The Puggle That Loved Too Much! | It's Me or The Dog

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It's Me or the Dog

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This puggle loves other dogs and people so much that he'll bolt out the door the first chance he gets so he can greet them! Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell must work to avoid his charms and affection to train him how to behave with a little restraint!
It's Me or the Dog Season 1 Episode 19
#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell
It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

Kandace Taber
Kandace Taber Dag geleden
Omg he is so cute
ÖRËÖ _FÖX 7 dagen geleden
You’ve got to be kidding me.. ;-; they’re having problems because their dog is to live able -?- Well then.. we can switch dogs if they want 😂
Despaiir X
Despaiir X 8 dagen geleden
Now I know why they looked similar. 🤔✨
Jared Axton
Jared Axton 9 dagen geleden
some good owners on the show, not something you see very often :)
Marta Stojkovic
Marta Stojkovic 10 dagen geleden
What breed is the other dog?
•[Hemlock Tea]•
•[Hemlock Tea]• 11 dagen geleden
I like Puggles because they can breathe a lot better than pugs, I hope pugs go extinct or get genetically fixed
ShadowSonic ShadowSonic
ShadowSonic ShadowSonic 12 dagen geleden
But when they jump up when they greet you that means they love you I don’t even follow that rule that Victoria says because we trained our olde English bulldog who is 5 and a half
Rebecca Gonzalez
Rebecca Gonzalez 17 dagen geleden
Ruben F.
Ruben F. 20 dagen geleden
Sorry, but i can't see any serious problem with these cute puggle.
William Hedegore
William Hedegore 23 dagen geleden
I have a puggle named maisie and I think that puggles need more recognization
XXXItzYoGirlKiriSimpXXxx 24 dagen geleden
These are one of the nicest owners
sue_lambkins 27 dagen geleden
This is basically how my dog always acted. He's just loving nd welcoming. Sometimes too much welcoming 😅
ItsJj Maand geleden
It is 333 comments but, ima ruin that let’s make this thing 334 : )
Sophia Delgado
Sophia Delgado Maand geleden
Awwww 😍😍🐶🐶
Vee Kitt
Vee Kitt Maand geleden
wow this dog looks like what a pug should actually look like
Simplyellie .,.
Simplyellie .,. Maand geleden
-_- ughhhhhh the IT IS OK if you love a dog a lot he is a very big part of youre life second you have to give him a little disaplin so he respects you
despicablemonster Maand geleden
We have a few Puggles that come into my work. They walk on in like they own the place which is pretty great ... considering it's a vet clinic lol ! Personality plus, this breed! :P
Amelia Sabijon
Amelia Sabijon Maand geleden
Am I early? said on my notifications that this was uploaded 56 seconds ago......hmmm XD
Shannon Spry
Shannon Spry Maand geleden
I LOVE this pup. He reminds me a lot of the puggle I just lost in November. He was 16 years old, and my retired service dog. Lol, when he was a puppy I wish he had this kind of impulse control.
Rumaisa Ali shah
Rumaisa Ali shah Maand geleden
She is the same girl that had the Pomeranian peanut
Kayla B
Kayla B Maand geleden
I ♥️💜❤️ my Puggle!!! He’s 13 and lovely!
Kelly Hart
Kelly Hart Maand geleden
Love that dog 😚🐶❤💙💚💛💜
Jihun Yang
Jihun Yang Maand geleden
Is it normal for a shih tzu to greet people with glee and kissing and licking people that they never met cus my dog does that
Sofia Andre-Barrett
Sofia Andre-Barrett Maand geleden
Did u know that she’s pregnant’?
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt Maand geleden
Addi Cookie cat 88
Addi Cookie cat 88 Maand geleden
I never heard of a puggles before so cute 🥰
Sophie Craig
Sophie Craig Maand geleden
I wish they would show the full hourI Its me or the Dog use to be a one hour show in USA.
Lauren Andrea
Lauren Andrea Maand geleden
Thief: I will rob your house The Puggle: *You can take me too!*
Jacey-leigh Swinnerton
Jacey-leigh Swinnerton Maand geleden
Sooooooo cute
s peezy
s peezy Maand geleden
Awww he is so adorable that face tho. ♥️
Rebecca Ryle
Rebecca Ryle Maand geleden
"he never knew the stay command in the past so whenever i would try to say stay he would just bolt" ThAts WhY TrAiNiG ExiSts
Maria Perna
Maria Perna Maand geleden
puggles are my favorite
Aya Maand geleden
My dog is exactly like that so I'll have to try this
Ana S
Ana S Maand geleden
He's so cute 🥰
Leah’s Adopt me
Leah’s Adopt me Maand geleden
I love u vids so much!!I love how you can just train them but I know it took so long to learn how to but it’s just amizing
Glimmer_ Dianne
Glimmer_ Dianne Maand geleden
tbh if i walk in i'd love that doggo to jump up all on me
Tammy George
Tammy George Maand geleden
Josie Fraser
Josie Fraser Maand geleden
As a puggle owner I can confirm that they are the most affectionate, snuggly dogs ever. One thing I love to do with her is take naps and cuddle. She’s super food motivated, and doesn’t do what I tell her to do unless she sees I have a treat in my hand lol
st6r Maand geleden
Puggles are so food motivated, I have one too and everytime a bowl leaves the kitchen and has food in it, he tries to jump up to get it. It's a little annoying but he's still cute.
Dumbass Central
Dumbass Central Maand geleden
My dog (husky and yorkie mix) is the same with the food, she doesnt do what I say untill she knows I have a treat in my hand XD
AsheGaming & CinnCinn
AsheGaming & CinnCinn Maand geleden
This is the opposite of my dog she loves her family and ppl that come into the house a lot but barks at the door
Brooklyn zoo 718
Brooklyn zoo 718 Maand geleden
This is my cane corso
moodycowcaz Maand geleden
I see a lot of these videos with the same owners but different dogs lol
Miranda Hamilton
Miranda Hamilton Maand geleden
Such a wholesome episode.
Kicapu Maand geleden
Designer Dog: Slick marketing to charge lots of money for a MUTT.
line blop
line blop Maand geleden
thanks god someone said it. It's just for people to show off I have a breed and not a cross breed or mutt, juste for their ego.
April Richardson
April Richardson Maand geleden
That is a weird house/front door
Hedge Maze
Hedge Maze Maand geleden
So basically they DON’T want love?
Prashna Rana
Prashna Rana Maand geleden
Nice 🐶🐶🐶
EvelineUK Maand geleden
So glad they decided to have Victoria around before the baby arrived. Bit strange to think that baby is now 12 ;)
Maverick Dobkowski
Maverick Dobkowski Maand geleden
What a beautiful Weimaraner
A D Maand geleden
Beagles are so beautiful! Why ruining them by mixing them with pugs?
Wendy Myers
Wendy Myers Maand geleden
I've got 3 French bulldogs named Nora Tikie and Prince. Prince is a boy. Nora and Tikie are both girls. Prince loves food he just wants to eat and eat and eat what can I do? He also watches me and my dad eating food it's SO ANNOYING! What can I do? Tikie jumps up and bites. She runs after other dogs. And hunts in the woods and sometimes gets in fights with other dogs. What can I do? Nora is very kind and playful and funny so don't worry about her. But what can I do to stop my other dogs from doing what thay are doing? One more thing about Tikie when you sit on the couch she will look at you and scratch or bite your hand to stroke her. She loves it when you stroke her though. But still what can I do?!
CKay Maand geleden
i didn't notice that Victoria has a scar on her neck!
Tiffany wairimu kariuki
Tiffany wairimu kariuki Maand geleden
Y'all are complaining about having an over-friendly dog while I'm here struggling with my unfriendly dog😂😳
Katrina AL-Makhamreh
Katrina AL-Makhamreh Maand geleden
Your a hero for dogs
Shruti Kulkarni
Shruti Kulkarni Maand geleden
My dog laila is same... But she is soo cute and I love her hugs.. I am not going to teach her I pulse control .. though I can... Maybe later when I have more visitors
Flame Epidemic
Flame Epidemic Maand geleden
Wow this ones short cute pupper tho! I swear beagle mixes are always the most lovable my dog is a beagle hound mix and sooo sweet to me others hes like you touch me i run 😂
Jade Seelal
Jade Seelal Maand geleden
This is super nanny for dogs
Killer Soul39
Killer Soul39 Maand geleden
I need to teach my dog to eat treats He like takes the whole hand in his mouth
Killer Soul39
Killer Soul39 Maand geleden
@Anja Eriksson haha yes
Anja Eriksson
Anja Eriksson Maand geleden
@Killer Soul39 haha yeah, food motivated dogs are great at times but not always 😅
Killer Soul39
Killer Soul39 Maand geleden
@Anja Eriksson uhh I tried it bit his faster than a cheetah
Anja Eriksson
Anja Eriksson Maand geleden
It's pretty easy. If he tries to attack it like a shark, move your hand away and only give it to him if he takes it properly. My staffie likes to shark his treats too
Aziza Maria
Aziza Maria Maand geleden
Very sweet dog
Ava G Varrette
Ava G Varrette Maand geleden
*sigh* if only this video was a second shorter.
just your friendly sammy here
just your friendly sammy here Maand geleden
victoria is around 50 years old and im glad that she didn't let her age stop her from helping other family's with their Doggo's
just your friendly sammy here
just your friendly sammy here Maand geleden
@EvelineUK I never knew wow thanks for telling me Eveline
EvelineUK Maand geleden
This first aired in 2009.
Callum Relph
Callum Relph Maand geleden
Reminds me of my little pug.. makes a useless guard dog but Is extremely loving 😌
tamang family
tamang family Maand geleden
today my dog is dead 😢😢😢
Mastinomama Maand geleden
Such a sweet family.
ItzVosje Maand geleden
can we replace pugs with this breed. finally not the poor flat noses. and puggles are way more cute
dawg Maand geleden
wow mean
Hamster luver
Hamster luver Maand geleden
What Victoria's favourite breed?
Becca C
Becca C Maand geleden
How weird you have to go outside to answer your door LOL
andreja j.
andreja j. Maand geleden
Best dog
Darkangel W
Darkangel W Maand geleden
Mike Gainer
Mike Gainer Maand geleden
So what do i do if all my guest alwas say "ah no i don't care if he jumps at me" I say when they come in "ignore him and turn your back when he jumps" but then they get exited to great him because he looks so sweet. Well yeah he is a beagle if he jumps it doesn't matter that much for others but we want a berger blanc swiss too so if she jumps she will be too heavy for people to stay standing.
CKay Maand geleden
Yeah, just tell them to ignore him and not make a fuss. if your guest says they don't mind, you have to tell them that *you* mind and that you don't want your dog jumping up on guests, so they have to or they can leave. if people who come into your home aren't respectful to you, you need to rethink your decisions
shoyru166166 Maand geleden
i would think you ask your guests again to not do that, and/or put the dog away in another room before guests enter the house and then let him out into the room after everyone's inside and he might be calmer
Thestoneofdoom Maand geleden
Horrible doordasher. Didn’t bring my food. 0/5 stars.
Băng Uyển
Băng Uyển Maand geleden
Omg this comment is priceless! 🤣
Paige Nelson
Paige Nelson Maand geleden
This is the first video I’ve seen from this series where the owners put the work in right from the start and follow through. Which in the end helps the dog. ❤️
yosoyconsuela Maand geleden
It's weird that the front door to their home enters into a courtyard.
not available
not available Maand geleden
bruh what a weird thing to complain about lol “too friendly” and such an easy fix with the problems they brought up
shoyru166166 Maand geleden
They're complaining about the danger that it imposes to the dog for bolting uncontrollably out the door when the door is opened as well as being too likely to jump all over a person entering the house. Not everyone wants to have a dog uncontrollably jump all over them when they go to someones house. Dogs that do that can also be too excitable and cause other issues like harming small children who they stand as tall as when they are jumping or terrifying people who are uncomfortable with dogs.
Eren Aydogdu
Eren Aydogdu Maand geleden
What i dont get is that if you cant even teach your dog basic impuls control what the hell you get a dog for then ?
CKay Maand geleden
to love. your comment is kind of 'meh' because no one gets a dog thinking 'i'm gonna teach it impulse control! :D' the real question is why would you get a dog and then not train it and do anything for it
Kawaii_ Kiromi
Kawaii_ Kiromi Maand geleden
Esau Davis
Esau Davis Maand geleden
I'm just glad that it's just a case of 'too nice' for once.
C Ls
C Ls Maand geleden
Whenever I used the stay command he didn’t know what is was🤔yeah you have to teach him 🤣
Izzy Cookie
Izzy Cookie Maand geleden
Victoria’s getting younger and younger literally 🤩
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt Maand geleden
@Izzy Cookie Yes she does yet she is 51.
Izzy Cookie
Izzy Cookie Maand geleden
But she still looks young for her age if you search picture of her 2021 she looks 41 and 10 years is a lot
Izzy Cookie
Izzy Cookie Maand geleden
Ok this is embarrassing 😂why do they post it laterrrrrrrr 😭
Danielle Dewitt
Danielle Dewitt Maand geleden
This was filmed over 10 years ago.
Wannabefamous ._.
Wannabefamous ._. Maand geleden
Stop I just got a puggle I didnt know he was a designer dog my grandpa just had two dogs that accidentally had puppies😂😂😂
toshinori yagi
toshinori yagi Maand geleden
Awwww he's such a good boy very good boy indeed many treat for you😊🦴🐩🦴🐕🦴🐶😌🖤💅
Pam Smolarski
Pam Smolarski Maand geleden
Wow so glad u uploaded!
Arιa Soc
Arιa Soc Maand geleden
Just did a quick search, Puggle pups aren't "that" expensive by which I mean they are expensive but I've seen more expensive like Shiba pups. A pluggle is around the £1,500 per pup mark.. I'm so glad we got our lab for £250.. we did look in shelters before buying but there was nothing suitable for our family and lifestyle. Though the husky I saw was gorgeous, not allowed dogs with high prey drives. Including little dogs.
starbuddy Maand geleden
My puggle just lazes around, probably due to the fact that he's 19, but thats all he does.
Shannon Spry
Shannon Spry Maand geleden
I just lost mine at 16 in November. They really are the best, well, and boston terriers. Both my puggle, and my boston terriers were my service dogs at one point.
NinjaWolfy94 Maand geleden
Can't really blame him at 19 O_o
Mariana Ka
Mariana Ka Maand geleden
He looks more like a pug but acts 99% lik a beagle 😝 my beagle Lucky loves to greet people and play
Mariana Ka
Mariana Ka Maand geleden
@A D mine too 100% :p
A D Maand geleden
My beagle acts the same lol
Morgan Elzey
Morgan Elzey Maand geleden
hes so adorable 😍 and a smart little/ big puppers
Catherine Morris
Catherine Morris Maand geleden
Precious Puggle!!!!
Bren SoRell
Bren SoRell Maand geleden
Did anyone else see Victoria slightly grimace when she announced that “he was a designer dog”? #ADOPT DON’T SHOP
Angelica Orme
Angelica Orme Maand geleden
@Bren SoRell please show me all the dogs at shelters from reputable breeders... not back yard breeders, not designer dog breeders and not oops litters, not dogs they’ve brought in from other states and even country’s but actual REPUTABLE breeders.
Bren SoRell
Bren SoRell Maand geleden
@Ro Sa it’s usually some sort of pedigree mixed with another pedigree. I’m not an expert by any means but I think a Goldendoodle would be considered a “designer dog”.
Bren SoRell
Bren SoRell Maand geleden
@Angelica Orme I agree with you, however my heart really hurts for the thousands of dogs and cats that have been discarded and needlessly killed because of bad owners dumping them at shelters.
ElJackale Maand geleden
@Ro Sa It is a crossbreed, mixture .
Angelica Orme
Angelica Orme Maand geleden
Getting a designer dog is a lot different then getting a puppy from a reputable breeder of purebreds breeding to better the breed including genetic health test and other health clearances.
Tara johnston
Tara johnston Maand geleden
Puggles are such sweet dogs and are so social ❤️😍
Rude Diego
Rude Diego Maand geleden
Video haven't started but I saw the thumbnail and feel called out 🤣
Coyote Pup
Coyote Pup Maand geleden
Anna Blendermann
Anna Blendermann Maand geleden
Out of control? I think that's an exaggeration haha. He's a normal puppy :p
Sxphìa Maand geleden
Dogs are some of the best things on the planet 🥰
Kangna.madnani madnani
Kangna.madnani madnani Maand geleden
Oh yay im early
Jennifer HC Smith
Jennifer HC Smith Maand geleden
A miniature boxer!
Drainspeeder Maand geleden
Wow this family didn't have much problems they did really good with their dog. :)
allegra Maand geleden
Victoria is like Thanos snap
Lillian Malaeb
Lillian Malaeb Maand geleden
This is 2 hours ago?
Lillian Malaeb
Lillian Malaeb Maand geleden
Hello im early
nadia bibi
nadia bibi Maand geleden
Hi press read more! Hi i meant dont Srrry
CKay Maand geleden
2017 called, they want their joke back.
Virys X
Virys X Maand geleden
I think this is exactly what we need right now
lilysloum Maand geleden
Welcome a anther episode of:your mom says "NO"to get a puppy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sophia Patrocino
Sophia Patrocino 19 dagen geleden
One time my mom gave me a dog but i was to small but now i have a dog and shes so nice😁😁😁😁😁🥰🥰
toxicccream Maand geleden
Well, a dog especially a puppy is a HUGE responsability
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