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Pixie and Tyson are a terrible duo bought from LA, but when they came back to England all hell broke loose! Constant barking and the resulting shouting fill the house, and that's when Pixie isn't humping her favourite toy to within an inch of it's life! Can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell see this family through the chaos to finally live in a happy home?

It's Me or the Dog UK: Season 3 Episode 4



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Glory Burito
Glory Burito Jaar geleden
victoria stilwell is like a boosss i love her style :)
its lily
its lily 24 dagen geleden
Julie-Anne Davis
Julie-Anne Davis 27 dagen geleden
@Matthew Lawlis tell me about it!!!! I know that Victoria is one of the best dog trainer to teach and she is really easy to understand. ☺️
Julie-Anne Davis
Julie-Anne Davis 27 dagen geleden
Well duh! That is her job you know. 😂😂😂😂
Keacy Robloxxx
Keacy Robloxxx Maand geleden
Daniel Lazzarini
Daniel Lazzarini 5 maanden geleden
@omega sway ur noob
My little zoo
My little zoo 48 minuten geleden
She is not rlly a dog trainer haha she is a human trainer there the problem
Emmy Summer
Emmy Summer Dag geleden
Tom and Jerry was on the tv when Victoria walked in XD
Noelle Fisette
Noelle Fisette 3 dagen geleden
I know she did not just pick up the dog by the collar 😟
Noelle Fisette
Noelle Fisette 3 dagen geleden
Edit: I realized it was a harness thank god
Ikke limburg
Ikke limburg 5 dagen geleden
GS looking in the intro like ‘Yes, I’m a good boy and I know it’ 😂
Milyn Ngu
Milyn Ngu 13 dagen geleden
For a sec I thought she was barking with her dogs
Cheesecake 13 dagen geleden
Am I the only person that’s more annoyed by the lady screaming “SHUT UP” to dogs that don’t understand English, than the actual dogs barking??
checksandlines 15 dagen geleden
I have a maltese and he has a sharp loud bark
nx1hing 20 dagen geleden
the way she screams at them xD
Michaela Partsch
Michaela Partsch 20 dagen geleden
Please get divorced.
Neo Mogotsi
Neo Mogotsi 24 dagen geleden
Mom:they my baby The real human baby: what about me what about me?
Amazon411 27 dagen geleden
Lol she’s barking right along
aqilah hamid
aqilah hamid 27 dagen geleden
anyone counts how many "shuttup" she said ?
Peppa Bitch
Peppa Bitch 29 dagen geleden
the wife's yelling just grinds my gears, she's even worse than the dogs honestly
Reanne Plays♡︎♡︎
Reanne Plays♡︎♡︎ 29 dagen geleden
Pixie and Tyson are soooo cute but very agrrssive
Maryse Flore
Maryse Flore Maand geleden
Antonella's not being energetic, she's being the caricature of an Italian woman. She needs to stop using her DNA to justify her own bad behavior. How despicable.
Only Begotten Daughter
Only Begotten Daughter Maand geleden
I really can’t stand Pomeranians, they’re so annoying
Taylormadelynn Maand geleden
Victoria Stilwell - amazing woman! I admire you! Learning so much from you. Not only do you make the world right for the little baba's (some of them big baba's) but you are also saving marriages!! well done!
DrEnglander1999 Maand geleden
Wow. She's not very bright at all, is she? Good luck Victoria.
Kristina Kaulfuß
Kristina Kaulfuß Maand geleden
Notice how it's always the men who have to sleep on the couch because of the dogs?😅
Kristina Kaulfuß
Kristina Kaulfuß Maand geleden
Her yelling is worse than all that barking 😒
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Maand geleden
“making new friends , 💫 ⭐️ D O G G Y S T Y L E ⭐️💫 “
Libbathegreat Maand geleden
I feel for that baby. Having her for a mom is going to be no picnic.
Kelsey Maand geleden
poor german shepherd....constantly hearing that and being the only quiet one
plipplup Maand geleden
k but anyone know what type of fish those were in the background tho?
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
@plipplup Yes small sharks.
plipplup 24 dagen geleden
@Danielle Dewitt wait actually??
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
OThat Maand geleden
"I believe you have to invest into your dogs. But you dont invest money, you invest time." - Victoria -
Moosho Chan
Moosho Chan Maand geleden
I hate to see when there’s a amazing dog breed but the owners just ruin the dogs by making them untrained. It’s truly sad to see
leaning to the right
leaning to the right Maand geleden
Those dogs barking pissed me off so much that I had to mute my phone several times.
Loki the Assistance Dog
Loki the Assistance Dog Maand geleden
Why do people think your dog needs to say hello to every dog it sees? Mine is not allowed to greet strange dogs while walking. This keeps everyone safe and happy.
J P Maand geleden
Is that her husband or her son?
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Husband obviously.
Courtney Leduc
Courtney Leduc Maand geleden
I have those dog car seats, they are amazing!
Charlie Jeffery
Charlie Jeffery Maand geleden
Oh my lord, Darla looks cuddly and adorable!!
The Nerdy Tiger
The Nerdy Tiger Maand geleden
It's no wonder darla runs off when the woman takes her for a walk all that high pitch screeching must really hurt her ears.
The Nerdy Tiger
The Nerdy Tiger Maand geleden
2:49 they are NOT babies they are dogs. Also she says she sees them as her babies but is perfectly happy to dangle them by their collars and leashes.
Year-round Krampus
Year-round Krampus Maand geleden
"Obviously I would prefer it if my husband was in bed with me" really? Are you sure? Because you're the one that picked the dogs over him in bed?
Burning Cloud
Burning Cloud 2 maanden geleden
Dude: file for divorce and take full custody of the baby. That woman is toxic, she says those dogs are her babies and look how she treat them. Imagine how she treat the real baby. Jeez. Ps. Italians are NOT like that.
Carolina Correia
Carolina Correia 2 maanden geleden
LOL this was the funniest episode ever
Kitty Galaxy Gacha
Kitty Galaxy Gacha 2 maanden geleden
Not them including a clip of a dog humping a toy
Satyasya Satyasya
Satyasya Satyasya 2 maanden geleden
*The husband deserves so much better. He seems lovely.* This show was at least like 10 years ago and I have no idea whats happened to them all but I hope he's happy at least ^.^
ghost 2 maanden geleden
that lady yelling “shut up” is more deafening than the dogs barking
Dee bugzavich
Dee bugzavich 2 maanden geleden
Dog seat belts!!!!!!!!!!those dogs are not safe at all!!!!
Alexandra Vargová
Alexandra Vargová 2 maanden geleden
They (dogs) are her babies...and what about that child?
Bui Tuyet Mai
Bui Tuyet Mai 2 maanden geleden
The good fog quickly communicate because tie rarely plug since a guttural H habitual fish. blushing, classy argentina
Julie Pedersen
Julie Pedersen 2 maanden geleden
I nede her help! Ny sister Will kort com over.
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt 24 dagen geleden
Bui Tuyet Mai
Bui Tuyet Mai 2 maanden geleden
The male panther ethnically develop because iraq formally dance unto a loving alley. fluffy, energetic design
Jim Green
Jim Green 2 maanden geleden
The poor neighbours
Yomate Jalsea
Yomate Jalsea 2 maanden geleden
can i have her husband? he seems so sweet and patient.
Rebecca Sainz
Rebecca Sainz 2 maanden geleden
Kids first word “shut up”
Rebecca Sainz
Rebecca Sainz 2 maanden geleden
Barking was the first thing I trained my Pomeranian to control. Had to nip that in the butt real quick. He lets us know someone’s there, I say “thank you, now quiet”. Alert dog, not guard dog.
Rebecca Sainz
Rebecca Sainz 2 maanden geleden
The lady is a third dog yapping 😂
ashley 2 maanden geleden
The owner is just as annoying as the dogs are with her always yelling "Shut Up" at them
aboutashow 2 maanden geleden
Omg, her shouting actually set off my dog 😅
The Vagabond
The Vagabond 2 maanden geleden
Whenever anyone claims to have a terribly hot temper BECAUSE they are in any part Italian, it's like if anyone would claim to have thrown poop at you just because their ancestors were monkeys at some point. It's pontless and doesn't explain sh*t.
Jasmine Maunus
Jasmine Maunus 2 maanden geleden
i just taught my dog how to sit, how to kinda lie down, and i also taught her that the clicker= treat
milo milouk
milo milouk 2 maanden geleden
The guy is f insane to be with all those bitches !! Literally bahahaha
Julianne Doran
Julianne Doran 2 maanden geleden
I showd you're videos to my mum she says your great with dogs
Julianne Doran
Julianne Doran 2 maanden geleden
I agreed
Jai Crawford
Jai Crawford 2 maanden geleden
It's pointless yelling shut up to a dog, they are like kids they will eventually ignor you
Miri W
Miri W 2 maanden geleden
Idk but I feel like the dogs have just copied the woman's behavior...I mean it's obvious that woman and the dogs act the same...
Leah Coyle
Leah Coyle 3 maanden geleden
Awwwww Darla is so beautiful
Whitney Miller
Whitney Miller 3 maanden geleden
Her husband has the sweetest face, the kind of pure face I’ve dreamt of being with. I would treat him right come to me daddy!
Todoroki Anime Simp
Todoroki Anime Simp 3 maanden geleden
miss maam yelling 'sHuT uP' 'bE NiCe' to those poor dogs gets me next to a shotgun.
Zizi Gurra
Zizi Gurra 3 maanden geleden
The limping spear centrally unite because speedboat thankfully admire near a rapid cellar. gifted, bumpy helen
Eric how kind he bark so loud Cabezas
Eric how kind he bark so loud Cabezas 3 maanden geleden
I think that my barking is louder that you dog
Jessica 3 maanden geleden
Bakugo katsuki? The pomeranian
Creye Baby
Creye Baby 3 maanden geleden
I hate when people justify being loud and obnoxious as "I'm just italian, we're dramatic" because as an actual italian, here almost everybody has a dog, and I have never seen anyone act like that towards their pet. Screaming like that tells me more about you as a person rather than your nationality
Rylee 3 maanden geleden
"I've tried everything" What she's tried: " *ꜱʜᴜᴛ ᴜᴘ!!!!!* "
Chloe Kim
Chloe Kim 3 maanden geleden
I feel bad for the baby .( the everyday barking must be so oversimulating and upsetting along with her mum yelling "shut up!"
Tanner 3 maanden geleden
This lady is nuts. Treats her husband like garbage
miracle miraclen
miracle miraclen 3 maanden geleden
The expensive violin focally scold because baker parallely encourage lest a onerous milkshake. painful, literate thought
miracle miraclen
miracle miraclen 3 maanden geleden
The straight joseph rhetorically pat because hose intraperitonally bump next a idiotic fang. unhealthy, misty breakfast
Eric how kind he bark so loud Cabezas
Eric how kind he bark so loud Cabezas 3 maanden geleden
The bark sounds like my bark
That is Basic
That is Basic 3 maanden geleden
I feel bad for the baby... She is listening to her mom yelling every single day :*D
CKay 3 maanden geleden
woman: i love them more than darla also woman: SHUT UP!!!!!!!
Myishen Haines
Myishen Haines 3 maanden geleden
Omg..her “shut up.” Sounded worse than the dogs bark.
Jacqui Bradley
Jacqui Bradley 3 maanden geleden
Oh dear Victoira, please show the results at least one year later, believe in you, but not the owners!!!!
chizzieshark 3 maanden geleden
"They (a Pomeranian and a Maltese) make excellent guard dogs." German Shepherd comes bounding into frame.
rebecca may
rebecca may 3 maanden geleden
But pixie and Tyson are so cute though if they where my dogs they will sleep on the bed and sit on the sofa
Rob W
Rob W 3 maanden geleden
These men are a bunch of simps
SUNA 3 maanden geleden
Victoria: The sound is 115 decibels The husband: lol hehe is that high? Victoria: 15 minutes of that everyday and you'll most definitely suffer hearing loss and so will your daughter The husband: 👁O👁 I love it when she shakes them with facts
mitul sahay
mitul sahay 3 maanden geleden
The German shepherd at the bog park -guys im not with the dogs from hell ok let me join ur grp
mitul sahay
mitul sahay 3 maanden geleden
2:54 When he said i feel like i am being left out That melted my heart
Helle Kofod
Helle Kofod 3 maanden geleden
Poor poor baby Tia 😔 The thought of her Living in that hell and noise every Day. I cant understand, why so many men put up with being throing out of the bedroom!!! 😱🥺
Paloma Tapia
Paloma Tapia 3 maanden geleden
Jennifer 3 maanden geleden
Is anyone else curious how there are enough people who run cameras in their bedroom enough to make a montage?
Talia Hannam
Talia Hannam 3 maanden geleden
I’d get a divorce and take the baby will me if I was him 🙄
Pixie Nyx
Pixie Nyx 3 maanden geleden
‘They’re my babies’ Yeah and good parents discipline their kids.....
maddiedemiris 4 maanden geleden
“i feel like i’ve tried everything!!” girl you just screamed “shut up” at different frequencies
rainbow lover
rainbow lover 4 maanden geleden
I'm suprised that the german shepherd doesn't pick up on the others malties and pomeranians bad habits
Keep it 100
Keep it 100 4 maanden geleden
Someone needs to screech at that woman to shut up. It make sense she works for a tabloid newspaper.
peachyiki 4 maanden geleden
i have never seen a pomeranian hump something .. *shudders*
Pin Tong Zhao
Pin Tong Zhao 4 maanden geleden
how many times did that woman say SHUT UP to her dogs
Simon C
Simon C 4 maanden geleden
Her screaming is worse than the dogs barking
Angels_up_in_heavenxx Forever in our hearts
Angels_up_in_heavenxx Forever in our hearts 4 maanden geleden
Those type of cage dryers are dangerous dog can over heat fast
SonicaLuda 4 maanden geleden
6:04 omg, I'm sorry. But this looked so funny, lol. Disclaimer: they are wearing a harness. They were not hurt or choked out.
J Ay
J Ay 4 maanden geleden
Been there buddy ya gotta get your nuts back
Yazmin 4 maanden geleden
italian dramatics lmao
Basement Dweller Cosplay
Basement Dweller Cosplay 4 maanden geleden
And anyone going to talk about her HANGING THE DOGS BY THEIR COLLARS
Peachy 4 maanden geleden
“They’re my babies” Ah, well there’s your problem 🤦‍♂️
Lady Aluucard
Lady Aluucard 4 maanden geleden
The poor husband, baby and dogs. They should really just get rid of that woman, problems solved!
Shwetank 4 maanden geleden
I am feeling a bit bad for the German Shepherd. He should also get grooming, comfy bed and lots of attention.
{ Yuri }
{ Yuri } 4 maanden geleden
i think he dose case of how well beheaved the gsd is this vid is about the poms thats why they arent showing the gsd much
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