme DOG GAMER 29 dagen geleden
I really want to get chickens and teach Border Collie to herd.
Stella and Me
Stella and Me Maand geleden
Border collies are my favorite dog they have been my favorite dog breed for 5 years I love them to the moon and backkk
Joice Mou
Joice Mou Maand geleden
My 7 month old chocolate lab learned to open doors! but she doesn´t open cupboards or ovens etc.
mars_maragno Maand geleden
My sheltie does the same thing as Elliot 😂😂😅😅
Jo Maand geleden
Victoria is genuinely the best. Her tips are easy to follow and understand , also effective at the same time. ❤️
Adam gaming and plushies sonic Tails fan
Adam gaming and plushies sonic Tails fan Maand geleden
My border collie does the same
dog with a vlog
dog with a vlog Maand geleden
This is so cool, I’m actually getting a poodle soon and I’m doing so much research, I bought a book on them too. I want to make a poodle my service dog. I’m getting mine from a regulated breeder with a license, someone who loves and takes care of their pups and their dogs. I’m really excited
JA L Maand geleden
You look so pretty without much makeup and lipstick and your hair down❤
Bruno Dacruz
Bruno Dacruz Maand geleden
Better make sure there is no chocolate in that cupboard or it could be trouble
J Dee
J Dee Maand geleden
Victoria, I have just watched an old video on YT of a famous 'dog expert' in the US - and I was sick to the stomach at the methods used, which follow the outdated dominance theory. I have learnt so much about how to work with dogs in a humane and understanding way from your videos, so please keep up the good work - it is still very much needed!
Petunia Pets
Petunia Pets Maand geleden
Vi- Victor- Victoria, YOUR HAIR OMGGGG
Replicationz Maand geleden
5:44 When Victoria says "Begals like to lose~ use their noses", you can tell her brain is laughing itself to funny dog heaven
Nalini Devi
Nalini Devi Maand geleden
I love you video
Bella Faunce
Bella Faunce Maand geleden
evey time i watch you my dog wines to watch you to. you tought my dog alot of tricks
Bella Faunce
Bella Faunce Maand geleden
Dayna Milito
Dayna Milito Maand geleden
How does she not AGE!!!!
ajh2558 Maand geleden
My border collie does the same thing she will do it so much though she will rub her paws skin off
Paloma Tapia
Paloma Tapia Maand geleden
I Love you so mach 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎
Purvi Damani
Purvi Damani Maand geleden
How do I call you, I don’t need to call you it’s just that if I need to.
Purvi Damani
Purvi Damani Maand geleden
Have you retired yet?
abyssnyss Maand geleden
My dog is always whining in the car, but the second I turn my music on (anything works) he sits down and puts his head out the window and is totally fine the whole time. 😊
Ruby Harrison
Ruby Harrison Maand geleden
Finally a border collie one!!! Me and my bc are happy
Phillip Croukamp
Phillip Croukamp Maand geleden
Victoria you have a beautiful smile
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg
Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg Maand geleden
MY GOODNESS ME, that border collie at 1:14 is just so fluffy! I wanna cuddle that fluff so badly!!
Alice Pollard
Alice Pollard Maand geleden
oh, my poor Whippet does this! But in an anxious way... panting / wide eyed /lick lipping.
Journey Alvarado
Journey Alvarado Maand geleden
how do i stop why belgian mal puppy from being really mean when you take food from him he bites and grows and snaps , hes olny 9 weeks old please hekp
Moony L. Blanc
Moony L. Blanc Maand geleden
This video single-handedly took me out of a depressive episode.
freefire gamerx
freefire gamerx Maand geleden
Happy for you hitting one million subscribers I remember when you had 5 thousand
Sir Jones
Sir Jones Maand geleden
She's nora from icarly
TheLaly37 Maand geleden
My dog is unsecured and barked at kids, other dogs, my husband when he comes in the room, I can managed it by saying the quiet and come commands. But how do you make an insecure dog secured? I work on self esteem. He learns tricks and trust me. But still he barks
vulc1 Maand geleden
Victoria is developing Americanisms in her speech
Deepro Maand geleden
@SkyGemini what do you mean he hits? Cesar hits the dog to get attention and became calm you dont understand what cesar do 🥵 Cesar didn't study from dog experts He *Learned It* with body language *Victoria* only helps dogs with the behavior and training. What about Cesar? Cesar trained Aggressive Dogs he even says "I'm not afraid of an Aggressive Dog on how much large is it" but Victoria? If Victoria get bitten by a aggressive dog? Haha I wonder what's next 😀 Cesar was bitten alot of aggressive dogs compare to Victoria so I voted for Cesar Millan
Horse Lover
Horse Lover 20 dagen geleden
Ah yes Cesar the dude who kicks dogs in the ribs to make them submit What an example 🙄🙄🙄 Yeah no i prefer Victoria here or any other trainer that use positive methods
John R. Jones
John R. Jones Maand geleden
You know, this isn't early the 2000's NLfast anymore, and you can actually reply to anyone's comments now.
Lakshmi Sriram
Lakshmi Sriram Maand geleden
i love your socks victoria
Bhargav Tayade
Bhargav Tayade Maand geleden
My grandfather had a dog, he was a really loyal dog😔 he died while trying to save my grandfather from a snake😭😭😭
Kristin Babb
Kristin Babb Maand geleden
My dog is named Barclay and Bailey Bailey is nice But Barkley is troublemaker Say I had to go to the bathroom He would jump on the chair In lock around if he saw any food if you did he would go on the table to eat it And I get really annoying after a while really trying to change him so hard but it's only me doing it Like I To train Him to set but he won't I try a lot but like the 1st day hold do it but the 2nd day he won't and it's someone knowing but I still go through it every day in I am not surprised at a does that because hes indicate to 4 hours or more.
purpledragonfly4 Maand geleden
Crate him when you leave a room or the house.
Whole Shebang
Whole Shebang Maand geleden
Try Zak George's NLfast channel. He covers all those things, and it's easier to find the topic, because it's in each video's title. Caesar Milan also has great videos for training aggressive dogs, also listed by title.
Kristin Babb
Kristin Babb Maand geleden
My dogs name is Barkley Is one End I am the only one to whoge him
Kristin Babb
Kristin Babb Maand geleden
My dog stays in my create about 4 hours sometimes more I'm trying to Train him To stop To Wednesday but like whoa stop DIA the day And his name is Barclay In my other one is Bailey but bale's good
Destined Merican Patriot
Destined Merican Patriot Maand geleden
2:10 thats what my dog does
Guille Perez
Guille Perez Maand geleden
How can you train your dog to not bite a human
purpledragonfly4 Maand geleden
You need a professional trainer.
ivana hernandez
ivana hernandez Maand geleden
hlep me pls I need hlep my dog is sacy
Abiezer Gonzalez Vasquez
Abiezer Gonzalez Vasquez Maand geleden
Victoria: Hmm...Waht should I think to calm the dogs down or fix them.. Me: Yea You Have Enough Brain Cells To Think To Save The Dogs Day!
Abiezer Gonzalez Vasquez
Abiezer Gonzalez Vasquez Maand geleden
Victoria Have Saves 1Billion Dogs
Whole Shebang
Whole Shebang Maand geleden
That's a huge exaggeration!
Bridget Batchelder
Bridget Batchelder Maand geleden
Can we please get a rough collie episode 😫
Amanda W.
Amanda W. Maand geleden
My grandparents had a collie while I was growing up, and she used to do the same thing when someone was in the pool, particularly kids. She did bark which makes me wonder if she thought we were in some type of danger. Very sweet dog, never so much as growled.
Sadie McNabb
Sadie McNabb Maand geleden
You can herd geese with border collies. They use the dogs to keep geese off of sports fields & other places they don't want a bunch of bird poop.
Sky Seese
Sky Seese Maand geleden
My Siberian Husky is 1 year old and his eyes tern red and then bites how can I stop him from biting?
Sky Seese
Sky Seese Maand geleden
@purpledragonfly4 lol I know a different Vicktorya 😂
purpledragonfly4 Maand geleden
@Sky Seese lol you can't. Find a local person.
Sky Seese
Sky Seese Maand geleden
@purpledragonfly4 how do I get a hold of vicktorya? Do u know?
purpledragonfly4 Maand geleden
Seek professional help asap
PJ Young
PJ Young Maand geleden
Victoria makes the best faces when she's reacting to these videos, omg. Someone should turn clips from these videos into reaction gifs
Picky Bitch
Picky Bitch Maand geleden
My Jack Russell like Mozart 😊
Jackson Hanks
Jackson Hanks Maand geleden
Smart dogs are high energy whether collie, Shepherd, or any other smart dog/breed. But, happy dog, happy life. So, you gotta find a way to wear them out, love the way she explains that! Phenomenal trainer
datsavagepokewolf Maand geleden
My dog Andre also whines and drools in the car. He also paces around a bit but luckily sits when I tell him to and often he lies with his head on the armrest between us.
Kelly Plumb
Kelly Plumb Maand geleden
My boarder Collie bear is a big dog, he's like my security detail he has to check out before he goes to check out the kids..
J Bach
J Bach Maand geleden
I love the great love and respect for dogs being intelligent, even when it is a "naughty" behavior. The dog is not bad, just clever with great instincts. Love to play with that! You and the dog will be much happier for it.
Plushie Master
Plushie Master Maand geleden
She is so smart and pretty
Jessica Chanchavac
Jessica Chanchavac Maand geleden
My cousin has a dog and ever time I go it tries to bite me and when I walk or run it tries to bite I have to stay still
Daimond_Crystal Maand geleden
Ima kid and I’m scared of my dad and moms pit bulll she’s big
Whole Shebang
Whole Shebang Maand geleden
Big doesn't mean dangerois. Is your dog friendly towards you?
Z_ZigZagCat Maand geleden
I would like a German Shepard , so what requirements would I need
Shibu Menon
Shibu Menon Maand geleden
Does anyone have any tips on puppy care, we have just got one and need some tips please!!!( we beg u)
Brownie.and.Snowflake Bunnies
Brownie.and.Snowflake Bunnies Maand geleden
My dog will bite her leash and turn around when she is on walks and won’t stop
Brownie.and.Snowflake Bunnies
Brownie.and.Snowflake Bunnies Maand geleden
How do I send you a video of my dog
Kiera-May Glover
Kiera-May Glover Maand geleden
Do you have a dog or dogs and if you do can you show us
Julia_ _Fan101
Julia_ _Fan101 Maand geleden
I've got a Border Collie
You should react to keyush the stunt dog
Sasha & Champ
Sasha & Champ Maand geleden
My dog is a treat thief. He check if anyone is around first and then goes up to his treat cubord and opens it. We caught our dog in the act and now we give him a few snacks from there every day. Thank god he is obedient and well trained. His name is Champ and he is an 11 month old goldendoodle.
Equestrian Alpha
Equestrian Alpha Maand geleden
@Whole Shebang Mhm! Working with him..
Whole Shebang
Whole Shebang Maand geleden
@Equestrian Alpha - It's so good to hear that he's been trained and is good at those crucial commands and hide your sox now. ☺️ 🧦 Have you seen Victoria's shows where she teaches "leave it"? It comes up often with the families she helps. She did a few with food & other "thieves." They can be hard to find by the titles sometimes, but I think one about food thieves had it in the title. Positive reinforcement trainer Zak George has a YT channel and he titles his vids by the behaviour he's addressing. He also has a whole series of him training his new border collie puppy Inertia (who's now 1 yr), from Day One (coming home/first night), and goes from there, including the challenges he faces with his high-energy pup, just like everyone does. His methods are similar to Victoria's, and the behaviours he covers are listed in the titles. His other videos are with clients' dogs, and he has a new series, in which he has 2 weeks to teach a rambunctious, 10-mth-old GSD, who only knew "sit," all the basics, to make him more suitable for adoption. BTW, years ago, when I was naïve with my first puppy, a Shepherd/collie mix, he got into everything when we were at work, like stripping the vinyl wallpaper off our kitchen walls, operating the step-on garbage can (and scattering its contents all over the floor), gnawing on the hardwood stairs and windowsill corners, and one time, pushing the living room door open to dig up large plant pots and knock half-empty glasses off the coffee table (after a party) We came home to a layer of mud on the hardwood floors and a guilty-looking, 6-month old puppy. 🤣 He also used to lie under our antique couch, gnawing at something, when one night, we heard a loud noise beneath us and he yelped in fear and scrambled out. We looked under and he'd been chewing on a metal spring, which snapped loose and whacked the floor. He wasn't injured, but he stayed away from the couch after that. 🛋 Oh, yeah. He was often active at night while we slept, and one night, we woke up hearing him wretching. We flipped on the light to find him vomiting up something. It was my boyfriend's *sock!* It was whole. 🧦 Another night, we heard him yelp, and another sound, which jolted us awake. We turned on the light to see he'd chewed through the cord of our alarm clock and gotten a mild shock. Leson #2 learned. ⚡️🔌⚡️ We used to take him for a 2-3 hour walk and romp every night, in a huge park, where he ran around, chasing other dogs and catching balls. We wouldn't bring him home until he came back to us (good recall) with his tongue hanging out, exhausted - so we all could sleep. When we'd sit in the park by day, he would bring me every piece of paper, plastic bag and garbage in the park - not to chew on, but as "gifts." I told him he should get a job with the city to earn his keep. 🤣 Ya gotta love dogs!
Equestrian Alpha
Equestrian Alpha Maand geleden
@Whole Shebang oh we already did that training since he was 10 weeks, we got him around 9 weeks. But he is GREAT at it sit, wait, we are still working on leave it, that is something I need help teaching. He recall is great also. And we did remove the temptation.
Whole Shebang
Whole Shebang Maand geleden
@Equestrian Alpha - He's 8 months old? Training should've started when you got him, on your own, or with puppy training classes, to learn the basics, like sit, stay, leave it, and ensuring his recall is reliable and consistent. If you leave socks out, you're setting him up for failure, because you know he's going to get them. Remove the temptation. If you chase him (i.e. making it a "game" to him), trying to get the sock back, he's going to enjoy it, and you're reinforcing unwanted behaviour, instead of dissuading it. If you have horses, you should know how to train them, and how important consistency, repetition and positive reinforcement is for their success.
Equestrian Alpha
Equestrian Alpha Maand geleden
Does your goldendoodle eat socks 😂 Mine does, we have baby gates up and not letting him practice eat or taking off with them. We are getting him into professional training soon... I was just wondering, as I have a goldendoodle, 8 months 🥰
R Lop
R Lop Maand geleden
I love your Videos Victoria
Tija R
Tija R Maand geleden
My dog ralfi is a protecting dog so i Just want to ask is it nomal for a Golden retriver to bark at someone untill that person leavs
Whole Shebang
Whole Shebang Maand geleden
Martine Van loon
Martine Van loon Maand geleden
It so great that you are doing these - it’s needed more than ever - Thank you
RE Canlas
RE Canlas Maand geleden
first time i saw ypur hair down 🤣
Millie Frumiento
Millie Frumiento Maand geleden
we have a golden retriever puppy and we got him in february and we have only ever had goldens. His name is Leo and we have many toys for him but he really does not play with them, but one time our friend gave us a toy with a squeaky toy in it and he destroyed it in 5 minutes but we have one that also has a squeaky toy in it but he never plays with that one, so i think it is the sound that is making him like the one he got in 5 minutes.
Agata plays
Agata plays Maand geleden
I love lab, golden , german shepherd and rottweiler
beni Malachi
beni Malachi Maand geleden
Rose Soper
Rose Soper Maand geleden
My boarder collie used to round up runners
no Maand geleden
my dog and i like death metal, in the summer we both take a drive down to the beach in our sunglasses and listen to out music
Samantha Odonnell
Samantha Odonnell Maand geleden
I love border collies I really want one!
Valla Pink
Valla Pink Maand geleden
I do not have a dog but I really love watching these videos thanks for uploading :)
Shadowfay Furry
Shadowfay Furry Maand geleden
You used an assistance dog user in the video
TehHW Maand geleden
My dog is 11 months old, he is always bitting me and my family when he is excited even when we are not doing anything. He wears a collar that will shorten when you pull because he always let go the normall collar. He also destroy the pillows and barks whenever someone is outside, what should I do? Besides, he chase the cat around the house whenever it is inside. He is a mix breed, we got him at 1-2 months old, he bites since he came here everyday, it's lesser now. But other than that, he is a pretty good boy.
TheLaly37 Maand geleden
There is an episode about a dog chasing the cat
four paws and a heart
four paws and a heart Maand geleden
Just a tip to BC owner with the pool, give the dog a job, something to focus on. While you are at the pool, you can command him to lay down. Give him something else to focus on like a toy with food inside. Or you can get a dog that in the end herd everything that moves. I have a Bc rescue and he wants to chase everything that moves and I have to relocate his behavor to something else to drop the interest in cars. Like search and pull in harnes, agillity. A Bc without a job can get pretty destructive. And the car dog, my dog can get very frustrated if he sits in the back seat, if he is at the trunkt he lays down and falls a sleep.
Jordan Moody
Jordan Moody Maand geleden
Problem solving dogs childlocks
Annie’s world
Annie’s world Maand geleden
Hello..... sooo I’ve trained my dog well and I’m happy with o What I’ve done but my Labrador is extremely scared of water and he is social with humans but not with other dogs... and he is afraid of female dogs
Suja George
Suja George Maand geleden
Love your videos 💖 and how you train i also did 💖👍and it work 👍💖 Thanks 😍👍
Emma S.
Emma S. Maand geleden
I love the videos that interact with viewers! So informational and an inspiration for me. Shows she cares ❤️
Max and Nick
Max and Nick Maand geleden
Who thinks she is blinking weird?
Co Co Bean
Co Co Bean Maand geleden
I love ya
lex johnson
lex johnson Maand geleden
My first dog was a GSDxCollie mix, my mom had a licensed home daycare and he used to “herd” the kids when they played in the backyard. He wouldn’t let any of them out of his sight 😂
Ruby Harrison
Ruby Harrison 28 dagen geleden
@Piper Hailstorm and his parents were both border collies x kelpies
Ruby Harrison
Ruby Harrison 28 dagen geleden
@Piper Hailstorm we don’t rlly know his story but all we know is the pics that rescue shown us he used to have cuts all over him and his joints didn’t develop properly he used to be at his farm in his old home and they weren’t very nice to them he made them work at 9 weeks
Eliška Hůlková
Eliška Hůlková Maand geleden
The herding is strong with Border Collies. Luckily, it's not hurting anyone.
Piper Hailstorm
Piper Hailstorm Maand geleden
@Ruby Harrison byb?
Ruby Harrison
Ruby Harrison Maand geleden
Please don’t except this! Ur dog is byb!
Creamy Vlog
Creamy Vlog Maand geleden
Caprial Nichols
Caprial Nichols Maand geleden
My dog is 2 and she is overprotective towards me and she will pull me when we’re on a walk
Addy's Art
Addy's Art Maand geleden
I'm most likely getting a Beagle puppy today and watching the clip of Louis, I'm nervous 😂
Jessica _Jam
Jessica _Jam Maand geleden
Did you get your beagle puppy? I’ve always wanted a beagle:) I currently have a long hair dachshund I adopted from the pound and I love him😊
not a stan of dream
not a stan of dream Maand geleden
She is a good dog?
Tanja Meijer
Tanja Meijer Maand geleden
I don't know why but so many baby gates and "it's me or the dog" beging inspired by waiting "super nanny" (if I remember that still 100% lol) is kinda funny.
Empress Sabina
Empress Sabina Maand geleden
Victoria looking stunning as always💕 i have adopted a himalayan sheepdog aka bhote & i can't find any information online of the lifestyle or food so it'd be great to hear your input.
Steven Setzer
Steven Setzer Maand geleden
I've heard of people teaching dogs to herd large hard plastic balls, but I'm not sure how effective this is.
Granola Princess
Granola Princess Maand geleden
I like this new content and format! Great job Victoria ❤️
Snowflake Labrador
Snowflake Labrador Maand geleden
Is it weird that my Labrador Retriever hates water?
narelle melgaard
narelle melgaard Maand geleden
Not really some dogs just dont enjoy a swim or getting wet
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